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BTS with their Idol Girlfriend

xyourpinksky said:Hi! please can you do a BTS reaction to their idol gf being in a girl group and the members of this group sing, dance and rap but also play instruments in some performances and MVs like AOA? P.S. Their gf is a drummer, a dancer and a rapper! :)

Enjoy you filthy animals lol. 
P.S.: We are terribly sorry for the late reply. Midterms are very bitchy 


  • He is worried all the time because he think you might be overexhausting yourself
  • Midnight dance lessons because this spagetti thinks he needs to learn how to move
  • watching you practice
  • bringing food to you studio
  • He is a proud mom, let’s be honest it doesnt matter if he is your boyfriend. He is a mom. 
  • He brags about you every chance he gets
  • He would record reactions videos 
  • Fanboying hard beside the stage
  • he would come to your every fucking concert and if he misses one because of his own schedule, you get a very nice dinner


  • Collabration stages with Suga; Rapping together, dancing while he plays the piano, playing instruments with you HE GOT IT ALLLLLL
  • Making you teach him how to play drums in return of him teaching you piano
  • Rapping duo power couple v2.0 Fire Spitting
  • He would write songs especially for you
  • Little collabration videos you make together at home
  • He would cover your raps and then get cocky about it because Min Suga. Rap Genius. Jjang Jjang man bong bong
  • Since he is dad ™ he takes care of you
  • forgets to take care of himself while doing that
  • OMG after years, suga finally has reactions to live stages
  • You are not his biggest fan. Tae is his biggest fan. He will fight. 

Namjoon/Rap Monster:

  • BTS’s twitter is now filled with screenshots of your songs
  • He would produce songs for your group, like, literally working with your company
  • Rapping duo power couple
  • Tries to play your drums, breaks your sticks accidentally
  • Sometimes there is a hole on one of your drums; he refuses to admit he did it
  • Trying to cover your dances
  • failing miserably because he is “Rap Monster not Dance Monster”


  • You practise for hours on end together
  • but i guess you guys arent tired enough ;);););););););););)
  • this boy would be so sad if he misses your stages or concerts
  • Praises everywhere, everyday
  • Talent Overload. Kpop aint big enough to handle you guys
  • Official dance covers to your songs
  • Crying when you get an award
  • Crying when you are struggling with the idol life
  • Just generally crying because holy shit you are so amazing


  • He appreciates you so much that it makes him insecure about himself
  • “You are so amazing that I’m afraind someone better than me might fall for you and you would choose them.”
  • Reassuring kisses all the time and sometimes they are for you too because how can he not realize that he is so goddamn popular in kpop industry
  • Being a giggly fluff ball when he sees you on stage
  • Trying to teaching him how to rap
  • he fails…kinda
  • “What do you mean I can’t rap?! I rapped with Agust D :( I will tell you to Yoongi hyung :( ”
  • He puts little sticky notes on your drums saying “I love you!” or “Don’t forget to eat and rest!”


  • Your BIGGEST fan (Tbh he is alwasys your biggest fan even if you are dating other members cause like “HOSEOK HYUNG’S GIRLFRIEND IS SO COOOLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”)
  • Seriously. he has fan merch that he actually PAID for
  • You are the best rapper in his eyes… After Agust D. 
  • “Can you please collabrate on a rap song with me?” 
  • He is begging you to collabrate with his hyungs
  • “But imagine how could it would be with you and yoongi hyung!!!!” 
  • He would fanboy over your MVs on Vapp, twitter and fan cafes.
  • Bragging about you to the maknae line 
  • Pokemon stickers on your drums….seriously where does he find so much stickers?


  • Turning everything into a competition. HE CAN RAP TOO
  • And DANCE
  • ……he can’t play the drums enough, BUT HE WILL LEARN DAMMIT,
  • As the golden maknae, he will surely succeed. 
  • Singing your songs in concerts and live stages
  • Because you are an idol he feels like you would actually get him and not like him only because he is an idol.
  • He would take so much pride on you
  • He would practice with you as he is a girl group dance master ™
  • Learns your dance moves before you do 
  • Helping you improve your singing skills
  • And now other than his 6 hyungs, he has another person to be sad or happy over
Autistic Archie Headcanons

In honour of my new URL I want to share with you all my most favourite and treasured headcanons. (Also I’m sorry this is so long with no read more I’m on mobile lmao)

- Archie stims by hand flapping
- Archie: Hi let me introduce you to my one-billionth Special Interest
- Doesn’t go non verbal, but used to when he was little. Still sometimes automatically replies in ASL
- Can remember random conversation from seven years ago about the way Jughead likes pie. Can’t remember what Jughead told him two minutes ago about something important.
- If You’re Not Talking About My Special Interest I Don’t Want To Know
- Main special interests include: Music, Football, LGBT+, His Friends, Superheroes, Space/NASA
- (After seeing Newt Scamander in Fantastic Beasts) Archie: I have never related to a character more in my entire life.
- Don’t forget his hand flapping. Always hand flapping. He’s excited? Flapping. Anxious? Flapping. Bored? Flapping. Happy? Flapping.
- Will get distracted by a spiny stim toy for Hours
- He loves stim videos. Especially paint mixing ones.
- Glitter jars are his Favourite Thing
- I Got Motivated At 3am And Cleaned The Whole House
- Archie: Hey could I have a glass of water?
Ronnie, jokingly: Nope, of course not.
Archie: Okay.
Ronnie: ?? Dude just go get some water.
Archie: ????? But you-? Okay.
- Person: It’s a stim blanket.
Archie: It’s a blanket full of balls??
Person: Yeah.
Archie: How would that be good for stimming???
Person: Try it!
Archie: *uses it* Holy Shit.
- Struggles with eye contact
- Hates when people change the rules on him, eg:
- Fred: Hey Arch, I thought you could use a break so I did the dishes tonight.
Archie: ???? But that’s MY job?!!?
- Petting Vegas is a BIG STIM
- Archie: Sometimes when I pet my dog I forget the world exists
- Constantly checking his friends actually are his friends because honestly how can anyone be sure???
- “But as friends, right?”
“So friends who wants to go to pops?”
“Good morning friends!”
“So my good friend-”
Kevin: Archie please I will never stop being friends with you just please stop using the word friends.
Archie: That’s fair.
- Social situations??? Beyond him.
“You were just doing it as a favour to me, right??”
Took him 4ever to realise the Blossoms were trying to buy him and that it was a Bad Idea
Doesn’t even realise his music is Sad Time Music
- High Empathy, Low Emotional Control – doesn’t like people hurting and always tries to defend them, sometimes to his own detriment (confronting Reggie, the bar scene), apologises for things whether they’re his fault or not (Jughead, Betty, Valerie, Veronica, Fred)
- Won’t wear pyjamas to bed but will wear them all day if allowed.

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do you have any more headcanons on Newt being completely fucking wrecked by Credence having longer hair, because I may be in desperate need of headcanons and all of yours are pure G O L D


Ok so a preface here is that I hardcore headcanon that Newton Scamander has a type. Newt’s type is dark haired, intense, competent, and intimidating/probably dangerous to him.

(See; Tina tries to arrest him multiple times, he responds with goopy smiles and awkward hair touches. also: Leta Lestrange)

So anyway, with this in mind, it actually takes a while for Credence to really hit Newt in that type. It creeps up on the poor man.

Like, yes he registers for a bit that Credence does look much better now that his hair is growing out and he’s starting to relax and smile a little more. But he still for a while thinks of Credence as someone who he’s taking care of and who needs help.

