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Coffee shop au where Viktor works at the shop and Yuuri's a frequent costumer. The first time Yuuri came in Viktor couldn't get out a single word and wrote on Yuuri's cup instead, so the cup had questions written on it like what he wanted and what his name was. Every time after that Viktor would always leave a cup off to the side that was always reserved for Yuuri, with little doodles and questions on it.


i remember i saw some long post headcanon thing going around and i kind of thought it was a neat one off idea but idk - i had Some Issues with it and improvements?

#major character death ttg i guess? #suicide ment #jen don’t look

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you should totes ramble about soriel I'd love to read all your thoughts on the matter

what really …………..??..?… OKAY SO! (spoilers below)

they’re so cute together. like, holy shit. and ur maybe wondering why? or maybe you just haven’t read that far into them or anything because undalphys (duh. both important gays). but let me just? expatiate. this might be redundant for you if you’ve played the game ten times (i only just finished run 5 so).

there’s the whole knock knock jokes at the door thing that sans tells you at MTT resort’s restaurant. that happens before we arrive (well, frisk really). it’s just so. good. like. fuck!! they’re both such huge dorks with bad jokes in their respective bad joke repertoires. and they have such a good time with it because they both genuinely love their jokes! and each other.. and sans comes back again and again so they can make more bad jokes  and like, shoot the shit …………….

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Im sorry if its shitty (which it is) its bc im fasting and so sick like my back hurts so much and im sitting on a chair; -; anyways ily and ur AU’s

oh man holy shit thatsS CUTE ASF THANKS

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ahh hey ur art is really great and ur very very cute as well! im glad ur finally back! i missed seeing ur cute little comments on posts ahaha

AHHH holy shit this is so sweet?? omg im p average lookin but im glad to be back too!!! idk how often i’ll post from here on out but im thankful for everyone’s support !

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Some celebrity x normal person AU

i’ve been avoiding this post for no reason and i refuse to any longer

  • you wanted to impress your date tonight so you decided to show them the new billboard outside of town with your face on it and accidentally caught me defacing it with some very…lewd pictures, so now your chasing me halfway across town jus to kick my ass 
  • you’re this moviestar making a film here in my homeland, which is some exotic jungle/mountain expedition to you, except you got caught in a landslide and dragged me down 500 miles with you, so now we’re both stuck together as we try to find a way back to high ground
    • lowkey assumed you’d be crying and scared and shit but you actually got ur boots on and smilin and are ready to fucken go—apparently this is why you love doing movies in strange places
  • you’re this weird ass fucking kid i knew literally all through elementary to highschool that i never really talked to yet knew everything about, even the really personal stuff that came up at weird moments and never spoke about again. after graduation though i left town and got super famous and decided to come back for a bit, and of course, here you fucken are—havent changed a goddamn bit since i left, both with your weird phrases and too-huge grins and…you just asked me about my severe fear of commitment, wait you remember that?
  • i know celebrities have all the time and money they want to get their hair done but seriously dude i see you like twice a week for something not even worth it. like you could hire a stylist for your house why even travel all this way for this basic af shop, its not like IM the reason you come here—wait what, i am?
  • you keep making these godawful remixes of my songs and i dont care if i have to burst into your studio, im here to kick some ASS if u dont stop butchering my music and ho ho holy shit ur cute

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I saw a roomba today!!! Every time I see roombas I think of you and boop the button for memories sake (you can ask my roommate I literally flip the fuck out every single time and run over ahah). Anyways, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! OMG!! ARE YOU SURE??? LIKE??? AAAAAA ; u ; Also happy pride my gay son

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my physics class is fucking blessed. i sit at a table with THREE beautiful gals, and I got a huge crush on one of them. so the one i really like had a pretty dress on the other day so I was like "hey ur dress is cute!" AND HOLY SHIT she responded by saying "thanks! I like your face!" I fucking DIED. Then the next day we were doing a circuit thing in class and we held hands and honestly? im too gay for that class

yall held hands… it’s an OMEN

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it's so weird to see the actual face of one of my fav blogs and not think of u as an animated lil living cow jimin character, but holy shit ur so cute and pretty and beautiful bye

IDK HOW TO REPLY BECAUse I don’t usually get compliments like this, but thank you so much. 😭 You’re such a nice and beautiful person, I hope your life is filled with so much Jimin.