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Ok so I know that 2016 was a shit year but I’ve found one thing from it that was absolutely incredible. 

Zelda Fans, check this the fuck out

Ok so this is a short film on the Majora’s Mask and HOLY SHIT I LOVE IT SO MUCH 

I really want Nintendo to make this a fuckin movie lads like please

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For all of the waiting: You’re going to be alright. Even on the days of “I’ve had enough” and “I can’t wait any longer,” by the grace of God, you are going to be alright. Everything won’t always work out the way you think it will, but it will always work out according to God’s Will, because it is only what He wills that will last. Find peace in knowing that.

Find peace in Him when you’re meeting new people and you’re unsure what their role in your life is going to be in the future. Find peace in Him when you’re pouring into projects and things you’re passionate about, unsure of what the outcome will look like years down the line. Find peace in Him when it seems like the clock is literally ticking on unanswered your prayers. In all of this, find peace in knowing that God is still here, protecting you and guiding you to where you need to.

None of us have been promised an easy life of getting what we want when we want it, but we have been promised Eternal Life through Jesus, which is far greater and more valuable than anything in this life that we could ever want.

Wear this truth on your heart every single day. Let it shine through your emotions, your actions, and even your facial expressions: “I may be waiting on something, but my God, Who is fully aware and fully capable of all things has remained faithful to me. He always provide me with what I need and I trust Him. I trust His timing and His Word, because He is always faithful in leading me right where I need to be.”

“He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.” - Psalm 91:4

Let His faithfulness shield you from the worry that storms your mind. Let it be what you cling to when it seems that everyone else’s prayers are being answered and you are still waiting. God is faithful and if you know it to be true in your life, praise Him even while waiting. Waiting on the Lord doesn’t mean standing around doing nothing. This is the time to faithful to Him, as He has been faithful to you. This is the time to make the most of today because you know He holds your tomorrow.

Written by @morganhnichols for #QWCDevos

For @yawpkatsi….thank you for drawing Bucky Barnes with a service dog…As someone who has had a service dog, (my doggo is now retired and is currently asleep at my feet.) I love it more than words could ever describe. Thank you so so much. In an effort to show my appreciation, here is a little thing.

It had been a good day. Up until the point when his brain decided to stop being a properly functioning brain and instead try an impression of fried and scrambled eggs.

 He and Steve had gotten breakfast at a little diner that was nice and quiet, Steve made sure that Bucky got a corner seat so he could watch the room.  FUBAR had laid underneath the table, his head resting heavily on Bucky’s feet. Bucky had made sure to ask their waiter for a couple extra pieces of sausage that he put into a doggy bag so that he could give them to FUBAR once they were home and he was “off duty”.

Technically speaking, FUBAR was always on duty in some form or manner. His training meant that he had to be ready to help Bucky at any time. Even in the middle of the night, like after Bucky had had a bad nightmare. That didn’t mean he didn’t get to be a regular dog and get to enjoy regular dog things, it just meant that people would askance at Bucky if he started to feed his service dog table scraps while they were in a restaurant.

 After breakfast they’d gone on a long walk and then Bucky had spent a little while sparring with Natasha, whenever they were able to spar together it automatically became a good day in Bucky’s book. Then he and Sam had gone for coffee at a tiny little cafe that Sam loved. Bucky was fine with cheap bitter black coffee that resembled tar more than something that was supposed be consumed by human beings. But he had to admit that the caramel, Irish cream and white chocolate monstrosity that Sam had gotten was really nice. Especially because he got to tease Sam about the whip cream on his nose.

 Sam laughed, and moved to swipe Bucky’s handkerchief out of his pocket when FUBAR emerged from under the table and placed a large paw on Bucky’s lap, whining and nudging him gently with his nose.

 “What? Now?” Bucky asked, recognizing the trained signal that FUBAR used to alert him when he was about to have a seizure. He felt a yawning pit of icy fear open up inside his stomach at the familiar gesture from the dog.

 He hated this moment so much, when he felt fine, but FUBAR was alerting him to a seizure. Sometimes he hated knowing that he was about to have a seizure even more than he hated actually having a seizure. And he really, really hated having a seizure.

 He hated the loss of control and the way people would stare at him afterwards. Speaking of people, his gaze darted around the little coffee shop, body tensing when he noticed the few patrons at the counter staring at him and FUBAR. He could hear them whispering about the giant dog and how cute he was but he wanted them to go away. His head was starting to spin and he was feeling a bit nauseous and he just wanted to be left alone for the embarrassing thing he knew his body was about to go through.

