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dragon age did not click for me until I romanced Solas and I will tel you why

having Solas as your Lavellan’s LI makes inquisition so much more richer I think

because, first of all there is some kind of weird sexual tension between the protag and Solas in the beginning and if you’re a Lavellan intending to romance him then you can see it plain as day. Then he GRABS UR HAND, and it’s such a fucking cool moment

then second of all, he gives you skyhold. and all signs point to YES skyhold belonged to Solas at some point or another, it was probably the place where he put up the veil and went to sleep for those thousands of years. and so if you’re romancing him at that point in the game, then you can imagine your Lavellan being like “holy shit this guy just gave me a CASTLE I am totally gonna blow his dick later”

FAST FORWARD to trespasser and you’re in the Elven ruins and you find those murals of Fen'harel lifting the vallaslins from the Elven slaves. And if you’re a romanced Lavellan there is NO FUCKING WAY you don’t see that and IMMEDIATELY KNOW WHAT THE FUCK IS UP. I wish I could’ve had a specific cutscene for a romanced Lavellan to see that and just immediately fall to their knees and cry or scream or start chucking shit at it.

Oh and then???? When you walk through the final eluvian and you’re like WTF @ all those stoned (lol) qunari and then you HEAR HIS VOICE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN TWO YEARS and you run to him…like doesn’t that feel so much more intense if you played the game as someone who was in love with him??v!

so all In all the romance just gave the game a really cool “edge” that I didn’t get with my other characters, and it opened the doors to all of the lore and meta that I know now and it keeps me wanting more. I probably wouldn’t have played origins or DA2 if it weren’t for Shaera’s relationship w Solas and I definitely wouldn’t be as stoked about upcoming games if weren’t for Solas.

Okay, but can we take a minute to talk about a Superfamily AU where Steve and Tony adopted Peter as an infant and for the first years of his life, he thinks Pepper is a superhero?  

Hear me out.  So, an offhand comment by Steve or Tony about Pepper being the real superhero for getting one of them to do…something and Peter overhears it and spends many of his formative years trying to figure out what Pepper’s powers are and to catch her in the act of using them.  Everyone thinks it’s adorable that Peter’s started following Pepper around because, “aw, kid’s got a crush,” and that is not what he’s spying on Pepper; he wants to see her fly - and if he’s good, maybe she’ll take him flying, too, since Tony is clearly “the Worst Dad In The World” and won’t take him flying in the suit.  (Sweet spiderling, how you hurt your father.  Steve spends the better part of an hour convincing Tony that he’s an awesome dad and also, their kid is so Extra, like his little four year-old ass actually stormed out of the room.  Like flung his head and stormed out because is so Tony’s kid.)

Anyway, so Peter doesn’t have a crush (he totally has a little boy crush on Pepper; it’s adorable); he’s doing recon.  He just knows Aunt Pepper is gonna pick up her car when her she drops her fancy pen and it rolls under the car.  She doesn’t.  Peter starts to think maybe she can sense when other people are near.  Maybe that’s he super power.  Maybe she can read minds.  

So, little Peter spent a lot of time thinking Pepper (and also trying to figure out her secret super hero identity because surely she had to have one.  You don’t just have powers and not use them to help people.) was a cape-wearing, car-lifting, mind-reading superhero who just happened to fly way below the radar.

Ofc, when he’s older, he gets what his dads were talking about, but he stills thinks she’s a superhero anyway when she can bully Tony out of the lab and to the dinner table when even Steve can’t manage it.  

Enter Civil War.  (I have given this A LOT of thought.)  Basically, Peter’s dads are off in another country getting a divorce and Peter is Just. Not. Having It.  He convinces Happy that he needs to go to Romania because my dads, Happy and Happy can’t help it.  He sort of agrees with the kid.  Plus, he’s always had a soft spot for Pete.  (Happy is at home with Peter because there is no one Tony trusts more to protect his kid than Happy Hogan.)  So Happy smuggles them to Romania somehow and Peter gets there just in time to see the mayhem Steve and co. unleash on Romanian rush hour.  

Happy had sort of explained what was going on, done his best not make anyone a bad guy.  Just explain that there these superhero accords and his dads were totally on different sides of the fence, and yeah, they’re fighting pretty bad this time, kiddo.  I won’t lie to you.  

So Peter shows up to all of this and his dad is arrested and so is Uncle Sam and huh, that’s this Bucky guy his dad keeps telling him about.  He doesn’t look that impress - holy shit, he’s got a metal arm!  He is totally going to be the cool uncle!  He’s not telling Uncle Sam or Uncle Rhodey that, though.  Yeah.  But that’s not the important thing right now.  The important thing is his dad is kind of a dumbass right now and he needs to got and Talk To Him.

