holy things are for the holy

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You’re going through a lot of bad stuff lately so since I’m bad a speaking I thought I’d do something else to help: Big Koala Sis Miranda in an attempt to cheer you up!
You don’t deserve all the bullying you’re getting I hope this helps at least a little!

One of my lenten penances is giving up tumblr this year so I’ll only be here on Sundays until Easter. BUT I will be checking my messages daily because I have no other way to contact most of my friends so please do keep our convos going!!! (I’ll also likely be updating my personal sideblog because I need *somewhere* to rant all my feelings and keep myself sane!!) But don’t expect anything on this main blog because I haven’t set up a queue.

today’s dnd was so fucking intense, like the huge fucking boss battle

my bard, Gronkba, has been possessed by this demon for the last 4 weeks, so first like, she turned on them in the final battle, got downed right away, and then during that battle, 4 people legit died, but thankfully our Cleric was able to resurrect 2 of them, and the 3rd being a wolf just got rezzed by the ranger

THEN, cuz i’m a fucking idiot, after the fight we put our unconscious away in the magic tent, Gronkba took the flying potion to loot the clearly magic shit we came here for. She got the magic sword, but touched the holy thing, took like 17 radient damage (since she’s neutral) then fell 100 feet dying instantly

SO the fucking party is grieving and shit, they had a mini funeral, then the Cleric identified the holy amulet, which turned out to have 2 charges of Resurrect, at 7th level, which meant it could fix the paste on the pavement Gronkba became. The Cleric being good, and also aware of the fact that teh Paladin was in love with Gronkba, rezzed her and now

It was far too intense, but now Gronkba has no memory of the time she was possessed and also now has a cute dwarven girlfriend?

today was too too much

Okay I can’t sleep so quick post before I try again

do/gsandd/iscourse keeps explaining on his blog how I have no right to be upset because this is a “public website” and other shit and like

screenshotting people’s posts and vagueing them, after being told it harms their mental health at that, is literally not a thing commonly done? it’s not something “I should have expected”? It’s not something that if it hurts me means I should stay off the internet holy shit how ableist do you get

And tons of people on both sides have asked ppl not to be vagued over the course of time? I mean exclusionists have a number of times ignored it in big ways when they thought they were “justified” but

And a lot of other ppl agree with this person so like. Apparently that’s gonna be the new stance of “exclusionists”. If you are hurt by being vagued repeatedly and having posts of yours screenshotted for bullshit reasons, by ppl you blocked too, don’t go on the internet



Well, this is gonna be random, probably some people will just skip it, but- Welp, I’ma try and do this.

So, obviously, i’ve been quite inactive for a while now, only posting things at random times, and I never do actual threads, or anything like that, mostly RP and Asks. But I wanted to thank anyone there that follows me and/or have supported me here.

I’ve been on the Community for only three months, and holy shit, I’ve been treated really well, and made some good friends.

So, this post is mostly a Thank You for anyone that supported me, follows me, and for the friends I made here as well. I mean, holy shit, 121 followers. Even though that probably isn’t much for some people, it means a lot to know that many people like what I do, even if I do it badly, in my opnion.

I won’t mention my friends/people that supported me, but that’s just because i’ll probably mess up, and forget someone’s name, or anything like that, but if you’re reading this, you know who you are!

Again, thank you all, and sorry for taking your time, I hope you have a nice day!

TL;DR : Thank you, you lazy piece of fuck

managed to squeeze this print in right before ECCC! my boys <3

This guy. Makes me laugh. Thanks.