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when someone forgets about the dnd session

shoutout to all my asian girls that don’t fit typical beauty expectations!! this is for all the girls that aren’t like the skinny, fair-skinned east asian girls in those aesthetic photoshoots. shoutout to south and southeast asian girls that are always forgotten in the western view of asia. this is for my desi girls, my indonesian girls, my malay and cambodian and vietnamese girls. this for the asian girls that have dark skin or a lot of facial hair or a unibrow or monolids or big boobs or no boobs!, or rolls/curves/stretch marks/cellulite!! i love u guys a lot and ur beautiful no matter what society tells u 💖💖💖


“It’s been a long time. We’ve all grown in our own ways. […] Think back to when we were all at Beacon. Would you say you ever did anything foolish or embarrassing? Or do you think you were perfect? […]

“Well, that embarrassment - that desire to go back and tell yourself not to be so stupid - that just proves you’re not the same person you used to be. You’re smarter, you’re kinder, you’re stronger, and you’re not done growing yet. None of us are.”


“So stop making that face at me…”