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BADLANDS inspired plots – PART ONE [disclaimer: despite how these plots are presented, they are meant to be used as any pairing you choose]

  1. CASTLE - muse a is a young girl who is studying abroad in [insert foreign country of your choice here] with two of her closest friends from college. muse b is the prince of said foreign country and is getting ready to take the thrown since his father is ill and only has a limited time left to live. muse a and muse b end up crossing paths somehow and he is falls madly in love with this wild child from america. when he decides that she’s who he wants to marry, he has to prepare her for life as a future royal (and the future queen of the country). but it doesn’t end there. muse a also has to win the approval of muse b’s father, who is always telling her to censor herself and to behave like a proper lady. can muse a be the queen that muse b’s country deserves? or will she decide it’s too much and go running for the hills?
  2. HOLD ME DOWN - muse a is a straight up druggie and works at a strip club somewhere in new york. muse b is part of the bachelor party for his brother which is taking place at this strip club, which is how he sees and becomes infatuated with her. he sees her talking with the owner of the club (who also whores her out in exchange for feeding her drug habits) and can tell that this man is just destroying her life. he keeps coming back to the club and pays for private dances just so he can talk to her and try and get her out of this life she is living, knowing that it will eventually kill her. muse a finds herself falling for muse b and quits her job at the club which doesn’t sit well with her boss. now they are on the run from the man who claims to own her and both their lives are in danger. will love lead them to safety or will she fall back into the life that once held her captive?
  3. NEW AMERICANA - muse a and muse b are both college students living in southern california, getting ready to graduate and start the rest of their lives. they walk around getting high all day and listening to old school music, knowing that they will never fit in with the rest of the world. but when muse a finally gets her dream job as a fashion designer and creates her own line, everything changes. she doesn’t smoke anymore, she doesn’t go to grungy night clubs anymore and muse b feels like he hardly knows the girl he claims to love. he tries to bring her back down to earth but it never works, muse a always claiming she never has the time. their relationship goes through ups and downs and finally muse b walks away and leaves muse a alone in her new self-made world. it’s then that she realizes all the money and success in the world means nothing when you have no one to share it with. but will she win muse b back or will it be far too late?
  4. DRIVE - muse a and muse b just graduated high school and are free for a long, hot summer. they have been dating since junior year and have never been more in love than they are now. on a whim, the two lovebirds decide to take a roadtrip from southern california to seattle, wanting to see all of the state they call home together as well as exploring some new ones. on this road trip they really get to know one another and learn things they never knew before, some of it good and some of it really really bad. will the young lovers survive the road trip or will they slam the brakes on and decide that this isn’t what they wanted after all?
  5. HURRICANE - muse a is an innocent young flower who moved from a small town down south to the bustling city of new york for college [or for a job if you want them to be older]. she comes across muse b one night when she attends a poetry slam, hoping to meet some people like her and make some friends. he reads his poetry and speaks such wisdom that it disarms everyone in the room, including her. upon getting to know more about him, she realizes that he’s the type her parents warned her about; drugs, alcohol and tattoos. but she sees something in him and they have a very passionate and sexual affair, never putting a label on what they are. but when muse a’s family gets wind of it and wants to move her back home and stop the behaviors she’s been exhibiting, muse b has to try and stop it from happening. will he be able to keep her or will her interfering family ruin the first chance at love he ever had?
  6. ROMAN HOLIDAY - muse a is the textbook definition of an insomniac, never sleeping at night and always going on late night adventures. on these adventures to local convenience stores, she meets muse b who works the overnight shift to make more money. she becomes a regular and she ends up waiting for him to get off so they can go on these adventures together. they do everything from sneaking into public pools to driving out of town and exploring new places where no one knows who they are. they fall in love and before they know it, muse a is able to sleep again and muse b finds the inspiration he’s needed to finally finish school make a better life for himself. but muse a’s family doesn’t approve of muse b and his family doesn’t think highly of her either…which only gets worse when muse a discovers she’s pregnant but suffers a miscarriage shortly after. the two lovebirds drift apart and muse a’s insomnia creeps back in. can they go back to who they were on those late night adventures or did the real world push them past the point of no return?

