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Just Right


Requested. No. I just really wanted to do something fluffy about Shawn admitting his feelings for you. Kinda sucks but who cares 

Word count: 2,016

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She was so insanely beautiful. The kind of beautiful people write songs about, the kind of beautiful I want to write songs about.

Even when sleeping deeply with her messy hair in a bun. Even with her mascara smashed out under eyes. Even when she laid here in my lap and those cute, little snoring noises slipped out of her unflawed rosy lips.

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Their reaction to you having cuteass moans

Bts reaction to you having cute ass moans. 

 Okay, so, I’ve decided to do a short one because I haven’t got much time to update, and it also seems like the shorter ones the other admins do are more popular. Hope we can receive your feedback! 


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 This is his domain. His world. Literally, “I love your moans.“ Inside, he would be like, “Holy shit her moans are dead cute omg my soulmate." 

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Father-(Derek Hale)

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Characters: Lydia Martin, Allison Argent, Derek Hale and (Y/N).

Word Count: 829

Warnings: Derek crying?

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Summary: You and Derek gets a surprise he never would have expected

I sit atop the closed toilet seat with anxiety and anticipation flowing through my entire body. My pals sweat like Stiles during gym and my throat is incredibly dry. Positive. Positive. Positive. That’s the only word running through my mind right now. 

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Bucky&Steve x reader

Warnings: swearing, angst, stress, threesome(s), graphic male-female and male-male sexual acts 

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Honorary tag: @tesseractbucky because I somehow seem to keep kicking you off this thing (not on purpose, I promise!) This way it’ll hopefully not happen again!

Summary: As a high-end fashion designer you’re living an extensively comfortable life. When your relationship of six years ends, you’re not too happy to see your newly-ex on the arm of another woman directly after; which is part of the reason you don’t mind running in to two men, who seem to have some exciting plans with you. As a woman who always gets what she wants, you immediately recognise men who are used to that exact same thing, and you’re more than happy to be the one to put them in their place.

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Hockey Camp - Auston Matthews (Part 12)

Auston Matthews x Reader

Word Count: 2356

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: Not too sure how I feel about this chapter, may take this down and repost it later if I figure out a way to write this better!

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11]


The next morning, you shuffle out of bed, going about your daily morning routine: brushing your teeth, yanking a comb through your hair, splashing water and cleanser on your face, and if you felt ambitious, putting some moisturizer on. When you’re done, you close the bathroom door behind you, rubbing your heavy eyes. You can hardly keep them open. Least to say, you didn’t get much sleep last night, as you laid awake for a long time thinking about Auston.

You plop down on your bed and pull your suitcase out from underneath it. As you rummage around for a pair of leggings and a shirt, Steph walks back in the room.

“Holy. Fucking. Shit.”

“What?” You look up at her, blinking furiously. Everything seems way too bright this morning, and you can feel a headache coming on.

“What do you mean ‘what’? Would you care to explain what’s on your neck?”

You freeze. Oh no.

Steph takes one look at your expression and grins devilishly. “Oh, this is too good. Go on, take a look in the bathroom mirror.”

“I don’t want to.”

“You better, or I’m taking a picture and putting it on my Snapchat story.”

You stand up, glaring at her. “You wouldn’t dare.”

She just smiles. When you walk back towards the bathroom, she stops you. “Wait! You might need this.” She tosses you a tube of concealer and laughs maniacally at the look you give her.

Sure enough, when you look in the mirror, your neck is an absolute mess. Both sides are covered in red and purple hickies, trailing all the way down to your collarbones. You’re going to kill him.

“Steph! You better come here and help me - I can’t go out in public like this!”

You hear a camera go off, and whip around to see Steph running away from the bathroom, phone in hand.

You run out the door, furious. “Stephanie LaChance, I swear to god, if you don’t delete that right now, I’ll-”

“Okay, okay! I’ll delete it!” She holds up her phone, showing you as she hits the ‘x’ button in the top corner, removing the photo.

“You already saved it to your camera roll, didn’t you?”


You sigh. “You can send it to Mitch, but no one else, alright?”

“Okay!” she says happily, opening a new text message to Mitch.

“But only if you help me cover this up. We have ten minutes to get to the bus!”

Nine minutes later, the two of you are on the bus, breathless. Your bruises have been hastily covered by half a tube of concealer and a dusting of powder, and although it’s nearly 25 degrees out, you’re wearing your sweater with a big hood that somewhat shields your neck from view. It isn’t the most elaborate disguise, but it’s fairly decent for only having ten minutes.

When you walk into the arena, you pull your hood further up your neck, and peer around nervously. Hopefully no one can tell. You feel like the words, ‘I have a hickey’ are written in huge letters across your forehead.

“Y/N, relax.” Steph seems to read your mind. “Nobody’s going to be looking at you anyways.”

“Gee, thanks.”

She rolls her eyes. “You know what I mean.”

Steph heads towards the dressing room to get ready, but you keep walking down to dressing room E, where Nancy said she would meet you. However, this means you’ll pass by the guy’s change room.

You walk quickly, with your head down. If you can just get to the dressing room, then you won’t have to worry about anyone noticing the giant bruises on your neck.

Mitch has other plans, however.

“Hey, Y/N, how’s it going?” he greets you loudly, stepping out of his dressing room and blocking the hallway.

“Great, how are you?”

“I’m good, thanks.” He smiles as he says this, but there’s a mischievous glint in his eye that makes you uneasy.

“Listen, I-” you start, trying to push past him. He blocks you, throwing an arm up on the side of the wall.

“Not so fast.”

“Mitch, I really have to get to this appointment with Nancy.”

“Nancy’s not even here yet.”

“That’s okay. I like to be early.”

“Well, you’re going to have to be on time today. I have a very important matter to discuss with you.”

You feign obliviousness. “And what would that be, Mitchell?”

“Well…” He smirks, seeing right through you. “It has to do with a certain boy, very tall, brown hair, looks like he never sleeps…”

“You’re going to have to be more specific. There’s a lot of tired-looking brunettes here.”

“Fine.” Mitch huffs, crossing his arms. You take this as your chance to slip through the gap between him and the wall. You surge through, but just as you think you’ve made it, he snags your forearm.

“Y/N, it’s about Auston.”

“I already knew that.”

“Then why didn’t you say so?” he exclaims.

“Because, I already know what you’re going to confront me about, and I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Why not?”

“Why not? Because it’s embarrassing!”

“Going on a date is embarrassing?”

You frown. “No…is that what you wanted to talk about?”

“Yeah! That’s why I don’t get why you don’t want to talk about it - unless you don’t like Auston. Then I’ve totally made this conversation awkward.”

“Oh, okay. No, I had a great time with Auston last night. Steph didn’t send you the picture then.” You sigh in relief.

“The picture? What picture?”

“Nothing, forget I said anything.”

Mitch pulls out his phone. “Oh, here! I do have a message from Steph.”

“Don’t open it!”

“Why not?”


“Should I wait to show it to Auston then?”

“Show me what?” Auston says, and you wheel around to see him walking up behind you. Perfect timing, as usual.