And that doesn’t really start changing until like, a long while, when Credence starts getting more confident and coming into his own and embracing who he is. And even then Newt doesn’t really register what has happened until probably one day he literally just turns around and it suddenly hits him like a goddamn brick wall that Credence is right there and is standing up straight and holy shit Credence is actually slightly taller than him when did this happen how could this happen what is happening.

And the floodgates goddamn open because Credence is doing wandless wordless magic like it isnt even a fucking big deal and he’s so gentle with the animals and he still has that stare that could fucking gut you with those dark eyes and when the hell did he get hair like the poetic dark hero of an old gothic romance???????

It all pieces together for Newt in one sudden awful moment when he’s like

oh no



After that it is a constant awareness and Newt suffers so, so much about it. Because he has realized that Credence is Hot and he cannot deal with this he cannot unsee it. He isn’t equipped to handle an insanely powerful dark force housed in someone who is stupid levels of beautiful and honestly loves the creatures and is so gentle and careful while also being always ready to fuck shit up in a wildly dangerous way and Newt’s heart can’t deal with this HE CANNOT.

And Credence ending up just absurd levels of pretty isn’t even just me waxing poetic like it’s ezra goddamn miller. This becomes a constant problem and one of my favorite running gag headcanons is that Credence Is Gorgeous And Doesn’t Get It. 

When Newt takes him back to America Tina is internally like “goddamn where is newt going where he finds guys like that and can he take me next ti-….CREDENCE. OH MY GOD CREDENCE THAT’S CREDENCE

Later she’s like
“So…Credence really turned out….”
I know” Newt groans, facedown on the table and Suffering

Someone (probably Newt who is staring very firmly at Credence’s left shirtsleeve and wincing the entire time) has to try and sit this boy down and explain like

“Credence, people don’t stare at you because they think you’re a freak. It’s because you are…very nice to look at.”

And Credence is just like

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How about Guzma having a first kiss with the reader?

“I can tell you’ve never been properly kissed before.”

“Heh, at least not by some bougie lil beezy.” Guzma responded with a smile, “ ‘Sides, how you know you’re doin’ it right baby girl?”

“Because you’re actually not supposed to slobber all over me like a growlithe.” You reply with a grimace, wiping his saliva off your lips, “You gotta use the absolute tip of your tongue. Like this… stick out your tongue.”

Guzma obeyed, albeit in a quite condescending manner as he placed his tongue between two fingers and waggled it a bit. He wasn’t prepared for the rough way you dragged his arm down and out of your way, nor was he prepared for the explosion of ecstasy when the tip of your tongue barely grazed against his. He tried to pull back. Completely unused to someone else taking the reins. You didn’t miss a beat. Both hands wrapped around the base of his undercut and moved his head closer, mouths sealing as you lightly teased the tip of his tongue flicking back and forth. A heavy baritone moan emitted from his throats and you couldn’t help but smile.

It was nice to get lost in a soft, teasing kiss, and even better to see Guzma become a soft pile of putty in your arms. He was breathless when you pulled away finally, you perfectly fine because unlike him you knew to breathe to keep kissing as long as you wished. His breath came ragged when it did come, sounding as though he had participated in a triathlon around Ula’ Ula island instead of remaining in the Shady House making out in the basement.

“Now that’s a proper first kiss.” You commented slyly, “Now gimme another one big boy, before I have to come get it myself.~”

i know this has been done before but @lilyshilo and i were talking about a tattoo shop! au

  • coran officially owns the shop, allura is his niece that works there full time as an artist
  • he deals with customers and finances more while she’s the head artist and works with scheduling n stuff
    • allura only has a few tattoos herself, a flower on her upper back, a little line of planets on the inside of her wrist,  and one big colored one down her side 
      • that one took forever to do but it’s her absolute favorite
        • other than they lion ones the group got to match, her’s is right in the center of her chest and it’s mostly pink
  • hunk’s another artist, he’s very nice and kind and loves doing people’s first tattoos 
    • he did lance’s first actually
  • his lion is on his right calf and it’s yellow and it’s beautiful against his skin color
    • he really likes it 
  • he brings in cookies a lot and they get put on the desk but they’re gone by the afternoon
    • cough PIDgE YOU COOKIE HOG
  • pidge works there part time, she’s learning to be an artist but right now she just runs the desk (and has control over the music and cookies)
    • lance always complains, even if he likes it
  • pidge only has like. two tattoos. even though theyre kind of illegal aka done by keith at his house one night 
    • one’s a robot, he’s super cute and she nicknamed it rover, the other is a barcode, theyre both super small tho so she doesnt get in trouble with her parents
      • she actually has three bc of the lion, her lion is on her right arm, on her shoulder
  • only matt knows about her tattoos bc he comes to the shop to Hang with his bf and gf
  • speaking of matt’s bf let’s talk about shiro
  • he works as an artist/piercer, depends on the day 
  • he has a bunch of different tattoos, his arms are practically covered
  • except for his prosthetic but that’s covered in paintings from keith too
    • he has some on his back, and his lion tattoo is on his mid back, but is suuuper big 
      • it’s all black and super intricate, keith did it.
        • keith did all of them
  • anyways, so yea, shiro is dating matt n allura (ot3) and theyre like, so cute
  • everyone was happy for them yada yada
  • lance and pidge betted on when they would figure it out (pidge won)
  • lance is a piercer btw, he does piercings for people 
    • some of them in weird spots man
    • and some of them are ugly too like jesus
      • he cant say anything tho lol and it frustrates him so he rants to hunk and keith whoevers closer
  • he has a few piercings, his ears and a nose stud that he wears more often than not
  • he only had one tattoo for a while, then he got his lion
    • it’s blue and it’s on his left thigh and it’s pretty and looks like water a little
  • he started to get more and more tho (so he had a reason to talk to keith tbh)
    • he got a whole bunch of little ones on his neck and arms and hands and wrists and back and ankles
    • his favorite is one keith did one night when they were alone, about to clean up
      • it’s a little crescent moon and he loves it
        • he kisses it goodnight lol
  • yea but keith
  • keith is an artist and holy shit can this kid fucking art
  • he’s so good at it, lance is #jealous
  • he honestly doesn’t have that many tattoos, the ones he has, maybe four or five, are all fairly big tho 
  • he did all the lion tattoos, that’s why they’re so pretty and special
    • his lion is on his left arm, it’s sort of small and crooked bc he did it himself one night
      • he loves it anyways
  • he sometimes forgets that things stain and his hands are constantly stained from putting away inks but not being careful
  • he usually closes up by himself or with lance
  • keith has his ears all pierced up, and a bar in one of them, his nose and he even got his belly button done bc why not?
    • all done by lance, of course
      • totally not a reason to see him
        • the klance is strong in this one
  • they hang at the shop to work and stuff and sometimes go out at night to hang
  • shiro was the first one to get hired, then keith, they’ve been there the longest and are pretty good friends to boot
  • Lance and Hunk grew up together and are besties, they’re so in sync it gets creepy, they started working at the same time
  • pidge came last, ut she and keith bonded and theyre like, super tight now even if it’s over memes and how dumb lance is but honestly theyre really good friends
  • shiro is very parental and they tease him and allura whenever they go out together, and then they call matt their second, more fun dad bc he lets them actually do stuff
    • like break into an abandoned warehouse and skateboard
      • whY MATT NO STOP THEM ‘it’s too late shiro i already cut the fence’ YOURE A TERRIBLE INFLUENCE
  • that was a fun night
  • they’re all buddies and awesome and yes
  • also there is sooo klance

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So how do Lena and the kids handle things when Kara gets hurt from a fight with an alien or something?