Jason Mills as the Phantom

His short run is still somewhat of a mystery. He had previously played Raoul and understudied the Phantom in the US Tour. When he took over as the principal Phantom from John Cudia in late 2007, it was reported he was a hard Phantom to catch. And by early 2008 he seemed to have disappeared alltogether.

Stephen Tweksbury was listed as the performing Phantom for some time, until Richard Todd Adams was presented as the new principal in June. Richard Todd Adams didn’t stay long with the tour either - he’s listed as principal from June to November 2008, until John Cudia returned.

Mystery Box- Gerard Way Smut

Holy shit sorry this took so long, but wow, this went through like 6 drafts and I’m proud to say this is the finished version! Its great I think! Anyway.




The nights were lonely, the days were quiet.

Gerard was gone, he wasn’t coming back for another day and you had no idea what time he would return.

Touring was hard for him, and it was hard for you. He always came back in a mad mood, and you were always so clingy, you wanted all of his attention.

It was pathetic, really. He just wanted to sleep and you just wanted to spend time with him.

For the first week of him being home all he did was sleep, he would have 18 hour sleeping sessions, get up and eat, and then sit down stairs and played Magic: The Gathering online, as he didn’t want any company until he caught up on his sleep.

Nevertheless, you still got excited for him to come home.

You sat in front of the television, in the middle of binge watch, stuffing popcorn in your mouth.

Then there was a click.

You repeat the onomonopia to yourself. It was the sound of the deadbolt on the side door unlocking.,

You always locked the door to the house and Gerard was the only one with a key.

You get up excitedly, flinging the heap of blankets off your lap, sending the bowl of popcorn flying, not worrying about the mess.

You dash into the kitchen, seeing Gerard locking the door behind him, bringing in a suitcase and few bags.  You cough, attempting to get his attention.

Gerard turns around, smiling when he see’s you. “Y/N.” You sighs, looking you over. You had pulled your hair up, and it was slightly greasy as you had skipped a shower today. Your eyes were ringed with smudged left over eyeliner from yesterday. His Morrissey sweatshirt hung from your shoulders, bagging around your torso. You had moderately short shorts on, your legs bare and slightly prickly.

It’s not like really cared what you looked like, he was never that way.

Gerard goes in for a hug, dropping everything in his hands.

Every couple has their fights, and yours and Gerard’s always happened with in the week he got back, he was tired and you wanted all of his undivided attention.

He apologizes in advance, whispering in your ear sweetly. “Babe, I’m sorry if I’m a dick.”

A smile twitched up on your face, “Hey, why’re you back so early?” You ask him, hugging your husband tighter.

“Well the last place we were traveling to, was flooded, so we decided to come back home.” He pulls away, and then comes close again to plant a kiss on your lips.

It lasted around a few seconds before he pulled away, picking up his bags and shoving them at you. “Put these away, I need to sleep.” He then pushes past you, stopping to sigh. “Thank you.”

Gerard never tries to be a jerk at all, there were a few times where he was a total asshole to almost everyone, but that was around the time of his relapse, you two choose not to talk about it very often.

Despite being a complete dick when he gets home, he doesn’t try to.

Gerard wanders off into his bedroom, shedding one article of clothing after another until he was in his boxers and his inside out t-shirt.

You groan, lugging his stuff into the laundry room to wash. You unzip his ugly plastic-leather suitcase, whipping the top open.

You take everything out, setting a cardboard box off to the side, assuming you should not open it as it read DO NOT OPEN on the top.

You shove all of his dirty clothes in the washing machine, and then turning it on after putting detergent in. You lick your lips, shoving a box into one of the bags, carrying them off into your bedroom. You set them right in front of the closet.

“Y/N.” Gerard groans, as you make your way to the door.

“Yeah?” You look at his figure on the king-sized bed in your dark room.

“There is a popcorn mess in the living room, clean it up.” He demands, rolling on to his other side, turning away from you

You nod, knowing he can’t see it. “Alright, Gee.” You smile.

You walk out of the room and into another, picking up your mess and pausing your show, realizing you hadn’t done that when Gerard walked in the door.

