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Jared Basically Peeping At You HCs

Request/// “Jared hc where you’re neighbors and your windows are across from each other and Jared accidentally sees you nakey lol”

I loved writing this so much holy s h i t

The title of this probably doesn’t describe it well I’m sorry bout it man


• the first time was an accident I promise

• don’t get me wrong, Jared is a perv by no means, but he would never intentionally invade someone’s privacy to peep yanno?

• yall have been next door neighbors since forever so it was bound to happen

• like yall live so close you guys can throw shit in each other’s window if you want

• it was a REALLY hot summer night right?

• so you had kept your shades and windows open in hope to get some cool air

• but you totally forgot they were open when you came back from your shower and just fuckin dropped your towel in front of the window to grab your clothes n get dressed

• and also little did you know Jared was staring directly at you

• this boys mouth was h a n g i n g open holy fuck

• he honest to God didn’t know what to do

• like he was frozen in shock

• he was waiting for you to come back in your room bc he wanted to throw over this weird retro CD he got earlier that day n wanted you to give it a listen

• he didn’t expect to be met with your full on nuDE BODY JFC

• immediately after he realized what tf was going on, he ofc turned away like

• he didn’t weirdly whack one off to you or anything because that’s like really wrong

• but he avoided you at all costs for literally a week

• he kept his window shut and locked and you were like

• ?????

• this boy felt so bad about seein your nipples yall

• like, Jared Kleinman was actually upset over this bc he felt like he somehow took advantage of you or something

• he’s so pure I swear

• finally that weekend you knocked on his door and was like ??? Jared what the hell??? You’ve been ignoring me all week??? What did I do???

• he did not make eye contact with you I shit you not

• his cheeks and tips of his ears were red the whole time you spoke

• when he saw you were getting visibly upset he just muttered out a quick

• “Saw you naked the other day….I’m sorry”

• and then explained what happened

• you just LAUGHED and he was sweating nervously

• he’s so precious n you know Jared would never fucking just stare at you while you got dressed and stuff like that

• you reassured him with a big hug and a smooch to his cheek that it was really okay and that you weren’t upset and that you were happy he told you and that since he did that makes him a good person, etc

• it didn’t change anything between yall

• you still keep your windows open and such

•you guys still throw random shit at each other and all that nonsense

• you’re just more careful when you get dressed ya feel?


• when yall start dating you purposely get dressed/undressed when your windows are open so he can get a free show

• wink wonk
• ;))

• I love Jared Kleinman

Crankgameplays(Ethan) x reader

“Can you do “That’s my ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.” - “Well, kiss me so they see.” with Ethan but the reader and Ethan are just friends until that moment because I need it and you love me m10 😭🙏🏻”
Request? - yES FINALLY. @hamiltryingmybest Words - ?? Idk how to count 
Warnings - ..none?
Extras - Y/E/N (Your Ex’s Name)

You, Ethan, and Amy went out to Walmart to grab a few materials for the Livestream. Originally, it was just you but Ethan and Amy decided to tag along.
“Ok You and Ethan go find the shaving cream and marshmallows, and I’ll go get the Toilet paper, ok?” Amy said, looking at you two. Mostly you; once again she was trying to somehow set you and Ethan up. God, only if you hadn’t told Mark, which told Amy, who told Tyler, Tyler, told Kathryn, and you were pretty sure even Chica knew. /everyone/ knew except the blue boy. gOD FORBID IF MARK TOLD JACK.
“Yeah sure, let’s go Y/N.” Ethan smiled, smacking your shoulder with the back of his hand.
“Sure!” You smiled, although deathly glared at Amy, which she had her thumbs up, and a wide smile.
You and Ethan’s walk to find the marshmallows, was a go. Immediately going to the isle where candy and all sugary snacks were.
“Ok, alright.. marshmallows..” you mumbled looking up and down.
“Should we get colored marshmallows?” Ethan questioned, glancing at you.
You shrugged, “Dunno, I mean we could get colored and non-colored.”
He nodded, “True.”
A few second went by, and you sighed,
“Alright I’m gonna look at the other side..” you mumbled, quickly turning around, to see a familiar male.
Oh god. That was Y/E/N.
You turned around and stood on your tippy toes to whisper in Ethan’s ear.
“Ethan.. my ex boyfriend is here.” You shakily whispered.
You pointed behind you,
“That’s my Ex Boyfriend, and god, Ethan look. He’s already moved on, and I’m just standing here, fucking single, while he’s got a goddamn girl hanging off his arm.”

