holy crap no wonder the entire world fell in love with him

I just randomly watched this interview from more than five years ago in the middle of all the Dunkirk promo interviews. It was a weird shock to see a similar interview setting (same questions about fame lol) but with baby Harry replacing the grown man he is today.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember just how much he has  changed over the years, while still remaining reassuringly Harry.

DGHDA S02E08 thoughts


- So we see Marina murder Hector in a fight, stabbing him in the head with scissors. According to Max’s tweet this is where she breaks two fingers - which makes sense, considering the force needed to stab through someone’s skull. Then there’s Hector laying on the floor surrounded by yellow flower petals from the vase that fell.. just like Panto in Amanda’s vision.

- I love how Friedkin attempts to bullshit his way through his conversation with Priest and Priest is having none of it. “Can I talk to Ken?” Guess who’s in charge now, Hugo. PS I sort of want that shirt Priest is wearing.

- What is being kept track of on the whiteboard in the monitoring room in Blackwing? There’s ‘Project Icarus’, ‘Gripps’, ‘CROSS’, ‘Vogel’, ‘MARTIN’ and what I assume is ‘Moloch’ but I can’t read the rest of them. What do the numbers mean?

- The original Blackwing in the sixties? As far as we knew, Riggins started Blackwing in the 80s. And there’s already references in files from that far back to dimensional gateways.. but no one ever followed up. Ken mentions the government pulling funding from Project Paperclip. When asked about it, Max tweeted these links: 1, 2, referring to the (real!) Operation Paperclip and Project MKUltra. Lots to unpack there.

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A/N: So this is one of the requests I’ve been meaning to write! I’ve finally got it finished and honestly, I’m proud with how it came out. This was requested a while back by @clairebear322. (For some reason I can’t tag her? I’m thinking maybe she changed her username since it was requested.)

Author: Becca (@totallysupernaturaloneshots)

Word Count: 1,743

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean, Castiel

Pairings: Sam x Reader

Warnings: self body hatred, mentions of fat shaming, jealousy, nudity(no smut), fluff

Your name: submit What is this?

Summary: When Sam finds out how the reader truly feels about her looks, he does everything in his power to make her feel beautiful.

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anonymous asked:

I understand if this might be a bit hard, but I was wondering how Synth Shaun would react to Sole introducing each companion as their parent. (like Nick his new dad or Piper as his other mother or whateves)

I royally loved this one <3

Cait – She would stare wide eyed at Sole, speechless and shocked at their announcement but even more so when Shaun turns to her and hugs her tight all the while calling her his ‘new mum’. She’d hug him back absentmindedly because she’s too busy giving Sole the ‘you could’ve told me sooner’ look over Shaun’s little shoulder. But as she thinks to herself about it, perhaps this signals a new chapter in her life, a happier one with the person she loves and her adopted son. Yeah…she can get used to that.

Curie – The little synth would let out a small noise of surprise and happiness when Sole says those words, turning to little Shaun and scooping him up in a big motherly hug whether he wanted it or not. She’d be so excited and so very happy, maybe even having to wipe at her eyes that seemed to always malfunction whenever Sole did something so sweet like this because it made her heart swell and her face hurt from smiling so much. She is perhaps the most wondrous thing to be in life – a mother!

Danse – Everything inside his body would completely freeze as he stares at Sole, then down to Shaun and then back to Sole in silent shock. Him? A father to Shaun? At first the thought would be flinch inducing to the ex-Paladin, but as he gazes down into those familiar little eyes looking up at him with all the love a child can give, a slow smile would spread across his face. Danse. A father. Now that’s the type of mission he can quite easily dedicate the rest of his life to.

Deacon – The only outward reaction Deacon would have is the slight raise of his eyebrows over his sunglasses. He’d wondered to himself in the past if he’d ever hold that position with Shaun, so he guesses when Shaun excitedly hugs him that he’s finally gotten the answer and he couldn’t have been happier. After all, it was always a dream of his to be a dad one day and as he hugs the kid back with a large grin on his face, he realises just how lucky a man he is to finally find his place in this world.