  • i mean when they’re little, the kids aren’t super duper aware??  and the adults around them keep a p good handle on everything when shit goes down so they usually remain p blissfully ignorant when kara gets hurt
    • like they get that kara has a sometimes scary job where she has to protect ppl but its like aunt maggie or aunt alex’s jobs and sometimes she walks in the front door moving a little stiffly and sometimes they have to go see her at the deo, sitting under these bright lights that make maia and finn feel a little weird, a little dizzy, a little powerful, and they hurt stella’s eyes (or maybe that’s not why there’s this heavy pounding at the back of her skull?  she’s so little, she doesn’t have words for it) but it doesn’t rlly…..idk sink in??
      • that said: lena is quietly a Wreck.  bc the kiddos respond to how she responds, she can’t rlly fall apart (not that she ever rlly did??  but she was able to cry abt it and drop everything to rush to the deo and fuss over kara) so she gets v quiet abt it, all hurried crying with the sink running, bathroom door locked.  she gets v good at hiding the evidence that anything is wrong 
    • one time, when finn is abt six or so and maia is four and stella isnt quite a year old, kara gets Hurt.  like big time, holy shit, lena we’re doing everything we can for her hurt.  and lena’s stretched so thin already bc kara’s been gone a lot in the week leading up to this, trying to catch this trio of aliens (one rozz escapee, two that got caught up in his schemes) bc they made a direct threat to that pretty luthor you seem so interested in, isn’t she married supergirl? so she just—she can’t imagine not being with kara at the deo but she can’t make their three little kids spend the night in uncomfortable chairs either and she’s exhausted and terrified bc for the first time in a long time she’s not like one hundred percent sure kara’s going to be okay??  and she can’t do this alone, she can’t raise their children on her own, this was always a partnership and she can barely keep them all on schedule for a week how on earth can she do that for the rest of their lives?
      • and god bless the superfriends, they all step the fuck up.  they’re all sick with worry, obviously, but these kids are still pretty sheltered, still dont have any idea of what their mother does, who she is, what she risks to protect them every day, and everyone pulls it together a little, just enough to take shifts with the kiddos.  
        • maggie takes mornings, gets finn and maia up and off to school, makes sure they have packed lunches and healthy breakfasts and sends lena little text updates, a picture every morning of the kiddos grinning in their carseats
        • james covers afternoons—winn picks the kiddos up and drops them at catco and listen, they love their uncle james to no end and he comes up with a million and one games for them to play.  cat usually emerges from her office at some point bearing sweets and the offer of cartoons on one of the many tvs on her wall
        • lucy flies in on the weekend and hosts a sleepover at her apartment in the city, promises that she’ll make sure they eat their fruits and veggies and then immediately gives them just about as much sugar as they can ask for.  they watch the incredibles and finding nemo and the aristocats (abt 37 times, lucy counted)
        • eliza stays at the house, helps take care of stella when lena needs to sleep.  she and alex understand The Most, and they stay the closest; eliza cooks meals and moms the hell out of lena and alex sits right next to her at the deo, squeezes her hand whenever she starts to cry and cries along with her
          • its not good and its not easy and those six days are the Longest of lena’s life but the kids dont even remember them rlly, just a hazy sort of fog of hanging out with their cool aunts and uncles and finn’s the only one that kind of remembers??  but he only rlly remembers kara coming home and them eating a lot of potstickers