“Well, you’re a single, strong, independent woman.” He commented, glancing at him, but he quickly averted his eyes when he realized Y/E/N was looking at you two.
“He’s looking over here.” Ethan whispers, looking down at you.
“What? Oh lord.. what do I do? Ethan,– Ethan do me a huge favor and act like we’re together.”
“What?!” He whisper yelled.
“I know! I’m sorry.. but please?”
You looked at him, cheeks pink, a slightly sad face on.
“Alright..” he mumbled, grabbing your hand and interlacing your guys’ fingers.
Immediately your heart sped up, his hand was warm, soft, and god. His hand in yours felt right. It sounds cheesy, but it really felt right.
“W..-what if he’s not buying it?”
Ethan went quiet for a second, before he hummed; “Well, kiss me so they see.”
Aaaaand there goes your heart. Your cheeks were now super red, and you looked at him, baffled.
“I-I can’t do that!”
“Sure you can, you just..”
And before you knew it, Ethan’s lips were against yours.
You squeaked in surprise, blinking multiple times. Heart racing.
/oh my god oh my god oh my god./
Your mind went crazy.
But all too soon, his lips were slowly moving away, and you wasted it by freaking out. But oh, no, no. You /needed/ to redeem yourself.
Removing your hand from his, you placed both of your hands on his cheeks, and pulled him in for another kiss. Except, this time, you kissed him back, instead of wasting time on thinking and freaking out.

“Holy shit.” Was said when you pulled away.
“Yeah u-uh sorry?” You mumbled, removing your hands and quickly looking over your shoulder to find Y/E/N gone.
“Holy shit,” he said again, “Holy– Y/N, kiss me again.”
You looked at him, confusion spread across your face.

<Extended ending.>

“OH MY GOD, GUYS!” Amy screeched, she realized something, and she totally forgot to show/tell everyone. The livestream chat blew up, people saying;
“Oh god!”
“What happened Amy?!”
“FRICKEN LOOK.” She screeched, and she showed her phone to the camera, where the livestream was recording you guys.
The Chat immediately was roaring.

“AMY WHAT THE HELL? WHY.” You screamed, and tried to grab her phone,
Mark, Kathryn, And Tyler were snickering, smacking Ethan’s shoulder.
“Wooo get itttt”
“Oh my god, good job.”

OK BUT I kINDA LIKE IT??? Idk🤷‍♀️ send in some requests, it doesn’t haven’t to be Ethan.


* Alexander × Reader
* Modern
* Requested by @stupidships3335
* Request: a story where the reader sleepwalks into one of the guys’ room, and then she wakes up at the foot of their bed and think that she and the guy of your choice did it last night, then she fights with that guy until another guy of your choice tells her that he saw her sleepwalking, then it ends with fluff?

A/N: another request on private message. I liked this one, I haven’t seen a request like it so I was excited to write it. I hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 1,749


When you were a child, it was a constant problem. Sleep walking. You couldn’t help it and honestly, it was a little annoying. You’d wake up in some place different then where you went to bed. Luckily, as you grew up it just sorta stopped. Apparently it’s something you can grow out of. Once every now and then you would sleep walk, but never far. And it only happened once every few years. You never told the guys as it never seemed relevant. You sorta wished you mentioned it earlier, as it became a problem one night.

“Alright. Time for bed.” You said at a late hour. You were all still up and having a few drinks, except you were all doing your own thing. Alexander typing, Lafayette reading, Hercules working, and John studying. You had been mindlessly scrolling on your phone.

“That’s probably a good idea.” John agreed with you as he slammed his book.

“Yeah, I work better after a night’s rest anyway.” Hercules added.

“Oui. It is pretty late.” Lafayette also chipped in.

“Alexander?” You asked.

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happy new year!! 2016 was obvs a terrible year, and it was pretty bad for me personally despite some nice successes (graduating from school, completing my honors thesis, etc), but now !! it’s 2017 !! it’s a new year, new me, new season of shadowhunters !! i’ve got lots of resolutions and goals as well as some motivation to actually achieve those things so yay!!

one of my goals this year is to be a better friend bc i generally suck at keeping in touch and checking up on people and overall just being as compassionate as i’d like to be - and yall are so so wonderful, you deserve a lot more from me so i’m hoping that this year i can be a better friend and be more involved/social whenever possible with yall! <3

anyway, i love you all so so much and hope you all have the most amazing start to the year!! and without further ado, my wonderful mutuals:

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halfblood01  asked:

"Zero fucks given. Next please" for matsuhana?

ok so since I got this one so many times, I decided to just combine them all and to make it matsuhanaiwaoi, so I hope you don’t mind! 

Matsukawa stares blankly at the three in front of him, slowly wiping the counter with his rag. He watches as Hanamaki and Oikawa nervously shuffle their feet waiting for an answer. Iwaizumi has his eyebrows pulled together, looking at the counter, but it’s obvious he’s nervous as well.

