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    A hand lightly combs through the tresses of his hair. It was getting longer;
    he was slowly becoming in need of a haircut. A light chuckle then
    escapes her and Max shakes her head at his words.

    ❝I don’t think you cuddling up against me necessarily makes you cat,❞
    she muses lightly. ❝I think I’d have to see you sniffing catnip or using a
    scratching post before I could agree that you’ve gone full feline.❞

    Holy shit, what a dork. What does Warren see in her?

          Head on her shoulder as she mused about him being a cat, Warren couldn’t have been more content. A sigh of joy left him as he turned his head to gently nudge into her shirt. 

          “I don’t know, Max – you’re petting me.” Laughing beneath his breath, his fingers interlaced with his own in his lap; thumbs twirling with one another as he cracked a joke against her attempt to dismiss his self - proclaimed feline nature. “And if I was a cat? I’d purr to hell and back.” He could feel his heart clench at her affection. Two peas in a pod, certainly.