“Nothing!” you say loudly at the same time Mitch holds out his phone to show Auston the picture.

“What’s this?” Auston says curiously, taking the phone from Mitch and holding it high enough so you can’t reach it.

In a matter of seconds, Auston’s face turns bright red.

“What?” Mitch exclaims. Auston hands the phone back to Mitch silently and gives you an apologetic look.

“Oh, shit. Y/N, your neck!” Mitch bursts out in laughter, clutching his hand to his mouth. “Oh, man - that’s too good. Auston, I never knew you were such an animal.”

Auston’s face reddens even more.

“Yeah, okay - I’m leaving now,” you squeak, and jog away from Mitch and Auston and head over to dressing room E before Mitch can stop you again.

Just before the door shuts behind you, you hear Mitch screech, “Wait, does that mean you guys were banging in my car?!”

“You seem very tense,” Nancy comments as she massages the area around your bruised ribs.

“Do I? Sorry,” you apologize and will your muscles to relax. Nancy hits a particularly tender spot, and you tuck your chin into your shoulder to try to hide your wince.

Her hands leave your back. “Y/N, I know you hardly know me and may feel uncomfortable opening up to me because of that, but if you need to talk to someone, I’m always here to listen. I had to take mandatory sports psychology courses as part of my degree, so I do know how important your mental health is for your physical performance in sports. To me, it feels like a lot of the tension in your muscles is not from overexertion, but rather from stress.”

You’re surprised by the tears that well up in your eyes at her kind words. Your voice is thick when you reply: “Thanks, Nancy.” You swallow the lump in your throat and continue, “I think I’m having some difficulty finding a balance in my life between sports and relationships.”

“Well, if it brings you any comfort - you’re not alone. I think you’d be surprised to hear how many NHL players I’ve heard say the same thing.”


“Really. It takes some time and patience, but I think you’ll be able to strike a balance between your personal life and your career. It’s very easy for an athlete to zone in on their profession and nothing else, and so it’s important that you take a step back and have some time to be human. Whether that’s hanging out with friends, loved ones, or spending time with yourself to de-stress, it’s essential for your performance on the ice.”

“I think I understand that now. I’m just scared of getting too distracted and it affecting my game.”

You can’t see her, but you can tell Nancy’s smiling. “Is this perhaps about a boy?”

“Yes,” you admit shyly. “I feel like I’m twelve years old again. I can’t stop thinking about him, and his smile, his eyes…sorry, that’s probably too much information.” You blush.

Nancy laughs lightly. “Don’t worry. I was the exact same way about my husband when we first met in university. The advice I can give to you about this is to make sure he’s someone you’re proud of being around, someone that you wouldn’t feel embarrassed introducing to the most important people in your life. You also want to make sure he’s someone that encourages you to improve your skills, and helps you to become a better person. If he fits those criteria, then you shouldn’t have to worry about him inhibiting you from achieving your goals. If anything, you’ll be yelling at him to be quiet because he’s cheering for you so loudly.”

You nod, taking this all in.

“Does that make sense?” Nancy asks.

“Yes. That helps a lot, actually. Thank-you.”

“Anytime,” she says warmly. “Now, let’s try and get this knot out of your shoulder, shall we?”

After Nancy finishes her session, and tells you to come back tomorrow before she can clear you for light exercise, you find yourself climbing up the stands to watch the tail end of the morning skate.

Steph sees you and waves wildly, banging on the glass. You create a heart shape with your hands before blowing her a kiss. Then she’s gone, sweeping around the ice with Alexis for the drill, the puck flying between them. Auston takes her place in the line-up. Your eyes are glued to him as he completes the drill, but twice as fast as Steph, and with an effortless appearance that you envy. He’s even more impressive to watch from the stands.

You study him for the rest of the practice, absorbed in the quick motion of his legs and the agility of his hands and stick - which is truthfully more like an extension of his arms than a piece of fiberglass. There is something about him that sets him apart from everyone on the ice. (And no, you’re not biased in the slightest). There’s just a sense of fire, of passion in everything he does that is unparalleled by anybody else.

When practice ends, you climb down from your seat and head towards the girl’s dressing room to talk to Steph about your session with Nancy. But on your way there, someone grabs your arm.

“Mitch, please stop harassing me, or I will-” you start, swinging around to face a grinning Auston. “Oh, it’s you.”

“‘Oh, it’s you.’ Thanks for the warm welcome.” He pretends to turn around and leave.

“I didn’t mean it like-”

“I know you didn’t, silly. I’m just teasing.” He leads you down the hall and into the small gap between the dressing rooms that leads to outside. He takes off his helmet and dumps it on the ground, slicking back his sweaty hair with his hands.

“So listen, I’m sorry about your neck.”

“Uh-huh. You seem to have developed a habit of bruising me.” His eyes follow your hand as you brush your ribs with your fingers.

“Hey, I swear I’m not doing it on purpose - your skin just bruises very easily.”

“Or maybe you’re an animal,” you tease, referring to Mitch’s earlier cringe-worthy remark.

“Please - just don’t.” He drops your gaze, abashed. “Mitch is like the little brother I never wanted. He’s the worst wingman and constantly embarrasses me. I don’t know why I keep him around.”

“Friendship is a strange thing,” you agree. “Steph drives me up the wall sometimes, and I swear was put on this earth to annoy me - but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love her to bits.”

“Yeah.” Auston nods, and then it falls silent, neither of you knowing what to say.

You’re about to turn away and make something up to relieve yourself from the stifling atmosphere when he blurts out, “can I kiss you?”

You give him a strange look.

“I really want to kiss you,” he explains, his face flushing.

“Okay, then kiss me, you idiot.” You laugh.

He walks over, careful not to tread on your toes with his skates. Then he bends down, firmly pressing his lips to yours. Your hands come up and hook inside his chest protector, bringing him closer. He deepens the kiss, but then breaks off, grabbing your hips and lifting you up so that your shoes are resting on top of his skates.

“Sorry, the height difference was making my neck hurt,” he whispers.

You’re about to retort that you’re not actually that short, that his skates give him an extra two inches over you than normal, but his lips cut you off. You lose yourself in the kiss, your hands sneaking under his equipment to brush against his bare skin. You distract him enough that he doesn’t notice when your lips dart down to his neck. You suck gently at the skin until you’re sure you’ve left a mark. But you end up grazing your teeth against his neck a little harder than expected and he realizes what you’re doing.


You laugh playfully and pull away, ducking out from underneath his arms. He tries to grab you, but you’re too fast as you hop down off his skates and sprint away.

“Y/N, get back here!”

[Part 13]

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For the ship ask meme Bumbleby, Freezerburn and Monochrome pls

Ah jeez anon you’re really asking me to stir up the hive if you want my brutally honest opinion of those ships.


Oh boy, where to start. Well, I don’t like the bees. Not at all. I’ve never seen it and I don’t think I ever will. There is 0 build up to the bees in canon and with the releases of bmblb, it honesty feels like rt is just pandering to the most popular ship to get people who have been hounding them about the lack of lgbt rep to finally shut up. “Look, we made the most popular w/w ship canon! We totes care about our lgbt audience!“ Never mind they released it on the soundtrack of a volume where Yang and Blake never interacted, Yang didn’t talk about Blake, at all, and only left Patch to go looking for her sister, while Blake’s been out doing stuff with Sun, who also got a song released,Like Morning Follows Nights which is a duet between a male singer and female singer, with the male singer comforting the female singer about how they need to stop torturing themselves about their past. Hmmmmmm.

