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poetry prompt: autumn in virginia 🍁

rain-skinned angels stagger
out of the azure hills with holy copper
lanterns & set this landscape
ablaze. i hold the butternut
squash & all its ripened heaviness
within my seedling hands. the song
nestling in my chest pulls at me
like ancestral memory pulls
wild geese across the continent
toward the shelter of the sea,
the song of the angels which says,
you are a season of deathless
harvest! paint yourself in the tender-
ness of these quiet, cinnamon-sweetened
dawns & laugh until fear
becomes a word not just dissolved
but uninvented.

I went for cute and comfy for the busy Saturday at DMC I wanted to do a bat themed coord, I should have had bat wings but I forgot to pack them. I also broke my glasses the night before so please forgive me looking so squinty in the photos.
JSK, bow, bag and socks:Angelic Pretty
Headdress :Antique Beast
Everything else offbrand/bodyline/taobao


Well I’m very happy now! I got this! I thought for a moment that would get nothing, then it’s a happy ending for me. I tried in all possible ways to get the OP in lavender or any OP but I REALLY couldn’t get any dress at all. (o_ _)o  My friend got the Special Set in pink for me, but she love the dress and I looked for an alternative to both of us will be happy! So I got this dress at auction, its a set, and its a good thing >\\< I honestly don’t know if I would be good in black dress, I’m used to pink and lavender dresses, but I hope I can be pretty! Maybe it’s a new good experience in my lolita world? hahaha Holy Lantern is my Dream Dress since 2013, I just couldn’t stay with nothing man! Well. I’m curious. Curious how I’ll feel in black and happy to got it! If I don’t like it, I will trade it for lav jsk! ★ ★ ★