 “James, hey, Bucky, look at me alright?” Bucky wrenched his gaze away from the teenagers when FUBAR nudged him with a cold nose again. “Why don’t we go to the bathroom, alright? You can have some privacy in there.” Sam suggested.

 Bucky’s gaze flicked towards the counter again, when he saw who was working the register he let out a sigh of relief.

 “We can go to the employees lounge. Dylan’s working today so it should be okay. She knows about my seizures, she has a deaf and epileptic little sister.” Bucky said nodding towards the back of the employee who happened to glance over. Bucky raised a hand and quickly signed that he wasn’t feeling well, she nodded and signed back that Bucky should go lay down.

 “Alright, if you’re sure.” Sam said, noticing the exchange and rising to his feet, watching closely as Bucky did the same, his hand placed behind FUBAR’s shoulders for balance as he stood.

 “Yeah, they try and keep the bathroom floors clean but I still don’t want to do this in a bathroom. Gross.” He muttered as they walked through the door, the employees lounge was pretty cramped, but it was brightly lit and the floor was thickly carpeted. There was a couch with thick cushions, as well as a small table that was already pushed off to one side of the room, so it was small but almost in a cozy sort of way.

 “You did good buddy. Such a good boy.” Bucky whispered to FUBAR as he laid himself down on the floor, the ovcharka positioned himself so that he was laying curled protectively around Bucky’s head.

 “You got anything other than your psychic puppy there to say what’s going on?”

 “Sam, he ain’t psychic and you know it. It’s like neurochemistry or something. I don’t know my scent changes, I think.  And yeah my tongue feels weird.” Bucky said sticking his tongue out of his mouth and scraping it against his teeth in an effort to dispel the weird feeling.

 Recognizing one of Bucky’s more familiar auras, Sam double checked that the area was clear of anything that he might hit if this turned out to be a bad seizure. Then he grabbed a cushion off the couch and moved to put it under Bucky’s head, only to realize that FUBAR had already taken up the job of being a cushion for Bucky.

 “Alright, you’re doing great buddy. You’re in a safe place.” Sam murmured when he noticed Bucky looking around confused, he startled at Sam’s voice and started moving as if he was going to sit up, only to be stopped by FUBAR laying his head down on his shoulder and pinning him to the floor. “Me and FUBAR will look after you. You just relax alright. We gotcha.”

 Bucky’s eyes started to flutter open and closed rapidly and Sam gently rubbed a hand up and down his arm, calling his name softly. When Bucky didn’t respond, Sam took this to mean that the seizure had started, so he glanced at his watch and noted the time so he could keep track of how long the seizure lasted. FUBAR had medications that they could use to help stop a seizure in a small pocked of his vest, but they were only to be used if a seizure lasted more than five minutes. After that, the medicine would have to administered and an ambulance would have to be called.

 Bucky’s head jerked back and his throat spasmed, making several painful sounding clicks. His right arm was practically vibrating with how hard it was shaking and every muscle seemed to be pulled tight, his back arching off the floor.

 FUBAR licked Bucky’s face and mouth through the whole seizure, whining softly because his handler was hurt and there wasn’t any way that he could help him.

 Sam knew that FUBAR hated it when Bucky had a seizure more than any of the other things that happened to him because it was the one time that the dog really couldn’t do much. If Bucky was having trouble talking, FUBAR knew over fifty different hand signals. If Bucky had a panic attack or was in the middle of a flashback, FUBAR was able to help him get to a safe place and calm down. Before a seizure he could lead him somewhere safe and make sure he didn’t hurt himself or others if he got confused. He could even help Bucky after a seizure, but during one, the only thing he could do was cushion Bucky’s head and it seemed that in the dogs opinion this was not nearly enough to be able to help.

 Sam continued to talk to Bucky gently reassuring him that he and FUBAR were there and that they would keep him safe, all while keeping careful track of the time as well as Buckys pallor and breathing.

 Three minutes after the seizure started, Bucky relaxed with a long sigh and went still. Sam waited a moment, carefully  watching to make sure that the seizure was over before he gently rolled Bucky into the recovery position.

 Almost immediately after he’d gotten Bucky moved into what he hoped was a comfortable position Bucky’s hand shot out and snagged Sam’s wrist, squeezing hard enough to make him wince. FUBAR boofed, both happy to see Bucky moving and also warning him not to try and attack Sam.

 Bucky’s eyes flickered open briefly then slid closed, “FU-BAR?” He murmured weakly, releasing Sam’s sleeve to try and clumsily wipe drool off his cheek from where FUBAR had been licking him. The move was made redundant when FUBAR licked him again, delighted to hear Bucky saying his name he wiggled a little closer and then settled down beside him with his head on Bucky’s side, sighing loudly.