So, he sneaks in to where Steve is (he got really got at sneaking when he was tailing Pepper all those years) and is that the weird cat guy?  That guy is so weird.  Who dresses up like a cat?  Who does that?  Peter kind of gives him a side eye and a wide berth because really.  (*Also, fuck you, too, Peter, I would totally dress up as a cat.  T’Challa and I could be cat superhero friends and it would be awesome.)  But there’s Uncle Sam, complaining about his “bird costume” (ha, a bird costume.  Peter is never letting that one go.) and there’s his dad looking stubborn and like he’s about to do something stupid.  Again.  Peter’s gotten good at reading those looks on his dad’s face because Steve does a lot of stupid shit like jumping out of planes without a parachute and jumping out of glass elevators without parachutes and also eating the whole breakfast Peter made him and Tony for Father’s Day when he was four.  Tony had eyed it skeptically and promptly distracted Peter while Steve his dumb face and ate all of it.  (Tony tried really hard to feel bad for him, but “you ate it! i can’t believe you ate it!  and also “i thought super soldiers couldn’t get food poisoning.”)

But right.  Dad’s about to do a Dumb Thing.  So Peter marches in all business, all serious and gives Steve his best Dad Face.  Or more accurately, Steve’s best I Am So Disappointed In You Dad Face.  He even crosses his arms and shakes his head a little.  Then he opens his mouth and what he says is:

“I’m calling Pepper.”

And thus, Civil War was averted because Pepper shut that shit the fuck down while she and Peter both gave everyone Very Disappointed In All Of You faces.  

I feel like this could be a 5 Times fic.  Five Times Peter Thought Pepper Had Secret Superpowers and One Time She Really Did.  

Other things to consider:

- Spider-Man was an embarrassing nickname his dads gave him when he was a baby because he crawled all over everything.  Steve used to joke that he was waiting for the door when Peter learned how to crawl onto the walls.  Oops.  Careful what you wish for.  That’s the first thing that gives his whole Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man gig away because really, Pete?  It’s like you took out a billboard ad in Times Square.  

- Tony takes Peter to his first day of school in the suit because he’s weak to those eyes.

- Steve is weirdly obsessed with his health and is always ready to take him to the doctor at a moment’s notice and “it’s just a cold, Dad.  I’m fine, oh my god.”  (Steve always sits up with him when he’s sick, though, no matter how old he is and 15 year-old Peter still secretly loves that his dad will make him soup and bring him a warm washcloth for “just a cold.”)

- Steve and Tony are absolutely those embarrassing dads who show up to every school event ever with Peter Parker Fan Club t-shirts and cheer obnoxiously loudly and yell out “that’s my son!”  They are the worst.

Basically, Superfamily and Pepper.  I have so many thoughts about superfamily.

Thoughts about this (final) episode of season 2:

- The Jearmin.  All of it.  Armin doing his little hop of his horse IMMEDIATELY as soon as he saw Jean was thrown off his.  Protecting him with his life even though getting off your horse in titan territory is basically suicide.  Aka, RIP my heart.  Armin and Jean working together after the fact to figure out what happened with the titan’s mysterious actions.

- Mikasa looked stunning in this episode.  Her scene was very heartfelt.  The scene where Eren activates the coordinate is emotional and pretty damn spot on to the manga.  Even the scene where Mikasa leans in is just as ambiguous as it is in the manga (if you personally see it as ambiguous, that is).  Yuki Kaji’s voice acting when he despaired over Hannes’ death and his inability to change anything was FANTASTIC.  Seriously, kudos to the guy.  I was taken aback.  I have no idea how the dub is even going to come close to this, no offense.  

-  Historia’s scene where she proclaims that being with Ymir makes her feel brave and her triumphant smile as she flies through the air like a warrior Queen made me feel so elated.  And then my heart was promptly crushed when Ymir said her goodbye….for the last time….

- Ymir’s scene of “it’s not so bad to be a goddess”, I wasn’t sure it would make it into the episode but I’m so glad it did.  Wow wow.  It’s so unfair though, considering everything that happens.  STOP BEING SO KIND YMIR WTF GET OUTTA THERE.  

- Armin and Eren’s shared glance just before the coordinate scene.  It’s small but It was important to me so I’m glad they left it in.  Also, I’m glad they had Armin being the one to bring Eren and Mikasa a horse.  He told them they had to hurry, very matter of fact, but the little tears he had in his eyes betrayed his fear for them.  So sweet….

- I am totally cool (more than cool, actually) with them ending the episode with Zeke.  Holy shit I am so ready.  Because that leads me to….

SEASON 3! IN 2018!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE! IT FEELS LIKE CHRISTMAS HAS COME EARLY YALL! And it looks like they’re including the RTS arc, if those previews are anything to believe.  Which means two cours is likely.  GOD YES.  I take back my words about WIT studios, you guys are back in my good graces.

Thank you for a great season :’) 

I Think I Love You

A/N: Can I just say, I suck at titles? All of them should be untitled lol. Hope you enjoy this, I’ve been working on it the last few days. Sorry for any errors. Oh and I’m not entirely sure Sam eats bacon, but for the sake of this story he does :D

Characters: Dean, Reader, Sam

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Summary: Reader and Dean are struggling with their feelings. 

Word Count: 1,618

Warnings: Language, tiny bit of angst

Originally posted by findyourownhappyending

Standing in the hallway of the bunker you considered your options.