You vacuum up the popcorn, and fold up the heap of blankets you were using.

The second day he was home you woke up to the alarm of your phone. “Turn that shit off, I’m trying to fucking sleep.” Gerard growls.

You turn the alarm off, trying to gain the motivation to get up.

Finally you swing your legs over the side of the bed, pushing yourself off and on to the hardwood floor.

You smell Gerard’s Morrissey sweatshirt, and groan, realizing it was time for a shower. “Gerard, I’m showering, and then I’ll make you breakfast.”

“M’kay.” he mumbles into his pillow. He really didn’t care what order it was in as long as he got breakfast.

You wander off into the bathroom, turning some music on with your phone. You set it down on the counter, as you pull your hair out of its loose bun, finger combing through your hair before you pull the sweatshirt over your head, flopping it on the floor. You had no other garments to take off on your torso, you hadn’t bothered to wear a bra in two days. Quickly, you pull down your shorts and your panties, tossing them into a hamper next to the door.

You pull open the shower curtain, turning the water on. You step in once you get it to the temperature you want.

You let the hot water run down your body, soaking your skin and hair, you reach out for the shampoo, grabbing it and squirting a bunch into your hand and setting the bottle back down on the shelf.

You massage your scalp, lathering the shampoo and making it sud in your hair. Next you wash your face with a scrub and then shave.

You rinse your body and then go to the conditioner, putting it on only the ends of your hair, and not on your scalp. (A/N: I’m putting this in there because if you put conditioner on your scalp like 80% of the time it turns out greasy, it’s just as fine if you do it the way I’m describing.)

You scrub your body down with soap, and rinse your body.

You missed Gerard being home, but the thing is you missed him even more now that he was home, you missed the way he’d hold you at night, you missed the long lasting kisses, you missed the cuddling and you missed the way he’d laugh at cartoons, you missed the way you two would make love. There wasn’t even I miss you sex, and you wish there was.

But I guess that’s the way he recovered mentally from lack of sleep, from lack of food, or not being able to take a break from his job for a couple of weeks, one show after another, nonstop.

But even so, you missed him. You missed the way his fingers would run down your curves, how his hot breath would hit the skin of your neck right before he planted his soft kiss swollen lips on it. You missed the way his calloused hand would run from your stomach all the way down to your core and- before you knew it you were mimicking the actions that were so bold in your mind, you hand almost slipped further when you realized what you were doing and stopped.

You decided to get out of the shower.

You turned the water off, and opened the shower curtain, grabbing your towel and drying yourself off.

You weren’t going anywhere today, so you just put on a tank and some sweat pants before combing your hair and ruffling it a bit.

You walk out of the bathroom after tossing your towel in the hamper.

You walk to the kitchen, deciding a normal shake was good enough, and healthy enough for Gerard.

You put some fruit in the blender waiting for you on the counter, some ice cream, flax seed, and then blend it together, setting down two cups with straws in both.

“Gerard!” You yell from the kitchen, making your way back through the hallway and into your bedroom.

“Hey breakfast is ready. I made you a shake.” You whisper, turning the light on.

Gerard groans, “You’re lucky I love you.” He sits up, pushing himself up with his arms, walking out of the room, beckoning you to follow him.

You sit down at the table, sipping at your shake and scrolling through twitter on your phone.

“Hey Gerard, can we actually do something you and me today?” You ask sweetly, batting your eyelashes at him.

“I was gonna play Magic: The Gathering and then sleep. So, no.” He sucks at his straw.

“Oh. I- Okay.” You shut down immediately, looking down at your lap, locking your phone and setting it down.

After about 15 more minutes of just silence Gerard gets up, leaving his cup at the table for you to clean.

He leaves to find his computer.

You finish the last bit of drink you had left, sighing as you put them both in the dishwasher.

You follow him downstairs, feeling rage build up in the base of your throat.

“Gerard.” You speak boldly as he plants his ass on the couch.

“What Y/N.” He says almost in monotone, minor annoyance pricking at his voice.

“Gee I really miss you.” You soften your stare at him.

“Well I’m here.” He responds, looking at you, making a ‘duh’ face and then returning to his computer screen.

