imagining sherlock tho stumbling out into the hallway after he winks at john like heart going wild, adrenalin surging, his tum in knots, his palms are sweaty as all hell and he’s just like “holy crap he’s hot, ooooh my god did that go well? i think that went well. oh god what if he doesn’t come tomorrow? what if he does? oh my god” 

Lance, the best archer of the entire kingdom and one of the princess’ guards, casually (expertly) firing an arrow towards Shiro’s direction, managing to hit the apple Shiro, the most powerful general of the king’s army, was about to eat, knocking the fruit off his hand and impaling it on the wall right next to Shiro’s head.

Pidge, a healer apprentice and inventor, groans at this, dropping onto Lance’s waiting hand a small sack full of money while saying: “Fuck, ok, you win the bet”

Meanwhile Shiro is staring at Lance, wide-eyed, thinking: “Holy fuck that was hot”