legallyjames  asked:

Hey drunk James, have you ever been hit on by a religious figure?

Great question drunk James.
One time I (a 20 year old gay man) was at a table for my gay straight alliance that I run at my uni talking about our charity event. Now an old professor of mine for a religion class I (willingly) took (and enjoined). She came up to the table to say hi and say that she totally supports my club and took some fliers and all that.
Then this guy walks up, 10/10 holy shit hot hot hot he is at the most 23 years old, wearing one of those priest uniforms with the black and white collar thing. Like this guy should have been playing a Father in a porn, not one in real life.
The 2 of them excuse themselves to have their meeting but then the priest guy, comes back by himself to ask about this table.
Now I grew up Catholic/ Christian so I have so much catholic guilt over coming me as I am WAY to attracted to this man and I am visibly blushing.
I called him Father as a sign of respect but then he cuts me off and says “oh I’m not a father, Im just a normal guy,” and then proceeds to tell me how on board he is with gay rights. Like super on board. Like so on board he might as well be the board.
Now I wanted to try and say something, anything back but I was so overwhelmed I couldn’t. Just couldn’t think of anything witty, funny, nothing other then that pre recorded blot I told everyone who came to the table.
He’d ask me if I had been to and of the Christian clubs/ church recently and I said no because I feel like too much of a sinner and he was like “well we all sin now and then” and fucking winked.
Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.

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