“No like I miss how you would hold me, and how you would speak to me, Gerard I don’t think you realize this but I go into a depressive state the week you get back from tour because you don’t even want to listen to me!” You yell, annoyed with his comebacks.

“Well, Y/N I’m tired, I want time by myself! Did you think about that? Stop thinking about yourself.” He leans, setting his computer down when you open your mouth again.

“I’m thinking about us! Gerard don’t you miss it at all?” You were fuming. “Don’t you miss kissing me, or the sex?” You growl at him, tears threatening in your eyes. “Gerard we haven’t had I miss you sex since 2008!”

“It’s not that I don’t miss it! I just want to be alone! So leave!” He screams at you, getting up from the couch, towering over you.

Tears stream down your face, pouring as your face twists into a frown. You turn around, running back up stairs.

Day three started out the same way as the last, from the mention of breakfast, to the shower, to the shakes. You just didn’t have to motivation for anything else, you were being pushed over the edge, you thought you were used to it.

Guess not.

You were tired of waiting for him though, this time you would get him one way or another.

It was time for Gerard to make his way down the steps, so you ran off to the bathroom, getting ready while he was occupied with is little online game.

One step at a time, walking slowly down the steps, stopping at the end.

“Geebear.” You purr.

You decided to wear your black thigh highs as he usually resist you in them, one of his black Iron maiden shirts draped around your torso, and to about mid-thigh on you. A thin strip of ribbon was clipped tightly around your neck, hair all done, curled and pinned, eyeliner done in a smokey eye fashion, the works.

“What are you trying to do?” Gerard groans.

“Gerard, Jesus fucking Christ isn’t it obvious. I want you to fuck me I’ve been waiting forever how the hell can you just sit there and pretend you don’t want me too!” You yelp, placing your hands on your hips.

“It’s easy. I don’t look at you.” He says, staring intently at his screen.

You turn around, want building up inside of you, making you notice by the pool in your panties.

You groan.

If he wasn’t going to fuck you, might as well just do it yourself.

You storm off to your bedroom.

It’s not like he’d hear you, his music is on and he’s too invested in that game.

You flop your self on the bed, immediately propping your legs off and rubbing yourself through your panties.

You imagined Gerard’s hands running his hands down your body, massaging your breast.

You imitate the actions, imagining your hands were his.

You grope your breast, the other hand slipping into your panties and swirling around your clit. You bite your breath, spreading your arousal. You let out small whimpers, feeling your fingers wrinkle as you slide them in and out of your heat. Gerard’s name pushed past your lips, ripping through them as you felt yourself get close, your fingers, reaching, toward your g-spot, rubbing past it, and tapping it as rapidly as possible.

Your hand slides up your shirt and to the underwire of your bra, pinching and twisting the bud of your nipple between your thumb and your index finger.

You heard the noise in the background shut off but you were too close to your climax to care.

Suddenly you see the door swing open, bringing light into the dim room. “Y/N!” Gerard screams your name, both surprised and angry at what you were doing to yourself. “You couldn’t have waited another day?” Gerard says, slamming the door shut, and flipping the light switch on. He makes his way over to you, as you get into a less revealing position.

The bed sinks as he sits down, you coming down with it. “I’m sorry Gerard, I’ve just been up like this for a couple of weeks now.”

“You actually promised me you wouldn’t do this,” he mumbles. He walks the closet, pulling out that box you found in his suitcase from one of the various shopping bags scattered around the floor of your closet. “I mean. I guess I’ll have to punish you,” Gerard smirks, making his way over to you, “I don’t know if this should be considered a punishment, or even a reward.”

You give him a confused look.

“Baby, I’m gonna give you an orgasm for every week that I was gone.” He smirks, setting the box down on the night stand. “The first one will be with my fingers, another one with what’s in that box…” He stops explaining the process, trying to keep it a surprise for you, mostly for his amusement.

Gerard leans down, locking his lips with yours, kissing you roughly, and passionately, running his hands up your sides, and to your breast, massaging them through the layers you had on. Against his lips, you groan, enjoying the feeling of someone else running their hands all over you body.