“No build up? Thats absurd!“ Let me explain my pov before ripping into me.

I adore the Trailers, mostly because it showcases how great of a visual storyteller Monty is and how it foreshadows all of the characters inner struggles and future character arcs: Ruby following her mothers footsteps, Weiss fighting the SDC, Blake fighting the WF, Yang searching for her mother. Now the lyrics in Red Like Roses could be foreshadowing of bees “Black the Beast descends from shadows, Yellow Beauty burns gold.“ Fairy Tale motifs are everywhere in RWBY and Blake’s comes from Beauty and the Beast, so Blake=Beast, Yang=Beauty. Cool, awesome, foreshadowing a romance in the very first thing we ever see of the show.

Why did they never expand on that in canon.

In vol1, we already know arkos is gonna happen because as soon as Pyrrha and Jaune interact you can tell she has an interest in him and Jaune is just an oblivious moron. If bees are end game, why not have Blake and Yang take an interest in each other as soon as they meet? Sun and Blake do at the end of vl1, Weiss and Neptune do in vol2, Renora is different since they’ve been together most of their lives, and are introduced as a duo, while all the times of a potential straight ship its love at first sight and glaringly obvious its gonna happen.

In vol1, there is no indication Yang and Blake are interested in each other during the Initiation Test Arc, none during the Jaune Bullying Arc, and the final story arc of vol1 revolves around Weiss and Blake. And who was the first person to go running after Blake? Ruby, not Yang or Weiss. If bees are supposed to happen and Yang is madly in love with Blake, have her go after Blake, not Ruby. Have her standing up for Blake against Weiss during the arguments, have her upset that Blake, someone she loves, has run away, something Yang is shown to not handle well due to her mothers.

In vol2, Yang does not notice the change in Blake’s behavior (like Weiss does) and states that’s just how Blake is. Wouldn’t Yang, who’s supposed to be in love with Blake and is her super close partner and friend, notice a change in her behavior? “But she asked Blake to the dance!“ Yes she did, but it has also been established in the Yellow trailer and in vol1 that Yang is a flirt, and she encouraged Blake to come to the dance with Sun. Why would she encourage Blake to go with a romantic rival? If they showed Yang watching Sun and Blake dance with a pained look, or just showed she had an interest in Blake beyond just a platonic friendship, then yeah, I’d probably be on the bee train too. I also really, really hate that Yang uses a fucking laser pointer to get Blake’s attention, like holy shit that is so racist in the context of the RWBYverse. Why did Blake never call Yang out on that? She’s a FAUNUS not a CAT.

In vol3, Blake is the only member of RWBY who needed to be convinced that Yang wouldn’t break Mercury’s legs just for funsies. She even compares Yang to ADAM, her abusive, psychotic ex. Wow, like holy shit, look at that mutual trust and love the two of them have. “But Yang lost an arm for Blake after Adam said he’ll destroy everything Blake loves!“ Can you honestly tell me, with a straight face, that Adam would not have cut off Ruby’s arm, or Sun’ arm if they were the ones to show up, screaming Blake’s name and asking where she is. Or that he wouldn’t have just straight up murdered Weiss if she was the one who showed up. And when telling Ruby about what happened to Blake and Weiss Yang states that she doesn’t care where Blake has gone. Wow, so loving.

In vol4, Yang never once brings up Blake. She doesn’t leave Patch to go looking for Blake, she left to look for her sister. Blake only brings Yang up when talking to Sun and she is also talking about Ruby and Weiss. If they are so in love and are meant to be together, wouldn’t they show them in pain at being separated? Like Yang looking at a picture of Blake and crying? Or having Blake be on her own and having a tearful account of what happened to Yang while talking with her family? (The only person Blake mentions in passing to her family is Weiss). And not, you know, having Blake running around with Sun?

As it stands right now, I don’t think there has been enough canon interactions for bees to be believably established. They’ve had 1, perhaps 2 meaningful scenes together. They are never shown just hanging out, or even having a good understanding or mutual trust in the other. And to be honest, a romance between them just seems so bland and boring compared to some of Blake’s other ships, at least from a writing standpoint. I don’t like black sun, and consider it bland and boring as well, but at least they have enough canon interactions to where it would make sense for them to get together.

And I really hate that it feels like Yang’s disability happened just for them to have something for bees to angst over because they had nothing else going for them. “I lost my arm for you!“ “I know Yang! But I didn’t want him hurting you anymore because I love you!“ Blegh, if you’re gonna do that to your character, at least treat it better than you did rt. Yang was shown dealing with her ptsd for a single episode, put the robot arm on, and was instantly better. And Armed and Ready pretty much confirmed she’s all better now, because that’s how ptsd and depression works. It makes Yang’s disability feel cosmetic and an artificial way to create ship angst.

Tldr, I don’t like bees, I think they’re not well written and rt’s just adding them now because they’re tired of dealing with angry lgbt fans and don’t know how to write meaningful romances. That or they are queerbaiting super hard and its gonna bite them in the ass if black sun happens.


This is a cute ship. Don’t really ship it but I do have friends who do and I do enjoy seeing it on my dash.


Honestly? This is the best ship for Weiss and Blake from a narrative standpoint. If you want to know my reasoning, click here. (That was written before vol4 so its a little dated) They’ve had the most amount of canon interactions and a love story between them would be super powerful given their backstories and what it would mean for the people of Remnant for the heirs for the SDC and WF to get together. It doesn’t require any artificial armcuttingoff angst because Adam already wants to kill Weiss, their love is forbidden and would be something neither of their families would approve of.

I adore this ship, and will go down with it. It’s a shame rt never really realized the potential of it.

Strawberry Wine - Part 1: Restless Summer

Characters: Y/N (Reader), Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer, Charlie Bradbury, Benny Lafitte, Reader’s mom (mentioned)

Pairing: Eventually Dean x reader

Warnings: Age gap (bare with me just read it), mention of character death, loss of parent, abandonment, very sexy looking Dean, insecurities (mostly caused by youth),  

Wordcount: 3400ish

A/N: I am really excited about this series! The first 4 parts will be based off Deana Carter’s Strawberry Wine which also titled the series. The next too on Dean Brody’s Another Man’s Gold and Zac Brown Band’s Chicken Fried. It is a story of unlikely love and it beating the odds basically. Fluffy mostly, with a few tears and some smut.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***


Thanks to @for-the-love-of-dean and @mysupernaturalfics fics for betaing (read: Sass for Rach’s concern) this for me. You girls rock.

You watched the pine trees rush by the windows of the tour bus. You were coming home, back to your family and you took a deep breath and let out a small sigh as you like so many times before recalled your summer 10 years ago.

You thought about the young man that had worked on your grandfather’s farm that year. Your finger’s instinctively found your wrist and your started twisting your silver bracelet as you let your mind wander.

