holy crap i finished it

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Holy crap! I just finished reading "Under The Bed" and, gosh, I have to say... I am intrigued! That was so good and interesting and cool and I don't know, that was so cool!! XD

Eeeeep, thank you so much!!! ;///; I’m so glad people are liking it, I thought it was kinda sloppy but yay!!!

I cannot how believe how obsessed I’ve been with playing it. Which surprises me because I generally don’t like zombie/shooting-type games. I actually started it a few months ago, went “meh” and dropped it. Then I was like well fine, if I can’t play the new Zelda I should play some of the other games we actually have laying around that I have yet to finish, decided to try TLOU again and holy crap?? I can’t stop?? I just want to keep getting better and more stealthy. On my second full playthrough but I bumped up a difficulty so don’t have a new game+ yet.

ive been painting a lot lately holy crap like i finished the mabel painting finished billy did one of trick made a heathers one and now im working on two of trick wtf

I just finished playing Night in the Woods.

Holy crap.

It’s a 2D world populated by cute anthropomorphic animals that basically alternates between hugging you and ripping your heart out.

I’m fucking sobbing because it affected me on a level I never expected a game to reach.

But they’re good tears. Tears I’ve needed to get out for a long time.

Play this game. You won’t regret it.

So I converted what I’ve written so far on my novel and I did more than 100 pages in a month and a half. It’s crazy how much the notes from my phone added up! :O I still have five hand written chapters to add as well. The word count is at 47,500 roughly- that’s without the five hand written chapters. Just holy crap! I might have a new (hopefully finished) novel by the end of the year if I keep this up. Wow!

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I just finished reading "Need" and HOLY CRAP you are an amazing writer!!!!! ! Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us, you are prescious <3

Thank you, so much!!! I’m really happy you enjoyed it!!

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I just finished reading Centripetal Force and HOLY CRAP IT IS PERFECTION!!! You're the Katsudon to my Yuuri, The Yuuri to my Victor, and the Yurio to my Otebek. I love you!!!! 💕😘❤️

AHH THANK YOU!!! <3 I’m so glad that you liked it! I am #blessed to be the katsudon to your Yuuri ;p

Happy White Day!!!!

I did this doodle because I heard that the lines are in Overwatch today and …well Tumblr has blown to hell over two measly lines on a holiday (sorta).Time to add at least some positive illustration to the fandom.

So in Japan they celebrate an “extra Valentines day..” On Valentines Day Feb 14th, girls give boys chocolates. However, if the boy reciprocates her feelings, March 14th, he would give her chocolates in return. I figured since Genji often got chocolates on Valentines day, he would go with tradition and give Angela chocolates on White day. I’m pretty happy to have been able to get this out on the exact day. I originally based it off of a reference I had stored on my Ipad but decided to take a spin on it.And yea I like putting a little splash into Angie’s hair by adding blue to it.

And holy crap I managed to finish two art pages in a day….