Gerard, takes his place, kissing you as he moves his entire body in between your legs. You could feel how hard he was. Obviously he really needs this. His hips, press against yours, his groin poking at your soaking wet core through those red lace panties you were wearing.

Gerard lips trail to your neck, sucking the skin until the point of a purple bruise– or several.

His pushes your shirt off, pulling it over your head. He then grabbed the box from the table, pulling out a wad of rope, setting it back down.

Gerard, having taken off your bra so many times, had some experience with them, he unclasps it skillfully.

You lay there, blushing away. Under normal circumstances you wouldn’t have been, but him finding you in a situation, you had no Idea what he was going to.

He kisses down lower, to the valley in between your breasts, the bulge in his pants still lightly poking at your core. With one hand he ran a thumb over your left nipple. Gerard kisses and sucks up to the other one, leaving only a little love bites

“Gerard… please.” You whine.

“Please what?” Gerard chuckles “I haven’t even given you one orgasm yet and you’re already begging.”

Gerard kisses lower, his fingers trailing down your stomach, getting closer to your core. You wanted him so badly.

You wanted him so badly, you felt as if you were going to melt like putty.

“Baby take these off.” Gerard snaps the waistband of your panties as he sits up, pulling his shirt over his head.

You quickly slip them down your legs dropping them on to the floor along with the rest of your clothes– except for your thigh highs.

Gerard lips sink down to your neck, one hand gripping you at your waist, the other gliding down your smooth skin, all the way down to the dripping heat from your core. He slid his thumb in small circles around your clit, a small wave of pleasure rolls over your body, making  your toes curl only slightly.

Gerard, leaning over you, his body placed right in between your legs, was kissing and nipping sloppily at your neck, only at the most sensitive spot, right below your jawline, closer to your throat. His fingers glide down your most sensitive region to that small entrance that was begging.

He spreads your arousal over your heat, and slips his middle finger inside you. He moves it slowly in and out, curling it up only every once in awhile. He pushes another in, feeling you stretch a bit around his fingers.

“Oh baby, it’s been awhile hasn’t it?” Gerard murmurs in your ear.

You let out a small whimper, replying to him.

“What was that Y/N I cant hear you?”

“Y-yes.” You whisper.

Gerard’s fingers curl upward, hitting your g-spot. “What was that?!” He yells.

“Fuck! Yes!” You yelp.

Gerard continues to work his fingers, massaging the balloon swelling inside of you.

Quiet moans spill over your swollen lips, and dissolving into the air in front of you. Gee lifts his head up from the crook of your neck to watch you facial expressions. Your eyes were closed by now, the oxygen around seemed to thicken as the pace of your breathing seemed to climb in speed. Your eyebrows furrowed, Gerard so badly wanted to see your face when you came, clenching your walls around his thick artist fingers.

You were close, and he could tell by the heat boiling to your face, forming a blush on your cheeks. Your hips were gliding right back into his fingers, pushing yourself down each time to the last knuckle.

Gerard could hardly contain himself, but he knew what he signed up for, and he was going to follow through, His pants were almost bursting at the seams, his hard on, begging for some attention.

Your hands reach up to tangle in his jet black hair, your eyelids squeezing tighter together.

Your stomach starts to twist, that familiar knot winding up in your stomach.

Small groans fill the room as you go clenching around his fingers– your first orgasm of the night.

You were already slicked down with sweat, your hair starting to show that dull shine.

Gerard removes his fingers, and kneels up, grabbing you by the thighs. He pulls them up, draping them over his shoulders. He grips your behind, pushing you closer to his face.

You were embarrassed beyond belief, he was rather vanilla when it came to this, he never wanted to hurt you, but he had a goal tonight, and this is how he was going to achieve it.

You shiver when you feel his moist tongue glide on your wet slit. You bring your hands up to your chest, waffling them together.

Gerard sucks on the most sensitive parts of your body, all your nerve endings down by your core, slipping in and out of your folds.

You squeeze your hands together so tight your knuckles turned white, creating contrast from your face, which was beet red.

Gerard’s tongue swipes over your clit a few times, causing you to gasp quietly, just enough for him to hear, but he avoids it most of the time, making your high climb slowly, torturing you beyond belief. He wanted to make this one even more intense than the last, hence him stimulating you even more this time.