The old black muscle car he drove everywhere. Green eyes and freckles. A smile that made any girl weak in the knees. Smart and caring.

“That’s beautiful. A new song?” Charlie, one of your backup singers fell down in the seat next to you.

“What?” You send her a confused look. You hadn’t realized you had been singing and Charlie grinned at you as she started singing a few of the lines back to you.

“I was caught somewhere between a woman and a child.

When one restless summer we found love growing wild.

On the banks of the river on a well beaten path,

It’s funny how those memories they last.”

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Dice With Death Chapter 3: Talking With Fists

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Rating: M

Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence, NSFW in later chapters

>>Chapter 2

>>Chapter 4

Summary: Marinette Dupain-Cheng always wanted more out of life than the boring routine she’d grown used to. Twenty-two, eternally single, and living with her parents at the family bakery. Just as things begin to look up for her when an old friend returns to Paris, the wheels of fate begin to turn when she’s nearly kidnapped and saved by a handsome man in a black mask. Dealing with one crush is much easier than dealing with two.

Why couldn’t she be satisfied with her life of normality?

-Mafia AU-
Warning: Sin in later chapters.

“Your training, idiot.”

To say that Marinette Dupain-Cheng had a bad feeling about that day was the understatement of the century. She stood in front of the large wooden doors of the old hotel, dread finally surfacing. Not only were her parents upset that she was skipping out on work on a Saturday morning, but Queen Bee was going to train her today, and that alone was more than enough reason to feel uneasy. For some reason, the haughty blonde seemed to greatly dislike her, despite them only speaking a few sentences to each other.

She reached into her pocket and pulled out her keychain, which had a strange old key on it now. Chat Noir had given her the spare key before she left the hotel a few nights before, and had, once again, not contacted her since. She unlocked the doors and walked in, trudging her tired feet up to the lounge when she saw a familiar blonde ponytail out of the corner of her eye.

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Do you think you could write a fic about wynonna walking in on Waverly and Nicole in the barn instead of willa? I feel like she may have been a bit kinder

This is my last fic for a while!!! I got to basic training in 5 days, so I won’t be able to write prompts or anything for a few months, but if you’re patient enough, send me recs and stuff in my ask box and I’ll get to them when I am out!!! I hope you like this one!

“I’m exhausted.” Physically, psychologically, soulfully. Waverly doesn’t say it aloud, but she knows she doesn’t have to for Nicole to understand. Nicole can read her like an open book, something Waverly wasn’t used to.

“Hey.” Nicole breathes quietly. She starts towards the bed Waverly sits on and climbs to sit beside her.

Nicole glides her fingers across her shoulder, and the tingle they send down Waverly’s spine is something she still hasn’t gotten used to, and she hopes she never does. But she doesn’t express that; she shows no sign of affection. There’s just so much crap on her table, floor, ceiling, everywhere, lately for Waverly to relax with Nicole in this moment. It’s the first time they finally get alone time in weeks, yet Waverly can’t bring herself to loosen up and appreciate this rare moment. So when Nicole leans in to press a kiss to Waverly’s neck, she reflexively pulls away. If her mind was even a little less occupied than it has been, she would have actually felt guilty for the action, but the exhaustion that’s overwhelmed her has her in a state of nothingness.

Nicole pulls back to get a better look at her, and Waverly can feel her brown eyes on her.

“I know, baby.”

It’s those three delicately said words that gets a reaction from Waverly. She doesn’t know, Waverly thinks. She doesn’t know in the slightest bit just how exhausted she is. She may know the outline of it, but the details are all wrong for Nicole. She doesn’t know about the revenants, she doesn’t know about the curse, she doesn’t know about Willa being in a demon lead cult all these years after being snatched away by other demons, she doesn’t know the real reason for why Waverly was even in a situation in which she would get shot. Nicole doesn’t know any of those details, because her own… girlfriend?… is hiding the truth from her. She has no idea, and it kills Waverly to hide it all from her. In a way, Nicole is part of the reason Waverly is so damn exhausted.

But Nicole is here, and she’s not going anywhere, and she’s trying, and she wants to know, and even though she doesn’t know the details, she knows enough to know what Waverly needs even when she Waverly herself doesn’t know. And right now, as Nicole swipes Waverly’s hair to the side and places a soothing kiss to her neck again, Waverly realizes she needs Nicole close by her. She needs Nicole in every way right now; in the ways they’ve been, and the ways she’s been too nervous to pursue until now.

So Waverly finally reacts with the turn of her head in the direction of Nicole. When she kisses her, it’s slow and she wishes it could convey everything she wants to say to Nicole. All of the secrets, all of the lying, all of the stories with important parts withheld.

Her feels for her.

Nicole’s own messages in the kiss are clear to Waverly. I’m here. I’m not going anywhere. I will take whatever you can give me. Trust me.

It doesn’t take long until Waverly wants more than Nicole’s giving her, and she finds herself pulling off the officer’s purple knitted sweater.

“Yeah?” Nicole asks, and Waverly knows exactly what she’s asking for: Permission. Unlike usual when Nicole asks Waverly if she’s sure about it, and makes Waverly hesitate until Nicole deems her not ready to take it that far, this time, Nicole simply asks permission. Because Nicole knows Waverly, and she knows that now is not the time to question whether Waverly is ready or not. She knows this is what Waverly wants, and she’s going to give it to her. But it’s Nicole, and if Waverly wasn’t so distracted with her lips and what they’re doing, she’d laugh at just how much Nicole is being… well, Nicole. Even when the signs are so obviously there to just take the damn shirt off, she’s still taking care of Waverly and keeping her in her comfort zone. She still asks permission, and it melts Waverly’s heart to know just how perfect and caring Nicole is to her.

Waverly can’t manage to get any words through her mouth, so she nods her head yes for Nicole, and the next thing she knows, her button up shirt is hanging from her hand. Now was not the time to wonder how many girls Nicole has been with for her to be able to take off a button up shirt without actually unbuttoning it or getting it stuck around Waverly’s head, so she’ll just question her later.

The kissing is heated and Waverly thinks if Nicole doesn’t touch her where she needs her the most soon, she’s going to explode. Nicole’s hands are at her pants button and Waverly feels when she unbuttons them. They pull apart to focus on pulling down her skinny jeans when Nicole suddenly pulls away.

“Shit.” She breathes out in a panicked voice.

“What the hell??” Wynonna’s voice behind her has Waverly spinning around so fast she loses her balance. Nicole is there to keep her from flying off of the bed, and they sit on the mattress staring at a wide eyed Wynonna.

“Wynonna!” Waverly says awkwardly.

“Waverly? Nicole?” Wynonna’s finger is pointing between the two half dressed women in front of her, piecing the puzzle together slowly. “Since when…?”

Waverly can’t help the eye roll she makes at how oblivious her sister has been all these months. She’s still nervous for Wynonna’s reaction, but the fact that she hasn’t fumed about it yet makes Waverly feel safe. “Four months, Nonna.”

“Wha– Four months?? You hid this from me for four months??” Her voice is filled with surprise and a bit of hurt.