“Yeah, no thanks.” Matsukawa says, moving down the counter to get away from them. He could go into the back since he’s an employee, but he also doesn’t want to be too big of an ass to his boyfriends.

“Come on, Issei, please?” Hanamaki whines, following him down the counter on his side. Oikawa is right on his heels, eyes pleading with him as Iwaizumi trails after the two.

“No,” Matsukawa says firmly, turning to look at Iwaizumi. “I thought you were the responsible one?” He says accusingly.

Iwaizumi smiles sheepishly, awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck. “What can I say? They’re very persuasive.”

Matsukawa glares. “Still, it’s a no.”

Oikawa huffs, jutting his lip out into a pout. His eyes grow wide as he stares at his boyfriend, lip trembling. “I’ll cry if you say no again.”

Matsukawa slowly narrows his eyes. “…zero fucks given. Next please.”

“We’re the only ones here,” Hanamaki supplies, drumming his fingers on the counter. “And I know you don’t want to see Tooru cry, don’t act like you don’t care!”

“Okay, I care. But it’s still a no.”

Oikawa crosses his arms, stubbornly stomping his foot. “Fine! Then we’ll all go and have fun without you.”

“And I’ll say nice things at all of your funerals,” Matsukawa says instantly. He scrubs the counter with a bit too much force, grumbling under his breath about how stupid they all are.

“…Is that really what you’re worried about? It’s perfectly safe, Issei.” Iwaizumi says softly, gently placing his hand on top of Matsukawa’s, stopping his movement.

“Look, I just don’t want to fucking jump out of a plane–”

“Holy shit!” Hanamaki gasps, placing a hand over his mouth. “I totally forgot, fuck, I’m sorry, Issei–”

Matsukawa sighs, taking his hand back. He looks at all of them with a serious look, eyes finally softening. “I just don’t like heights, okay? I know Tooru and Hajime don’t know that, and it’s fine that Hiro forgot, but seriously. Go without me. Just, for the love of god, come back alive.”

“We will!” Oikawa says, nodding his head enthusiastically.

“When are you guys going?”

Iwaizumi glances down at his watch. “In thirty minutes.”

Matsukawa stares blankly at them. He then turns around,walking towards the employee door. “Have fun,” he calls over his shoulder, stopping right before he exits. “And don’t die, okay?”

We Are Dirty, So Be It (Ashley Purdy)

Request: Ashley Purdy got drunk & you two fucked & had mini Ashley’s running around in 9 months :3 
(OMFG I TOTALLY FORGOT THIS WAS IN MY DRAFTS HOLY SHIT I LOVE WHOEVER REQUESTED THIS. If you don’t know me, I’m addicted to Ashley Purdy & BVB so you guys should request more of them ^_^ ~ Rebecca) 

“CHEERS! To our new album, & to the most wonderful girlfriend I could ever ask for.” Your boyfriend of 2 years, Ashley toasted. 

“Awe Ash…” You blushed. You two raised your glass, as so did everyone else. You sipped your gin & scrunched your nose, considering how strong it was. 

“Ha, you okay babe?”

“Yeah, I’m just not use to this.”

*A couple hours later*

While you decided to stay sober tonight, you witnessed Ash…well basically doing to total opposite.  

“COME ON Y/N, LET’S DANCE!” He shouts across the club. Everyone knew that when Ash gets to a certain level of intoxication, it never ends well. 

“Um Y/N, you should probably take him now. He’s in ‘Ash Mode’.” Jinxx suggested. 

“Yeah I think you’re right.” You walked across the dance floor to find Ash. “Come on Ash! We’re going home.”

*At home*

“Why you always gotta ruin everything like daaamn.” He slurred. 

“Excuse me? I’m just tryna save you from embarrassing yourself.”

“I’m not a child Y/N, I can take care of myself.” He snapped.

“Well fine then. Have fun taking care of yourself on the couch tonight, cause that’s where you’re sleeping.” You snapped back. You were sick & tired of his attitude. 

“No Y/N wait!”

“Leave me alone Ash-”

“Please… Please forgive me. I’m sorry." 

"Prove it.” You winked. He smirked & caught your drift. He pushed you against the wall & smacked his lips against yours. He sneaked his hands up your skirt & began to rub your clit.

“Oh Ash!” He caught you by surprise.

“You like it when I touch you?” He whispered in your ear. Your breathing became harder, because you wanted him. Inside you.

“Ash please.”

“Please what?” He stopped rubbing you & removed his shirt.

“P-please just fuck me already.” You moaned & massaged your boobs yourself.

“As you wish.” He picked you up & ran to the bedroom. He threw you on the bed, laying you on your back. You removed your clothes, as so did he. He got on the bed with his boxers on. You sat up to pull them down, letting his erection spring free. “You know what to do.” He purred.