Gage – He’d stare blankly down at Shaun after hearing Sole’s words, not quite computing what it meant until Shaun wrapped his little arms around him. A father to a kid? How the fuck is he going to be a good father? He’ll pat the kid on the shoulder, staring at Sole for a little while as he works it out himself. No, he’s gonna be the best damn father in the world. Shaun’s his and Sole’s son and he’s gonna be one tough man when he grows up with Gage being there every step of the way to make sure he’s on track. Nothing is going to hurt his kid.

Hancock – The Mayor would be grinning from ear to ear when Sole introduces him as Shaun’s new daddy and as the kid turns with his own smile plastered on his face, Hancock will scoop him up in a big bear hug. He didn’t know he wanted this until now and when he catches Sole’s gaze after setting the little tot down, he knew he was staring at an even brighter and happier future than he ever could’ve dreamed of.

MacCready – He never expected to become a dad in the first instance and that had brought him well and truly to tears, but when Sole told both him and Shaun the news for the first time, he couldn’t help but tear up just a little once more. To him, there was nothing better than being a father except being a father twice over which had him ruffling little Shaun’s hair with a happy laugh so the kid won’t see him wipe at his suddenly damp eyes.

Nick Valentine – Being a synth meant he’d had to involuntarily give up some of the simpler stuff in life like taste, smell and the simple warmth that comes with being human. Not once did he think he could be a dad one day, so when Sole introduced him to Shaun as being such he would be quite taken back. He’d expected Shaun to flinch and cringe away from him, but when the kid ran to him and hugged him tight, the synth felt like his circuits would short out from how happy it made him.

Piper Wright – Her eyes would widen and no doubt her face paled when she hears Sole say to Shaun that she’s his new mother. Of course she wasn’t against the idea, but holy crap a little warning would have been nice! She laughs her nerves away and crouches down to give Shaun a big ol’ hug like she does with Natalie, casting Sole a worried look over Shaun’s shoulder like she wasn’t sure if she had it in her to be the mum that he deserved. But one look at Sole’s proud face and hearing the excitement in Shaun’s voice did wonders to dispel her fears.

Preston Garvey – He thought the happiest moment in his life was and would forever more be when Sole confessed their feelings for him, but that quickly changed when Sole announced to both him and their son that Preston is Shaun’s new dad. His eyes would widen and flick to Shaun and back to Sole in surprise, only being relieved of his newfound worries when he felt little arms tightly encircling his waist which allowed a wide smile to form along his lips. Preston, the father to Sole’s little boy Shaun… now that was the happiest moment in his entire life.

X6-88 – He did not expect Sole to announce to both him and Shaun at the same time that X6 would be the little guy’s new dad. X6 himself would’ve liked more warning beforehand, because when the kid almost knocked him over from hugging him so tight the Courser fell victim to a wave of happiness that took him by surprise. He’d give a small chuckle, feeling that happiness settle in his heart as he returns his new son’s hug.

Supernatural: Cheers to the Lonely (Crowley x Reader)

Summary: The reader learns about the pending end of creation (just prior to S11 E23).
Word Count: 1325
Warnings: None
A/N: My entry for @marksheppardischarming‘s June Writing Challenge. My prompt was for a paranormal/ghost hunter reader.

My Reader List is HERE

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You slammed the musty tome shut. Dust puffed out from its yellowed pages, the single lamp’s meager light dancing off the particles. Coughing, you waved an annoyed hand in front of your face. Freshly showered, you hugged your robe - a fluffy, if slightly worn, light blue affair - around your shoulders and sighed.

“You’ll get yourself all dirty, love.”

You jumped. Behind you, his impeccable black suit unmarred by the dust, Crowley stood with his hands in his pockets. You glared at him. “Holy crap! Don’t do that!”

“I don’t do anything holy. General principles.” He smirked. He gestured at your robe. “Don’t dress up on my account, muffin.”

“I didn’t know you were coming, snickerdoodle,” you teased. It’d been months, too many months, since you last saw him, but you fell into the familiar back-and-forth banter like a cozy blanket on a winter’s day.

“Yes, well, I was,” he lifted his eyebrows as he contemplated the correct word, “delayed. Forcibly. C'est la vie, pumpkin.”

