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Dinner - Carl Gallagher (Shameless)

Pairing: reader x Carl Gallagher

Word Count: 837 (is that too short or too long? idk)

Warnings: Swearing, Lip being a cocky arsehole, Carl being Carl (not really a warning because we all love it really)

A/N: Hi! So this is my first imagine that i’m uploading, and Carl Gallagher is my absolute fave atm so yeah! Send me requests!

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You smiled as you walked down your old street, being engulfed in the warm summer breeze of Chicago. This was so different in comparison to the constant rainy days of the UK. You missed living here, you had only been gone for 3 years but in yours and your families eyes 3 years were too long. You moved because of dads job, he was given a promotion, however he was offered better back here, in our old neighborhood. 

“Y/N! Is that you? Wait!” You turned around and saw Lip, your old neighbor, running towards you. “Holy shit it is you, Hi! Fuck you walk fast Y/N/N.” He panted, clearly way too out of breath even though he only jogged for about 5 seconds. “I don’t walk fast, you’re just a lazy shit.” You smirked in response, watching as he looked you up and down.

“You should come over for dinner tonight, bring the family around like old times. How long are you staying for?” Eventually spoke after catching his breath. “’m pretty sure Carl misses you, he’d be more than happy to see you again.”

You tried to hold back a scoff but wasn’t successful. “Oh please, last time i saw Carl was too infatuated with Bonnie to notice that i’d left. Pretty sure he was more than happy to see me go so he could finally get laid without me being a third wheel.”

“For fucks sake, Y/N! Carl was obsessed with you and turned into some mopey shit when you left. I don’t think he even remembered who Bonnie was after you disappeared!” Lip spoke, lighting up a cigarette. 

You took it from his lips. “I did not disappear, I had to go. There’s a difference. And as for dinner tonight, make sure V, Kev and the twins are there too. But right now, I’m busy.” You took a puff as both of you rounded the corner, heading towards the Gallagher household. You took a couple more puffs as you slowed to a halt outside of the house, looking up at it, reminiscing back to the times where you’d talk about boys with Ian, plan shopping trips with Deb and Fiona, when you’d play hide and seek with Liam, argue with Lip and cuddle up to Carl in his bed. So many memories in one house, it was hard to just walked away like you did 3 years ago. 

Lip plucked the cigarette away from your lips, shaking his head lightly. “You smoke now?” You turned to look at him, one brow raised in question. “You can’t talk. I only started last year, you’ve been smoking for more than I’ve been alive.” He laughed, also looking up at the house in front of you.

Lip rotated his body towards you. “So I guess we’ll see you later Y/N/N. Don’t forget.” He gave you a warm hug, flicking the cigarette onto the ground, stepping on it as he walked up the steps to his house.

You smiled and continued on down the street, it felt so good to be back.

Carl stared at his eldest brother as he walked into the house. 

Lip walked through the living room, straight towards the kitchen, not noticing Carl’s eyes focused on his every movement. No, he was too busy thinking about Y/N being back. After hoping for nearly a year that she would appear, the family had given up thinking that the Y/L/N’s would ever come back to Chicago.

“Who’s the hottie you were speaking to outside?” Carl’s voice shocked Lip, causing him to stumble across the rug that was sprawled along the floor. “You didn’t see her face?” Lip turned to his younger brother cockily. 

“Fuck yeah I saw her face, that’s why I wanna know who she was. Have you got her number? If you see her again, give her my number for me yeah, I’d love to tap her fine ass.” The wannabee gangster lifted his eyebrows and nodded his head. 

“She’s coming over for dinner tonight you fucker.” Lip laughed, kicking the rug out so that he wouldn’t fall over it again. Carl’s head shot up. “She is. Fuck, what should I wear?” 

“Idiot, she’s already met you, she doesn’t give a fuck what you wear. You really don’t know who it was?” He couldn’t understand the levels of his brothers idiocy, how could he not realize that that was the girl he had obsessed over for years and practically grew up with? “No! I don’t know who it was. If I did, I wouldn’t have fuckin’ asked would I asshole?” 

Lip shook his head in laughter as he turned towards the stairs, ready to walk up to his room. “That was Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N. You know, the girl you was in love with after she up and left whilst you were infatuated with that Bonnie bitch?” 