You were already sensitive, due to your orgasm prior to him eating you out.  

“Oh, Gerard!” You squeal when he finally gave in to your pleas and payed some more attention to that bundle of nerves.

He kitten licks it at first, and eventually picks up the pace, flatting out his tongue and flicking it over your clit. He sucks and slurps, making your back tense up.

Gerard’s fingernails leave crescent shape marks in your ass cheeks.

You release your hands from one another, and bring one up to run through Gerard’s black hair.

Your legs clench around his head, your moans and profanities filling the room as your stomach starts to tense, your intestines start to coil into a knot again.

You tug at his hair, pushing his head closer to your core, begging for him to pick up the pace.

“Mother fucker!” You screech as your walls start to clench.

Your legs wrap themselves tighter around Gee’s head.

Finally you fall limp. Gerard drops your legs, unable to control himself any longer, he unbuckles his belt, sliding it through the loops.

You knew he wasn’t done with you, but you knew he wouldn’t be able to control himself.

Gerard’s erection was almost too painful to bare, he was practically begging for release, and you would be glad to give it to him.

You lazily sit up, panting, and grab him by the waistband of his pants. You kiss at his stomach, unzipping his pants, and unbuttoning them. You pull them down to about his knees before he had to sit to rip them off, his boxers went with them.

Before Gerard could sit back down you crawl your way over to him, holding him down by his pale thighs.

You could tell just how hard it was to control himself, so you got down on the floor, kneeling in between his legs.

You waste no time, you were determined to satisfy him as quickly as possible.

You push his dick past your glossy red lips, bobbing your head up and down, creating suction with your tongue.

Gerard’s large hands make his way to your hair, tugging on it harshly. His eyes closed, letting out small moans.

You pick up the pace and then pop off, quickly sliding your tongue around the head and up and down a couple of veins before going back the the first motion.

You couldn’t possibly take Gerard’s entire length, and it wasn’t something you even wanted to attempt, but you tried your best to get as much as you could possibly fit, the rest that was left out, you pumped with your hands, in the same motion your head was going.

You pop off again, sucking on the tip, and then doing the same thing gliding down his length.

A loud moan cuts through the slurping coming from your mouth, Gerard’s dick twitches slightly, giving you a sign he was nearing his high. You glide your tongue down to the base of his shaft, sucking on the underside until he grips your hair, ribbons of semen spurting out in white ribbons.

“F-fuck.” Gerard’s voice falls weak. He pants, falling limp and waits a while, recovering from his orgasm.

“Baby, are you done with me yet?” You wink, climbing on top of the bed once again. You stay on your hands and knees, pressing your face to the comforter on the mattress, exposing your core to Gerard, your excitement glistening.

“Fuck- You’re so naughty.” Gerard smirks, getting back onto his knees. He reaches over to the bedside table, grabbing the mystery box, and opening it, closing it before you had a peak to see what was inside. The first item was a bundle of rope and you knew where he was going with this. He gives you a hard slap on your ass, giving you a jolt, a loud squeal, comes from you as you feel the sting of his hand on your back side. A hand print was already starting to form.

Gerard turns you over, forcing you on your back. He ties your forearms to your upper legs, spreading them as far apart as possible to its match, and making sure they stay that way by tying each side to the bed frame.

This time, he opens the mystery box enough for you to see the contents. Inside was a rechargeable, black, Hitachi Magic Wand.

Your eyes widen. “You didn’t.” Your voice cracks, showing how nervous you were.

Despite your nervousness, you were curious and turned on slightly more now. Gerard had clearly grown out of his vanilla stage, and was pushing you out of your comfort zone. That’s exactly what you wanted too. You wanted him to take advantage of every position you were in.

Gerard flips the switch on high, an almost silent buzzing radiating off of it. You were relieved,something so quiet couldn’t be powerful.

You smut have let out a sigh of solace, as you saw Gerard smirk, and lower the buzzing wand down to your clit.

You jolt, not expecting it to be that powerful.

Gerard keeps it still against you, holding you down. You squeal loudly, your clit throbbing and swelling against it.