“Huh,” you grunted. You shook your head, part in amusement, part in disbelief. Here you were, at ease, in your bathrobe of all things, addressing the King of Hell. Funny how life turned out.

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favorite little things in mobile orchestra

and no I will not apologize for how long this post is because there’s so much in this album to appreciate…

  • the whistling parts in “Verge” (dON’T LIE YOU WHISTLE ALONG EVERY TIME. DON’T DENY IT.) 
  • that one chorus before the bridge where the beat really breaks down and makes you bop your head against your will 
  • “from this day forward, I will make a promise/to be true to myself and always be honest” #FEELS 
  • the ocean-eyesy strings and bleeps and bloops in “I Found Love” that take you back to the stuff that made owl city steal your fluttering fangirly heart aahhhhh nOSTALGIA
  • “when the fairy dust fell over us”
  • “so lead me home and lift me up/above the stars and even higher”
  • the classic owl city intro in “Thunderstruck”
  • all the tight fancy zaps and zoops that make it IMPOSSIBLE TO SIT STILL BECAUSE OCEAN EYES AND TMS HAD A BABY AND IT. IS. GLORIOUS.
  • the deliciously airy, delicate, trilling vibrato in sarah’s voice omg
  • “I chased the phantoms down the hall/I felt the floorboards rise and fall” hmmmm those floorboards didn’t happen to have daisies pushing through them did they, Adam??? *winkwink* #plant life ftw
  • the part with “whoooaa, I’m leavin’ the world behind”
  • and that little tiny drip at the very end. yes.
  • the piano intro in “My Everything”
  • that first “Hallelujah” and you can HEAR the sunbeams breaking through clouds and God being all shiny and holy and stuff
  • that quiet part where adam sings “hallelujah” really really softly and it feels so intimate and you can hear the devotion and humbled awe radiating in his voice like I could listen to him sing that one word for hours
  • the whistling in “Unbelievable” 
  • “the newest thing was lion king and I COULD FEEL THE LOVE”
  • “it’s unbelievableBELIEVA-BLE
  • adam’s perfect slick pronunciation of all the lyrics is so satisfying hot damn his vocals are ON POINT in this track
  • “my favorite part of Jurassic Park was how real the raptors looked”
  • the whole list of stuff adam rattles off in the bridge
  • the kids singing the na-na-na-nas in the background.
  • yeah pretty much this whole track is MY JAM
  • the first epic heart-pounding BA-DA-DA-DUM in “Bird With A Broken Wing” and suddenly you feel like CLIMBING A FRICKIN’ MOUNTAIN
  • ALL THE BA-DA-DA-DUMS, actually.
  • “I’m an astronaut on the ocean floor”
  • “and a bleeding heart makes you easy prey” holllly crap #CHILLS #DON’T LET THE WOLVES BITE #(ahaha see wat i did there)
  • “with the butterfly in the panic room” 
  • ALL THE LYRICS, actually. 
  • the reoccurring theme of stories and chapters and dark twisty plots like as a writer this GREATLY tickles my muse and I love it
  • the powerful rhythmic ATBAB-ish strings woven throughout the song and the epic way they build up in the in-between parts like daaaaannnng SEDUCE ME MORE WITH YOUR STRING ARRANGEMENTS <3

for real I could make an entire separate list for “Bird With A Broken Wing” and how it made me cry I am that much in love with it but anyway on to “Back Home”…