“I didn’t hide this from you, Wynonna. I just didn’t flat out tell you, ‘hey, I’m with Nicole romantically’.” Waverly argues back.

“There were no signs!” Wynonna exclaims.

“I have to go–” Nicole starts, grabbing her sweater and slipping it on. The glare she receives from the small Earp, however, keeps her from leaving the bed. “I’m just gonna– I’m gonna stay here, yeah.”

Her attention back on the open mouthed Wynonna, Waverly stands up and grabs her shirt. “There were plenty of signs! I’m pretty sure there are a bunch of people in this town that know! Dolls, Doc, Gus, Amy from the coffee shop.”

“It’s true,” Nicole says with the nod of her head. “The boys at the office know about it and I didn’t go out of my way to tell them. Even little old lady Ms. Barbara baked us cupcakes once to congratulate us.”

“That was so sweet of her.” Waverly says to Nicole at the reminder. Nicole smiles back at her, almost forgetting they were just caught making out shirtless by Waverly’s sister.

“It was, wasn’t it? What a nice lady.”

“Wait, Doc and Dolls know??” Wynonna interrupts their moment. “And Barbara baked you cupcakes?? What the hell, she didn’t bake me anything when I brought her drunk nephew home from a bar fight that one time! I’m the reason he didn’t get arrested!”

“You were also the reason he was in the bar fight, Wynonna.” Waverly counters.

Wynonna rolls her eyes at the small unnecessary information. “That’s not the point. Why didn’t you tell me, Waverly?”

Waverly sighs, taking a good look at the hurt in Wynonna’s eyes. “It’s not like I was keeping it from you, Wynonna. I just… I didn’t want you to be not cool with it.”

“Not cool with you and Officer Haughty together?” Wynonna asks. “Do you really think I would be upset? What, just because she’s a girl?”

Waverly looks down, slightly ashamed that she thought Wynonna would have a negative reaction to her being with another girl. Deep down she knew that wasn’t the case. Wynonna was the most accepting person she knew. She was just… scared.

“Literally, Nicole is a hundred trillion times better than Chump or any other guy in this shit pot town. Hell, if I had known you were into girls, I’d have tried to hook you two up too! And you know what, Haught,” Wynonna focuses her attention on Nicole. “I totally should have known you were into the V instead of the D! You told me my ass was top shelf! Damn, I’m so dumb!”

Waverly turns her head to look at Nicole, her gaze a questioning glare. Nicole was definitely in for it later.

“I totally get it now! ‘Do chicks’, you spending so much time with Officer Haught-Pants, all those bathroom breaks at the office. Holy shit, I was so oblivious!” Wynonna smacks her palm to her forehead.

“Yeah, we kinda made it into a game to see how long it would take for you to catch on.” Nicole says, earning a whack on her leg from Waverly.

“I’m happy for you, Waverly.” Wynonna says with a smile and a wink. “Come inside the house so I can do some big sis threatening to Haught-For-My-Baby-Girl here.”

Waverly groans, but takes Nicole’s hand and pulls her off of the bed to follow Wynonna.

“But next time you want to get freaky-deaky on Doc’s bed, just know you’re not the first ones to do so.”

30 Day OTP Challenge: exR - Day Three: Pick-up Lines

Day One || Two 

On AO3

Grantaire hands the cup over to the cute blonde with a smile. ‘I’m sorry about Marius, he’s just… he doesn’t know how to flirt and instead makes weird noises before he runs away.' 

The young woman lets out a chuckle in reply, shaking her head as she adds a sachet of sweetener to the saucer that the large mug sits on. 'No, don’t worry about it. I found it rather cute.' 

She digs into her satchel bag that’s slung over her shoulder and pulls out a pen and a piece of paper. She then jots something down and Grantaire watches her with a small frown. 'Tell him that talking through text may be easier at first, and if he is interested… here is my number.' 

She hands Grantaire the piece of paper which has her number scrawled beneath her name; Cosette

'Oh my God, seriously? This is your real number?’ Grantaire questions as he stares at Cosette with a sceptic frown on his face. He runs his free hand through his hair, ruffling his black curls as Cosette nods her head in reply. 

Wow,’ Grantaire lets out a low whistle before he chuckles, vaguely aware of the bell above the door chiming, signalling that someone has entered the coffee shop. 'I never thought I’d see the day I’d be craving Marius Pontmercy’s flirting techniques!' 

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30 days of Krista and Becca Ritchie: day twenty five ~ a headcanon a calloway moment

“I don’t think girls can jack off,” Lily tells her, collecting her bearings. She tries to act more confident, straightening up.

Daisy swings her legs, hitting the cabinets below with her high laced boots. I would care more about the scratching the wood if this was my house. But it’s practically Scott’s. So scuff away, Daisy. “You’re totally right.” She nods. “I guess it would be like rubbing one out?”

“Girls can jill of,” Lily says.

“What?” Daisy and I say in unison.

“You know…” Lily turns bright red again, only her flush looks like an allergic reaction. Red splotches her arms and neck. Her eyes flit to the camera and then back to us. “Jack and Jill went up the hill. Guys can jack off. Girls can jill off.”

Daisy cracks up laughing, hitting her leg with each full-bellied sound. “Holy shit…that’s awesome.”

I smile too. I love my sisters for so many different reasons.

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gender swap plssssss

Warning: Smut; Blow jobs, Dan is a girl, first time sex, awkward Phil touching awkward Dan’s boobs for the first time, fluffy smut, very cute sex, etc.

~Dan’s face was red as her and Phil spoke. She had a plan to let Phil do something very special for his birthday. They had been dating about 6 months, and she figured it had most definitely been long enough and he deserved this. She was very embarrassed about it, but she was trying to bring it up in conversation casually as Phil rambled about his favorite type of house plant.

~Phil kept talking, telling her all about his favorite plant. He noticed how distant she seemed but put it off, wanting her to bring it up but eventually he got tired of waiting since he felt bad for her, she looked so nervous. “Baby what’s wrong? It’s my birthday don’t be all bummed out.” He said playfully, leaned against her and bumping his shoulder against hers.

~Dan smiled shyly and moved to look at him, crossing her legs and smiling at him still. “I have a present for you. But I’m really embarrassed about it so promise you won’t laugh or be mean?” She asked him.

~Phil nods, looking at her and pecking her lips softly. “Of course baby. What’s my present then? Whatever it is I’ll love it because it’s from you.” He assured her and pecked her lips a couple times.

~Dan crawls into his lap looking at him in the eyes. “Okay. So for your birthday..I thought I could let you touch my boobs.” She said softly and smiled at him, pushing his hair back. “They aren’t that big or anything so I don’t know if you’ll like them, or something. Because I’m sure they’re too small but I wanna let you touch them because you’re my boyfriend and I want you to be the first person other than me to touch them.” She smiled.

~Phil’s eyes widen a little, and he looks at her. “Baby girl, are you sure?” he asks her quietly, not wanting her to feel pressured to do this. Phil was willing to wait a long time for sex, it doesn’t matter when they had sex, as long as Dan was comfortable. Phil never wanted her to feel pressured.