If only Lip could have seen the look of realization on Carl’s face. Unfortunately, by the time it had clicked, Lip was already locked away in his room.

NCT 127 Reaction to them reading your diary with letters to your father and brother

‘’May I request a reaction for NCT? (127 (+ jaemin & chenle maybe?)) basically, you’re in love with them and vise versa. but you’ve never had a loving dad nor brother, so you can’t really trust any male person and you have really bad trust issues. you’ve never told them about that, but they find out when they find your diary - filled with really really (!!!) sad letters to your brother/dad saying how much you’re hurt and had to get therapy ect. BUT when they come near the last page, you wrote how beautiful and loved the makes you feel and that you’re really thankful for him because he makes you feel all the beautiful things you’ve never ever felt before? I hope it makes sense to you!! ~ nana’’

A/N: This is my first gif reaction! I’m planning on doing these more! So feel free to send in request. GIF reactions: BTS & NCT(All units) only! Text messages: BTS, NCT(All units) & EXO only. Also, I decided in the end to not do Jaemin and Chenle, I’m really sorry!! After the NCT127 members my inspiration left me, rip.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the gifs! They belong to their rightful owners!
I also do not own NCT.


Taeyong would probably find your diary while cleaning - since we all know he’s a cleaning freak(nothing wrong with that). He would lay down whatever he was holding, sit down and read your diary even though he knew it wasn’t right to take someone’s belongings like this.

He would look shocked reading it, you never told him anything about your past, so reading this out of the sudden really caught him off guard. He’d read every sentence carefully, rethinking of how he should treated you - was he scaring you? Was he doing it okay, or was he making your fears worse?

Then, after a minute or ten, he would reach the last couple of pages, filled with hearts. He could feel the warm feelings off the paper, it was different than the pages before. Reading the last pages made him smile more than ever, and all of his doubts would leave him in an instant. He was doing right, he was doing perfectly fine. He heard the sound of the door, and looked up, facing you as he both smiled and had tears streaming down his cheeks.

‘’Y/N… I’m always here for you, you know that, right? You can tell me everything, and I’ll protect you.’’

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Mark would accidentally find your diary while looking for a certain t-shirt of his. He had never seen it before, or heard about it. His curiosity got the best of him, though. He’d read through it quickly, leaving him shocked and perhaps rather scared to continue reading.

After a few minutes you would walk into him staring at your diary, him looking both confused and shocked.

‘’Mark?’’ You call him out.

He looked up, trying his best to calm himself down before talking back to you.

‘’I’m not doing anything wrong, am I?’’

‘’Read the last pages, Mark, and you will know.’’ You smiled.

Quickly he read the last pages, and a smile appeared on his face. He put back your diary and pulled you into a tight hug. ‘’I’ll be sure to make you happy, jagi. I promise.’’ He smiled brightly.

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Seeing the diary on your nightdesk, he would definitely get curious. Maybe you had written down things before he confessed to you? Your undying love for him, was it perhaps written in there? Smiling excitedly, he’d sit down on the bed and start reading it word by word.

After 15 minutes or so, he felt something wet on his cheeks. Was the ceiling leaking, again? Looking up at the ceiling, he slowly started to realize there wasn’t anything wrong with the building, but him not being able to handle his own emotions. He had gotten pretty emotional of thinking what you had been gone through, how you have been feeling all those years. Lonely, perhaps? A surprised yet gentle smile appeared on his face as soon as he read the last pages - apparently he changed your life. Your fears became less, your life status was much happier than it was before… Yeah, he definitely succeeded and he wanted to let you know he would keep on doing so.

He stood up quickly, made his way to you who was just chilling in the living room, and clung onto you. ‘’I will make sure you will stay happy with me, Y/N! Remember that!’’

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Would most likely see your diary somewhere and not care, until he passes it for about five times and get incredibly curious about what the hell could be written in that small, girly looking notebook. Honestly, he was just curious if you wrote down any gossips about maybe him, yourself or other people. He would definitely share them with some of the NCT Members.