1. Tell Dean how you felt.
2. Leave and never come back.

The second was more appealing, you didn’t face rejection, you didn’t want to make things weird between you. But it also meant you would never see him again. The first terrified you. Each time you thought of telling Dean how far gone you were it made you want to weep. You thought you were tougher than that. You hated to cry, thinking it showed weakness. Rolling your eyes at yourself you headed to the library. Things had been calm the last few weeks, just the occasional demon or vampire nest causing trouble.

Sitting down with a book from your personal collection you dove into a world not your own. It had been awhile since you read it, but it being a childhood favorite you couldn’t help but crack it open every now and then.

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Commentary: Game of Thrones 7x04

-got some rice and some salt and vinegar chips! let’s go fam!
-btw I’m a purist and didn’t watch the leak like some of you hoes
-already calling it: Bran is gonna spill the beans on Littlefinger trying to assassinate him
-oh please let us have another Stark reunion!
-like a full on sobbing Sansa and Arya hug
-Bran can fuck off back to his tree
-lol Jaime must be so shook right now after Olenna the Savage™ dropped the beans.
-Bronn is such a fucking legend
-I’d give Bronn a million castles
-oh hey there Mycroft
-oh shit! The blade
-Bran knows, don’t even try Little Finger 3 inch
-Baelish acting like the stepdad trying to relate to the kids
-Bran: “Chaos is a ladder.”
           Littlefinger: (◉_◉)
-we always need more Meera
-Bran you absolute fuck! Stop acting like such a fucking prat ugh. Meera risked her life for you! She dragged your crippled ass across THE FUCKING TUNDRA!!
-If you cucks don’’t let her pass I’ll scream
-I’m gonna cry
-when the Stark theme plays, the tears start rolling out
-Arya aka Prank Patrol
-Oh fuck!
-this is so emotional
-they’ve changed so much and you really notice that now they’re together
-I want Arya to hit some sense into Bran
-Is Bran gonna tell about Littlefinger trying to kill him once upon a time?
-Missandei and Daeny girl talk yes!
-oh fuck off Jon, you’re ruining girl talk
-Jon looking pretty fly this ep ;)
-this is some lovely Auntie and Nephew bonding
-Jon: “the enemy is real, it’s always been real" slowly places pieces of sidewalk chalk in his pocket
-remember what happened the last time Jonny Snow was in a cave ;)
-Oi Daeny, that was a low blow. Leave Tyrion alone
-Brienne and Pod: one hour every morning, one hour every night
-I just need to pause and breathe for a minute, we have Arya wanting some training with Brienne and Sansa looking down at her little sis all lovingly. I just miss this level of contentment on this crazy-psycho show
-Arya too cool for school. Colour Pod impressed. That’s right, watch out Littlefinger
-Girl bonding: Game of Thrones style™
-"Who taught you how to do that?” “No one” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
-Arya gonna kil Baelish
-everyone should move to Naath guys
-“Will you forgive me if I switch sides?” Gotta love Davos
-Oh shit! Jon gonna punch the shit out of Celine Theon
-Holy Fuckamoly! Daeny gonna attack Jaime with the Lannister army
-“Dickon” [mocking chuckle] Bronn is my aesthetic
-Bitches gonna be attacked
-honeys, those shields aren’t gonna protect you for shit
-It’s them crazy Dothraki
-I like how they showed the men in the army shaking in fear, it brings some realism and empathy.
-Daenerys “Rastafarian” Targaryen actually fucking slaying!
-well that’s a horrific smashing
-these poor fucking horses
-this show must have one crazy fucking budget
-Jaime is so in over his head
-lol Cersei is fucked, the Iron Bank ain’t wanna fund her now
-Run, Bron, Run!
-oh shit! The Dragon Killer is out!
-Tyrion! Find your bro!
-the cinematography is flawless
-Daeny you’ve done enough damage, go home!
-Drogon is hurt and Mumma ain’t happy
-well there goes the Dragon Killer
-Tyrion sees Jaime yes!
-“Move you idiot, you fucking idiot” honestly me to all my siblings
-have fun trying not to drown with full metal body armour and a fucking solid gold hand!
-oh snap! That was it! That was incredible! Another spectacular war scene from Game of Thrones. A round of applause is well deserved. 

So the reason for my new axolotl buddy is because my friends and I went to a reptile expo yesterday!! I apologize ahead of time for how long this post is gonna get but also sorry not sorry because I really needed to be surrounded by animals and animal lovin peeps and I wanna scream about it.

My birthday is on Tuesday so the timing of this lil expo was suuuper good. I had a feeling that the moment I’d get there, I.. probably wouldn’t be leaving alone lmao


the moment I walked in I saw someone with an axolotl in a cup.. and immediately, I turn to my boyfriend. “OH NO… AUSTIN OH NO THIS IS A DANGEROUS PLACE…”

and - no joke - between the 6 of us, we came home with 7 PETS WHOOOOPS. but to BE FAIR… four of those were praying mantises that my friend got and they were tiny as hell, haha. Also holy shit?? You can keep praying mantises as pets?? The babies were SO TINY, I couldn’t believe it !! I got to hold a few and I was super surprised at how docile they were. I’m sad that this pic got so blurry cause I love that this mantis pretty much decided to be a kaiju for a few minutes.