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International Student!Seungcheol
  • Country: Morocco
  • Program: North African History
  • You don’t know much about Seungcheol except that when he got to the university the local students couldn’t pronounce his name so he just told them to call him Coups and it stuck
  • So now everyone calls him Coups
  • He’s in your history class but it’s a lecture of like a hundred and fifty students the only reason you know he’s there is because every class there’s this one guy who always yells “AYO COOOOUUPSSSS” when he walks in and he just grins and gives the guy finger guns
  • So everyone in lecture knows he’s there even the prof who’s just like
  • “Oh Coups I was worried you wouldn’t show up”
  • You usually sit in the back of the lecture because the prof is kind of intimidating
  • Plus there’s all these really keen students that show up to lectures twenty minutes early (seriously who does that) and take up all the seats at the front
  • So one day you slip into your seat which is like three rows from the back doors
  • And the first thing you realize as the lecture starts is that the guy who usually greets Seungcheol didn’t do his usual yell which means that he either forgot or Coups isn’t here
  • And this is like a two hour lecture, there’s lots of notes for you to take so Coups leaves your mind pretty quickly
  • The seat next to you is empty which you’re kind of glad about because these seats squEAK like you wouldn’t believe whenever someone moves around
  • So you’re SUPER SURPRISED when you hear a whisper from your left around forty-five minutes into the lecture
  • “What’s the topic?”
  • You look and hoLY SHIT THERE’S COUPS
  • How did he get into the chair without making a sound?????
  • Especially because you realize (now that he’s literally a foot away from you) he’s like a big person?? Like he’s very muscular and broad so getting into the lecture hall’s seat silently would have been a challenge?
  • Plus you’re not even near the end of the row you’re like in the middle of the hall….. and there’s people on either side of you……. and an empty chair at the end of the row…..
  • And you realize he’s still waiting for an answer so you’re like
  • “Uh… the- the Moors…. and Islamic influences on architecture”
  • Coups just kind of nods and says
  • “I’m gonna have a lot of catching up to do…. do you think I could like….”
  • And you’re like “oh yeah you can copy my notes if you need to”
  • Coups just kinda leans back and grins then gets out his stuff to start taking notes
  • You kind of drift back into your note taking haze until the teacher calls for a break fifteen minutes later
  • And the first noise in the theatre is the louDEST SQUEAK THESE DAMN CHAIRS YOU SWEAR
  • You’re trying to figure out where it came from and suddenly there’s this small chuckle from your left
  • “I can’t believe that hadn’t happened yet.”
  • And naturally everyone figured out where the sound came from and suddenly
  • Coups just laughs and shoots finger guns to the guy in the front row and suddenly you think that his laugh is like really nice???? Like its cute and makes everyone else laugh and kind of doesn’t fit his tough muscular image
  • ANYWAYS the prof comes back and is like “ah Coups of course have you been taking notes?”
  • “Well sir I got distracted because I was walking around the campus, looking at the architecture, but I promise I’ll look at Y/N’s notes once the lecture is done.”
  • And you’re like !! he knows my name?
  • You must’ve been looking at him weirdly because he’s like “you’re in my tutorial for this class”
  • !!!!!!
  • How did you not notice him???? Is he really that quiet??
  • No way
  • “O-oh, I didn’t really notice?”
  • “Yeah you always sit in the front, but I’m usually in the back.”
  • Then the prof calls the class back to order and continues talking about architecture and how it relates to history and religion
  • And you copy the notes but you don’t really know how you’re doing it because you can’t believe you didn’t notice Coups before
  • Suddenly the lecture is over and Coups taps your shoulder as you pack up your bags
  • “So the notes…”
  • You’re like OH RIGHT RIGHT here give me your number
  • And you say it so offhandedly and Coups just kind of raises his eyebrows and is like
  • “I mean usually there’s a bit more conversation before someone asks for my number but…”
  • And this makes you BLUSH SO HARD you’re like no nO NO NOT LIKE THAT I JUST MEANT FOR T H E N O T E S
  • And he just kind of smiles and is like riiiight ;)
  • You’re dying but you still hand over your phone and he gives you his and then you exchange number and hand back phones
  • And you go back to your respective dorms and when you look at his number you see there’s like a winking emoji next to it and you’re like omg why didn’t I put a cute emoji next to MY name
  • (but it’s okay because Coups adds a little heart emoji next to your name aww)
  • And literally the next morning he’s like “hey when are you free to get me your notes?”
  • Like its almost like a good morning text because you wake up for an early morning class and as you’re getting dressed your phone dings with the text
  • And you respond like “why are you awake do you have an early morning class too?”
  • He’s like haha no I just usually work out in the mornings
  • And you’re like work out? (!!)
  • He just sends back a “yep :) so those notes?”
  • And you’re like oh right well I only have this class at eight-thirty and then I’m done for the day
  • He tells you that it’s perfect because he doesn’t have any classes today so he can meet you after your class
  • You’re like okay I’ll see you then and he’s like see ya
  • So fast forward to when you get out of class like an hour later and text Coups that you’re done
  • And literally right after you send the text you hear “Y/N!”
  • So you turn and there’s Coups
  • He’s obviously just finished a run because he’s in basketball shorts and a really r e a l l y tight muscle shirt and he’s breathing kind of hard so it stretches and yiKES
  • “Hey I didn’t realize you were still … working out…”
  • He’s like “yeah I kind of went for a longer run than I thought…. the scenery distracted me a bit because it’s so different from Korea”
  • And he starts walking and you follow him and it doesn’t hit you that he has to … change … until he gets to his floor in the dorms and is like “I need to get my school stuff so I can actually copy out your notes, it’ll only be a second.”
  • You’re like oh of course no problem and when he gets back to his dorm you’re let in and when you look around it’s like surprisingly clean like? Wow this is responsible
  • And as you’re admiring his room he just kind of peels off his muscle shirt and pulls another clean shirt over his head
  • And you turn around just as he’s reaching up to pull the other shirt on and you’re like !!! topless cute guy !!!
  • And OF COURSE he turns around just in time to see your face turn bright pink and he’s just like “oh sorry I didn’t warn you but I didn’t think it would be great if my first real interaction with you was in my workout clothes”
  • “No no it’s fine don’t worry”
  • (you also can’t get the image of his bare back out of your mind and you’re like thank you to whatever higher power has blessed me with this opportunity)
  • But anyWAYS ;)
  • You and Coups head out and you’re like so do you want to go to the library or like the quad or…
  • And he’s like why spend our time on campus when we could be … off campus? :D
  • And you’re like dude this is Morocco I don’t know shit about the city we’re in except for that cool bakery down the road from us
  • And he’s like well I know the market’s not too far from us do you wanna go there? I know there’s a bunch of cafes we can sit in and go over the notes
  • And you’re like “sure” thinking this is going to be some small market with not too many people
  • So you get to the market and he’s like here it is, the Marrakesh Market
  • And you’re just thinking omg Coups you’re going to get me KILLED bc the Marrakesh is known to be super confusing and noisy
  • It’s like the number one tourist destination in all of Morocco and you’re like are you sure you know where you’re going
  • “Of course I do are you doubting me???”
  • And you’re like of course not I just want to make it out of here alive
  • But Coups finds this relatively calm cafe and sits down with you on these little cushions and starts to go over the notes with you
  • And the barista comes over to you and gives you coffee and before you can pay for yours Coups gives the barista the money for both of yours???? Like ??????
  • And he’s like it’s the least I can do these notes are super complicated and you’re a saint for trying to teach them to me
  • (but he’s secretly treating this like a first date shhh)
  • When you go out to go back to the campus Coups just kinda pauses before making a couple of turns and you’re like … Seungcheol if we’re lost istg
  • He makes this “pffft” noise that’s waaay too exaggerated and you’re like we’re lost aren’t we
  • He doesn’t say anything so you take it as a yes and you just kinda put your hands on your head and look around, wondering where you came from and how you can ask about how to get back without being that typical foreigner
  • Suddenly there’s a tap on your back and there’s the barista from the cafe
  • “Lost?”
  • You nod and tell him the name of your university and he nods and shows you and Seungcheol to this motorcycle he has tucked around the corner
  • He gets on and motions for you and Seungcheol to get on as well and Coups is just like I’ll get on first you get behind me
  • So you do and the whole ride back is just you whizzing by various tents and sounds and smells and the winds in your hair and you’re gripping on to Coups’ waist like please don’t let me fall of this thing also please give me an excuse to touch his abs…..
  • ;)
  • So finally you two make it back to the campus and when the barista gives you a wave and speeds off
  • Seungcheol’s like well thanks for the notes
  • And you’re kind of disappointed because this means you won’t see coups as much anymore
  • Coups just is like “so do you wanna grab lunch?”
  • You’re like “but we were just in a cafe….”
  • He’s like “I know…. I’m just trying to think of a way to see you again…. hehe”
  • You’re like OH UM
  • “Have you seen the ocean? We’re actually pretty close to it, I usually run past the beach when I go out”
  • “No, actually… this was the first time I’ve left campus this semester.”
  • Coups can’t believe it he’s like WHAT YOU HAVEN’T BEEN LIKE….. CULTURED! WE NEED TO GO OUT NOW
  • And he just grabs your hand and drags you back out onto the street and starts walking down the street
  • And this is so unexpected for you you’re like whOA WHOA he’s strong, and also I’m holding his hand…..
  • Coups walk with you all the way down to the ocean and you’re staring at the pacific waves crashing in this amazing light and the wind’s blowing through your hair perfectly
  • And you kind of whisper “it’s so beautiful… it goes on forever.”
  • And Coups just kinda murmurs “so are you…”
  • And he IMMEDIATELY tries to backtrack he’s like “um I MEAN I was referring to the… the OCEAN as like a person cuz you know how ships have female pronouns when people talk about them I thought that maybe it was kind of the same thing with bodies of water and I was talking to it so-”
  • You just lean in and give him a kiss on the cheek because he’s being so cute and hey you like him too so he’s like !!! ….was I talking too much? (oh my god they kissed me HELL YEA)
  • You give him this smile and he takes that as a signal to put his arm around you
  • You guys spend the whole day at the beach just watching the waves and listening to each other talk
  • When you guys get back to the university he’s like “i’ll see you tomorrow in tutorial right”
  • You nod and just leave him there
  • Coups is kinda disappointed that you didn’t kiss properly but he still has the reassurance that you like him so he’s like I can wait
  • The next morning when  you step out of your dorm THERE’S COUPS
  • You kinda shriek because WAS HE THERE ALL NIGHT? He looks like he’s sleeping while sitting down
  • This wakes him up and he’s like “omg I’m sorry I scared you I just wanted to surprise you and walk with you to tutorial…”
  • You’re like This Kid omg yes you can walk with me to tutorial just maybe text me before you show up outside of my dorm
  • He’s like right but we’re still walking together no matter what ok
  • You have to grin at his protectiveness and you’re like okay
  • And that’s how he announces that you guys are a couple
  • You show up to tutorial holding hands and everyone’s like aww New Couple Alert
  • Coups walks with you to every class you have and makes sure that you get back to the dorm safely
  • Texts you ALL THE TIME
  • Good morning, good night, how was your class, wanna grab a meal, wanna come over, ANYTHING TO TALK TO YOU
  • Since you’re in the same program a lot of your classes are similar to his so he helps you with schoolwork
  • The librarian is like the library closes in fifteen minutes take this to a dorm
  • So you do ;)
  • Coups’ dorm, to be specific
  • You’re sitting down on the bed and Coups just kinda tucks some hair behind your ear and then  you grab his hand to pull him into a proper kiss and he’s like FINALLY
  • The kiss continues and turns into this heavy makeout session
  • As it continues Coups is just like
  • “Wanna know the reason I work out?”
  • You’re like ? dude you’re kinda killing the mood here but why
  • “So I can look good naked”
  • You’re like shut up and take off your shirt already
  • He treats you like royalty that night not that he doesn’t already but I meAN
  • The next morning you wake up and Coups is lying next to you just staring at you like wow you are so beautiful i’m so lucky
  • He’s also like “i brought you a muffin…. if you’re hungry….”
  • You eat breakfast together and go off to your classes
  • Everyone in your giant lecture knows you’re dating because when you walked into class and the guy did the “AYO COOOOUUPSSSS” and Coups raised both of your hands up in a wave like Hello Look At Me and My Amazing S/O
  • You’re like Coups please
  • He just wants to let the whole world know you’re his
  • And you’ll gladly agree with him