He grabbed the notebook, opened it and started reading it. Slightly being a bit uninterested at first, it went down real quick. He had no idea you have been feeling like this, in the end he was rather happy to feel that he changed everything for you. However, he probably also felt slightly offended for you not telling him about your past. It was a rather important thing, after all.

He made his way to you, taking a seat next to you and glanced over.

‘’You know, if you told me, I could’ve helped you better, you know? So I haven’t been able to actually show you ‘the most beautiful things’.’’

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Would most likely see your diary at a random place as well. Of course he would get curious, and not feel guilty for opening it up at all. He’d take his time reading it, being incredibly confused about what you had written first. Was it some story you were working on? Or was this real?

Those questions kept him going, but he realized it was all real once he reached the last few pages. He flipped through these slowly, noticing how his chest would start to hurt. He had no idea whether to be extremely happy about you trusting him, and him giving you hope, or to cry because of how you felt before you two met.

When you’d walk in, you would notice him cry and he would tightly hug you.

‘’I’m sorry you felt like that.’’

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Would probably be the one who went looking for it, curious about what you’ve written about him or maybe other people. After he found it, he would most likely sit down somewhere hidden so that if you got home you wouldn’t be able to find him easily and he could read it in peace.

What he read wasn’t what he expected, at all. Heck, it was the complete opposite! He had no idea you’ve been feeling that way for so many years, but while he flipped through he noticed how the pages had become more colorful. His eyes were focused on the pretty written text and smiled.

When you got home around dinner, things were starting. He’d feel awkward around you, not knowing what to say, so he’d probably just pat your shoulder and say,

‘’It’s all okay now.’

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Okay, so Haechan would definitely be the one to doubt whether he should read your diary or not after he found it. Was it acceptable if he read your daily thoughts? Your secrets? On the other side, the maknae would be so incredibly curious.

He would start reading it in the kitchen while probably eating something. But his appetite would go away very quickly after he read what you had gone through. You never told him about you needing therapy and getting it, nor the reason why you would need that in the first place. He’d be incredibly shocked. Of course, now he thought about it, you did give of some signs of not easily trusting him. But he never thought it would be because of such a thing.

He would immediately call you, no matter where you were at or what you were doing. He just wanted to hear your voice and make something clear,

‘’I’m so happy I make you feel like that, Y/N. I’ll be doing my best. I love you.’’

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Jaehyun would be so caring, holy shit. After he was looking through a box of your old things he found an item that didn’t seem that old. He’d wonder why you put it in the box so he took it out, and started reading.

He already had a feeling that something must’ve happened to you, due to your reactions when you two first met. Fortunately, you improved so well and you seemed to completely trust him. But after he read it, things were finally becoming clear to him.

He wouldn’t be freaking out unlike some of the others, he would be pretty chill about it and simply comfort you with a smile,

‘’You’ve come so far, Y/N. And I’m happy to stay by your side.’’

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Don’t get me started about Johnny, though. Of course he would really, really care about you and your past, but he knew that if he would start spoiling you and be overprotective or whatsoever, it would probably make the situation worse in the future. He’d be chill about this, really.

You’d probably give him the diary yourself since you had no idea how to tell him, and he’d just read it. Instead of hugging you tightly and telling you that you would be okay, he’d put it away after reading it and just smile a bit. He wouldn’t make a commotion at all. Again, it may make the situation for you worse in the future if he would start treating you differently. So Johnny being Johnny, he would still treat you the same - same pranks, same jokes, same cries, same laughters, everything.

‘’So, we can do something else now? Make dinner or something? Thanks for telling me, though.’’

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A/N: This became longer than expected LOL

  • me: the staff should be focusing on actually improving the website a la AH revamp, coli revamp, lair system revamp. i'm really tired of them putting all of these important projects on hold to introduce brand new features. fix your old features first, PLEASE.
  • also me: HOLY SHIT!!! NEW VENUE!!!!!! YA BOY'S IN IT!

Joseph: I know! You can add us on DadBook! :D

Craig: Yeah! :D

Maedwyn, thinking about one more social media platform White Privilege and Crazy Swole Craig can hound him on to socialize w/ people he doesn’t like/get in shape: Wow um I don’t…know how to work a computer! Haha! I’m. I’m just terrible. I’m an old fashioned dad–

Amanda: I can help you! :>

Maedwyn: *screaming internally*

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your response to that "i miss the old ghost" post got me dying

I mean, what is the point?





