holy shit was fort max hard to draw


There were some amazing scenes on MTMTE 21, I just wanted to draw them out:3

First Aid: This part made me tear up. I felt really bad for Aid because not only did he kill Pharma, but now he has to deal with Ambulon’s and the Delphi patients’ deaths.

Minumus Ambus: Gosh darn, I’ve never been so happy to see this guy in my life. 

Cyclonus vs. Star Saber: Most badass fight yet. And Cyclonus’ speech  was way too amazing for words.  

Cyclonus and Tailgate: OK, I’m pretty sure I almost had a heart attack here because I thought he really did went through with TG’s request and killed him. But he saved him, and gosh, am I happy they are both alright. Ah I don’t think I made this scene much justice but I had to draw it ;3;

Rodimus and Fort Max: Max is the new Enforcer and I don’t think anyone else is better for the job. He went through so much torture and trauma, I’m really happy he’s getting a second chance, but I’m sad to see him go:(

There are way too many scenes I want to drawwwwwwww, ah I’ll get to them!