He rubs it in circles, hitting every nerve ending he could in your little button. Gerard wanted to see how fast he could make you cum, so he didn’t stop, he flipped it up to maximum, making your hips buck before sounding a loud moan.

Your legs start to burn, as do your most sensitive parts, your face was drenched with sweat, and your were sure you could see your breath.

Your back arched, moans ripping out of you left and right as you could hardly contain yourself. Gerard felt high and mighty as he buried two fingers inside of you.

It felt like it had been forever since since the start of this new practice, his fingers pumping in and out of you, massaging a balloon swelling inside of you.

Gerard fingers seemed to push out of you as you yelp, feeling your body convulse as your body starts to relax. Your legs, your arms, your chest shakes with pleasure, and your eyes roll back into your skull.  

You finish, your walls clenching, your body finally calming down. You look up at Gerard, his face just as surprised as yours was.

He reaches up to his face and wipes a glistening wet spot off of his face. You look down his body, and realized what you had done.

“Fuck baby that was so hot.” Gerard purrs, still surprised.

You pant heavily, taking in the fact that you, just squirted.

“Gerard I want more.” You finally whimper after a moment of silence.

“Good because I’m not done.” Gerard says, lining himself up at your entrance, hard as a rock for the second time tonight.

He pushes in, you throwing your head back, finally relieved to feel him stretch you. He thrusts slow at first, biting his lip at how wet you were.

He leans down, planting his lips on yours, kissing you roughly. His pelvis moved in a rhythm.  

He picked up his pace, his mouth falling open, his eyebrows furrowed as he lifted up and gripped the bed sheets above your head. He bites his kiss swollen lip, pulling it in his mouth and sucking on it.

He lowers his head, you taking his job and sucking on his bottom lip, grinding your pelvis against his as much as you could.

You squeal a couple times before he quickened his pace again, rubbing past your g-spot at an alarming rate, you were sure you were going to explode.

You felt the knot return in your stomach, swelling and tying fast.

“Fuck, Gee!” You yell, pulling on your restraints, your sweating chests rubbing against each other. “I’m so close!”

Gerard sits up, popping of the patch of skin he was working on, leaving a giant bruise.

Ge grabs the Wand sitting right next to you, and turns it on, hitting the button until it was all the way up and rests it against your clit, pushing on it slightly.

“Mother fucker!” You curse, moans crawling their way out of your throat.

You twitch, hips bucking widely, the knot unraveling, and your walls clenching around Gerard.

He turns the vibrator off, tossing it to the side as he starts to work on himself. He drills in and out of you, hitting your g-spot dead on as he does so, his breath hot against your breath.

Your walls continue to clench and release as Gerard moans. “Fuck baby. Inside.” You could hardly manage.

Gerard releases inside of you knowing you would take care of it later. He rides out his high, riding you in circles.

He finally pulls out, his trail spilling out of you.

“Christ.” You speak in a blasphemous manner.

Gerard finally gets up from his collapsed state and unties you, letting your legs and arms fall down to their original position.

He doesn’t bother to get up or put anything away.

Gerard pulls you closer to him, you bury your head in his bare chest, hearing his voice as he speaks.

“I missed you.” He chuckles.

“Sorry I was such a dick.” he says after some silence.

“It’s okay Gerard, I understand. I’m sorry for being so impatient. But this was totally worth it.”

“So you took this rather as a prize rather than a punishment I take it?” He laughs.

“Hell yeah, that was a great surprise, love the mystery box.” You laugh.

“Yeah, I wanted to get you guessing.”

“Well it definitely was worth it.” Gerard kisses your forehead.  

“We’re going to need the bed sheets washed.” You add giggling.

“Yeah, but not right now, Y/N, I want to sleep.” He mumbles, his voice sounding tired.

You smile, snuggling in closer to him.

I finally took a decent photo of this INCREDIBLE portrait of my big Charr dope, painted by @casynuf! It arrived a while ago and I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to make a post about it >.<

It really brings him to life and I love it SO much! I’m glad it survived the trip here, she sent it pre-framed! Thank you Casy, every time I look at it, it makes me smile <3