There was a breeder there with baby tortoises the size of like… a tennis ball? But apparently those grow into the third largest breed of tortoise in the world!! The breeder was an absolute delight to talk to and I’m so glad she was able to share these cuties with us

My bf came home with a GORGEOUS crested gecko. We don’t have a name yet, but the breed type was called “halloween Harley” so there’s a lot of places we could go with this. He is a very spastic lil child - we’ll see how this goes haha

I kiiind of wanted him to get this frog eyed gecko here because.. guys holy shit.. just look at that face..

So I meander on over to the booth with the axolotls and just.. aaa ;o; The breeder only brought 2 of the ones with the pink gills with her that day (golden axolotls), and the last one was there for $30! There were several others there, but they were reeaaally young and solid black (which honestly is still super cool and I loved their dinky little hardly grown legs). I had to get one with those iconic pink gills and that lil dude just sat there eyein me… I lingered about it for a solid two hours before caving and taking him (or her?) home <3

SO YEAH. I’m on cloud 9 right now my dudes!! I’ve wanted one of these for years but never considered having the opportunity to own one until this lovely little expo was presented to me <3 I think I’ll call him/her Munch!!

(thank you for letting me yell about animals bye I love you)

Flirting and Bilingualism

Day 2: Distance/Language
Pairing: Kuroo Tetsurou/Yamaguchi Tadashi

Oh my goodness i made it!! It’s like still 9:30 PM where I am so i totally made it for day 2!! Thank goodness, I needed to post some kuroyamas bc there is so little kuroyama in this world?? which is terrible and needs to be fixed immediately.

Anyway, before we get started, it should be important to note that italics means that someone is speaking in English!! So yeah, I hope you guys like it!!


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Attack on Titan Abridged Script

Eren: (grunts)

Mikasa: Did you have that weird dream again?

Eren: Yes! (grunts)

 (narrating): My name Eren Jaeger. I’m ten years old. I live within the walls with my family. I spend most of my days with my adopted sister Mikasa. I met her a long time ago during a summer trip.

And it got really crazy when the third guy showed up.

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First Line Meme

I was tagged by @ladydracarysao3, @5ftgarden, @thevikingwoman, @dreadhobo, @inner-muse, @katalyna-rose, and @shift-shaping (Holy shit that’s a lot. Thanks guys!)

Since so very many people tagged me, I will do a double. I have two possible drafts in progress for chapter 3 of the Roman AU so I will treat you all to the first (tentative) lines of both! (Like super very tentative I have been majorly blocked so they suck just be aware)

She knew the hour was early before she had even opened her eyes, still clinging to those last remnants of rest she would be allowed. The air was cool and balmy, the world quiet and still - and she could almost pretend that everything was as it should be.

Annnnd the other draft

The crack of a match pierced the otherwise barren silence, the temple and its denizens finally at rest. Her charges showed no signs of discomfort, but she watched them with sharp eyes, a golden bowl of fragrant smoke swinging leisurely from the chain clasped in her hands.

Uhhh I think everyone in the world has been tagged, but if you haven’t, here’s your tag!

CHANBAEK; 'Can You Keep A Secret?' AU

“I pretend to like blue, grey, black, and other manly colours, yeah you name it, but I actually prefer pink more…”
“I lost my virginity to a guy named Jongin, who is two years younger than me, in my best friend’s party and we did it on his bed but I never told him….”
“…. I don’t think that I’ve ever loved my ex, well, not that he’s ugly or something, it’s just that he’s a bit weird and sometimes I wanna laugh in the middle of the sex, I don’t even know why…”
“….Oh yeah, I’m the one who broke that photocopy machine in the office and I blame Jongdae for it.”
“….Coffee in my office tastes like dirt, I wonder why they don’t change that old, rusty coffee maker for something cool like espresso machine or whatever.”

Baekhyun could hear his own voice ringing in his head as he looked in horror when a tall,lanky (and ridiculously handsome) guy with enormous ears walked into the office. He knew that guy and he obviously didn’t plan to see him again in his life. Ever.

“Holy shit Jongdae, I’m so fucked up. Remember that one time when I told you I spilled all of my secrets to a complete stranger on the plane because of those massive turbulences and my fear of flying? Well, apparently that guy is standing there, right in front of the door. What the fuck is he doing here anyway?”

“Are you freaking kidding me?”

“No, unfortunately.”

“Well….. Man, you really messed up this time… Because that guy is Park Chanyeol, the first son and the famous heir of Park Enterprise, who will be in charge of our department starting from today.”

Oh snap. Guess Baekhyun’s life will never be the same from now on.

presidentmeachum  asked:

🐬 💛🍓 Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Chris Pratt and Chris Pine

Thank you, darlin’!

🐬 if you could transform into any animal/magical creature, what would you be and why?

A DRAGON A DRAGON A DRAGON because that’d be so cool and I could fly and be awesome and have people go “holy shit that’s a dragon look how pretty and yet weirdly terrifying it is” and honestly that is life goals right there I want to be pretty and vaguely terrifying too haha

💛 if you could talk to your younger self, what would you say?

You have completely awful taste in men and you won’t be able to fix all the shit that’s wrong with those guys so save your breath and don’t even try. Also, you’ll get better at math someday. Oh, and one day you’ll go to bed and be glad that you’re waking up again tomorrow – things do get better so suck it up and maybe just maybe punch a few people in the face because they deserve it and you’re gonna regret not doing it otherwise.

