holy shit youre old

  • me: the staff should be focusing on actually improving the website a la AH revamp, coli revamp, lair system revamp. i'm really tired of them putting all of these important projects on hold to introduce brand new features. fix your old features first, PLEASE.
  • also me: HOLY SHIT!!! NEW VENUE!!!!!! YA BOY'S IN IT!

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Idk what people are so fucking angry about. Like, you're not actually looking for a relationship??? It's just a crush?? I've had crushes on men way older than me and nothing came of it. Honestly this hellsite needs to chill out. And people are like "your kink is gross" It's not a kink? It's just a crush holy shit yeah the dude is old enough to be your parent, but it's literally so normal to be attracted to someone who's simply attractive to you. this website is gonna give me an early death jfc

Eh tbh it’s amusing to me, but like they’re so bothered and yet they hide behind anon to hate, like frfr? Nah. That’s their problem. I know who I am and what I’m about. Thanks bb 💜

“I swear we didn’t tell Al Mualim to do that”

“He’s worn the same outfit for 23 years we should be able to spot him by now”

“Damnit Rodrigo control your kids”

“Holy shit how old is this guy”

“Let’s just tell him where Charles Lee is”

“That time a pirate wrecked our shit”

“How did we even function before Shay”

“Wow he basically did our work for us”

- Assassin’s Creed games, from a Templar perspective

You’re all acting immature as fuck about this tour announcement. How many of you have even listened to Wiz or Hoodie Allen? I havent, and therefore, I ain’t gonna bitch. Boo hoo, you have to listen to music you normally wouldn’t because of your “I hate rap and country music!!1!1” mentalities.

For those of you saying “it’s offensive to their straight-edge fans!” Did you forget that Andy is straight-edge? If he had a problem with it, he’d speak up & it wouldn’t be happening.

Show some god damn respect, considering an hour before they announced this I’m sure you were all talking about shoving the new album up your underage asses.