Your application is being sent to FRANCE and the next step is finding your host family and placement…


Guys it’s official! If they can’t get me placed in France, they’ll send me it Switzerland and Italy! Before now, my asse rep had just been able to confirm that I would be accepted, but here is the official letter!

i got locked out of the wifi at 10 again last night grumble grumble so i did what i always do when that happens and i watched some of the TAG episodes i have saved. ‘runaway’ is the only one i’ve got in HQ but i stopped it here cause i was so freaked out by brains’ thousand-mile stare and i noticed that like

he has freckles. they are really subtle and waaaaay less noticeable than alan’s but he’s got em. brains has freckles brains has f-r-e-c-k-l-e-s on his silly face

4:30 am thoughts
  • Holy cow, the days are getting shorter. I remember when I used to run in reasonably light conditions.
  • That moon is pretty freaking amazing.  Is that a shooting star?
  • God, the first mile sucks hard.
  • Look, new PR for the mile!
  • That’s the third time that squad has gone past me. Slim pickins’ out here in exurbia.
  • Mmm. Manure.
  • Every street light is clicking off when I run past. Obviously, I am an X-File.
  • I wonder if run-dancing to “Eye of the Tiger” is an Olympic sport.
  • This is how the prancercize lady got her start, right?

Fun fact:

I have met two “famous” people and have embarrassed myself in front of both of them.

When I went to go get a photo op with Paul McGann I got to stand like right next to him. I was in such a daze and while he was right there he said something to my friend and I went “Oh my gosh he’s british”. I swear it was the most embarrassing thing. Out of all things. I didn’t even say “Oh my gosh you’re british.” Nope. I spoke like he wasn’t even there.

A few months later I had the opportunity to get a photo op with freaking John Barrowman. John Barroman. During the picture of course I was in shock because I mean holy cow it’s John Barrowman what am I supposed to do, but as we were leaving and everyone was saying their thank you’s I wanted to be super polite, so what did I do? I made eye contact and stuttered out:  “Th-th-ank you sir.” He looked kind of confused but I was pretty pleased with myself. A few minutes later I realized how ridiculous I sounded.

Let’s see how future interactions turn out…

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Cia didn't quite know this one, but as a reincarnation of her Hero, she knew that she had to at least know OF him. If that made any sense. Fortunately, all versions of her Hero were acceptable in her eyes, no matter the era. "Your precious princess is a decietful ruler. She cares not for you, I can see that much. And she doesn't even have the nerve to tell you. She'll only continue to hurt you more. Drag you down. She could care less of your fate, unlike ME."

Tell my muse lies about people they care for.

There was a small jolt from the hero, having not expected anyone to approach him during his… emotional moment. He had never seen this woman before, but her words hit him harder than any physical blow could ever hope to achieve, only further burying the blade that two strangers had impaled him prior.

“… You?” he questioned curiously, voice quiet, uncertain, curious. “… and… just who are you?… H-how do I know you’re not just lying– just like the rest of them?”

A pause, the hero’s eyes once more welling up with tears he forced back, willing them to stay their place. He shouldn’t be crying!

“Why should I trust you?”

Doctor has me tracking the redness, I’m picking up my prescription, and have to elevate and soak my foot multiple times a day. If the redness and swelling stays the same over the next day or so, I’ll have to go back and see what the doctor says. If it gets worse, I have to go to the ER so let’s pray that doesn’t happen!

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But the user that won has like 4 hazards and the one that didnt is a nonowner or only owns 1 I think.. theres more to being a judge then just what you liked the most especially in a contest like that. It also involves who did the most. I know both gunpowdercat and El really well... so it's not like i favoritize anyone here. I just think it wasn't fairly judged because El is a christian.

Okay, holy cow. I’m getting ambushed with messages over this and I can hardly respond before another pops up. First off Elaina has 2 (to my knowledge. I was updating the archives before you guys started freaking out). Gunpowder has 1, yes. The whole point of making forms for an adoptable is to impress the judge >^> It really is my choice who wins. I understand some people feel bummed after putting a lot of effort into things. I’ve been there, but arguing with me isn’t going to do anything for you…? And, whoa, I had absolutely no idea that Elania was a Christian, okay. That has nothing to do with anything. I never pick favorites when judging contests and such and I never will.