this is the first post of the series i’m starting with Seventeen, hope you enjoy!

Sometimes I just look at screens/gifs of this part

And I just get a so fangirly about my otp and how CLOSE they are. Like, think about being in a position like that with someone in real life, with them behind you and their arms pretty much around you, and you trust them and like them and you’re just completely encompassed by them and their warmth. Like, just think about how AWARE that both Wally and Artemis must’ve been at their proximity, like holy shit that is fucking CLOSE, this is like carrying-Artemis-bridal-style-through-the-desert-when-we-were-suffering-from-amnesia close; this is “holy shit I can feel his breath on my neck” close.

And this is like, such a big move for Wally too, to just get right up behind her like that and put his hands on either side of the bow. Like, he didn’t even think about it, he just did it, he’s soooo more than ready to take a chance with her at this point, I believe with all my heart that he and Artemis were so beyond ready for each other by the time this episode even rolls around, they’re done dancing around this shit, the air is clear of the things that were holding them back and now they’re ready to take a chance.


I just… ugh, this is such a really good moment? I never really have gotten over this moment (like I’m over ANY of their moments, really, lmao.


Calling Exo Daddy

How would EXO react if you called them ‘Daddy’ in bed?

I am just going to assume you mean out of the blue? Hope you like ;)


Suho: He would freeze and stare at you. He would ask you what you just said and when you don’t reply he would smirk so hard and say “you like that princess?”

Baekhyun: He would be like what the fuck and take a while to realize what happened. Once he sees you blushing underneath him he will continue with business but you are gonna get questions. Don’t worry tho he’s down.

Chanyeol: he will ignore it. leaning not to take everything you say in bed seriously. If you do it again he is gonna ask you later. he wont care tho

D.O: One of the members with the bigger daddy kink he is gonna smirk just as hard as Suho. He will probably smack your butt and say something like “daddy’s little girl likes it like that huh?”

Kai: he is going to laugh. “What did you just say baby?” when you tell him he will laugh again and say how hot that was and to keep saying it ;)

Sehun: Same reaction as Kai tbh. Except maybe more laughing lol.

Xiumin: Holy shit he is going to get so turned on. Also a member with a really big daddy kink he is going to stop and make sure he heard you right. When he confirms you did call him daddy he is going to control you so much more than usual. Saying things like “daddy’s going to let you cum okay princess?”

Lay: He will ignore it like Chanyeol. It’s going to turn him on slightly tho. he’s gonna be embarrassed to say so but this is something you two can explore ;)

Chen: Same as Kai and Sehun. Except he is gonna want to spank you and be a little more rough now. Saying shit like “Bend over for Daddy”

Tao: You just gave him so much power. He is going to love this so much! “Does my baby girl like that?” grabbing your hair and spanking you oh dear ;)

Jungkook being your husband would include... (requested)
  • waking up to his precious face every single morning
  • ‘good morning jagi’ in his sleepy morning voice which would bE SO HUSKY AND DEEP WOW 
  • the other boys constantly crashing your place,,,  you and jungkook would be having date night, just chilling- watching a movie then you’d hear a knock on the door and you’d open it to see the rest of your husband’s bandmates standing outside with a pack of beer like surprise surprise
  • but i feel like jimin and tae would crash your house the most tho LOL 
  • like you’d get up in the morning and see jimin and tae on your couch drinking orange juice out of the carton and you’d be like ‘how did u get into-’ 'with the key hidden in your potted plant' ‘what are u guys doing here’ ‘we ran out of food at the dorm’ and you’d just shrug it off bc it’s become a norm for you 
  • occasionally waking up to him singing loudly in the shower
  • ‘jagiyaaa i’m hungryyyyyy’
  • him trying to surprise you for your anniversary by cooking dinner
  • so he calls jin hyung to come over and help him cook
  • ‘hyung what can i do?? i want to help too so it doesn’t seem like you did everything’ ‘you can go stand over there by the corner’ ‘whyyyyy’ 
  • ‘fine help me cut the onions’
  • you coming back from work to dinner and you’d be so surprised like ‘woooow you did this all by yourself??’
  • and he’d nod his head confidently but you secretly knew he got jin to help him
  • borrowing his clothes
  • lots of hickeys
  • always talking about kids and the future 
  • ‘i can’t wait to be a dad’
  • lots of him singing to you when you can’t sleep
  • forehead kisses 
  • ‘jagiyaaa it’s my turn to be the big spoon’ ‘….fine’
  • ya’ll would get takeout often bc too lazy to cook
  • he’d constantly be playing with his wedding ring and thinking ‘holy shit i’m married’
  • even after months of getting married, he’d still be in shock that you said yes
  • lots of facetiming when he’s away on tour
  • ‘i miss you so much jagi’
  • having two kids in the future - probably one boy and one girl
  • ‘jagiya I love you so much thank you for saying yes’


I enjoyed writing this fdhsjnfjkgn i kinda really want to marry jungkook now ??? requests are open!!! should i do more husband AUs for the other boys?? maybe? idk?? send them here x

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Wowie, finally I can somehow tell you guys, that I LOVE this blog :D. One of the best danganimagineronpa blogs I've seen on tumblr :D. Also, here is my ask: how would Mondo react, if his female S/O is a cat person and even if S/O likes cute dogs, she is extremely afraid of barking big dogs (like she immediately stands in the place when dog starts barking at her), because of the trauma from the childhood (she was bitten by a dog when she was a kid)?

Friendly reminder that requests are closed! Also, holy shit one of the best thank you so much

I can most definitely imagine Mondo as a dog person; I can also picture him as having one of those Teacup Yorkies he ABSOLUTELY loves with a name that completely contradicts the cuteness of his pet like Flame or Bruiser (not like Elle Woods no, he did not get that from that movie his S/O liked watching). For this reason alone, I believe he would somewhat try, albeit slowly, to coax them into warming up to big dogs. He wouldn’t force them into it, but he finds that seeing dogs in public are an inevitable evil that he’d rather his S/O not have to deal with. Almost every time Mondo will stay by their side and ensure their safety, holding them in his arms and whispering reassuring words into their ear. That being said, the S/O will protect that Teacup Yorkie with their life ~ Mod Eri 

Don’t Leave Me: “Drunk Mistakes?”, Part 2

(part 1)


“Hey, babey! It’s two in the morning and you’re the only thought in my head, and I know that when I wake up at ten a.m., you’ll still be the only thought I have. I miss ya soooooooooo much, please come back to me. I love yo…” Harry’s voice slurred on the phone, being interrupted by the beep ending the voicemail.

