Supergroupies, a fashion brand that specializes in creating cute stylish items based on anime, announced that they are going to release a line of Hiei and Kurama inspired items, including pumps, booties, and necklaces, that will be released this June. Both pairs of shoes will cost around 15800 yen and the necklaces will be 9800 yen.

Calum would be so great at grinding like imagine making out on the couch with him and it’s all fun and giggly until he moves his crotch against yours, making you whimper, and when you do, he breathes in shakily before looking down at you and he moves again and you close your eyes, biting your lip and he smirks before whispering: “don’t be shy baby” and he moves harder, making you moan out loud and then he’d kissing your neck and whisper: “that’s my girl”

okay but ships where person A is outgoing and loud and super open about their love for person B, and constantly showers them with love and kisses

and person B is more reserved and sometimes prickly towards person A in public, but they deep down they love person A so much, with their entire soul, that it’s physically painful and overwhelming

Vegas headcanon:
Alfred invited Arthur to Las Vegas. The brit didn’t want to get wasted this time and stayed sober.
Alfred on the other hand got really drunk. And of course they got married, but Arthur thinks drunk people can’t get married and that it’s just a joke. Arthur, who has been in love with Alfred for centuries gets really emotional during the ‘fake-wedding’ because he wishes it was real.
He gets so lonely that he doesn’t turn Alfred done when he wants to consummate the wedding night. But nothing happens because Alfred is too drunk and they just cuddle.
Arthur decides to hide the ring. He doesn’t spend anymore time thinking about it.
Alfred finds out once he receives a bill for a honeymoon suite. He loves Arthur too, but he thinks he was drunk and didn’t mean it. From then on he tease Arthur with it, saying things like;“ We act like an old married couple.” Arthur blushes very hard every time.

One day Alfred sees Arthur taking the ring out of his pocket and kissing it. He is then surprised by Alfred shoving his tongue into his throat. When Arthur asks him what he is doing he answers:“ Consummating the marriage of course”.

Day 2 of 7, Part 2 of 2, Week: 22

Weekly theme: Keeping Christ at the center of your goals


The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.

-Proverbs 21:5

My dear sister,

1. If you’re single, don’t let the desire to be in a relationship cause you to settle for just anything. Be diligent in the things of the Lord and wait for the one who is doing the same thing. Just because He’s a nice guy, that doesn’t mean that he’s the right guy for you! If he is not serious about the same things you’re serious about, and if he’s not interested in headed in the same direction as you, then it might be time to exit that texting convo and just move on!

2. Entering into a relationship with someone won’t automatically let make them change. Love is a powerful force, but falling in love with someone doesn’t automatically guarantee a perfect relationship. The reason why is because the romantic love that causes your heart to skip a beat and causes you to not want to spend a moment without that person is not going to be the kind of love that sustains the relationship in day-to-day life. Love isn’t just romance–love is patient, it is kind, it is not easily angered*. This is the kind of love that sustains a relationship, and if you desire that, you won’t just find it by dating someone. You’re going to find it by being diligent in love that comes through your relationship with Jesus Christ. And when you’re diligent about that love, you’re going to attract the kind of people in your life who are diligent pursuing that kind of love to…even when it comes to the kind of guy that will pursue you in a relationship. So focus on being diligent about the things of the Lord and the more you do this, the more the people around you (including guys!) will begin to notice that you’re not the kind of woman who will settle for just any kind of guy because she has her eyes fixed on being diligent about the things of God!


Further reading:, *1 Corinthians 13:4-8, 1 John 4:19, 1 Corinthians 16:13-14