holy swag


Jared Diamond, the great hero of the 20th and 21st century, in one of his great works, Guns, Germs, and Swag (in some translations, Swag may be replaced by Steel). From top left to bottom right we have, 

1. Jared Diamond towers over all with his presence.

2. Jared Diamond the emotional sympathizer for African children. Fun fact, this is the only recorded incident of Jared Diamond crying.

3. Jared Diamond shoots a gun. Fun fact, if you shot Jared Diamond with a gun, the bullet would probably bounce back and kill your family. This is only speculation, no one is dumb enough to shoot at Jared Diamond.

4. Jared Diamond teaches Yali how to shoot a bow.

anonymous asked:

Swag is gold. But paladins already wear gold. So what is paladin swag then?

Holy light that shines off any surface for extra spiritual swag