holy trinity of music

The Hamilton Fandom

I love my dead gay sons.

Me before a test:

-Prays to The holy emo trinity

-Sells my soul to Patrick stump

-Sacrifices a live chicken to Gerard way

-Draws a pentagram on the ground in the name of Panic! At the disco

-Puts on excessive eyeliner to honor 2005 Pete Wentz

-Smears eyeliner and mascara on my face to join the black parade

-Sits down to take test
<takes test>
<gets a perfect score>

-Whispers “Thanks Pete”

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ID #66513

Name: Cadence
Age: 15
Country: Hong Kong(China) 

Hi! I’ve never look for penpals through these kind of website so I am pretty clueless on what to say.I currently do snailmailing with a few people but I would like to meet more people from all around the world!

I am a huge potterhead and Harry Potter is literally my life, not to mention the other fandoms I’m in. My taste in music is what some people would consider to be emo *cough* holy emo trinity *cough* but I recently fell in love with musical theatre. Although I would love to meet people with similar interests, I am always up to just talking about life or whatever topic!

I can speak five languages but Chinese and English are the only ones I can write in.

Preferences: I am pretty much up to connecting with all sorts of people. Age, gender and nationality don’t really matters but I do hope that I will not come across any people with bigoted believes(racists/homophobes etc).