Since the day Harry and I broke up, one week and four days ago, he’s called every night, every goddamn night, drunk. It saddened me to think that throught all this time he’s been drunk calling me, I’m the bad thought in the back of his mind. And even worst, he was the one to break me. I might have left first, but he was already out of that relationship long before I could even notice. He had no right to be sad or heartbroken. That right was only given to me, the one with a shattered heart and a broken mind.

I clicked on the button to listen to a previous voicemail, one that wasn’t sent that night, but that couldn’t get out of my head even if I tried. “I think I might hate you” His voice started and by the way he talked, it was obvious he’d been drinking, just like in all the other messages he sent me.” You broke me. You left me and didn’t even let me explain myself. I want only you and you. Maybe I don’t deserve you. Maybe you’re too good. I don’t know, ‘M talking so much shit and my head’s all messed up right now. Nick is trying to convince me to get into a girl’s pants but I might punch him in the face because I love you so much. And I hate you. But, God, I love you”  he giggled, “I think we should get married. Call me if you wanna get married. I can make us get married, y’know? I’m rich.”

After all the voicemails he sent me, he would mention in the end that I was supposed to call him, but he was drunk and I couldn’t know until what point he was meaning those words, besides, the fact that he only called me whenever he wasn’t sober just showed me how a coward he could be. How he didn’t have the guts to walk up to me and speak up his mind.

So, when I decided to dig up that bottle of whiskey on the top shelf all by myself, I knew that I was supposed to follow Harry’s steps, as much as I didn’t want to be that girlfriend that drunk calls, it was the only way I could face him. So hypocrite of me to say Harry’s the coward when I’m doing just the same thing he is. I guess that’s the thing loving relationships do to you.

After some glasses of alcohol, my mind was tipsy and love songs lyrics were being slurred by me. There I was, all alone at my old and small flat screaming ‘This Is What Makes Us Girls’ at the top of my lungs with a bottle of Jack Daniels in my hand, not even bothering to grab a glass. I just wanted to drown my frustration and sadness into drinking.

It was something around two-thirty in the morning and the fact that Harry still hadn’t called me was strange. He would always call sometime around one and three in the morning. Maybe he forgot me. Maybe he decided to move on. Maybe I was never enough, just like I always imagined.

“Fuck you, Harry Styles!”

Letting out a laugh, I grabbed my phone and looked for his contact. If this situation wasn’t like this, if I wasn’t that drunk, I’d never have the guts to call my ex-boyfriend, rambling stuff that was tied on my throat since before our break up.

“Harry?” I said as soon as he picked up my call.

“Y/N? Is it you?” He said after a while. He didn’t sound drunk. Why wasn’t he drunk? He was supposed to be drunk. I pouted, feeling sadness run in my veins and tears brimming my eyes.

“Why aren’t drunk? You should be drunk. That’s why I’m calling you. You were supposed to be drunk and call me, and then I’d be drunk and would answer you, because I didn’t have the guts to do it before” I laughed, “That’s so funny! I said you were a coward, but guess what? I’m a coward, too! Remember when you said you wanted to get married? Yeah, let’s get married! We can call our children ‘Pussy’ and ‘Chicken’, because we’re both cowards!”

When he didn’t laugh, I wanted to cry.

“Why aren’t you laughing? It’s funny. Why aren‘t you saying anything? You should be drunk. You don’t love me anymore, do you?”  I cried. “I knew it! That’s why I left you! You never loved me. You always wanted to stay out, stay away from me, just because sometimes I can get a bit jealous or insecure. I left you because I was too afraid of losing you, but I already did, right? I lost you long before I left you that day.”

He sighed loudly and that made me angry. Why should I listen to his bullshit when he’s drunk but he can’t listen to mine? “Y/N, you’re drunk. You should go to sleep.”

“Does that mean you don’t love me anymore? You can say it. If you do, then I’ll forget you. I can try to move on. But I love you so much, Harry Bear.”

“I do love you, so much, but go to sleep. You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Come back… please, be here. Stay here with me. I don’t care I left you. I don’t care you left me alone every night or that you almost raped and slapped me…”

“Y/N! I would never do any of this to you. Don’t ever say that again. Ever. This is not okay. I could never touch you, I could never see you hurt.”

“But I am. I’m hurt and heartbroken and I want you here.”

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea, you might regret this…”      

“Stop rejecting me!” I sobbed, crying out loud at the feeling of that pain in my heart grow in absurd heights. I heard the beeping of the phone, and  screamed. He hung up on me. He just declined this call. He was rejecting the chance he was having of getting me back.

He didn’t love me anymore. Maybe he never did. Maybe he liked the attention I gave him. Or it could be the sex. It could be the fact that I could move mountains and break rocks if that meant that I could be with him. Or if that meant he was happy, even if I wasn’t the one to cause his happiness.

I broke down on the floor, my head hanging on the wall behind me, and the bottle that was once filled with alcohol slowly ending, drop by drop. If I thought that drinking could help me to get out of the black hole that I was living, I was so wrong. While being sober I could distract myself, even if it’s only for two minutes in an entire day. Drunk, there was nothing I could do. He was here, and he was there. He was on my couch and on the ground I was laying. He was on my walls, and worst, he was on my mind. He was stuck in my heart. Harry was the nicotine, the was the air I was breathing.

I hate loving him. I hate he made me love him so much. But above all,I hate the fact that he can be the one to give me all the happiness and all the sadness. He could change my mood in a matter of seconds. I fucking hated the way he was able to control me, because I couldn’t do the same with him. I couldn’t do anything but wait until time helped me to make the pain fade away, until it became a very unpleasant and hurtful memory.

When my flat’s bell rang I was still crying, not leaving my spot on the floor. At first I thought I was hearing things, because Harry left me on the other line of the phone and no one would show up for me in the middle of the night, but then loud knocks came, and I knew, I felt it was him. I could feel his presence next to me.

“Y/N?” He called me on the other side of the door. The ache in my heart was no longer there, because he was here. He was here with me.

Dragging myself to the door, I opened, and his arms embraced me. I knew I was still drunk when I wrapped my arms around him feeling angrier than never.

“I hate you” I sobbed, not being able to contain the mixture of happiness and sadness floating inside me.

“I love you. Let’s get you to bed, okay?”

“No, you’re going to leave me if I do.”

“I won’t, I promise.”

Shifting in my bed, I tried to find a comfortable position where my head wouldn’t hurt so much. Not worth at all, though. It didn’t matter if my head was turned to the right or left, it still hurt like if someone had stabbed me in the head with a hammer.

“Y/N?” Harry’s voice called me, and I noticed him sitting on the edge of my bed. The memories from last night were still very vivid in my mind, and I was mentally cursing myself for acting like an immature teenage girl.

“Sorry about last night. I was really stupid, you didn’t need to come over here.” I said, not daring to look at his face.

“You remember it?”

“Every single bit.”

“I’m glad you called.”

“I was drunk, Harry. I didn’t mean the crap I said.”

“Drunk people talk the truth and I don’t believe you were lying” he spoke, and as soon as the words left his mouth, they kicked in. He was quoting the same thing I’d told him almost two weeks before. As he saw the look on my face, Harry smiled.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s not gonna happen. I might still love you and all, but I’m not jumping back into that relationship with you. It’s only gonna hurt me more, and you’re never going to change. I can’t go throught that again.”

