shadycal asked:

How about a blurb about how senior year is about to start & you give it your all & come back looking hotter than ever? Incorporate the boys how you wishhh😊😊

HOLY FUCKING SHIT, I’M NOT EVEN GOING TO WRITE A FUCKING STORY, I’M JUST GOING TO SAY HOW IT WOULD BE. THIS IS SO EXCITING, ADFJKDA. SO, you would be like “well, I gotta go back to school looking hawt”, so you;d spend the whole summer working out (which you didn’t think was actually possible, but managed to do) and just, you know, got everything sorted, got a new haircut, took some time to yourself, started to feel confident about yourself in the way that’s like, you don’t need compliments to feel beautiful, you just feel absolutely fucking beautiful. And it’s with that feeling that you walk through the doors of your school. You and Ashton were actually sort of friends, you had a few friends in common and hung out together a few times, so you said hi to each other in the hallways and stuff like that. So, he’d walk up to you while you were at your locker and would just be like “wow, hi (y/n), I liked your hair,” and you’d just smile and be like “thanks, ash!” and would just be extra nice and he’d just be blown away. and then calum hood, the capitain of the soccer team, and also ashton’s best friend, would see you two talking and just walk up to you and be like “oh, you’re (y/n), right? ashton talks about you a lot. it’s so nice to be finally meeting you! I wanted to talk to you before, but never really got the opportunity”. and you would just smile and talk to them and they would invite to sit with them at lunch, so you’d accept the invitation. and then you’d sit with them, luke and michael. and luke actually was in your math class, which was just before lunch, and he’d walk up to you and be like “hey, (y/n). you’re coming to sit with us at lunch, right?” and you’d just nod and he’d walk with you to their table, and you’d notice how luke was less shy when he was with his friends and he would even comment something like how you got hotter after the summer and you’d blush and would just be like hehe, thanks. and then michael, who was oddly staring at you would just smirk and be like “hey, why don’t you come to the party I’m throwing Saturday night? I’m sure we could have quite a good time” and winks, and all the boys ignore that and are just like “yeah, you should totally come with us!” and ashton would be like “don’t worry, (y/n) I’ll protect you from all the idiots flirting with you” and you’d just be like awww, guys i’d love to go!!! And then they’d all start saying how you were that person that they’d always wanted to hang out with but never got the opportunity because ashton always said such nice things about you and they were so glad you were finally hanging out ‘cause you were really really cool. And that’s how you all became fucking best friends. (and, eventually, you know, romance sparkled in the way, who knows).