Summer Clothing Haul 🌻 I got some more guy clothes ey


The personal forms are found here [x]. Thank you to @airisuchan​ for posting them! My translations may not be accurate because I am still learning. I’m sorry for the many mistakes, please let me know if you find any! I know I made a lot of mistakes! I really hope someone will translate it better. I would have edited the forms she posted, but I haven’t gotten permission, and I wanted to post this sooner.

The ✩ category is additional thoughts, I think. I just named it ✩. and by “respected people”, I mean the people they look up to/respect. “weaknesses" are something they have trouble dealing with or something they’re not good at.


TITLE: Clarines Kingdom Court Pharmacist
AGE: 18
GENDER: Female
BIRTHPLACE: Tanbarun Kingdom
HAIR COLOR: bright red
EYE COLOR: green
FAMILY: Father: Group “Lion’s Mountain” General. 武風* / Grandparents: Ran a tavern business
FAVORITE THINGS: chewy bread / jam (making jam) / mornings
WEAKNESSES: seagrass / art appreciation
RESPECTED PEOPLE: Zen / Ryuu / Grandparents
✩ Because of her hair, she was involved in a lot of trouble. Tanbarun’s first Prince Raji bestowed her the title of “Royal Family’s Friend”.

*not so sure about what this means but from my dictionary, i’m getting the meaning “military style”. maybe it pertains to the Lion’s Mountain

~ ZEN ~

TITLE: Prince of Clarines Kingdom
AGE: 19
BIRTHPLACE: Clarines Kingdom
HAIR COLOR: blue with a bit of blonde*
FAMILY: Older brother: Clarines’ King Izana Wisteria / Mother: Clarines’ previous Queen Haruto Wisteria / Father: Kain (deceased)
FAVORITE THINGS: pie / tart / reading / red color / silver color
RESPECTED PEOPLE: Older brother / Mother / Secret**
✩ In Izana’s accession to the the throne, he becomes the throne’s first successor.*** The trust of his subjects and people is deep.

*blue and blonde? bluish blonde? no wonder sorata-sensei colors his hair both blue and blonde in different times. maybe she can’t pick.
**i’m not so sure when it says あとは but it does say 秘密 (secret). pft zen, you’re not that subtle. we all know it’s shirayuki (and obi, mitsuhide, kiki…all the people you admire ;)
***not so sure about this too. after Izana became king, Zen ls the successor

~ OBI ~

TITLE: Clarines Kingdom Prince’s Immediate Knight
AGE: 21(?)*
BIRTHPLACE: Clarines Kingdom
EYE COLOR: amber
FAMILY: unknown
FAVORITE THINGS: spicy things / liquor (bars)**
WEAKNESSES: jigsaw puzzles / puppies
✩ Originally, he was hired by Marquis Haruka as an assassin (i have difficulty with the characters 刺客. i think it means “assassin” in Chinese).  *** His previous history is unknown.

*that ? is actually there, so we still don’t know for sure if that’s his real age
**he likes liquors from bars? 
***(I couldn’t translate the 2nd to the last sentence). It’s something about him being Zen’s messenger and Immediate Knight, which we already know.

~ KIKI ~

TITLE: Clarines Kingdom Prince’s Close Aide
AGE: 20
GENDER: Female
BIRTHPLACE: Clarines Kingdom
HAIR COLOR: blonde
Family: Lord Seiran
FAVORITE THINGS: vegetable salad / Marquis Haruka’s personality / playing cards (strong)* / green color
WEAKNESSES: warm places / Viscount Brecker’s personality
RESPECTED PEOPLE: Father / His Highness Zen / Mitsuhide
✩ (I couldn’t translate this one properly too). It’s something about being the only woman in the Imperial Guards, not having brute strength but is skillful in sword. Because of that, she’s strong and popular among the soldiers, I think…probably not accurate)

*she’s skilled at playing cards? 


