andreil lil red riding hood au where neil befriends a golden wolf with sweets

i’m running with the wolves tonight

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Do not split the Party

Context; This is a session with a completely unexperienced dm, who didn’t have enough time to plan this out completely, so we’re winging everything right now. The party consists of a Human Monk (Tas), a Drow Rogue (Ash'on), a Tiefling Fighter (Harmony, whose player wasn’t able to attend due to work), and my Elven Bard (Thia). Right now we are essentially doing a murder mystery-type quest at a fancy dinner party.
Note, that I am also a part of another where I play a Tiefling gunslinger called Kali, which is DM’d by Tas’ player. Also, Ash'on’s player is completely new to DnD as well.

Ash'on: (OOC) Ok, I’m gonna go down to the wine-cellar and investigate since I’m not actually helping up here.

Tas: (OOC) Wait, you’re going alone?

Ash'on: (OOC) Yeah, you two are doing just fine up here. Besides, it’ll be a quick in-and-out.

Me: (OOC) Oh, hell no. We do not split the party!

Ash'on: (OOC) What, why not? I’ll just look around and come back.

Tas: (OOC) No! If you’re going down there, we’re coming with you.

Ash'on: (OOC) Why?? I’ll be back, and you guys are looking for clues up here anyway.

Me: Listen. It literally says in the manuals that you do not split the part. Trust me, I should know. In the session [Tas] DM’s I split the party like an idiot and one of us got kidnapped, and me and our barbarian almost died!

Ash'on: (OOC) This isn’t splitting the party-

Tas and Me: Yes it is!!

Me: You are literally splitting the party by having us be in two seperate places. 

We ended up arguing for another good 10 minutes, until we finally got Ash'on’s player to relent and let us come with him.


Before and After Sim Tag… by me @soft-almond ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Rules: Update your oldest sim in your personal gallery and take a before and after shot then tag some people!

I’m tagging @mummasim, @literallywhothe, @citrontart, @early-grape, @loniden, @cherrysimblr, @simtrovart, @soneasims, @noonicorn, @femmeonamissionsims and @wildlyminiaturesandwich :^)

If anyone actually does this tag me… so i can see

Just like Zayn suggested people could choose to donate or not, your choice.

A suggestion, not a demand and a request for help in any way which could be a retweet which costs nothing. 

You know what also costs nothing and is also your choice. To choose whether to be an arsehole or not.

Sadly. too many in this fandom where Zayn is concerned choose to be that person rather than stepping away and saying nothing, or keeping that bitterness to themselves.   

i still can’t get over the fact that ks tried to show pcy silliness to ji (and cuz ji didnt pay attention to him, he patted ji arm to make ji look at him)…….. like he thought pcy was hella funny and he wanted ji to look at pcy too, cuz pcy made him laugh so unconsciously he wanted ji to laugh too like wow. damn. that’s just. so endearing ya know?  

funny thing is ji didnt look that impressed by pcy antics lmao. he was like “haha yeah he’s funny” then looked away/down before he played along w/ them (he pointed at pcy after that).