  • that wonderful cozy lazy relaxing guitar like ok poof we’re all cowboys singing around the campfire now and it’s a perfect starry night. shhh do not argue. embrace it. and roast a marshmallow while you’re at it.
  • the second chorus with the claps in it
  • “to bonfires and fireflies” #I SAW THAT
  • “pack your bags it’s time to go-oooooooo” yesss kill that high note adam
  • “and every gravel road’s a trip down memory lane” <3
  • jake and adam singing in unison together at the end and you get this irresistible EVERYBODY SING ALONG feeling and you don’t want it to stop
  • the dum-dum-dum, bzzzzzzzdum-dum-dum in “Can’t Live Without You”
  • “when I trip and I fall I collapse like a tidal wave” #I SAW THAT
  • that incredible “aaaaaa-aaaaaa-aaaaa” high note he sings after the chorus that cOMES OUT OF NOWHERE AND KNOCKS YOU OFF YOUR FEET
  • you know
  • and omg that outro!!! when the music fades out and it’s nothing but layers of his voice and it’s like HELLO time for a surprise guest appearance of Adam & The Adams. I love it when songs do roundy stuff like that. SO COOL. 
  • in “You’re Not Alone” how quiet and vulnerable adam sounds in that first verse 
  • also is that a tambourine I hear in the background?? heck yes tambourines are rad
  • ooohhhh my lord and then “This Isn’t The End” comes along and that first line oh so casually drops on you like a brick 
  • “cos the father she loved left and never looked back” #CRYING #AND WE’RE ONLY 10 SECONDS IN #FRICK 
  • “and then with a gunshot he left them behind” THE WAY THAT LINE JUST PUNCHES YOU IN THE GUT. EVERY TIME. UGH.
  • how all the key changes get higher and higher, like the music itself is telling you “look up! there’s light ahead, I promise!”
  • the part in the third verse where the beat stops and those pads sound like they’re pulling or reaching for something
  • “how close is the ending, well nobody knows/the future’s a mystery and anything goes”
  • that moment at the very end where you hear the pedal lift off the piano strings. like you were sitting right next to adam the whole time, having a heart-to-heart. <3

No, I won’t stop, apparently! I still have feelings and I still need to make up for episode 10, which crushed my heart and still needs repairing. So, here. Still more recs.

if ever joy surrounds you (you have to let it) by KiaraSayre, foggy/matt, 9.3k
    (Or, it’s weird how weird things aren’t between Matt and Foggy. Particularly when they’re talking about boners.)
The Tear in My Heart (I’m on Fire) by TextReciprocation, foggy/matt, 1.9k
    Matt Murdock is completely blind to the fact that maybe, just maybe, his best friend loves him back. (No pun intended.)
Down to the Bone by SpiritsFlame, foggy/matt, daemon au, 4.5k
    Everyone always wants to know why his daemon isn’t a bat. As though being blind is all that there is to him, the center point of his character.
Baredevil by Avocado, foggy/matt + marci, NSFW, porn star au, 4.3k
    Foggy was really good at sex. Like, absolutely fantastic. In fact, Franklin Nelson was so good at sex that he had made a career in it. Thing was though, he didn’t really like it. Until he met Matt Murdock.
I See Said the Blind Man (chapter 3) by latbfan, matt & foggy, 4.1k/11.4k
    “Are you okay?” Matt asked again as Foggy fished in his pocket for the key to their room.
untitled by demirawatson, foggy/matt, 2.7k
    Prompt: Foggy sings when he gets drunk, sings in the shower, hums to himself sometimes when he’s working. After learning now sensitive matt’s senses are he tries to stop. Matt tries to figure out a way to tell him he really likes listening to Foggy sing WITHOUT revealing his feelings
Halo Effect by JeannetteRankin, matt & foggy + some matt/ocs, 7.7k
    It’s not that Foggy resents Matt’s success with women. But why does it always seem to send his day straight to hell every time Matt meets a beautiful girl?
Knockout by LeTempest, foggy/matt, NSFW, ~1k
    Matt was done. Tapped out. On the ropes, but Foggy just kept going.
Through the night by Fustercluck, foggy/matt, ~1k
    Matt is asexual and doesn’t like having sex, while Foggy loves sex.
Club names are useless anyways by disestablishmentarianism, foggy/matt, ~1k
    Matt really should’ve looked into this club before joining, but the one other member seems like they might make it worthwhile.
the distance between you and me / the value of x by arsenouselation, foggy/matt, 1.3k
    x = infinity.
Superfluity with a Dirty Baseline by GrayMourning, foggy/matt + foggy/everyone + karen + marci + claire, rock band au, 1.3k
    Foggy’s always liked words, always knew how to shape them and twist them into exactly the shape he needed to convey his thoughts perfectly.
Anniversary by VesperNexus, foggy/matt, 2.7k
    In this moment, Foggy is not holding Daredevil.

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