some people are just so god damn beautiful you know? like not even hot or sexy or whatever, just plain beautiful, or aesthetically pleasing. some people are just really nice to look at and admire. like the way their hands hold a pencil or twirl their hair, or the way their eyes crinkle up when they laugh or how they smile. everyone’s just so so beautiful. and most of the time, they just are without even trying to look nice, but when they do, holy shit. its like a masterpiece. they look even more perfect than before, if that’s posible. and when they’re going on about something that interests them, and they get that gleam in their eye and that pure look of total happiness, that’s when their the most beautiful I think. or when they dont even notice you looking, or just don’t care. that’s when people are the most amazing, when they think nobody’s watching
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That feel when you think of a general idea of a tattoo you want, then a few days later you find a thing and you’re like HOLY SHIT! ITS PERFECT! I WANT TO GO GET THIS TATTOO RIGHT NOW! And internally you have to put on the breaks and tell yourself no. Add it to the tattoo queue. You have other tattoos that are higher priority.

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I got more: "So very very gay To the forest I stray To find the trees have all Be fed my way And so very soon I climb quite high And stare at the moon In evening lilac sky" It's gonna be called "the gay forest" and it's gonna be about all the band members meeting together mysteriously in one forest the same night and building a treehouse there with all our instruments.




LA-Splash Cosmetics Smitten LipTint Mousse Waterproof - Deadly Nightshade/Sirius
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By Sleekhair

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