Holy cow… I’m 22 away from 400.. how is that even possible?? I’m freaking out just a bit. Like, I don’t even know why you guys follow me.

I’m thinking of doing something special when I hit my 400 mark, though. Not sure what I’ll do. I’ll probably come up with an idea when I get there.


Valentine’s Day 1, Nalu

I’m finally finished with the countdown. Holy cow I actually managed to post 4 pairings in 1 week (QwQ ). And yes, this is Valentine’s day, finally. For all of you who have a special someone, congratz! And for you who’s just like me, well at least we have a lot of our otp fanarts today. 

It’s time for me to enjoy some chocolates and prepare for the midterm test. Gosh my school is moving so fast, I’m a bit freaked out now. Sorry for the rant and have a great valentine’s day~

Gruvia is here

Gajevy(preview) is here

Jerza is here


“And my third springtime read? ‘Holy Cow’ by my very own David Duchovny. I don’t know what to say about this book except that the humor is right up my alley—my daughter and I were in fits of giggles. “Holy Cow” is the tale of Elsie the cow, who comes to a realization about her fate on the farm and hits the road to India, where she will be better appreciated. In the end she teaches us a lesson or two about tolerance and getting along with other species—what more could you want in a book?”

Gillian Anderson recommending “Holy Cow” [x


(Official Disclaimer)

Holy cow, never ever ever let stress get to an INTP. They honestly cannot handle it. They must not be used to it or something, because in my experience INTPs freak out in the most passive-aggressive way imaginable and start micromanaging everything that moves. It’s truly horrifying. Like good grief, guys. An INTP I knew was freaking out so badly he was trying to micromanage a very, very capable team of two ENTJs and one ISTJ. Like, whoah… we’ve got this. Chillax.

Another thing INTPs can stumble on is not knowing when to back off the joke. INTPs have this adorable Super Troll hidden behind their cute little faces and innocent demeanors. Sometimes that’s great and funny and cool. Other times INTPs can take the joke way too far and create serious resentments and enemies. Just be careful.

Also, get your shit together. Being weeks behind on your homework is not cool. Pull it together, manage your time more wisely, realize that being busy is not a valid excuse (everyone is busy, guys), and turn your stuff in on time. This is for your own good, I promise. Punctuality is a life skill.


Alright this is the scene from the ep 7 trailer that I fixated on so here’s my thoughts

The trippy-colored walls in this scene make this look like some kind of dream sequence. He sees what the “curse” has done to Anya and has an “oh my god what have I done” moment. Then this could go one of two ways: either he freaks out right away, or he tries to kiss her in this dream sequence, but of course she doesn’t wake up because he really isn’t her true love, and then he has the “what have I done” internal crisis. Because of that, he can’t get the emotional connection to the FS that he had in the SP, which was a huge “selling point” for him. He’d probably slip up in his elements too because of it, and it would cost him big time. That second-place standing after the SP will not help him much.

(And the crack options: 1. Hew new bf comes into the dream sequence, kisses her, and she wakes up.
Even more crack: 2. He can’t wake her up either. A pretty woman walks in and kisses her, and /then/ she wakes up. Both guys are completely fucking gobsmacked.)

I saw Justice League vs. Teen Titans last night. Holy cow, was that movie misnamed! Honestly, I’m probably not going to buy it, at least for a while. Trigon freaks me out too much.

Damian was awesome, as per usual in these movies. And his part in the climax was really well done.

Plus, he played Dance Dance Revolution at one point. So there’s that.


HOLY COW! I don’t even know why I haven’t been on here in MONTHS I’m so sorry!! I did get on once and the whole page and stuff was blank and everything was gone and I started freaking out bc I thought someone deleted everything and 😫 I’m so sorry!

on a good note. Nialls instagram lately 🙌🏻🙌🏻 damn bae

Diamond Authority

Holy cow! I don’t know if anyone thought of this but I am freaking out. So you know you have like 4 diamonds in Steven Universe.