 “Yeah, your boy’s okay.” Sam said, the statement addressed to both of the figures lying on the floor. “You just had a seizure James. So just lay still for a little bit me and FUBAR will watch out for you.”

 Bucky nodded and relaxed with a quiet sigh, burying his face in FUBAR’s fur to the point where Sam worried about whether or not he could breathe before he heard Bucky snore quietly.

 At that moment, Dylan opened the door, smiling nervously.

 “Is he okay?” She asked, keeping her voice soft so as not to disturb Bucky.

 “Yeah, he’s sleeping now. As seizures go, at least for him and the fact that it was a tonic clonic, this was pretty mild.” Sam said smiling in reassurance.

 “Would you like me to call a cab?”

“Yeah, that would be great.” Dylan noddded and slipped out of the room. Sam waited until she poked her head back into the room before he even tried to wake Bucky.

 “Whhhyyy?” Bucky moaned shoving his face further into FUBAR’s fur.

 “Because if you get up, you can go home and get some sleep in a bed that’s comfortable instead of sleeping on the floor.” Sam suggested. This seemed to be the right thing to say because Bucky started struggling to his feet. He wound up having to stand braced against FUBAR waiting for a dizzy spell to pass for a couple minutes before they were able to head out to the cab. On the ride home, Bucky dozed and FUBAR sat on his lap and turned so he could pant into Sam’s face.

 “Gross.” Sam muttered, trying to pull away from the caucasian ovcharka, which was practically impossible with how much space he took up in the cab.

 When they finally pulled up the curb Sam practically flew out of the car so he could get away from the dog’s breath.

 “Hey James, get up we’re home.” Sam called as bent down to pay the driver.

 “I know.” Bucky said, from right behind him, causing him to startle.

 “Don’t do that!” Sam gasped, whirling around to glare at him.

 “Do what?” Bucky asked, yawning widely as he twined FUBAR’s leash around his fingers.

 “Never mind. It’s not even worth it. Let’s get you inside.” Sam grumbled, moving to open doors for the pair. Once they made it upstairs to their apartment Bucky made a beeline for the bed, not even bothering to greet Steve and Natasha who were hanging out in the kitchen, FUBAR trailing along behind him.

 “Hey, is he okay?”  Steve asked sotto voce.

 “Yeah, he’s fine, probably really tired though so let him rest. He had a seizure while we were out. Three minutes, tonic clonic, he came out of it pretty fast though and didn’t lose control of his bladder either. He did get a little confused for a second there and tried to grab me but FUBAR got his attention. Hey, did you guys make cookies while we were out?” Sam asked eyeing a tray of chocolate chip cookies that were on a plate. Natasha snickered softly.

 “Make cookies? Sam you know Steve can’t cook to save his life, and none of you appreciate my cooking skills. That job falls to you and Bucky. We got these out of a package and we were going to sit down and watch a movie and enjoy them but now…” She glanced at the bedroom. “Now I think they can keep for little bit. We should go make sure he’s doing okay.”

 They all crept into the room and smiled down at Bucky and FUBAR who were twined around each other in the middle of the bed. Bucky’s head was resting on FUBAR’s side and FUBAR’s head was resting on Bucky’s side.

 “Pretzles.” Steve muttered, kicking his shoes off and sliding into bed next to Bucky. “Don’t know about you two, but a nap sounds great right about now.” Sam and Natasha glanced at each other and shrugged before they too sidled into the giant bed.

 Bucky peeked through his lashes at the group around him and smiled.

 Later they would eat cookies and watch a movie together. They would argue about what pizza to get for supper, “Pineapple does not belong on pizza!” Sam would grumble for the thousandth time, and they’d fight over whose turn it was to wash the dishes “Not me!” Bucky would declare, pressing a finger to his nose, the move quickly followed by Sam and Nat, and when they finally settled into bed again for the night, Bucky would think to himself, that it hadn’t been bad day, even if his brain had turned to fried eggs there for a little bit. He’d press his face a little deeper into FUBAR’s fur and decided that it had actually been a pretty fantastic day.

But for now, he closed his eyes and let the peace and the knowledge of being surrounded by people who cared about him wash over him and lull him into sleep.

