holy trinity of husbands

yes but please. please let me talk about sasunarugaa, please let me talk about my holy poly trinity 

naruto and gaara being kage husbands. everyone in both suna and konoha knows about it and they get in trouble at kage meetings because they always end up playing footsie and holding hands under the table and giving each other googly eyes because naruto is gaara’s  sunshine and naruto is so proud of gaara and he inspires him so much.(sasuke is there because he’s naruto’s chaperone) (sasuke joins in on the googly eyes too) (the other kages just gave up after a while) 

gaara and sasuke straddle the line between romantic and qp and end up being together a lot because they’re constantly dragging their number one knuckleheaded boyfriend out of trouble. so they have an entire language of shrugs and eye-rolls and vaguely displeased grunts. and also, it doesn’t happen often, but when naruto is somewhere without either of them they end up curled up together reading books. and maybe kissing each other’s cheeks/hair a little bit

naruto and sasuke are attached at the hip in konoha and sasuke grumbles a lot because he ends up doing a lot of naruto’s paperwork but it’s all for show and they both know it. sasuke learns that the best way to shut naruto up is to pinch his bum and naruto learns that the best way to drag sasuke out of a sulk is to pet his hair. they still have a tiny bit of a rivalry and they still tease each other but they always end up in each other’s arms at the end of the day and they love each other so much and so fiercely 

also: naruto is a demiboy and gaara is agender

in conclusion: sasunarugaa is all i will ever care about 

Things I will never be over: These beautiful, life ruining motherfuckers right here. The holy trinity of husbands. The lovable warrior trifecta. 

(Drawn very heavily from reference, I was practicing)