Lay These Stolen Hearts to Rest
H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y , S H A Y

skjdhfglaksjhglkasjhglkjashglkasjh!!!!!!! HOLY COW IT’S @the-flame-and-hawks-eye​‘s BIRTHDAY TODAY! I wrote a song inspired by her amazing fic Hellbound (which you all NEED to check out if you haven’t yet. It’s consumed my soul.) 

Shaaaaaayyyyyyyy, you are so freaking important to me. You’re always an extraordinary friend, be that for wild 2AM skype chats, memeing, dog photos, or just life in general. Your sincere existence surrounds me with good and positive energy every day. I love you so much and hope your birthday is FABULOUS AS ABSOLUTE HECK. I HOPE YOU DIG THE SONG I’VE WRITTEN ABOUT YOUR WORK. Because I’ll be writing love songs to your fics for the rest of my life and I have no problem with this tbh

Trapped in my bones.
How far are we from home?
Souls fall asleep.
It’s all I’ve left to keep.

I’ve seen the Devil and he looks like me.
I only fear who I know I can be.

So is it too late to find a way
back to the light of day?
This is not the end of us.
I’m falling out of touch.
Tell me we’re strong enough
to follow the hope that is left.
Lay these stolen hearts to rest.

Clouds drawing in
for the storm to begin.
Don’t trust the eyes
you once believed were mine.

My voice is prisoner to phantom souls.
But you can read my silence as your own.

So is it too late to find a way
back to the light of day?
This is not the end of us.
I’m falling out of touch.
Tell me we’re strong enough

to follow the hope that is left.
Lay these stolen hearts to rest.

Bleeding memories
slip away from me,
into darkness
holding me hostage.

But if I have you I know
we’ll find a way through the storm.

So is it too late to find a way
back to the light of day?
This is not the end of us.
I’m falling out of touch.
Tell me we’re strong enough

to follow the hope that is left.
Lay these stolen hearts to rest.


(Official Disclaimer)

Holy cow, never ever ever let stress get to an INTP. They honestly cannot handle it. They must not be used to it or something, because in my experience INTPs freak out in the most passive-aggressive way imaginable and start micromanaging everything that moves. It’s truly horrifying. Like good grief, guys. An INTP I knew was freaking out so badly he was trying to micromanage a very, very capable team of two ENTJs and one ISTJ. Like, whoah… we’ve got this. Chillax.

Another thing INTPs can stumble on is not knowing when to back off the joke. INTPs have this adorable Super Troll hidden behind their cute little faces and innocent demeanors. Sometimes that’s great and funny and cool. Other times INTPs can take the joke way too far and create serious resentments and enemies. Just be careful.

Also, get your shit together. Being weeks behind on your homework is not cool. Pull it together, manage your time more wisely, realize that being busy is not a valid excuse (everyone is busy, guys), and turn your stuff in on time. This is for your own good, I promise. Punctuality is a life skill.

I wasn’t immediately sold on Supergirl. But yesterday I binged like 6 episodes of it. And fully realized how much I love Winn Schott. No sooner did I realize this newfound love and fully board the Kara/Winn ship, before I found out the guy who plays Winn (Jeremy Jordan) is a HUGE-FREAKING-MASSIVE theater nerd with a really, really impressive set of lungs and morre emotion than i know how to describe. HOLY COW. I heard him sing Total Eclipse of the Heart first and it was ah-mazing, but then I heard him sing THIS DISNEY MASHUP and that was the moment I fell in love. And then he just got better with this performance of Don’t Rain On My Parade and Santa Fe and Losing My Mind

Oh, and don’t mind me it’s not like sOBBING from T H I S Sam Smith song.

Look, I was just NOOOOT prepared for this onslaught of feels. I WASN’T EXPECTING IT AT ALL. I AM SO MAD AT HIM RIGHT NOW JUST FOR eXIStING AND rUINING MY LIFE.


HOLY COW! I don’t even know why I haven’t been on here in MONTHS I’m so sorry!! I did get on once and the whole page and stuff was blank and everything was gone and I started freaking out bc I thought someone deleted everything and 😫 I’m so sorry!

on a good note. Nialls instagram lately 🙌🏻🙌🏻 damn bae

Continuation with Bony-Chan!

@miss-iskoola-pota (( Continued from here. ))

Tyree is taken aback by suddenly creepy and intimidating the lady can become. Perhaps it’s in his best interest to comply. 

“Nnugh… It’s great to meet you, Iskoola… I’ll watch my language around you from now on… Oh, geez, you certainly know how to scare people. Eh. Imagine you doing this in a dark alleyway. Holy cow, you’ll probably freak anyone out.”

I saw Justice League vs. Teen Titans last night. Holy cow, was that movie misnamed! Honestly, I’m probably not going to buy it, at least for a while. Trigon freaks me out too much.

Damian was awesome, as per usual in these movies. And his part in the climax was really well done.

Plus, he played Dance Dance Revolution at one point. So there’s that.


Valentine’s Day 1, Nalu

I’m finally finished with the countdown. Holy cow I actually managed to post 4 pairings in 1 week (QwQ ). And yes, this is Valentine’s day, finally. For all of you who have a special someone, congratz! And for you who’s just like me, well at least we have a lot of our otp fanarts today. 

It’s time for me to enjoy some chocolates and prepare for the midterm test. Gosh my school is moving so fast, I’m a bit freaked out now. Sorry for the rant and have a great valentine’s day~

Gruvia is here

Gajevy(preview) is here

Jerza is here


I was saving thing for 6k exactly but 


I started this blog on a whim just for fun and I never expected it to get this much attention. I don’t think I’ve had a thousand of anything in my life.

Thank you all for your support. I really can’t explain in words how much this means to me. You’re all tearing my oniony heart out. Any more followers and I might just have to do something super special for you guys…

If you enjoy my garbage on this blog, you might want to check out my main art blog here!

Bless you all!

and stay D E T E R M I N E D !