holy shit, you're attractive

  • Alec Ryder: Scott, greet the nice Angara. His name is Jaal. Remember your manners. This is a new alien species so be careful. Xenostudies and all that. Language can be delicate. Don't fuck up is what I'm saying.
  • Scott, loudly, voice cracking, probably crying: HoLY ShIt YOU'RE REALLY AtTrAcTIVE?? I MEAN-
  • Alec, softly: dont
Solangelo "I sent a selfie of myself in the tub to the wrong person and you replied with a selfie amd holy shit you're attractive" AU

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of this cuties, sadly. Same goes for PJO and HOO

Nico was excited.
He didn’t exactly know why, because all he was so excited about was a stupid bubble bath,which Hazel gave him for his birthday as a joke, but nevertheless he just wanted to drown in the bubbles after his horrible day. Maybe the wine he drank before was also a cause of the excitement, but that didn’t matter right?
After he texted Hazel about his plans on the bubble bath jokingly his sister demanded a selfie to make her believer he actually did it.

Nico knew his sister was joking, but he smirked and thought to himself, that maybe it would be funny to see the reaction.
As soon as he got in the tub he arranged the bubbles in a way to cover him almost completly and took the selfie making sure he looked alright.
He sent it and put the phone away, letting himself be slowly drowned by the bubbles.

Will just came home from his work out as he got a message from an unknown number. He was slightly confused but opened it either way.
As soon as he saw the sent picture of a darkhaired college stundet, who did not seemfamiliar, sitting in a tub full of bubbles, he couldn’t help but grin. Not only was it funny to have something like that happen to you, Will also thought that the other boy looked quite … attractive. He slapped himself mentally for thinking that but couldn’t help catching himself thinking once again, that this guy looked excatly like his type.
So Will got an idea.

Nico was brought back into reality by a small vibration sound. He smiled as he imagined what kind of reaction he would get from his sister. Unlocking the phone and opening the message he found himself quite on shock when he didn’t receive the wanted reaction from his sister but another selfie of some really handsome guy with the caption:
Think you got the wrong number, sunshine :*
Not that I would mind ;)

He felt completly sober again.At first he was in shock because the picture was send to the wrong person, but then he found himself mostly in shock because that guy was actually flirting with him, wasn’t he? How on Earth could that be ?! Who flirted after that ?! And with him of all people ?!

Shit, sorry just reliazed that now. I’m really sorry.

Np honey. Didn’t mind seeing that ;) wouldn’t mind seeing it live, too tbh ~

..Are you by any chance flirting with me ?

You’re not a fast catcher, are you sunshine ?

Will chuckled to himself.
>>What’s up, Will ?<<
His roommate and best friend,Lou Ellen looked at him curiously. 

Nico was not exactly in the mood dealing with all the college people now. He wasn’t up to dealing with people at all. He just wanted to sleep right now. Since he couldn’t stop being embarassed about that selfie incident yesterday he barely got any sleep. And the fact that he had to tell his sister the whole story didn’t exactly lighten up his mood. He just wanted to forget it and move on.
As he grabbed the coffee the way-too-cheerful Starbucks employee made him he spun around and rushed towards the exit. He barely noticed that Hazel tried to help him avoiding another embarassing incident. However, she didn’t manage that and Nico ran, face and coffee first, into the man standing behind the exit door, as said door was opened by him.

Coffee all over his shirt, burning his skin, Will found himself in a quite odd situation as the smaller male in front of him sweared at the lose of his coffee. Will had the strange feeling he knew the person in front of him. As they made eye contact the realization struck him like a lightning bolt and suddenly Will didn’t care about the coffee on his shirt anymore.
>>That’s him.<< He stated a grin spreading from cheek to cheek.
>>Whom?<< Asked Lou Ellen, who was sheding tears of laughter at the scene.
>>The hot-bath-tube-selfie-guy<< Will smirked as he saw a blush rose on the other males cheeks.

This was by far the worst morning Nick had in years.
He immediately recognized the guy in front of him as soon as he looked in his eyes.
He was the reason for Nicos loss of sleep, well mostly.
>>That’s him.<<
Please don’t let this happen.
>>Whom?<< Asked the girl that Nico hadn’t noticed up until now. She looked she had fun.
Shut your face ! Nico thought.
>>The hot-bath-tube-selfie-guy<<
What did he do to deserve this ? Nico thought to himself.
Wait a sec. Did he just say hot?

>>Hey. I’m Will Solace. Medical major.<< He said, eyes locked on Nico, which made him shift uncomfortable.

>>Nico di Angelo.<< he managed to say without stuttering.

While his eyes where swifting anywhere possible but Wills eyes, Will kept his gaze on Nico.
An akward silence accured until a really shy employee came up to them and asked them poltitly if they couldn’t block the door any longer.

Will was the first to react.

>>Since I was about to get a coffee and yours is all over my shirt right now, why don’t I treat you to one.<<

Nico had no idea on how to react, so did what was the first thing that came to his mind. He nodded. He cursed himself for doing so until he felt a large warm hand softly pulling him to the counter.

>>Di Angelo hm ? Sounds Italian.<<

And that’s how the story started…

A/N: Hazel and Lou Ellen watched the two dorky guys waiting for their coffee from afar and ended up befriending eachother while stalking their dorks flirting and blushing ~

Also I sincerly apologize for any grammar or spelling mistaked. English is sadly not my mother tounge.

Once again I did a thing and I hope you like that as much as the other thing <3