🍓 send me 4 names: kiss, befriend, kill or marry?

Yoooo you just had to give me the Chris Collective for this, huh? Awful, just awful. But easy pick: I’m gonna befriend Evans, kiss Hemsworth, marry Pine (the superior Chris as we all know), and kill Pratt. 

The Signs as the people I know!

Cancer Sun, Aqua Moon, Taurus Rising POV (these are completely opinionated okay!)

Aries (male): Wtf you all have such nice and natural body builds, and you are absolute the nicest person to me; even though you love to fuck around and kid a lot, you understand when to be a helping hand and an emotional support and you do it so brilliantly. I love that you’re brutally honest and down to earth and don’t put up with anyone’s shit. I could really learn that from you.

Aries (female): Ugh such a slender and elegant look, and so sociable. I get jealous about your ability to adapt to things well, and how you’re very helpful towards people who feel that they don’t fit in so well. Stop underestimating yourself really! You have such a natural artistic gift that can take you farther than you think :)

Taurus (male): ;_; Sorry I legit don’t know or aren’t close to any Taurus males. Hmu so I get to know you guys better!!

Taurus (female): Tbh I get quite overwhelmed with your enthusiasm over things that I can’t seem to understand but I love it! Although it’s a bit difficult for me to get to know you bc tbh I feel inferior to you :( Anyhu, I love your willingness and enthusiasm to help people and how well you take care of yourself and your family :)

Gemini (male): You’re so so so touchy almost all the time D: but honestly wtf we share the best inside jokes together and I love your sick humour and how well you understand me because I feel that you’re going through the same or worse, and you always try to make me feel better even if that means making a fool out of yourself xD But sometimes I feel that you let your ego get the best of you and you just change so quickly when you’re around your friends it’s like I don’t even know you! But when that’s not up, we make one heck of a dynamic duo.

Gemini (female): Man, when there’s one thing you’re interested in, you excel in it to the highest point like seriously; make up? Basketball? You name it! I love your ambitious attitude. But also you can be quite moody :( and you kind of lie a lot about certain things, but at the same time you really know how to defend your closest friends and never forget to give back to those who help you and I like that about you :)

Cancer (male): You guys are so eccentric! You’ve either got the strangest humour or the strangest hobbies; or both! :P But at the same time I do get a bit scared when you’re angry because sometimes you get really scary when you’re mad :(

Cancer (female): I have a love-hate relationship w you guys, sometimes you always wanna be right, sometimes you lie, sometimes you feel like you must be my only friend. I don’t like that you’re really controlling and get insensitive when things don’t go your way :( But otherwise we’re like the bestest friends and you legit know everything about me because you’re such an amazing listener and I love that you share your personal feels w me too. :’) We’re just so open and non-judgemental to each other that it just makes communicating so much easier and our arguments last like 10 seconds.

Leo (male): Your dominance gets pretty annoying sometimes and can get pretty narrow-minded about how things should be done and don’t like when people do things their way (mind, Aries male, Libra male). But honestly you’re a great leader with so many creative ideas and so so so very ambitious and protective about your loved ones and I love that vibe w you! But your temper pls :( the shouting is unnecessary and scary. Don’t fight fire w fire.

Leo (female): YOU DRAMA QUEEN AHH I mean my goodness you’re so cute and perky but also sometimes it goes over the limit! But having you as a best friend makes me feel so protected and you’re amazing at defending the people you hold close to your heart and you never fail to make me feel special on my down days. Try to take the initiative to do things sometimes, but also don’t be too upset when not everyone can cooperate! You’re so hardworking you can’t just let go to waste just coz some people don’t have the same dreams as you. Keep striving for what you wanna do, and I’ll have your back at the toughest days!

Virgo (male): BEST. HUGS. EVER. You guys are also super amazing listeners but sometimes I feel like I don’t even know who I’m talking to D: but you give amazing advice and shoulders to cry on and you don’t ask for anything in return. You’re like the living definition of unconditional love! But sometimes I feel that, like a Gemini male, you’ve got some serious ego that needs to be set down just a bit. Be yourself! Don’t be so influenced by everything you see or look up to, sometimes it’s not good for you. I’ve seen you in your own world and it’s amazing. Just be who you are :)

Virgo (female): You are super duper creative and I admire your strive for change; though imo I like you better when you’re an older person because when you’re younger you’re quite cunning and selfish and must aaaalways get what you want :( it hurts others sometimes. Sharing is caring okie? xD But I love that you are very nice to me in particular anyway

Libra (male): My best friend, my brother. You look after me at my toughest moments and you know when to stop being a dick and be a brother instead. You’re one of the few guys I know who keeps it real. I’m glad that you often help me come to my senses and if not at least you make an amazing listener with very safe advice on looking after myself. You can get pretty flirty at times but hella protective when you find that one. It’s been good w you :) You made high school so much easier to live through.