High School Widowtracer AU, featuring Dorky Tracer
  • Cute Widowtracer as teenagers because TBH I need that shit right now 
  • It’s Lena’s senior year 
  • Been going pretty well, considering all things
  • And she’s been hearing tons of stories about how her friends are all doing crazy shit like ditching, sneaking out, going to go see concerts without their parent’s permission 
  • And she just can’t wrap her brain around the idea of anyone wanting to do that 
  • Until one day Fareeha says, “Well, maybe it’s because it’s their senior year. Live a little, kid.” 
  • And Lena really takes that to heart
  • So she decides to live a little by going to a party
  • Poor little dork
  • It’s totally not her scene
  • But she goes anyway, because a young lesbian has to be brave in this cruel world
  • She goes inside
  • Starts sipping on whatever the hell someone poured into her SOLO cup
  • It smells awful, and it tastes like what she assumes cheap vodka and even cheaper beer taste like 
  • And she’s just leaning up against the wall, her beanie pulled low, colorful lights flashing across her unbuttoned flannel shirt
  • When suddenly she sees her
  • Oh god, she’s perfect
  • 5′8″ of pure beauty
  • Her long hair tied back into a ponytail, nursing a SOLO cup as well
  • Laughing a little too loudly at something that the boy beside her said 
  • Lena automatically flushes
  • She’s known that she’s attracted to women for some time, but she hasn’t felt anything since her sophomore year 
  • She’s definitely feeling nervous, wondering if the thumping in her ears is the bass of the music or her own heart
  • And then suddenly, Widow comes up to her 
  • “Bonjour, cherie. You don’t look like any of the commoners here.” 
  • Lena just blushes even harder.
  • “U-um, thanks? Uh….” She swept back her hair, took a sip of her drink, then huffed a quick breath. “What’s your name?” 
  • “Amelie, darling. The boy over there is my date.” 
  • Lena’s heart sinks so low she can feel it settle in her stomach. Oh fuck
  • “Shouldn’t you be talking to him, if he’s your boyfriend?” Lena said quickly, nervously, before forcing herself to take another sip of her drink. 
  • Amelie shrugged, glancing at Gerard thoughtfully. “I suppose. Although he can be awfully boring from time to time. I need someone that’s a little more…entertaining.” 
  • Was that supposed to be a compliment? Lena wasn’t a hundred percent sure, but she could feel her blood warming her ears anyway. “Thanks, love?” 
  • Amelie winked, something that Lena always thought looked more than a little ridiculous. But when Amelie did it, Lena found herself biting her lip, her cheeks dusted pink. “Come on, cherie. Let’s get something a little more tasty than these drinks.” 
  • Lena wasn’t a hundred percent sure if she followed Amelie around, or if Amelie was following her. Either way, they never strayed too far from each other, Amelie constantly flirting and chuckling when Lena flushed darkly. 
  • Finally, Lena decided that she had had enough of the party, and walked to her car, Amelie less than a foot behind. 
  • “Are you sure you’re sobered up, cherie? I wouldn’t want you to get in a wreck.”
  • Lena waved her off. “I’ll be fine, love. I haven’t had anything to drink besides water for the past couple hours.” 
  • Amelie nodded, and then paused as Lena stood beside her car, one hand on the door handle. From here, they could still here the music pounding inside the house, but it seemed so distant. Lena’s heart throbbed when she realized that she was alone with Amelie.
  • Amelie realized this as well, and reached to gently touch Lena’s cheek. “Will you be alright, cherie?” She asked quietly, an almost surprising amount of concern in her voice for someone she had just met a few hours ago.
  • Lena swallowed thickly, and could only find herself able to nod. She didn’t want this night to end, yet she felt like she was heading into dangerous territory. 
  • Lena wasn’t one hundred percent sure what happened next. One minute, she was standing beside her car, Amelie’s hand on her cheek, warm brown eyes meeting soft gold ones. The next, there were a pair of gentle lips on top of hers, coaxing a surprised gasp out of the young Brit. 
  • She wasn’t one hundred percent sure what happened after that moment either. Their simple kiss turned into Amelie’s legs tangled with Lena’s their bodies pressed together on the back row of seats in Lena’s car, both craving a friction that neither of them thought to possess. Lena could barely breath, not even when Amelie pulled her lips away and began to snake her hands up Lena’s shirt. 
  • Suddenly, she felt way over her head. What was she doing? Was this what Fareeha meant when she wanted Lena to live a little? Lena didn’t think this was it. Certainly there were much more worthy adventures and excitement than making out with someone’s girlfriend in the back of your car, right? Uncertainty flashed through her. Did she want this? Did she want to do this? 
  • “Stop.” 
  • Amelie glanced up at her, her golden eyes barely illuminated in the darkness. “What?” 
  • “I said stop.” Lena said suddenly, sitting up and tugging down her shirt.
  • Amelie sat back on her heels. “What is it? Did I do something wrong?” 
  • Tracer pressed her hands to her head, trying to calm the pounding there. “No– I don’t know– Maybe?” 
  • Amelie stared at her for a long second, and then smoothed down her clothes. “I should get going.” 
  • Lena only nodded, knowing that Amelie’s departure was best, despite the small part of her that didn’t want Amelie to go.
  • Amelie brushed a goodbye kiss to Lena’s cheek before leaving, stepping out of Lena’s car and leaving the Brit to herself. As she walked back up the lawn, Lena’s eyes watched Amelie’s hips sway, the way that she stumbled over unseen rough edges. When she finally could breathe again, she started up her car, and then drove away quickly, her heart racing. 
  • On Monday, Lena saw Fareeha at lunch. “You look a little flustered, Lena. Something on your mind?” 
  • Lena let out a dry chuckle. “Yeah. I did what you said, and lived a little.” 
  • “And was it worth it?” 
  • Lena thought of long legs, of sashaying hips, of golden flashing eyes and the warm press of another girl’s body against her own. She thought of her own treachery, for stepping too far out of her comfort zone, and for complicating what Lena assumed to be a healthy relationship. She didn’t know what to say, so she said nothing at all, staring at the ground as Fareeha rubbed her back, thinking of the girl who drove her wild. 
Evak Drabble 5 Prompt: Grief