~Dan smiled at him, nodding slowly, confident in her decision. “Yes. I’m 100% sure. I want you to get to touch them. It’s your birthday and I want you to do it.” She assured him.

~Phil grinned a little, excited and kissing her sweetly for a moment. “Alright baby, if you’re sure. Also, no matter what size they are I swear I’ll love them. So, if you want me too, I’ll touch them. Because I definitely want to, and if you want me too I’m down.” He grinned.

~Dan giggled and nodded, looking at him for a moment and leaning back. She smiled and moved her hands to the top button of her lace flannel shirt, starting to unbutton the tiny buttons slowly.

~Phil waited patiently, the anticipation was almost enough to make him drool. He watched her slowly, seeing the baby blue top of her bra.

~Dan slowly slid her shirt down her shoulders, dropping it to the floor. He blushed when she saw how Phil was looking at her, he looked in bliss and almost drooling on himself. She reached behind her and unhooked the first hook of her bra, the small clip sound making her blush again. She pushed her bangs behind her ear with one hand and went back behind her again, unclipping her the last hook of her bra, slowly sliding it down.

~Phil watched, his eyes flicking across her chest and stomach as he watched the shirt be discarded, and her bra slowly get unhooked. He saw the bra sliding down her chest, Dan holding the end of it by the back strap and dropping it to the ground.

~Dan smiled, moving to take Phil’s hands, her chest on full display. She took his hands, spreading them open and moving them to her chest, gently placing his palms on her chest. “They aren’t very big…only 36 C.” She mumbled and felt Phil’s hands squeeze slightly.

~Phil smiled at her, squeezing softly and moving his hands over them. “Not that big? What the hell?” he chuckled and kissed her, slowly kissing her. “Baby they’re perfect. Thank you for letting me touch them.” He smiled and squeezed them again, moving his thumb over her nipple and flicking over it. “So pretty baby…” He whispered.

~Dan giggled slightly and squeaked, feeling something press into her inner thigh again and blushing when she realized what it was. “Phil!” She squealed a bit. “You..” She flushed pink.

~Phil shrugged bashfully, looking up at her. “Sorry…I got excited. Well, more specifically my dick did and I’m a horny virgin with a hot girlfriend.” He said shyly, moving his hands away.

~Dan shook her head, looking at him. “No it’s okay…uh..it is your birthday. If you want maybe we could uh..” Her ears turned red. Her hair fell into her face again, so she reached over and pushed it behind her ear, looking at Phil shyly. She experimentally moved her hips against his, starting to grind into him slightly.

~Dan kept moving her hips against his, moaning quietly and kissing him. She swiped her tongue over his bottom lip, asking for entrance and sliding her tongue along his slowly.

~Phil let out a low moan, kissing her back, his hands traveling back up to her chest and squeezing her boobs again lightly. He pulled back from the kiss, cupping her chest in hand and leaning down on, biting one of her nipples slightly, hearing her let out a soft moan.

~Dan leaned back, feeling Phil’s teeth graze over her nipples and biting down softly on the pink flesh. She pushed up Phil’s shirt, pulling it off him as he pulled away and pushed him back onto his back.

~Dan started to kiss down his chest looking up at him, her cheeks were tinted pink, she was still embarrassed about the whole situation, not really having been expecting to go this far but not upset about it either, actually quite excited to be taking Phil’s virginity and loosing hers to him.

~Phil made a slight noise, watching her kiss down his chest. He saw a small lipstick mark from her on his chest, the marks getting lighter as she kissed down.

~Dan reached up, unbuttoning Phil’s jeans and looking up at him. “I’ve never done this…so if it’s bad I’m sorry.” She giggled a little and looked at him. She undid his jeans, tugging them down along with his boxers, feeling her eyes widen a bit as she stroked him. She figured this couldn’t be too difficult to do.

~Dan looked up at him, seeing his eyes closed as she stroked over his length. “You’re bigger than I expected..” She whispered shyly before moving to lick around his tip. She moved her tongue around the head of his cock, starting to go lower and gagging slightly. She sucked what she could take, using her hand to stroke what she couldn’t take yet.

~Phil moaned quietly, he had never actually had a blow job before so this was an entirely new feeling for him compared to getting himself off. He moaned softly, looking down at her. He moved a hand down, pushing her hair out of his face, looking at her and biting his lip as he watched intently. “That feels really good baby..” He whispered, mostly to himself as he grew near, embarrassed that he wasn’t lasting as long as he had hoped.

~Phil wanted to tell her he was close, but was really shy about it. He was blushy about how he didn’t last very long. Eventually he spoke up. “I’m gonna cum baby…sorry I couldn’t last..” he mumbled.

~Dan pulled off and blushed, a thin stream of her own spit connecting her to Phil’s cock. He stroked his length more, looking up at him. “Want me to stop? And we could…uh, sex?” She asked him.

~Phil leaned back and nodded. “Yes.. I would like that, if you’re ready that is.” He nodded slowly, looking at her.

~She moved her hand away, pulling off and smiling at him. She crawled into his lap, kissing him and reaching down to unbutton her own jeans, shifting out of them and tossing them to the ground with the rest of the discarded clothing, helping Phil out of his jean and boxer’s until they were both completely stripped off all items of clothing.

~Phil smiled at her. “I’m not really sure how to do this…sorry baby.” He blushed at her. He moved to his side, pulling her close and hitching her leg over his hip, slipping his hand between her legs and rubbing her clit slowly. He knew that was a part of foreplay at the very least.

~Dan moaned, the feeling of someone else’s hand between her legs foreign and amazing. She moaned into his mouth, her fingers curling against his cheek and his jaw as she closed her eyes, feeling herself get wet slowly.

~Phil moved his hand lower, rubbing her still and moving his hand away. “Are you sure you’re okay with this?” he asked her and saw her nod. “Okay baby…”

~Phil rolled them over again, getting between her legs and moving his length to her. “From my understanding this will hurt…” He warned her. “If you need me to stop, say something.”

~Dan smiled and nodded, looking at him. “Okay, Phil. Don’t worry I want this.” She assured him, her voice confident as she wrapped his legs around his hips tightly,

~Phil nodded, slowly pushing in and trying not to moan, not wanting to be in pleasure when he knew Dan would be hurting.

~Dan felt him push in, the pain already hitting as she felt the skin break. She yelled loudly. “Holy shit you asshole I didn’t know it’d hurt this much!” She yelled and leaned back, closing her eyes tightly.

~Phil bottomed out and kissed her softly. “I’m sorry ah ah fuck I’m sorry!” he panicked a little, pecking her lips over and over again. “I’m sorry is it better yet?” He asked after a moment.

~Dan nodded, after a few minutes the pain subsided. “It’s better owe…Jesus fucking Christ that hurt.” She whispered. “Move..start thrusting.”

~Phil nodded and slowly pulled out, pushing back in and letting out a small moan at the feeling. The tightness swallowed him, the pleasure unknown to him as he started to slowly thrust. He reached down, starting to rub her clit slowly, wanting her to be able to cum. He knew a lot of guys were stereotyped as not letting their girlfriends get off, so Phil wanted to be different.