Libra (female): You’re either really chill or really flirty and rude, there’s no inbetween. For the flirty ones WHY DO YOU DO THAT D: it’s especially not nice to do so w people who are already in a relationship :( you made them fight about it. And for you really cool ones holy hell do I admire the shit out of you to strive for your goals. You’re kind hearted and straightforward but I really also hope you could learn to stand up for yourself as much as you stand up for those you care about!

Scorpio (male): YOU GUYS ARE SO KIND WTF you’re like legit boyfriend goals (imo) though sometimes I feel you have a dull personality BUT your nerdy interestsare sooo cute and I love how loyal and trustworthy and dependable you are with your friends and especially with your significant others :’)

Scorpio (female): I never really got along w many scorpio females unless they’re early cusps?? But one of them I had a big fight with :( and the other one I’m still getting to know but idk I don’t really blend well with female scorpios I guess :( sorry. Y'all got amazing amazing bodies though for real wtf stop being so sexy god damn.

Sagittarius (male): I’m sorry but I don’t really like you flirtatious and insincere ones. I’ve yet to meet a genuinely nice Sagittarius male who doesn’t wanna just get in my pants or just fucks with my emotions. Sigh.

Sagittarius (female): What the heeeeeell I don’t know any saf female??? D: sorry. HMU IF YOU A SAG FEMALE LEMME GET TO KNOW SOME PLS.

Capricorn (male): For all I know, you guys are really reserved but amazing writers and comic artists. When I was in elementary school you didn’t judge me for my writing skills and gave me amazing and such encouraging advice it made me wanna write every day and me a more eloquent person, and I really did. I’m not afraid to express myself when the time is right, and you taught me that. You viewed me as an equal despite our age differences and helped me relatively mature better at a young age and I’m so appreciative of you.

Capricorn (female): You guys have such adorable laughs c: you always try to find the good in little things and always try to help where you can. You’re never afraid to try new things and I love that about you because you’re always so willing to join me in spontaneous adventurous. Sporty and usually an amazing singer or artist in some way. I love your originality and dedication. You guys are like the living sexy nerds I always see on TV and I’m jelly :(

Aquarius (male): YOU GUYS ARE SO FUNNY STOPPP you always make such inappropriate (but non-offensive) jokes and I love it :3 even though we’re super shy to talk to each other, when we do, it usually ends up really education idk why. You guys are such realists, easy-going and chill and I love that

Aquarius (female): SO inspiring and hardworking. A little overdramatic and.. well honestly who am I to say anything about anyone who’s achieving so much more than I am tbh :P you’re amazing little/older sisters to me and always encourage me to see both sides of the coin when making decisions. Your people-loving personalities are getting you guys so far and your willingness to challenge the systems and master whatever your interests are make you such an adorable nerd and no one should challenge you or else. :P

Pisces (male): Another love-hate relationship of mine w you. Crybabies and sensitive, but honestly mostly for good reasons. I love that you’re sensitive to my emotions and try to understand me, but I hate when you turn it around and make it seem like your problems are always worse. I love that you’re so good at calling people out when they do really sth really bad, but I hate that you can’t stand up for yourself. You’re the little brother I always wanna protect but the little brother I wanna beat up. Please realize how special you are, but please don’t belittle others in the process.

Pisces (female): I don’t really know many of you guys either but the only one I know is super hardworking and sociable and really creative and like the  popular girl type but I didn’t really get to talk to her a lot ;_; hmu if you a pisces female okkkkkk.

ok i know we’re all making bets on who finds out about jack and bitty first so allow me to throw in William Poindexter.

dex knows just about every excuse in the book to cover a secret relationship bc he’s not Derek “I’m So Chill I Can Walk Out of A Room At Any Time Without Giving Any Explanation” Nurse. dex has to say /something/ when he’s leaving the dining hall or the haus to go meet nursey alone.

so when bitty starts using the same excuses, he knows Something’s Up. he doesn’t fully figure it out until jack is visiting and bitty is in his room and jack mumbles something about “going to go… check on some things… call home… maybe take a nap” and dex is like Holy Shit those are like 75% of the excuses i use to go make out with nursey.

he keeps it cool, though. he is dating Derek Nurse, after all. it’s not until he and nursey are back in his room that he screams JACK AND BITTY ARE DOING IT

(nursey is not chill about it. at all)

Okay, here we go...

Okay, first of all sorry for my bad english. Secondly, since I’m a really desperate person and no one answers my request I decided to create my own RFA + Saeran headcanon. Seriously, I don’t care if you don’t like it, I made it for myself but still I hope you enjoy it.

RFA + Saeran react to MC who is extremely talented at some kind of art. Not to become professional, just as a hobby.

