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  • Me: Joss Whedon is not as misogynistic as everyone on Tumblr makes him out to be.
  • Joss Whedon: *says/does something misogynistic*
  • Me in an increasingly passive aggressive tone: You aren't helping right now.
  • Bif: Derby Harrington... how do I even begin to explain Derby Harrington?
  • Angie: Derby Harrington is flawless.
  • Gord: He has two Rolex watches and a silver Lexus.
  • Thad: I hear his hair is insured for $10,000.
  • Christy: I hear he does Aquaberry commercials... in Los Santos.
  • Chad: His favourite movie is Richie Rich's Christmas Wish.
  • Parker: One time he met Jennifer Aniston on a plane...
  • Melody: And she told him he was pretty.
  • Johnny: One time, I punched him in the face. It was awesome.
Anywhere I Go (There You Are)

Rupture reaction fic.

Or, the one where Cisco stops believing.

Cisco’s fingers start tapping out a haphazard rhythm on his thigh as he checks the camera for the ten millionth time. Every time he tells himself that he’ll look and Barry will be there, Barry will be there waiting for him, and every time he’s wrong.

Every single time.

He frowns. Checks again. Still nothing.

Jesse and Wally were found unconscious on the floor by Harry and Joe-one of which had almost broken down at the sight of their child on the floor, because it was the second one that night that could have been dead. Discovering their pulses had only made it marginally better.

Cisco checked the cameras again.

What felt like a lifetime ago, Barry had touched his arm and told him that they would find each other. Anywhere, anytime. That the universe wanted them to know each other.

And, perhaps foolishly, Cisco had believed it.

Now Barry is gone. The flesh was peeled from his skin as he screamed, lightning dancing around him like a set of electrical wings pulling him away. Then there was nothing at all, just a flash of too-bright white light that scorched itself into Cisco’s eyes and the acrid smell of chemicals.

“We’ll find each other,” Cisco promises the broken machine that they strapped his friend into. His fingers tighten on the sides as his vision starts blurring. Everything went wrong, and it all could be traced back to a moment years ago when a man was sent to prison after supposedly stabbing his wife in the heart. And even though it may not have seemed like it, Cisco secretly held on to the hope that it had been him.

That he had been the one to convince Barry to come back to the present instead of saving his mother, despite all of the evidence that pointed to it being Iris. Joe. His father Henry. Not Cisco, who didn’t matter in the grand scheme of the universe unless it was to destroy it.

Something tickles in the back of his throat, and this time Cisco can’t stop himself from bowing his head and letting out a small choked sobbing sound. But he stops himself immediately afterwards. No weakness. Show no weakness. Later, later he can let himself break down.

But now he has to save Barry. Save Caitlin.

He’s the only one left, Cisco realizes absently, before stopping as the knowledge is fully absorbed into his brain.

Ronnie is dead. Caitlin is gone, taken by a monster. Hartley is Hartley, a tentative ally at best. Thawne-Wells is gone, erased from existence or something. Barry is de-Barry is missing.

Out of them all, he’s the only one left.

Cisco closes his eyes and repeats the phrase over and over again in his head. We’ll find each other. The universe wants us to be bros.

We’ll find each other.

Cisco doesn’t know when he stopped believing that that was true.

anonymous asked:

Okay so Tim has a little girl and it's her 3rd birthday how does he and the batfam celebrate and what do they get her?

  • there’s a little get together with the whole batfam and she gets a crown and a party with streamers and clean table cloths because three is the age the brain finishes basic development and there’s a good chance she’ll remember it
  • bruce gets her another blanket and it’s the softest thing anyone has ever felt and he demands to hold his grandchild for at least an hour on her birthday. 
  • dick lets her step up onto his toes and dance with him a little and he coos about how good she is the whole time
  • jason showers her in bows and clips them to her hair and tosses her up in the air a couple of times while she giggles
  • cass got her older disney cartoon movies and gives them right to tim- they are all individually wrapped with bows on them 
  • steph gives her those big hand made dresses that you see in boutiques with frills on the edges and helps her change into it so she really does look like a princess!!
  • barbara got her a new pair of durable shoes and lets her feel the pointy tips on the batgirl mask. tim collects his kid before she pokes her eye out with the ears. 
  • damian is very serious and places the first knife he ever trained with into her baby hand and tells her that her training would commence soon and that, while drake wasn’t the most suitable teacher, he had high expectations of her.
  • reactions include jason’s voice going into a deep ‘HOLY SHIT’, dick sprinting over to get the knife from across the room, bruce dropping his drink and also sprinting over, grabbing damian by the shoulders, tim getting the knife first and kicking it away from his daughter, cass scowling at damian, stephanie immediately yelling at him as they crowd around tim’s little girl, and barbara trying to look over the cluster of bats, trying to see if she needs medical help.
"Cool Motive Still Murder" Contest Winners

Alright people! You have voted to decide who is the whiniest, most butthurt character, and you have spoken! Here are the runners-up, honorable mentions, and, of course, the winners.

The Runners-up

In 6th place, Handsome Jack from Borderlands with 4 votes
In 5th place, Anakin Skywalker and Hannibal, each with 6 votes
In 4th place, Kilgrave from Jessica Jones with 7 votes

Honorable Mentions (by which I mean answers that made me laugh)

Yes, these are all real things people really said.

George R. R. Martin
Ted Cruz
*stares into the distance*
Make me, bitch
The patriarchy

And Now… The Winners

Tied for 3rd place, we have Jason Todd from Batman and Frank Castle from Daredevil, each with 8 votes

In 2nd place, we have Loki Laufeyson with 16 votes

And, finally, in 1st place, with 47 votes, we have this motherfucker:

September book photo challenge - 18 Recommended to me

Kiera Cass’s the selection. I had some concerns about this book when my friend Carol recommended it to me, so I waited a long time to read it. I should have trusted Carol from the beginning. I loved this series!

the happiest place on earth

InuKag Week | Day Four | Alternate Universe

A/N:  Okay, so my InuKag piece is based off of this prompt, and is dedicated as a late birthday present to the wonderful and lovely @sankontesu.  You’re not just one of my best friends, but you were my very first friend in this fandom.  This is something that will be getting a part two, but here is part one for now.

Kagome Higurashi was practically bouncing with excitement as she straightened her long blonde wig, and put the finishing touches on her purple eye shadow. Everything had to be perfect, just right, not a hair out of place, not a flower out of line, not a thread poking out.  Disney held themselves to a particularly high standard, especially when it came to attention to detail, and all their employees had to comply.

She had loved Disney ever since she was a little girl, so when she finally got the chance to work at the Tokyo theme park, she had absolutely jumped at it.  And it was incredible – being able to make people’s dreams really coming true.  The look on some of the little girls’ faces when they met their Princess idols was enough to make her squeal as soon as she was done her shift.  The days were long and it wasn’t always a simple walk in the park, but she loved it.

It would have been perfect; too, if the man they had hired to play the Flynn Rider to her Rapunzel hadn’t been such an ass.

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