~Dan moaned quietly, all the pain subsiding as she felt Phil move in and out of her slowly. She buried her face in his neck, her hands going to is hair and griping the dyed hair tightly. Her heels dug into the small of Phil’s back and her moans starting to get louder, filling the room.

~Phil moaned softly, grunting as he thrusted, two of his fingers working over her clit quickly. He felt himself getting close again, remembering the fact that they forgot to put on a condom. He slowed down his thrusts to put off his orgasm, rubbing her slowly and trying to get her to cum first.

~Dan moaned quietly, feeling herself gush a bit over Phil as he thrusted into her, arching her back off the bed and pushing back into Phil. “I fucking love you…I’m so close..” She moaned out.

~Phil moaned back, moving down and kissing her neck, nipping at the skin and kissing down again, biting her nipple.

~Dan let out a high pitch moan, screaming out as she came, panting and whimpering Phil’s name as her legs went tight around him, slowly relaxing and moaning softly, whimpering curses and mumbled of Phil’s name.

~Phil pulled out, stroking himself quickly and leaning up, moaning quietly as he came on her stomach moments later, trying to avoid coming near her vagina. Kids were not something they needed at 17. He moaned slightly as he finished, looking at her and kissing her sweetly.

~She kissed back tiredly and looked at him, smiling, her eyes getting heavy. “That was something..” She whispered, feeling Phil collapse next to her and pull her into a tight cuddle.

~Phil smiled back at her. “That was something I wouldn’t have ever wanted to do with anyone else. I’m so glad you were my first.” He whispered.

~Dan smiled and started to fall asleep. “And I’m glad you were mine too…I love you. I really love you.” She said.

~Phil smiled. “I love you too. More than anything…lets sleep baby girl.” He mumbled, closing his eyes and falling asleep happily, the girl he loved in his arms and his virginity out the window.

A/N: So when my mom gave me the sex talk like a year ago she told me when she lost her virginity she punched the guy in the face and called him an asshole and basically that’s what I incorporated into this hc because I thought it was fucking hilarious, minus the punching. Also sorry if this isn’t what you wanted anon lmaooooooo

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Lara/Sam motorcycle

Sam is introduced to one of Lara’s more dangerous hobbies.


5pm. I told her the right time, right? I glance at my watch anxiously, fiddle with my purse and tap my fingers against my thigh. 5pm. What if I missed her? Did I tell her 4 instead? I know I was thinking about asking her to come get me at 4…Ah, shit. I really hope that wasn’t my first impression, telling her to come get me at the wrong time then totally looking like I ditched or something. Lara seemed kind of sensitive, too; I really don’t wanna be the source of her anxiety lately. 

We’d only gotten to hang out a handful of times, now. Twice at parties, where I wasn’t hanging out with her so much as with some grade A manmeat, trying to convince her to come onto the dance floor. 

Was I at the right place? I said outside the Fitch on Sicamore, didn’t I? I mean, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t-

Pressure on my left shoulder makes me nearly jump out of my skin.

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Swan Queen AU: Emma is stuck between Madam Mayor and the Evil Queen

Part 4

After Regina stormed out of the station along with her Enchanted Forest counterpart, Emma stood clueless in the hallway for several moments following the encounter.

Holy shit.

She could hardly believe her luck. One Regina certainly sated to her every whim and desire, but two Regina’s? The other draped in delicate fabric that just screamed dominance and utter peril?

Basically an amazing wet dream in front of me. 

Knowing both would be at City Hall, Emma cautiously went after her version of Regina to try and gain some premise behind her brutally failing case.

Not my fucking fault you are sex on legs in everything you damn well wear.

Emma knocked on the office door nervously, her head spinning and spine still tingling from the way the Queen was looking at her. When her wife finally answered, the Mayor allowed the blonde to enter but stood her ground with irritating fury.

“The Queen we have here is not going to make her exit so simple dear.” Regina muttered quietly to her wife, both of them observing the fiercely dressed Queen toying around with the glasses beside the decanter.

Those are not for you.” The Mayor warned harshly, only to have the Queen toss her long, thick locks over her shoulder and tap impatiently on the glass table.

“This is rather unseemly of you to not offer your guest a drink.” The Queen ranted auspiciously, the powerful seduction in her voice sending heat soaring down to Emma’s warm core. “We treat prisoners with far better decency than what you have shown me today, Regina darling.”

The Mayor took a deep, forgiving intake of breath before approaching the Queen with all the defying might she could muster. She did not have the chance to even begin her speech though, for the Queen immediately butted in, questioning the Mayor directly with her unwavering outburst.

“Tell me dear, is our wife truly that horrible between the silk sheets?” 

anonymous asked:

Prompt where Beth and Daryl sneak of for a swim and some alone time and get caught by someone. Not sure who, but mostly like by the prison group. :)



Beth felt disgusting. All she wanted to do was take a long hot shower, but she was out in the middle of nowhere with the whole group. As she swatted another fly away from her face, Daryl walked into view. She smiled, knowing exactly what she wanted to do with the rest of her night.

When everyone in the group was sitting in a circle telling war stories, Beth tried her hardest to get Daryl’s attention. No one in the group knew about them yet, and now was not the time to bring it up. Seeing her only option, she stood up slowly and walked around the circle to where Daryl sat, sharpening his knife. She bent down as if she had dropped something and whispered in his ear. His face perked up immediately, watching as Beth walked away from the group and silently calculating how long he needed to wait so as to not rouse suspicion among the group. 

He waited as long as he possibly could before sneaking away, making sure that no one decided to follow him. Once he had cleared a few trees, he broke into a sprint.

When he reached the small lake, all he could see was Beth’s silhouette as the sun had started to set. He stripped off his clothes and boots and came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her shoulder.

“Damn baby, you stink,” he said quietly. Beth grabbed hold of his arm, stepped away from him and pushed him so that he fell face first into the water.

He came up splashing as if he hadn’t expected such a poor response to his comment. “I was jokin’!” he whispered loudly, and Beth’s shoulders shook with quiet laughter. 

She slowly entered the cool water, sighing in relief as she felt it wash over her sticky body. She closed her eyes and fell back, floating as her hair spread out behind her. For a few moments, Daryl did the same. They just let the clean water rinse the dirt away. 

After a few minutes, Beth decided that she was clean enough and she needed to take advantage of her very naked boyfriend floating only feet away. Daryl had waded to more shallow water and was on his knees splashing cold water on his face. While his eyes were still closed, Beth stood above him and pushed down on his shoulders so that she could straddle his waist. His eyes shot open just in time for her lips to crash into his, her fingers pulling at his dripping hair. He brought his hands to her hips, lifting her away from him just long enough to position himself at her entrance. They both hissed as he lowered her down and their eyes met. Beth moaned and her head fell back as she savored the moment. It had been too long since she had felt him inside of her, and she did not want to let it end too quickly. Daryl kissed from her neck to between her breasts, returning to her mouth just as he hips began to move against his. 

“You want somethin’ baby?” he asked coyly, kissing her on the nose.

“Please, Daryl,” she whimpered, and he knew she couldn’t wait much longer.