TITLE: Clarines Kingdom Prince’s Close Aide
AGE: 23
BIRTHPLACE: Clarines Kingdom
HAIR COLOR: green with a bit of dull grey*
EYE COLOR: brown
FAMILY: private
FAVORITE THINGS: candies in general / soup / children
WEAKNESSES: spicy things / female seniors/senpai (particularly beautiful ones)**
RESPECTED PEOPLE: His Highness Izana / Kiki / (Zen is held in the highest esteem)***
✩ Belonged in the Sereg Knight group. When Zen was 13, Izana assigned him as Zen’s close aide. He is trusted by Zen.

*green and a dull color grey? greenish grey?
**it says 美人 which means beautiful people
***敬愛 means respect and affection

I wasn’t expecting much from this; their ages as well didn’t suprise me. I knew Shirayuki and Zen were not the typical 16/17-year olds because they seem to act older/mature. I just thought Kiki was older than Obi, but we still can’t confirm Obi’s age. So much for more personal info when there’s still not much about Obi’s family and past :/

Also I was cracking so much at all your tags like #holy shit obi’s an old man, and #mitsuhides fuking elderly hes in the casket already, and #i’m so glad they aren’t 15/6 year olds because holyshit am i tired of seeing that everywhere, and #obi is old as balls oh my god???

:’) also this post was for the nice anon


[[ Request: Chibs imagine where you two are together but live at separate places and he finds out your ex-boyfriend who you broke up with because he hit you keeps calling you. Some of the club members come to stay with you including Chibs and one night your ex shows up and you get fed up with his shit so you grab your shotgun and go handle your business by yourself and Chibs gets turned on by it ]]

“What the hell do you mean?” Chibs shouted. “The bastard’s been harassing you for months?!” His Scottish accent got thicker as his anger grew. “Why didn’t you tell me? I could have handled this.” 

Your abusive asshole of an ex-boyfriend had been calling you every day for months now. He would call every hour, sometimes two or three times in an hour. At first, it was annoying, but relatively harmless. But now it was starting to get weird and a little threatening. The more of his calls you ignored, the more obsessed he became with you. You knew it had started getting pretty serious when you saw him in the parking lot of your office, sitting in his car and watching for you. You didn’t want to tell your old man. You already knew how he would react. He would be pissed, and you knew he would do something crazy. You wanted to handle it yourself, quietly. You didn’t want SAMCRO getting involved. You loved the guys, but you knew how messy things could get when they got involved, especially when a situation concerned someone they care about. So you tried to hide it for as long as possible. You had been successful at keeping it quiet until your stupid ex had called you every 5 minutes one night when Chibs was over at your place. He had grabbed your phone, pissed that it kept ringing, and answered it. Your ex had exploded, calling you every name in the book and making threats. Chibs had hung up, mouth ajar, and turned to you. You knew you had to tell him what had been going on.

“It wasn’t a big deal,” you insisted, crossing your arms over your chest. “He’s just an asshole who doesn’t know when to give up.”  

Chibs stared at you. He didn’t say a word for several moments, but you knew what he was thinking. The fury blazing in his eyes said it all. He held his jaw stiff and moved it from side to side, trying his best to hold back the anger he felt within him. The thought of someone harassing his old lady was enough to send him into a murderous rage. He cleared his throat and stared at you for a few seconds longer before speaking. “I’m going to kill him.” His face was stern, and you knew he meant every word. 

You sighed. “I’ve got it handled, Chibs. Seriously. I’m a big girl. I can handle my shit.”

Chibs shook his head, his jaw still clenched. “I know you can, love. But I still don’t like this.”

You reached towards him and rested a hand on his cheek. “I know. But I’ve got this. I’ll let you know if I can’t handle it.”

“He hit you, lass,” Chibs reminded you. “He’s dangerous.” 

You nodded your head. “Yeah. But I’m stronger than I was then.” 

Chibs sighed loudly and shook his head. It was clear he didn’t like the idea of you refusing his help, but he knew there was no use in arguing with you. You were stubborn, and you were going to have your own way, whether he liked it or not.


You heard the sound of a motorcycle pulling into your driveway and smiled to yourself. You knew it was Chibs coming to check on you, make sure you were okay. He had found out that morning about your abusive ex, how he wouldn’t stop harassing you, calling you at all hours of the day and night. You were surprised he had let you spend all day without any prospects clinging to you and following your every move. He was truly letting you handle it yourself. 

