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How about some cute and fluffy domestic headcanons for Aizawa, All Might, and Present Mic? I adore the pro hero boys and am always looking for more fluffy content of them! Good luck with the blog, I can't wait to read all your stuff~!

Ahh holy shit, thank you so much for this, it was amazing to write! THE PRO HERO BOYS DESERVE ALL THE RECOGNIZEMENT THEY CAN GET, YOU ARE RIGHT AF (specially Present Mic??why is he so underrated). You made me happy af while writting this, and I hope you enjoy it a looooot!

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All might

  • Their fave move is backhugging you when you least expect it and laugh  when you get lowkey surprised by their touch.
  • Loves to cook for you.
  • “Am I not gonna get my goodbye kiss?”-All might, everytime he leaves the house to go to work.
  • You are the first person he tells about his hero problems.
  • Asks you about your day, and cuddles you while you tell them this horrible thing which happened to you today.
  • Encourages you and never fails to make you feel a lot better.
  • “(Y/N)” “Yes?” “How do you think our kids would be?”
  • He doesn’t tell you when he is sad but you know because he follows you everywhere you go.
  • When he is sad and you need to go to the bathroom he sits outside and waits for you.
  • Asks you for critizism because everyone else praises him and they are afraid of telling him the truth.
  • His hand is big and yours is small, and he completely loves how they fit together.
  • He treasures you like the diamond you are aND HE IS SO SOFT FOR YOU.
  • Sometimes he transforms into his strong form while you are sleeping so he can hold you in his arms properly.
  • Really, living with this guy is heaven, you both love each other so much.

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  • Okay this guy is the master of undercover fluff.
  • Things like cooking breakfast for you on Sundays are his subtle way of telling you he loves you.
  • He asks you a lot for recommendations, specially books recs.
  • “Do you wanna read with me?”
  • You sit on his lap and you both read a book together.
  • You two have such a huge understanding of each other, that you even finish reading the pages at the same time.
  • He prefers small skinship, like casually touching your hand when he walks past you.
  • The type to say “5 more minutes” when you try to wake him up.
  • Falls asleep while watching TV with his head over your shoulder.
  • Loves to rant about his students.
  • He is not into pecks, but rather, longer, slower and deeper kisses.
  • Why does he kiss you with his eyes half open? Aizawa that’s creepy.
  • He protects you from the most insignificant things. (Ex: that time when u accidentaly cut ur finger while you were cooking and now he is always behind you while you cook, trying not to distract you)
  • “Do you want me to cut that carrot for you?” “Oh gosh ,Aizawa, I’m fine it was just a cut” “Okay” (He still stays, just in case)
  • Puts you back in bed with his quirk when you wake up before him.
  • “Aizawa I have to do chores, let me go” “I’ll help you with them later, but sleep a bit more with me”

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Present Mic

  • Oh my, this dork is your biggest fan.
  • He usually buys matching T-shirts and pijamas so you can be even more connected to each other.
  • You are the one who styles his hair like he usually has it, but shhh no one knows about that.
  • He loves to praise you, and call you darling, dear, etc.
  • Not as much skinship as you could expect, but still some good and very intimate skinship.
  • “(Y/N)?” “Yes?” “Do you still love me?”
  • His kisses are as intense as he is.
  • If you had kids, they would be disgusted at how much you express your love for each other.
  • When you can’t sleep, he uses his magnificent voice to read you some books.
  • He tells you his own puns in the most inappropiated moments.
  • “(Y/N)~~ I wanna cook smth for you” “Last time you tried to cook you almost burn the kitchen” “I HAVE LEARNED FROM THAT”
  • He brings home everythings that reminds him of you.
  • He is not the softest person waking people up, but he always manages to make you laugh when he accidentaly wakes the whole neighbourhood up using his quirk while trying to wake you up.
  • Living with this guy is basically one big experience, he is full of surprises.

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umm? firelight???? what is this?? why am i crying right now???? everything about it was so sweet & tender that i had to take breaks while reading to process all the imagery. lol but good thing because i was over here worrying about jungkook dethroning jimin after bangtan university (like hoLy crAP the jungkook update was truly next level), but firelight strengthened my jimin foundation so thank u for this wonderful surprise. you're amazing as always! also: LOL AT SNORLAX I CACKLED. ♡ ~mysterious

asdlfkjas MYSTERIOUS ANON! Thank you so, so, so much - I am so glad you liked it!! (TRUE, HOLY SHIT @eradikeats-writes ‘s Jungkook was crippling. I mean, for us readers and writers - WAY TO STAB US IN THE THROAT). Anyways. Haha I am so very happy you liked Firelight, may you and Jimin thrive forever! THANK YOU FOR READING!

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also LMAO, I was also laughing at Snorlax why am I like this hahah

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No, wait. I have the perfect scenario: Taylor announce someone to walk during Style, but instead is Calvin who appears wearing a Taylor Swift or die t-shirt surprising her. Why am I doing this to myself?

Okay but if this actually happened, the extremely crazy wild roaring cheering and Taylor would be sort of confused because she thought there would be applause but not THAT much applause cause it would just be some random celeb friend and then she would squint her eyes and her stomach would drop because holy fuckin shit wtf it’s CALVIN WALKING THE RUNWAY TOWARD HER BOOPING ALONG AWKWARDLY WITH A DUMBASS SMILE ON HIS FACE AND she would stop singing for a minute because she’s so surprised and would start laughing and she would keep singing until he met her down at the end and he would bear hug her and she would stop singing and the smile on her face would be so fucking dazzling it could have enough energy to power all of the United States for the next twenty years and yeah and then they would walk back down hand in hand swinging their arms and he would pull her in one more time and then exit stage left but yeah this would never fucking happen screw you anon for putting this in my head now my heart is racing