“Look at me” he pleaded, and I sat on the bed, noticing that I was wearing one of his shirts that I couldn’t get rid off when we broke up. I looked at him, and he had a desperate look, “I know. I know we fought. Holy shit, we did fight a lot, and I did fucked up big time, but we loved.  We loved each other more than any other thing in the world. We fought because we cared. Our fights were filled with passion and fucked-up ways of saying ‘I love you’. And I do. I love you and I’m not going to make the same mistakes again.”

He was so right. He was so right that it pained me to realize his words were all true.

“Harry, you’re hot then you’re cold. I can’t stay here and hope that one day you won’t wake up and think that you’re done with me. If it hurts that much now, how worse will it be in the future?”

“I’m never going to be done with you. I can’t let you go, you’re the only thing in my life I’m certain of, and I won’t just give up on that.”

Seeing him like this made me remember why I loved him so much and why he was the only one for me. We were screwed up. We were a mess. But we were such a beautiful mess. We were fucking flawless. I didn’t care anymore. I could get hurt in the end, and probably I was going to, but he was so worthy it. My mind was clouded with his love. 

I could see it in his eyes. He loved me.

“I’m going to change, I don’t want to do anything that could make me lose you. I wouldn’t be able to go throught that again.” He paused. “I’m going to do anything to have you back. I need you, and I’m fighting for us.”

“Kiss me, you idiot.”

A/N: Requests are open. Anna x

as it turns out, Hydroponic Hell is quite well-named, 

: ) 

hey, i hope you like searching for green plant stains. in our greenhouse. with green lighting. and green plants. which cast green shadows for some reason. also there’s some green monster bits to clean up. which bleed green. i hope this isnt a problem for you thanks 

this was even worse than the sewer level and its not even that big,

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Got7 Reaction: Your Heels Make You Taller Than Him

Anon said: “How would got7 react to your heels making you a little taller than him?”

“…did I- did I shrink or something?”
“Babe, look at my feet.”
“Oh.. You’re wearing heels! How nice.”

He’d be startled at first, but nonchalant afterwards.

“Jagiiiii… I’m supposed to be taller than you!”
“Hush Jaebum, let me feel tall for once; you never stop rubbing it in my face that you can reach what I can’t.”
“But (y/n)! Don’t you have smaller heels?!”
“Of coarse I do.”
“Can’t you wear those then?”
“Absolutely not.”
“Because these are the only heels that look good with this outfit, now suck it up and let’s go.”

*mega pout*

“Jackson, quit tippy-toeing, you’re going to break your ankles if you try to reach higher.”
“Babe! We can’t let them know that I’m short!”
“Jackson, you’re 5'9, you’re of average height! Now stand still and put your feet on the ground so we can finish taking this picture.”
“Can I get a kiss at least?”
*tippy-toes more to try to reach your lips*
“Ok, get down here.”


“Babe! Are you ready to go yet?!”
*you come running as best you could and grab his hand, leading him out*
“Damn, is this what you feel like when I tug on you?”
“Yes! You’re tall as heck and I can’t slow you and your long legs down!”
“Sorry jagi.”
“You’re not bothered by me being taller than you right now?”
“No, I actually really like this.”
*stares blatantly at your chest*

*drools when you walk ahead of him and your calves look very prominent*

“Shit, Youngjae! Can you tone it down a bit babe? I can hear your clearer now that I stand above you.”
“You’re like my own personal teddy bear!”
*proceeds to squeeze the life out of you*
“I can get used to this. Jagi, can you wear heels more often?”
“No, my feet are begging for mercy.”

*intrigued and giddier than usual*

*sees you and immediately leans in for a kiss*
*ends up kissing your lower chin instead of your lips*
*opens eyes in confusion*
“(Y/N)-ah… When did you get so tall?”
“Who knows? I fee like I grew five inches overnight.” You said sarcastically.
“Oh!” He exclaims after realizing why you were towering over him all of a sudden.
*you walk away and he has to take a moment to really realize just how tall you both are*
“Our kids really are going to be giants..”

*completely astonished*

*you walk in wearing killer stilettos bc this kid is HUGE*
*he sees you and is immediately taken aback*
“Jagi, holy shit!”
“What are those things on you feet?”
*looks at you with eyes as big as saucers bc hoooo ma gawd, you’re massive now*

*is high key really frightened*


Can we just talk about how Sam Wilson became an Avenger?

Like he woke up one morning and ran for a jog that some blond interrupted it. Around the third or so time he realizes the guy’s doing it on purpose.

Then that guy is fuckin captAIN AMERICA HOL-and they have a conversation about the wars they’ve been in, they connect, and Sam’s just like “he’s not high and mighty can do it all, he’s like me, he has fears and nightmares and everything I went through” and it’s all conveyed right there in that scene.

He just goes home, probably thinking over how he was was trolled (“oh your left” *nods head* “on your left” *got it on my left* *sees him again* “DONT YOU DARE NO NO” “on your left” “NOOOOOO”) by Cap and can’t tell anyone because they wouldn’t believe him.

Then one morning (obviously a bad night bc his distress face, and he was drinking orange juice - small theory of being diabetic &/or ptsd nightmare) Cap is just on his doorstep with the lady that joked with them from the car, all dirty and tired (HOW DID HE FIND SAM HE COULDNT JUST ASK SHIELD FOR DIRECTIONS AND HE DIDNT ASK SAM AFTER HE TROLLED THE GUY) and just like “bro we need to hide. Can we hide with you?” And he just leTS THEM IN BC FYAMERICA.

So they talk bout sUPER sERCRET sHIT in front of him no-big. So listening, he’s like “I have this awesome wing backpack” *impress cap impress cap oh yeah im impressing captAIN AMERICA FUCK YEAH* “I thought you said pilot” “never said pilot” *oh yeAH I GOT YOU BACK CAP*

So he and Nat go and get his wings (which I want that scene, give me THAT SCENE MARVEL @MARVEL GIVE ME) and scare the living daylights out of this hydra fellow (satwill or something?) and Sam’s all badass with his wings and he’s w cap. Just aaaaaaahhhhhhhh yyyyyyaaaaa.

So the big-ole boss battle w Cap & HYDRA happens, Cap needs help, and Sam is just RIGHT THERE READY, but he’s smiling when Cap does the Captain America Speech™ (and Sam is just bursting bc holy shit that was one of the speeches, and he gOT TO WITNESS IT STAY COOO MAN STAY COOL “Did you write that down first, or was it off the top of your head?”)

Sam fights this guy spitting shit about how Hydra shall rule or something and Sam’s just ////done//// oh so done listening about discount nazis and just tells him to shut up, because all this is bullshit and he’s done. He punched the discount nazi, (don’t look at me, I do what he does, just slower)

When that’s over, he jumPS OUT THE FUCKING WINDOW. JUST-*WHERES MY RIDE? WHERE-IS-RIDE* **bash** oh there it is. “I said 41st floor" “well it’s not like there’s numbers on the outside” and this is when Sam learns that Cap’s team is filled with trolling & joking assholes. He loves it.

And after that, he’s hunting after Bucky, but when killer robots attack (how come he wasn’t part of the fight???) he becomes a “New Avenger” and his wings get an upgrade (which ant-guy fucked up-fuck him) and he’s just smiling and happy.

