holy shit ur cute

nitorireadsporn asked:

I was at Animethon 21, I saw you once and told you I loved your cosplay! While searching through the tag on tumblr, I found your url! I thought I'd drop by and say once again that your cosplay was totally awesome! I really wanted to talk to you more but I was too shy to do so yet you seemed really nice ;3;

heavy breathing omg ur so cute. awwwwww it’s okay if you’re shy but i would have loved to talk to you more. thank you for all the nice words omg i am like blushing. but when did you come up to me if you don’t mind me asking? there was quite a few people, did you say hi on saturday? sunday? i want to remember your beautiful face (because thats not creepy at all). (;´д`)

jellyfishmurderer asked:

Karkat flopping down an his bed and the second his face hits the pillow his phone won't stop vibrating and he's like oh my god what now? And it's a text from dave and it's a picture of his front door and he's still supper cloudy

can twitter be blowing up bc holy shit theyre cute karkat cmon let ur bae in do it,,, dave making so many ‘bf kicked me out’ jokes and ‘i came across all these states for this breakfast in bed’ and stuff omgggg everyone is eating it UP

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holy shit ur so cute???? im so gay

ARE U A PIG I’m mostly into pigs atm. It’s o urk if

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♡! You always have really good examinations for just about everything and you're super cute?? Like holy shit qt pie also ur funny af and ily

Thank you! My examinations are pretty average though. I don’t have any higher education on most subjects, I just examine things on my own based on the little knowledge I have.

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holy shit? who let u be that cute? like omg ur a forest princess

It’s actually just me trying to look cool while a power outage was going on lol bUT THANK YOU FOR CALLING ME CUTE AND A FOREST PRINCESS I’M KIND OF TEMPTED TO DRAW THAT NOW

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omfg im so sorry it took me so long to follow back i honestly thought i had followed u back like right when u followed but ??? apparently not?? anyways i love ur art sm and ur so cute n a fello korean holy shit :’) im hella glad we’re mutuals ok bye !

antipda asked:

hey (if ur still doing it) ✌✌

sorry it took me so long!!

1. First impression: Intimidation n wow they r so cool wtf 
2. Truth is: you seem super nice n not at all intimating?i hope we become friends. also!!! holy shit ur asethetic/style game is winning ur super cute ALSO i love your art :0
3. How old do you look: uhhhhhhh ur age tbh 
4. Have you ever made me laugh: i think so!
5. Have you ever made me mad: no!!
6. Best feature: aesthetic n eyes 
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: nop
8. You’re my: mutual
9. Name in my phone: n/a
10. Should you post this too? sure if you want!

sokovia asked:

Its A Bird by Steven T. Seagle awesome graphic novel about family and superheroes :D

i’ll be sure to check it out!!

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