Height of the monsters: Proof that Sans isn’t short, and the monsters are freaking huge

Let’s look at Asgore compared to some adult humans

Notice, he is a freaking giant compared to the humans

Let’s look at the other monsters compared to Asgore

Papyrus, Undyne and Toriel are taller than Asgore, who we’ve already established to be A FREAKING GIANT COMPARED TO HUMANS

But let’s focus on Sans.

The top of his head is about up to Asgore’s nose

So, then, Sans, compared to the adult humans, would be…


Look at this, his head is half the size of the human

Now, how big would Frisk be in comparison, then? Depending on Frisk’s age, he/she/they/zir/whichever-you-use could have been one of the following heights

Holy. Fricking. Frickity. Frick.

That would explain why Papyrus saw the rock before he saw Frisk. Frisk was probably so tiny, he escaped Papyrus’s attention.


They are all huge!!!! Frisk is like a kitten compared to their heights!


Many people have pointed out I had accidently compared Sans to Asgore kneeling. I had made the correction, but people kept reblogging my original without the correction, so here it is:

Furthermore, people have pointed out Sans sprite is the same height as Frisk

HOWEVER, this Sprite chart shows Asriel as smaller than Chara, when in fact, it is canon that Chara was shorter than Asriel

Thus, I do not consider the overworld Sprites to be a reliable source for height.

  I won’t lose to you anymore! 

So did anyone else realise Wally’s two theme’s have the same base tune to them?


the story of a peaceful boy that broke his caps button 

everyone thought he was killing someone in the bathroom, Kiyoshi was crying, and Aomine was shocked and thought that his intentions were misunderstood when he was actually just trying to be nice

they ended up hanging out together anyway

//today on: this isn’t nearly as funny as I think it is!//