I wanted to do it with different kinds for each member and also the first time they found out about it. Jaehee was the most difficult. I really suffered with her still suffering cuz I’m in the friendzone 

Anyway, with the generous contribution of @miisstar​ & @mar26​ and without any more preambles I proudly present you my HC:

Jaehee: dancing

  • you two were watching one of Zen musicals chill and Zen GOD NO STOP ME
  • it was about a Spanish avenger (the one of the Zorro poster)
  • and suddenly the actors performed a flamenco dance
  • “this sequence took him two weeks to master”
  • “really?”
  • “yes, it proves that even geniuses have difficulties sometimes”
  • you stood up and start imitating the steps you just watched
  • she was totally focused on you now
  • like WTF
  • after you finished to interpret the dance perfectly you look at her
  • she has her mouth widely open
  • “what’s the matter?”
  • what’s the matter!? how can you dance like that!?”
  • “w-well, I-I always liked to dance…” then you got an idea
  • “maybe I should show you how to do it, since I need a partner for the next part after all”
  • you take her hand without waiting for an answer and start guiding her in another dance
  • Jaehee needs to take a break after it to cool her down
  • “i-is…. because of the exercise….”
  • yeah sure ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Yoosung: writing

  • he found out about it by accident
  • he had to do a homework and write an essay about an anonymous writer on the internet
  • he was first reading just one chapter because he preferred to be playing games instead
  • but after finishing the first story he looks for more
  • and finished reading all the stories he could find of the author
  • when you got home he told you everything about this new super awesome author
  • “Look MC. He’s such an incredible writer. He wrote all of this. Is amazing!! Is such as good as the guy who created LOLOL”
  • you can’t help but smile
  • you told him that you wrote those stories
  • first reaction: shock. Second reaction: excitement this is how this kid works
  •  little puppy asks you for stories to sleep are you four, Yoosung?

Zen: singing

  • the first time he heard you singing was while you helped him to practice
  • he was having troubles with a duet part so he asked for your help
  • but when you started singing
  • he was like
  • you told him that even when you are flattered by such a good compliment (cuz it was, actually) you preferred a low-profile
  • he was confused at first but accepted your refusal
  • always practice with you
  • singing duets at home when you two are in the mood
  • basically singing all the time cuz he loves how your voice sounds in total harmony with his
  • even your phone recorder answers with both of you singing goddamnit

Jumin: painting

  • when you moved with him you brought all your painting stuff with you
  • he’s pretty impressed
  • he considered it a shame that you don’t want to become a professional at it but he respects your decisions
  • always watch you painting
  • the first request that he asked you was a painting of Elizabeth 3rd of course that damn cat
  • but after he saw the wonderful work that you made he asked for another paint
  • the three of you (him, you, and Elly seriously damn cat)
  • it was pretty difficult (since you have to paint yourserlf in it) but once you finished you were satisfied with it
  • he framed it and put it in his office
  • actually, he framed all your paintings and put them all over the place
  • “Assistant Kang, we need a bigger house”

Saeyoung: playing instruments

  • same as Jumin, when you moved with him you bought all your instruments with you
  • “Did you actually play all of it?”
  • he feels bad that you have to use a keyboard so bought you a grand piano
  • of course you two have only two faces
  • joke around with the instruments or be serious as hell about them there’s no between
  • totally cool with you not wanting to be a pro he knows the importance of low profile when you are good at something
  • he named ALL of them
  • when you get mad at him or want to get his attention you play the trombone or tuba in front of him
  • he seriously loves hearing you play while he works. His favs are the piano and violin
  • you arrived one day and found Saeyoung (cross-dressed) sit at the table with many of your instruments dressed as well and with a tea set
  • “what are you doing?”
  • “we are having a musical tea party”
  • I’m done

Saeran: photography yes it’s art fight me

  • you two went out one day to visit a national park
  • when he saw your extremely big and heavy professional camera he asked you
  • “why you need it?”
  • “because I like to take pictures”
  • “are you a photographer?”
  • “not a professional”
  • ok, first it annoys him a little cause it remembered him to V
  • but he really loves your serious totally focus MC face
  • when you told him to try it he took a picture of you
  • he failed it was all blurred
  • he swear to never do it again
  • still you kept the photo
  • when you revealed your pictures later and showed to him
  • he couldn’t believe what he saw
  • d-did we really go to a place like this?
  • he was amazed by the scenarios
  • he can’t believe that you actually could capture an incredible view and turn it into something even more beautiful 
  • after a moment of silence he just said
  • “they look great” blushing a little
  • you smiled and kissed him because you know exactly what he was thinking
  • you were happy he cherish your art
Showa Riders from Ichigo (1) to J described by someone who has never seen any of them before

Ichigo (1): Oh man this guy’s kinda cute. He’s just like a bug man. Bugman. That’s his name. Bugman. I love him. He’s the best one he’s nice, I would share my Milk Duds with this man. And you know how protective I am of my milk duds.

Nigo (2): This guy looks like the other’s big brother, like I can imagine playing a Mario and Luigi game with these two. I like him too he’s a big guy.

V3: Oh man this guy is fucking snazzy, he looks like he’s going to go into one of those like fake ‘50s diners that they made for old people to feel good about themselves for once in 80 years. And he’s going to order like I don’t know, A milkshake. And then he and his girlfriend, they’re going to drive off into the night to like Nevada. Yeah that sounds right. I like him. 3 is a good number. 

Riderman: Why is his mouth exposed, that’s fucking stupid. Does he need to be ready to eat hamburger.Is that is does he love hamburgers. Look at that fucking pig eating all MY hamburgers. I payed for those with my MONEY I got from WORKING. And that asshole doesn’t’ work he just goes around in Japan doing whatever the fuck this show is even about I still don’t know you never told me. I think it’s about like motorcycles? I hate this guy.