You grabbed his length & wasted no time deep throating him. “Ugh Y/N.” He groaned. You sensed his member twitching & he released in your mouth. You swallowed every inch of him. He laid you back down & teased you a little bit.

He rubbed his shaft against your clit a few times. “Ashley, p-please. I need you so bad.” You begged, you were desperate for him. He giggled & entered himself into you. Hard. “FUCK!” You screamed out. 

“God damn Y/N you’re so tight.” A few more thrusts & you felt the knot in your stomach begin to tighten. 

“Oh Ash….I’m g-gonna-UGH!” You came onto his member as he came into you. He collapsed beside you & you snuggled your head into his chest. 

“Best. Sex. Ever.”

*10 months later*

“Ash can you feed Y/D/N? I have to go change Y/S/N.” Over the months, you had two beautiful set of twins, Y/D/N & Y/S/N.

“Of course.” He walked over to her playpen & picked her up. “Awe you hungry baby girl? Don’t worry, daddy’s got your bottle right here.” He sat on the couch next to you & started feeding her. 

“You’re such a good father Ash.”

“And as you a mother.”

“I love you.”

“Love you too." 

I didn't ask for these feels: a Consumed recap.

(Ok so this is all very silly and long. It was originally written by request for a friend and no one is properly in character and I forgot to post it here which is likely a sign that it should remain unposted but oh well)

We open on Carol thinking about ditching these fools, it’s night. From behind her a branch snaps. She turns.

Daryl: Oh um hi, definitely not stalking you, just walkin’ ‘round in the dark for no reason. You know.


Daryl: Um, so, watcha doin’?

Carol: I dunno. I’m basically feeling too many feels, I don’t want these feels and I didn’t ask for these feels so I’m leaving.

Daryl: squinty-eyed love

Carol: Not helping.

-Black car, white cross, vroom-

Daryl: Holy shit, I totally forgot about Beth.

Maggie (From the distance): Hm, why does that name sound so familiar…Oh well, off to Washington!

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Skate goes One Direction- A Nate Maloley Imagine (Requested)


“Hey babe!” I said as I got in Nate’s car.

“Hey Y/N!” Nate said with a grin as he leaned over the console to give me a kiss.

“So where are we going tonight? Dinner, movies?” I asked.

“Actually neither. I did something I never thought I’d actually do. I spent a lot of money on this.” Nate said and now I was scared.

“Nate what the hell did you buy, it better not be something stupid.” I said.

“I think it’s stupid, but you won’t.” He said as he handed me an envelope.

I looked at Nate who smiled as I took out the contents of the envelope, which revealed two tickets for the One Direction concert tonight in downtown Los Angeles.

“You did not! Holy shit Nate, I totally forgot they were even here! Is this for real?” I squealed.

“They are legit all you talk about, I know how much you love them. Even though I can’t stand those guys, I love you and want to see you happy. So for tonight, I am a One Direction fan.” Nate said as we headed to the concert.

“You don’t know any of their songs, please let me have the aux cord so I can play you some!” I begged.

“Do I even need to know their music? This is a one night thing.” Nate groaned.

“I’m playing you everything from What Makes You Beautiful to Night Changes.”

“Don’t torture me even more than I need to be!” Nate groaned even louder.

“Hey, you asked for this by buying tickets!” I laughed.

“I should’ve taken you to see Drake instead.” Nate joked.

“Oh shush, you’re gonna leave the concert tonight singing One Direction the entire car ride home, watch.”

“I will not be One Directions new fan boy.” Nate said shaking his finger at me.

“Or you could be their newest member, I hear their looking for Zayn’s replacement. You’d be perfect, you can sing and rap!” I said as Nate playfully slapped my arm.

“Good thing I love you or I’d throw you out of this car right now!” Nate said with a small trace of a smile.

forestdervish: Sorta related to that werewolf ask I sent you earlier, about nearly all werewolves in fiction being bulky powerhouses, here’s some pics I found that show werewolves that are at least lankier (I esp like the first one, it actually looks rather androgynous and def like these old folk tales where you had to look for “signs” that the werewolf’s wolf form was not like an ordinary wolf, unlike how really uninspired lazy depictions just go “oh it just turns into an ordinary wolf but no tail/bigger”). 1st one is by Angus McBride, 2nd is by Maurice Sand (from 1858!), 3rd is by Robh Ruppel. IDK if there’s other examples out there

External image

Yessss, I love these lanky looking guys! They look a lot leaner and faster and much more deadly imo. I’m also a fan of the werewolves that were good at blending in with other wolves, so you never really knew whether it was a wolf or a werewolf among the rest of the wolves.