You walked to the front door after hearing a few loud, steady knocks. You opened the door, expecting to see your old man standing there. Instead, you were greeted by Juice and one of the newer prospects. You stood in your doorway, your hand still holding the door, and furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. 


Juice nodded his head. “Chibs sent me.” He smiled sheepishly. “He told me to watch out for you. Said he’d be over soon.” 

You rolled your eyes, sighed, and opened the door to let the two men inside. You should have known better than to think Chibs was going to let you stay at your house alone after all the shit he had found out about your ex. You were his old lady, and he loved you. There was no way in hell he was going to take a chance on someone possibly hurting you, especially not some stupid prick like your ex.

Juice and the prospect walked inside, both of them looking around your house curiously. “This is Chibs’ place?” the prospect asked. 

You shook your head. “No, we don’t live together.” You walked to the kitchen and flashed the two guys a light smile. “So who wants snacks?” 


Chibs had shown up a few hours after Juice and the prospect had arrived. Since it was so late, you and Chibs had just decided to let them crash on your couch for the night. Everyone was sound asleep when a loud, banging noise sounded through your house. 

You rolled over and tiredly rubbed your eyes. “What the hell is that?” you mumbled. You glanced over at Chibs. He was still snoring. The knock persisted, growing louder and louder. You suddenly woke up enough to realize what was going on. 

Your stupid ex-boyfriend had finally gotten the nerve to show up at your house. After months and months of enduring his harassment, the constant calls, the threats, the verbal abuse, you had had enough. You were tired of his shit, and you refused to take it anymore. You leaped from your bed and grabbed your shotgun, then you marched downstairs, determined to put an end to this shit once and for all.

You walked into the living room to see Juice and the prospect standing there, guns in hand and staring at the front door.

“That him?” Juice asked, nodding towards the front door.

You nodded your head. 

“Want me to handle it?” he asked.

You shook your head and turned your eyes back to the front door. A wicked smirk spread across your face. “I got it.” 

You slung the front door open. Your ex was standing in the doorway, his hand raised to knock on the door again. The smug look on his face disappeared. He lowered his hand, a look of surprise on his face. It was clear he hadn’t been expecting you to open the front door, particularly not with a loaded shotgun in hand. You pointed the barrel of the gun at his chest. “What do you want?” you asked, your voice intimidating and fierce. He swallowed hard and just shook his head. You jabbed the gun in his chest. “Get the fuck off my porch.” He raised his hands and backed up slowly. “Better yet, get the fuck out of Charming.” You followed him down your driveway, the barrel of the gun forcing him towards the street. “Don’t call me. Don’t come near me. Ever again. Or I promise you, I will blow your goddamn brains out.” You smirked cruelly. “What little bit of brains you do have left.” 

He nodded his head quickly, a look of fear etched on his face. He practically ran across the street and jumped in his car. He sped off, his tires squealing on the asphalt as he made his escape. 

Sometime between you crawling out of bed and pointing a loaded shotgun at your ex’s chest, Chibs had made his way downstairs. You lowered your gun, turned on your heel, and walked back inside the house, feeling more powerful than you ever had before. You looked up to see Juice and the prospect staring at you, mouths agape. Their eyes were wide as saucers. 

“Holy shit.” Juice mumbled. “That was badass.”

You turned to your old man. His eyebrows were raised, and he was biting his lip. You could tell by the look he was giving you that he was so turned on at that moment. You did your best to hide your smile. “Well, shit!” he exclaimed. He walked to you and grabbed your face in his hands, planting a passionate, sloppy kiss on your lips. 

You pulled back and let out a surprised giggle, a mischievous grin now spreading on your face. “I told you I could handle it.” 

He stared into your eyes and grinned at you. “That’s my girl.” He took you by your free hand and began pulling you up the stairs. 

“What are you doing?” you asked with a playful laugh.

“Sorry, love.” He turned and placed another kiss on your lips. “But that was hot.” 