“Alright, darlin,’ whatever you want,” he moved the two of them to the most shallow part of the water so that he could lay Beth’s head on the shore. He started slow, knowing that they wouldn’t have an opportunity to really slow it down in the near future, but once she started pulling his hair and arching her back, he picked up the pace, groaning against her mouth. 

He could feel her tighten and he knew he had to move faster to keep up with her. She moaned loudly as she came down, Daryl following close behind. He kissed her softly and she smiled. He collapsed beside her, realizing that they should probably head back to camp.

A twig snapped in the distance and Daryl jumped up and grabbed his crossbow, ready to blow the brains out of the walker when Glenn emerged.

“Daryl!” he yelled quietly, unable to make out the two silhouettes in front of him. “Oh, hey Daryl- Oh my- What am I looking at- Seriously Daryl?" 

At this point, Daryl realized that he was completely naked and wet and holding a crossbow. He quickly lowered it to cover what he could, but when he looked back to Glenn to give an explanation, he saw confusion and horror in his eyes. He was looking at Beth. Very naked Beth, who was in the water very close to himself. And he was also naked. 

"Holy shit.” he said, eyes wide as he looked between the pair. “Maggie is gonna freak!” he turned and ran as fast as his legs would carry him.

“No, Glenn!” Beth yelled, but it was too late. Their secret was about to be exposed. Much like Daryl was right now. He dropped his crossbow and sunk back down next to Beth. She was smiling.

“What’s so funny?” he asked gruffly, studying her features.

“I can’t believe Glenn just saw you naked." 

Me, about a male character or celebrity I love: look at this dork… this smol precious idiot… can this asshole get any cuter… my son how I love you


Between the Dead and the Living -- Oliver/Felicity AU

Originally posted by thunderbirdthor

Rated T.  Alternate Universe. Reaper!Oliver.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Trigger warning for dead people, but not anyone actually dying. 

Read on AO3

Felicity couldn’t breathe.

She had been wandering the halls of this empty, decrepit house - mansion really - when from out of nowhere, this thing appeared. She couldn’t quite make it out in the darkness, but the shape of it was impressive. It took up the entire hall. It could give t-rex a run for it’s money.

It hissed at her, the decibels increasing until the sound became a screech. A tug came from inside her chest, and her mouth popped open unexpectedly. A bright white ball that spun and glowed drifted between them, like when Ursula stole Ariel’s voice from her. And she should really stop thinking about disney movies at a time like this.

Suddenly, a figure to her right jumped through the window, cascading glass shards around her. The human-like shape snagged the glowy thingy from mid-air, causing the screeching to abruptly shut off. A gloved hand slapped the ball into her sternum, hard enough for the wind to be knocked out. A pull in her gut happened simultaneously, accepting of the bright light thing that had come from her.


He grabbed her hand and took off down the hallway. She had no choice but to follow him. Down the halls, a left and a right, another right, through a sitting room – was that a grand piano?– through to the otherside. The moonlight from the window illuminated his image and she recognized it from the news.

The Vigilante.

She could see the quiver on his back, full of fletched arrows. His suit was green, at least she assumed it was a he, seeing that he was waaay taller than her, and quite bulky. But hey, if it was a girl all the more power to her.

They came to a staircase, but that’s where the trouble was. Stairs had never been her friends, two left feet and all that jazz, but add old, shoddy stairs and it’s a recipe for disaster. One of the steps gave way, and her leg sunk through it. Her other knee crashed down, but the other step thankfully held her weight. A glove shot out and took a hold of her wrist.

“We have to keep moving.” He said, and she could hear the tension in his voice. The fear, hinted with a bit of panic. Whatever that beast was it had him worried.

The Hood tugged her up, as though she was fairly light, but the motion jostled her more. She couldn’t help but scream. Looking down, she saw a large splinter (more like log) jutting out from her thigh. Blood poured from around it.

With a muttered curse that sounded Slavic, he picked her up across his back, legs held in one arm, her hand in another, in a fireman’s carry. He took off running, the motion that made her leg ache more, but she understood that now wasn’t a good time to complain. It was either this or be eaten by the soul monster thing.

Felicity must have blacked out, because the next thing she knew was they were in a graveyard; her back cold against engraved granite. The vigilante was bent over her leg, wrapping what were strips of.. Denim? He must have cut off her pant leg and then fashioned a bandage from the resulting fabric. The bloody stake rested next to her hand.

The sight of her own blood had her heaving over to the side, her stomach revolting. A hand held back her hair, smoothing it away from her face. Felicity coughed when she was done, running her sleeve over her mouth to wipe away the excess.

The man didn’t say anything, dark and somber, just gazing at her. Would it hurt him to say something nice or comforting? Probably.

She sighed. “At least we didn’t die.” She deadpanned, hoping a little gallows humor might strike a reaction out of him.

Which it did. Just not one she was expecting.

“I hate to say this, Felicity–” Wait! How did he know her name? ”– but you’re already dead.”

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(Amy) "Tony!" America calls as soon as she lands inside. She's panting and her clothes are still tainted dark red with blood. "I need a catalogue of your energy energy weapons. Right now."

Tony jerks up as America calls through the penthouse, spinning around to see a star disappearing behind her and her covered in blood.

“Holy shit, Amy,” Tony gapes for a second, before he remembers how to move and vaults the couch.  Lucky pads up to America, sniffing at her leg, then sitting back and whining.  Tony hurries to her, taking her by the shoulders and it takes just a cursory look to realize that America isn’t injured.  He sighs in relief and registers what she’d asked.

He can’t help his suspicious half-step back, glancing at the bedroom, where Clint is passed out after a long mission.  If there’s something wrong with America, first priority is getting him safe.

"Why would you need something like that?  What happened?  Who’s blood is that?”

onedayyoujustchange replied to your post“*hugs* pass this on to 10 of your favorite followers! Don’t break the…”

Who doesn’t love that hug???

I suppose if you hate puppies and kittens and rainbows and other nice things you wouldn’t like this hug at all right? *snickers*

I mean look at him this Daryl!!! The ‘i’d sooner stab you than hug you’ guy, running into Carol’s arms, hell throwing himself into them with biggest look of joy on his face as he does so. He squeezes her so tight he lifts her off the damn ground. He buries his face in her shoulder and twirls her around like an idiot, hyperventialting as he does so. 

Look at the damn smile on her face, the way he puts his hand in her hair, and the little lady leg kick she does. I mean holy shit, i’ve never seen this kind of of thing in anyone that wasn’t a couple. Honest to freaking God. 

And lets not forget the way they look at each other..

and of course the crying on the shoulder thing…

that slight forhead touch and the look at the end…


You would have to be a hard-hearted person (or have an ulterior motive) to no think this is a beautiful sequence of tow people who totally love each other and missed each other so much that one of them was pratically blubbering tears of joy and nuzzling the others neck..  and she runs her hands down his neck and l he looks at her like she’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever ever and she’s just staring right back…

gaaaaaaaaaah the FEEEEEEEEEELS

You are so right it is our Precious and we can’t resist it. Hell I can’t shut up about it..  And i’m not going to… ever.. we loves our preciousssssss yes we do :D