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greengxm ;^3c

[ When you followed me, I checked out your blog and kinda freaked out a little because you seemed like a rad Peridot RPer, and also you have really cute art, holy cow. And I’m super psyched for our RP because it’s gonna be REALLY GREAT!! As is your interpretation of Peridot, like, wow, faaave. I look forward to talking and RPing with you more, and I just want to squish your cheeks the end. ]

                                           Send me a URL and I’ll tell you
                                                 a bunch of positive things
                                                      that I like about them!

Rad schist from the past few days:

I just got SO MUCH ADVICE from the volcanology TAs HOLY COW and now I feel like I have so much more direction and purpose wow wow wow

And the TAs who taught me for the couple weeks I was in igneous petrology apparently think I’m awesome??



I ordered food at a restaurant like a totally normal person without freaking out or chickening out

I used the men’s room for the first time!!  Though it was full of classmates and teachers and no strangers, so it only half counts, but still.


I’m excited and terrified and hopeful and everything at once and I hope I can hold on to this enthusiasm and fire forever

So i tried rebleaching my hair, something I’ve done many times before. Then, mid bleach, some random glass thing falls for no freaking reason and i try to pick it up, and cut my finger. Like this is some straight-out-of-an-anime level ass glass pick up right here. Then when trying to apply more bleach - after spending 5 min trying to stop the bleeding then giving up and putting a bandaid on - i get hair bleach in my eye. Like, honestly. I think i just need to sit down or something bc holy cow.

Aaron’s Power


Aaron eats his dinner and cleans his kitchen.

Tired Aaron finishes cleaning and then decides to put the freaky day to end by going to bed.

He turns on some Norah Jones songs which puts his brain at ease and helps him to sleep.

He heads to the bed, inside the blanket and sleeps in Jiffy.


Aaron wakes up suddenly with thirst. He heads to the kitchen for the fridge.

And unexpected happens.

As he reaches for the fridge, his hand goes through it.  He takes it out in shock.

Aaron freaks out, “Holy cow! What happened just now?”

Again he tries to reach for the handle of the fridge, it goes past the fridge.

He cannot believe it’s not a dream.

Aaron thinking, “May be this is what we were talking about yesterday. If I was in Max’s dream.  May be this is the freak show I have been gifted just as Max’s flight”

Aaron,” I should call Max”

He goes to his room. But when he tries to pick up the phone his hand goes past it.

He tries to touch everything he could possibly see around his apartment.

Frustrated with his new gift, he lays down on the floor, thinking what to do next. Its 0333.

He thinks of going to Max’s apartment which is a couple of blocks ahead.

               Aaron’s goes through his main door.  

He heads past the boundary wall of the apartment to avoid his silly guards.


Aaron is at Max’s room .

“ Max ! Wake up ! “ shouts Aaron.

“ Max ! You Freak”

Max with his eyes creeping, “ What !? Aaron?  How the? How did you get in? What are you doing here Ron? “

“ Oh S**t”

“ I hope this isn’t some kind of f**kd up nuclear dream”

Aaron, “At first get down!”

Max, “ What !?”

Aaron, “ Get down to your bed. You are floating again”

Max,” Oh s**t”

Max falls down on the bed crashing his back.

Aaron, “ Ouch! Your bed is hard!”

Max” It hurts man"

“ What brought you here at this time ?”

Aaron, “ Ask me how did I get in?”

Max, “ You broke the door?”

Aaron, “ Okay , see this “

Aaron goes past his room’s door.

Max gazes his eyes towards the door as Aaron comes back the same way.

Aaron, “ I haven’t been able to touch anything Max. Everything I try to touch, my hand goes though it”

“ You got to Help me Max”

Max, awed with what he had seen.

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you post about how you want to be a blog that people get excited over/admire but tbh you already are. you're literally the best anna on tumblr.

I’m kinda, sorta majorly freaking out here?? To hear that is just the absolute best comment. I certainly wouldn’t say I’m the ‘best’ Anna as everyone’s interpretation is different and unique to them so it’s pretty hard to compare them, you know? But for someone to say they think I’m worth admiring/getting excited about is amazing. You’re a sweetheart ❤❤

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Ok so I just read the Mick imagine and I did request it (thanks so much oh my gosh) and wow holy cow it was great! I saw it in my feed and then i freaked out and opened it in a separate page so I could read it later and I almost had a fan girl attack in the car with my family... It's great! Keep on writing friend!

Wow, oh my gosh…you’re too much. I’m glad you enjoyed it, thank you so very much! :)