Getting out of the car like “Hi, WE here to wreck your life”

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Walking the red carpet like princes and Steve Harvey makes an annoucement called “ASIANS ARE HELLA HOT, MARRY ME OPPA” 

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Paparazzis losing to fansites “WHATATHOOOSE??”

Jungkook getting lost AGAIN

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Bangtan dorks seonyondan being experts at embarassing themeselves in front of Celine Dion noona and Bruno hyung by jamming to EVERY song?

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The most Extra will be V hands down

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Fans screaming everytime the camera zooms at BTS making Hollywood celebrities question their popularity + The apparition of the JungShook

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They will hug when they win and a looo~~oog AWWWWW will be heard

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Before anything else they will scream ARMYYYY. Artists will get scared thinking that north korea is attacking or something

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Rapmon will then give the dopest speech in BBMAs history talking about youth and dreams and doing what he is best at “making people cry without understanding sh*t he said” + BTS being either FROZEN like dead fish or VERY EXTRA

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Everybody is speaking english so aside from rapmon they will be lost

Everyone will think they are SHOOO CUTE “Did heaven send its angels?”

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Until they decide to perform, then “Nevermind It was hell” 

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BONUS: Some weeks later in a Bangtan BOMB, We realize that they all cried in their hotel rooms (So we cry again). That Jin almost forgot the choregraphy. We hear Camelia Cabello’s voice in the bomb, Oh hello theories. BTS throwing some random english words that will be THE meme of 2K17. Artists around the world joining ARMY and asking for collabs. 

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