Is it possible to grieve a person who’s still alive? Or maybe, it wasn’t the person Isak was grieving, because Even is still very much alive and safe and Isak still loves him so much- but maybe it is the relationship he’s grieving.

Everything they were and could have been.

Isak loves Even and it hurts. It hurts so bad because Isak knew -he knew- that something was wrong. If he hadn’t let Even distract him, if he’d just come out of his Even induced haze- he would have seen the signs for what they were a long time ago.

But he didn’t and now Even is gone and Isak doesn’t know if he’s- if he’s going to even see him again.

How could such a perfect day be ruined so thoroughly? He was so happy and now its shit.

He practically fell into Noora’s arms sobbing at two in the morning when he finally made it home- sans Even.

She held him when he slipped to his knees in the doorway and Eskild kicked out his one night stand and he just cried with them.

“He didn’t tell me,” Isak sobbed, “I didn’t know- he should’ve just me and I could have stopped him. I should have known.”

Noora holds him tighter.

He makes it to bed some how. He doesn’t remember it, but he wakes up in the morning with swollen eyes and stiff cheeks and he knows that last night wasn’t a nightmare.

His phone is mysteriously absent from his bedside table. He finds it on the kitchen floor, probably thrown from his meltdown last night.


I love you

Isak lets out a noisy breath, filled with tears and seventeen years of repressed feelings.

That’s all there is though. Nothing from Even or Sonja. Isak thinks that maybe that’s best. Maybe he’s not strong enough to be the person Even loves.

But he loves Even. He loves Even and it hurts, yes god it does, but he also burns bright with it. He feels strong every day because Even has allowed him to become himself. He’s not ready to let that go, Sonja be damned. He’s not ready to say goodbye to the only boy he’s ever truly wanted to come out for.

Isak slides slowly down the kitchen cabinets and sits on the floor. He pulls up a browser, and googles “bipolar disorder”

And he prepares.

imagine #11

Thousands of people get the notification for Brendon’s new tweet. None of them, however, are prepared for what it says. It’s a retweet of an old message, with a new reply attached to it. He retweeted Ryan’s message from years ago: “he’s my boy. Always will be.” The message he replied with is simple. He attached a very recently taken picture of him and Ryan in which Ryan is looking at Brendon adoringly and Brendon is facing the ground, laughing at something Ryan said. The picture is captioned, “Got my boy back.”

  • DO I HAVE AN ACCENT...? nah

a bit late BUT I was tagged to do the accent challenge thing by @02tae, @95s, @carrotjiminie, @fluffyliontae, @war-of-hormoan, @daegucrew, and @dorkytaehyung ♡ I could listen to you guys squawk for hours! :’)

  • what’s your name and username?
  • where are you from?
  • what’s the time where you are?
  • pronounce the following words: meme, pepe, doge, sudoku, espresso, celtic, açaí, dr. suess
  • what’s your favorite pizza place? favorite pizza topping?
  • what’s your favorite dessert?
  • what’s your favorite food? what food do you hate?
  • what’s your favorite tv show? which tv show were you into, but then got out of?
  • what brand is your phone?
  • do you speak a second language?
  • how do you define a group of people when you’re talking to them? do you say ‘guys’ or ‘dudes’ or?
  • which harry potter house do you most identify with? if sorted by pottermore, do you agree with the one you got?
  • is there something you should be doing right now but are procrastinating?now that you’ve talked about what you need to be doing, go do it!

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