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nbghhnn holy shit your old "sufjan stevens is HECKING CUTE and his mlm songs make me wanna write FAT FANFICS he's PURE" post came up in my recommended posts and i was so uncomfortable reading it

dude i made that post three days ago

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This is such an amazing blog and I admire it a lot and I started to wonder about the person behind the blog. What's your name? How old are you? 😮

Holy Shit! Thank you so much for the kind words! It really means a lot. I actually have an about me on my explore link on my blog but to give you the run down, I’m 17 turning 18 this year and my name is Megan! :)

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Newly Dead Guard: Holy shit?! What the fuck happened?! Influence: Ah, so your old body decided to quit working, but don't worry I got it all fixed, you're good as new~ NDG: I'm dead!? Influence: No, no no, death is such an ugly word, and totally not what happened; I just fixed you~! No death on my watch, and I'm always watching! NDG: *Blinks slowly* You're fucking crazy. Sophie: We've been telling him that for years!

Nope! No one dies here! Absolutely not! I promised nobody would die on MY watch and I’m keeping that promise! Everybody’s alive! You’ve all got good new bodies to live on in! Yep! All in a night’s work~!

Imagination cursed us all with life, indeed….

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I feel like dnp are being so much more affectionate to each other recently and are dropping lots of hints that they're together. After being together for 7 years and seeing how much of a power couple they are I don't believe they will ever breakup and I think they believe that too. So with that in mind do you think they're keeping their relationship hidden for the sake of their careers rather than privacy reasons?? Interested of hearing your thoughts! Love your blog btw xxx

i think both, and maybe even more. i believe remaining ambiguous is advantageous for them professionally in many ways. coming out always bears the risk of their content or their role as legitimate entertainers being overshadowed by their audience’s investment in their relationship. you could argue that that’s already the case (that there’s a significant portion of their audience that follows them due to an interest in their potential relationship more than their videos) but with the ambiguity that they currently have, they don’t really have people demanding for them to make content that is centered on their relationship alone. and also i’d argue that actually wayyyy more people follow dnp for their content than for their private matters just judging on view counts on certain videos in comparison to others, and the sheer number of people in their comments that are very certain that they are just friends and genuinely shocked/appalled that anyone could view them as more. i also think that coming out might put weight on them to take on a more proactive role as spokespeople for the lgbtq community that they might not want, and that again might overshadow their creative content. it might hinder their chances of being hired as a duo by corporations that wouldn’t want to deal w the attention and news of hiring a homosexual couple to host their events. which is obviously upsetting and a bit gross, but also, just the reality of how the world works right now. in short, i genuinely believe that if they were out it would undermine many people’s perception of the content they make and cause many people to take them a lot less seriously, especially as a duo. 

personally, i also feel it continues to be good for them to remain ambiguous because it dissuades questioning and attention placed on their private affairs. we all know all of the stories of youtube couples whose relationships crumbled under the weight of public scrutiny and the consequences of oversharing. while dnp have dealt w this private-public balance for seven years and therefore would probably be a lot better equipped to handle that pressure than most of these other couples, i do think that their relationship remains the most important thing in their lives and so,, it’s probably just not worth the risk that all of that extra attention might pose. i just can envision a universe in which they were out and instead of comments being like “are they dating” “no” “probably not” “ugh i hate shippers” (which, lbr, are annoying in their own right), we’d have comment sections full of 

  • “guys they’re not comfortable w pda leave them alone” 
  • “ugh i hate these pervy people who just want dnp to do gay stuff for them instead of focusing on the content” 
  • “okay phil, so when are you proposing??? ??”  
  • “guys, do you think bc they arent married, theyre not actually in love??” 
  • “omg dan rolled his eyes in this video while phil was talking do u think they’re fighting?!?! i always thought phil could do better anyway ugh” 
  • “why haven’t they made the boyfriend tag, they might be fighting omg” 

wow a 30-second thought exercise and i already want to die from a cringe attack. you get my point. 

edit: want to add a couple more potential comments bc i didn’t even go down the route of future-y things and the gross heteronormative assumptions about their relationship that might be directed at them, but how about “omg dnp when r u guys getting a baby” “omg dan is SOOOO obviously the GIRL in the relationship ha ha ha”  vom.