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A continuation.

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Michael and Calum's annoying horn song
  • Michael and Calum's annoying horn song

okay so the original post was deleted. (what tumblr.) BUT IM BRINGING IT BACK WITH A DOWNLOAD LINK BOOYAH. ear bleeding awesomeness here :))) X

yuri x tiffany (yulti) masterpost

so i have feels and yuri and tiffany are to blame for my impending death (this will be a huge post, fyi. these two are my ultimate snsd otp and if u can’t take the heat then get out of the kitchen) (jk don’t get leave, come and join me; we’ll cry together)

let’s start from the beginning of time (sorry not sorry for using this gif)

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Holy crap! D: Yesterday I posted a writing mix, WRITING IN THE DARK, and I thought it would do okay— but whoa the reception to it has been awesome! ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎

Thank you SO much to everyone who went out of their way to reblog the post, and a double-serving of ‘thank-yous’ to the people who liked/listened to the mix on 8tracks! I had to turn off 8tracks notifications on my phone because they were coming in every couple of minutes :0

I just want to say that I am super humbled to hear that, something as small as a music playlist, has helped some of you write! You are seriously my writerly friends, and I do this for each and every one of you~ ♥︎

I think… I think I will go with my heart and work on a few more mixes :D

Again, thank you to everyone who made this possible~ ♥︎

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Oh god I was waiting for this question to pop up…

And no no NO!

I disagree 100% with this.

First of all let me just say, if you believe they are together, then you must also believe they are forced to cover it up (duh). Well, I believe the reason Zayn is way more subtle than Liam (which is not a hard thing to do, Liam and subtlety when it comes to his love for Zayn parted ways a long time ago), is because he is trying to do as he’s told.

Also, Zayn is a very private person, we all know that. Last year, he didn’t have Liam yet (he actually did but they were both idiots but that is another story and I keep going off topic ugh), so he was very obvious. Why? Well, when you are as in love with someone as Zayn was with Liam, and you believe that they are oblivious (he was, in a way. I believe Liam knew Zayn had feelings for him but he had no idea they were so profound and serious), you kind of throw all caution out of the window and try to make them see. Zayn was doing just that. He was trying to get Liam to understand he was in love with him, and finally he did. The first few months they were both relaxed and fine, but then their management team found out and they had to take 100 steps back.

I believe Zayn is holding back now because a) he is a private person and now he is with Liam so he doesn’t need to be so obvious, and b) their management team is pretty scary if you ask me and Zayn has enough on his head, he doesn’t need to be yelled at 24/7. Let alone they might force him to participate in a fake engagement, and all this while he is showing the restraint of a saint. Imagine what they would do to him if he DIDN’T hold back.

In short, the person who is acting all weird right now, is Liam, not Zayn. Why? Because realistically, they both know they cannot come out right now (even tho I believe they both want to), but Liam is acting like he will be coming out any day now! Zayn is trying to stay subtle. Liam is not. And as much as I love him for it, I know Zayn is the sensible one in this case. We know what’s gonna happen. They are not gonna be allowed to come out any time soon. So why is Liam acting like this? Because he is the bravest fool in the world, that’s why. Jfc, lately I’ve been thinking these two are Romeo and Juliet of the 21st century!

That said, I have no idea why you cannot see Zayn’s love for Liam. Even though he is trying to hold back, his love still shows. Did you see my Summer Love gifset from the 9th of April? Well, he wasn’t crying for me there, that I know. He was crying for Liam. If anything, I believe their love is stronger than ever, and Zayn is just trying to protect it for the time being. Liam is doing the same, but from another angle. Neither is wrong, in my opinion.

To put it better:

  • Neither of them want to hide
  • But they are forced to
  • Zayn is trying to accept that and do his best to cope for the time being
  • Liam is not accepting it and as a result he has been driving us crazy for days, with all the recklessly brave stuff he’s doing
  • Basically, the one who is acting unexpectedly in the situation, and I am bowing down to him tbh, is Liam, not Zayn. But as much as I love Liam for all he is doing, I can realize that Zayn is trying to keep things on the downlow because he knows they are not going to get their way anytime soon.
  • Edit: But honestly I think Zayn is consistent with his displays of affection. Whatever is lost by him trying to hold back, is gained by the fact that he breaks down while trying to do it. 

Look at these and tell me Zayn isn’t showing affection for Liam:

Conclusion: Zayn is head over heels in love with Liam, Liam is head over heels in love with Zayn. And even with Zayn trying to hold back, we get all these things. I get where you are coming from, but this has more to do with Liam being 15321740% obvious (seriously, who would have thought Leeyum would be acting this way once he realized Zayn loved him back?!?!) and less with Zayn’s feelings being weaker (ha.ha.HA. WHAT A JOKE).  So no, I don’t believe for a second that Zayn isn’t showing the same love and affection for Liam as he used to. If anything, I see their love growing deeper as the months go by, and the way Zayn breaks down whenever he sings Summer Love to Liam, for instance, tells me everything I need to know.

I just realized something

My ex boyfriend looks like L Lawliet. I was obsessed with Death Note when I was dating him.

My ex girlfriend used to cosplay Alois Trancy. I was obsessed with Black Butler when I was dating her???



I am a FE:A headcanon monster. I have headcanons about so much crap that I need to just go home and find something better to do with my time. Parenting headcanons. Gesture/unconscious movement headcanons. Sex headcanons. Extremely extensive pajama headcanons. Someone please just put me in a trash can and set the lid on firmly to keep out raccoons. 

(LITERALLY RELATED TO THIS: My FE!dads post blew up again all of a sudden??? Like holy crap over 900 notes now. Thank you guys so much for helping me indulge in the dad feels ;____;. I want to give everyone a pillow to hug and we can talk about cute families all the tiiiiiime.)