So I was randomly looking up the hope diamond when I learned that there are different special diamonds displayed at the Smithsonian Institution’s “The Splendor of Diamonds” exhibit. This exhibit shows these diamonds:

Do you see that?! There is a freaking giant white diamond, a pink diamond, a yellow diamond, and a blue diamond. These and those other diamonds on the picture are considered very rare. The SU crew really did their research if they really did get the diamond authority idea from these diamonds.

If you want to learn more about them the Smithsonian Institution has a webpage that talks about them here.

I wasn’t immediately sold on Supergirl. But yesterday I binged like 6 episodes of it. And fully realized how much I love Winn Schott. No sooner did I realize this newfound love and fully board the Kara/Winn ship, before I found out the guy who plays Winn (Jeremy Jordan) is a HUGE-FREAKING-MASSIVE theater nerd with a really, really impressive set of lungs and morre emotion than i know how to describe. HOLY COW. I heard him sing Total Eclipse of the Heart first and it was ah-mazing, but then I heard him sing THIS DISNEY MASHUP and that was the moment I fell in love. And then he just got better with this performance of Don’t Rain On My Parade and Santa Fe and Losing My Mind

Oh, and don’t mind me it’s not like sOBBING from T H I S Sam Smith song.

Look, I was just NOOOOT prepared for this onslaught of feels. I WASN’T EXPECTING IT AT ALL. I AM SO MAD AT HIM RIGHT NOW JUST FOR eXIStING AND rUINING MY LIFE.


“draw this again meme" 

i drew the first thing for my parents for christmas when i was like 5 or 6 (idk how old exactly, just know i was very young) we found it when we were decorating the tree and lots of laughs were had.

i must have been pretty a messed up kid tho like holy cow what is that thing why does it hAVE RED EYES

So I just finished it today! Holy cow I didn’t know what to do for this one but I hope you all like it! I’m hella excited though because I do believe Jack already found my WIP of him!!
Jacksepticeye WIP

I’m planning on sending it to him on Twitter and it would mean the WORLD to me if he had it in one of his videos. I’m already freaking out that he saw the WIP!

External image
My friends and I are all HUGE fans of him, so I wanted to make him something as BOSS as him! Hope I did you justice Sean!

ElsaEnchanted's 200+ Follower Giveaway!

First off. Holy cow. I love you all so freaking much it’s ridiculous, and I really do have time for nearly every single one of you! I say nearly because 4 porn blogs follow me on account of nsfw tags. Awkward. So I decided I’d do a giveaway! Mainly because I don’t really have anything better to do with my life. Not even joking, I do nothing all day every day. SO, without further ado.

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The Nebula Network

a network for anyone who has major space feels like holy cow space is freaking awesome


Looking for:

  • Friendly, active bloggers
  • Any blog type is fine!
  • A tagging system isn’t required, but recommended
  • A cute theme is always nice :)

If you’re accepted:

  • You get a follow back from me wow how amazing
  • Also lots of new friends, and a spot on the members page
  • Please put a link to the network page on your blog/updates tab
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  • You should track the tag “thenebulanetwork” for updates


  • First members will be chosen on 28 February
  • Probably about 8 blogs to start, plus more if this gets a lot of notes
  • Feel free to message me with any questions! :)

I was chatting with the boy while leaving the gym today and he said I should stop over quick because he had something to give me. When I got there, he brought out a tupperware and he had made me food to have for lunches all week because he knows I’m going to be super busy and not have much time or desire to cook healthy food for myself this week 😭😭😭 I seriously have no idea what I did to deserve him, but whatever it was I’d do it a billion times over.

Also it’s our two year anniversary on Tuesday 😍😍😍

tiny-sam-is-my-jam  asked:


You’re so cute! ILY you too! Thanks for the compliments doll! don’t hesitate to come to me if you need somethin’ ok darlin’?