X: Oh man this guy is kinda cool he’s like an X. He’s like a ninja with that stupid ass looking stick that probably does absolutely nothing. (His stick was in another picture). Why is he always making that pose. Is he trying to grab something? I have no money for you, I’m poor. Leave me alone Kamen Rider X. 

Amazon: Oh what the FUCK is going on here. Is that like some fucking mutant goverment experiment gone wrong. He looks fucking ghoulish like he’s going to eat my fucking soul through my eye sockets. I’m scared of this man. Get him away. Help me. I like his boots though. 


Skyrider: Boring, he looks like the first two guys but just very concerned. For himself and others. Sadrider. That’s his name. I’m sorry Sadrider, I’ll protect you. 

Super-1: I like those like strands of string just hanging from his arms like a luchador or a fucking cowboy. Everything else about him just reminds me of X, but shittier. I hate this man leave him

ZX: See now THIS guy is fucking getting shit done. Just look at that stylish armor. And that confident pose. He is a man of fashion and of justice. I trust this man. I trust this air vent mouthed man.

Black: He reminds me of that one song by the Doors. The Doors suck. Fuck you Jim Morrison.

Black RX: This guy is the last guys younger brother but he’s not too bright.  They put him in because they felt sorry for him. He always tries to become friends with the enemies because he doesn’t believe in violence and he has a collection of Pokemon cards in his pocket at all times for dueling. 

Shin: Holy fucking shit what IS that. He’s like that guy from before but like times a fucking thousand holy shit. I’m scared. He’s going to eat me. I like that pose he’s doing. It’s like he’s trying to be cool but failing at it. “Shin”. 

ZO: Is that thing in his belly button a gem. His face looks like a fucking air conditioner. And what the hell kind of name is ZO. That’s not the kind of name that strikes fear me in I just wonder if you even finished the word or you got distracted midway through and stopped. 

J: I-Is this literally the same person. (no).  You know I take everything I said about ZO’s name back, J is a thousand times worse. I like that pose he’s making. “J”.  I swear to God like have of these people’s names just sound like the first thing that the director thought of while taking a shit one morning. I hate J he’s the worst one. Nobody likes you J. Go home, rethink your life. 

thanks for letting me farm your jokes for notes munchywearstinyhats

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All main Heisei Riders from Kuuga to Drive

All Heisei Secondary Riders from G3 to Mach

All Final Forms from Kuuga Ultimate Form to Drive Type Tridoron 

Someone who has never seen Kamen Rider describes secondary riders from G3 to Mach

Here’s where he describes all the main riders from Kuuga to Drive

G3-X: Can I call him Megatron. I like how he looks nothing like anyone else. He looks just like robot, I love it. That name is shit though. I imagine this guy is a villain?

Knight: He kind of looks like a poorly made Batman OC from deviantART. I like him though, I imagine he’d like to listen to Linkin Park with me.  Is that a Yugioh card in his hand (this was in another picture i showed him).  I like him even more now. 

Kaixa: What the fuck even is that thing he’s holding. its like  A fucking nerf gun. Made in the same of a cross. I like his outfit like it looks cool and shit but goddamn that gun is legendary. Please tell me it’s part sword. (i explained that it is). Life is perfect.

Chalice: Holy SHIT. This dude is fucking METAL. Holy shit I love this guy, he’s awesome. He has a Yugioh card too, sick. He looks a character that would show up in a middle schooler’s notebook instead of class notes. 

Ibuki: Holy. FUCKING. SHIT. Oh my fucking GOD I LOVE THIS GUy. Look at that trumpet solo. And that gangsta gold. This dude is fucking OWNING the stage and he KNOWS IT. You can tel underneath that mask that man’s going ape shit with how ironic and cool he’s being right now. I love him. Is the trumpet his weapon. That’s amazing.

Gatack: Is he beetle themed. He’s like Heracross. EVeryone loves Heracoss but what’s the big deal

Zeronos: This guy reminds me of a roller coaster track. I hate this guy.

Ixa: Oh Jesus. Man I don’t know where to begin with this guy. That pose is stupid he looks like someone who’s pretty drunk but doesn’t really know it and he wants to like make a toast or something. Like he’s at his friend’s wedding. So he’s like trying to make up for his lack of speech with really complex hand gestures that really only confuse people more than explain anything

Diend: What the hell. Holy shit is this real is that a real design. He looks like a fucking old stereo. Is that a Yugioh card again. I hate this guy.

Accel: Wait. Does he turn into the bike? (yes) Holy shit. Oh my fucking god. I love this one. I’m crying

Birth: This guy is boring. He has like Pokeballs for his joints. 

Meteor: This guy is fucking STYLING. I love him he looks awesome, space is cool. He looks like he knows karate.

Beast: This guy reminds me of that guy from those microwave breakfast commercials. Like the guy with the sun costume. Is that a wedding ring.  I like this guy he’s stupid but cool. 

Baron: This guy looks like a McDonalds toy for some shitty anime. Is he bananas themed. I hate him. 

Mach: Holy SHIT.  I like his fucking tire gun.  Is he supposed to be like Speed Racer. I love tires. 

thnks again munchywearstinyhats