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If ur still doing the headcanon thingy then tsukii for romance,sex,angry,drunk, and sad

I’m actually not doing it anymore but because Tsukki is my bias and these hit all the right spots for me, here you go!! Enjoy :’^) because I sure did huehue

♡ - romantic headcanon

+ if he catches you sitting on the bed or the couch, once in a while, when he’s in a really good mood, when he’s struck by how much affection he has for you, he’ll like to get on his knees between your legs and cradle your face in his hands and kiss you softly, gently, but still very passionately.

✿ - sex headcanon

+ man oh man he won’t always wanna do it because he’s got to study and practice etc. but when he does he is so voracious holy shit. he talks a big game but you know you’re really gonna get it if he just goes for you - kissing, nipping your jawline, sucking your throat, hands tugging at your clothes and slipping underneath them - without giving any vocal warning.

☠ - angry/violent headcanon

+ he can be mean when he isn’t angry, so of course when he is, he takes on an arrogant, mocking tone saying some really bad things and acting like it doesn’t hurt him or that he doesn’t care if it hurts you. but if it escalates further than that, he won’t even look like he’s playing around. his eyes will be like they’re looking right through you and he’d get really close because otherwise you couldn’t hear him hissing out the really hurtful, cold-hearted things he’s going to say.

★ - sad headcanon

+ he’ll be open and down for a relationship if you’ve proved you’re someone who can keep up with him and that he can trust you. however, he won’t start out super affectionate and he’ll actually even try to push your buttons and tease you in order to test your limits/push you away. he gets kind of self-destructive at least when it comes to relationships with other people because he just wants to save himself from being open to hurt and betrayal.

(there’s no symbol for drunk but here u go)

+ he would probably be a lot more vocal with how you make him feel/how he feels about you, but the drunker he gets the less he realizes that he’s not actually saying it out loud lmao. like he’ll kabedon you and you’ll look up at him a little flustered and he just keeps gazing down at you kind of intensely and you’re waiting for him to say something but he thinks he’s already said it out loud HAHHAA before leaning down to kiss you.

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Hey Jack, i was wondering if you ever still have that moment of when your like, "Holy shit... how did i get to where i am now?" I'm pretty sure you think of it a lot, but i want to hear what you say. It's amazing how fast your channel grew and how big your community is. It must be great to have so many wonderful and nice people cheer for you and give you hope.

Had one of those moments today actually haha. Its still super crazy to me that this is my life now, I feel like I should do more with it :P


A/N: Second fic for Steter Week (2014).  Fuck I have a lot of fic to write ugh. AO3 version can be found here

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Inhaling slowly, Peter leans back in his chair and pinches the bridge of his nose.  His desk is absurdly neat; everything in its place.  The only thing that appears wrong is the blue of his computer screen.

After a moment, he licks his lips and leans forward over his desk.  He presses the intercom button on his phone, voice sharp and shoulders rigid.

“Jennifer,” he says, not waiting for her to respond.  “Connect me to the tech department.”

Of course, Mr. Hale.  I’d also like to remind you of your reservations tonight at six.

“Thank you.”

There is a dial tone and then a ringing.  Slouching back into his seat again, the third tone sounds before cutting off to a young voice.

“Technologies department, this is Stiles speaking.  How can I help you today?”

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The Ring part 1

Just a silly little fic inspired by @supertrashcompactor. Part TWO here.

Alex kicked in the door to Kara’s apartment, splintering the door and its frame.

“Are you okay? What happened? Is it Cat? Carter?” she panted. As soon as Alex had gotten the call from a tearful Kara, she dropped everything and came running.

“They’re fine, but what the hell, Alex? You smashed through my door!” Kara stood, hands on hips, glaring at her. “I’ve already had the handyman out once this week to fix a hole in the wall. What’s she going to think when I have to call her back two days later?”

Alex scanned the room, taking in all the tiny details. To the untrained eye, everything, aside from the door, would appear normal. Alex, however, saw the slightly unnatural shift of the couch cushions and the haphazard angle of the area rug. Something was off. Kara didn’t make a habit out of calling her in tears, hiccuping so hard that she could hardly get the words out.

“Me? You called me! Crying, no less! ‘Alex, pl—please come over. I n-need you!’” Seeing that Kara was physically fine, Alex felt free to mock her. She could tell that Kara had been crying, though. “So, what’s up?”

Lips pressed together, Kara avoided her gaze and fidgeted with the hem of her shirt. “Um…” Alex watched her take a deep breath. “I’m getting married.”

She was stunned. That was the only word for it.

“Holy shit! To Cat? When? How?” So many questions sprang to Alex’s mind.

Kara huffed in exasperation. “Yes, ‘to Cat!’” She paced the floor and started rambling. “Of course, she might just call it off after what I did. Yeah… I’m in big trouble. What will she think? What will she do? She’ll kill me that’s what she’ll do. She’ll think I’m the worst fiancee ever and kill me. I’m dead. That’s it. I’m a dead alien walking.”

“Woah… woah… woah…” Alex tried to calm her sister down. “What did you do? Can’t be that bad. You threw her off her own building and she still loves you.”

Kara raised her left hand and wiggled her fingers in Alex’s face. “See? No ring. I lost it. I lost it, Alex, and it’s only been like TWO days!”

Well, that explained why the room was slightly off-kilter. Kara had been searching for the ring.

“She’s not going to be—”

“That ring could buy a small island!”

Alex rolled her eyes. She could see that Kara was truly distraught, but the situation was so cliche and the fact that it was happening to her sister, a superhero, was pretty damn funny. At least, to her.

“Right. So, where do you last remember having it?” she asked, stifling a laugh.

Kara stopped her pacing. “Uh, shoot. Let’s see… Yesterday, we were on the couch you-knowing,” she said, fluttering her hand in an eerily similar fashion to Cat. “I know I had it then, because she kissed my ring finger. Then, uh…” Kara bit her lip. “There was that small fire on 53rd street that I helped with. I left from Cat’s place.”

“And afterwards? Did you still have it?”

“I’m not sure. I only noticed it missing this morning. It could be anywhere!” Kara sat on the couch, head in hands, and moaned. “A small island, Alex!”

“Right. Okay. And you already searched your place?” Alex was at a loss. She wasn’t sure what she could do to help besides offer a marginally sympathetic shoulder for Kara to cry on.

“Yes. I even x-rayed all the pipes just in case I lost it while showering or doing the dishes. Nothing.”

“Alright,” she said, clapping her hands together, determined. “While you and I turn this place upside down again, I’ll call Vasquez. She can get some agents out to the scene of that fire.”

Jumping up from her seat, Kara hugged Alex tightly. “Thank you! You’re amazing.”

Their hug was interrupted by the ringing of Kara’s phone. They both looked at the display as it sat on the coffee table. Cat Grant.

“Oh, crap…” Kara answered it. “H-hello? Hey, honey! Oh, nothing, just hanging out with Alex. Uh-huh. Okay.”

Alex took the opportunity to yell, “Congratulations, Cat! The ring! It’s lovely!” Which earned her a glare.

“K, bye. Love you, too.” Kara hung up. “Really? Was that necessary? She needs me to come over,” she sighed. “She sounded calm, but sort of… sly? It was that tone of voice she uses when she’s being overly solicitous to lead someone into a trap. She’s gotta know.”

Alex thought. “Okay, new plan. I stay here and look for it. You go to Cat’s and look for it. Vasquez still sends agents to 53rd street.”

Kara hugged Alex again. “Got it. I’ll call you.” She ran through what was left of the door, and turned around. “Oh, and call Kelly to come fix this, please,” she said pointing to the debris.

Alex nodded and got to work.