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Poison Ivy Headcannons (facts)

So these are just some small hc I’ve had floating in my head for awhile so I’ve decided to post them! (These are just for fun btw)

•First and foremost she has bpd and depression
• Sort of going along with that one sometimes she’ll get really caught up in her am I human/not human and I a monster or a force of nature and she’ll get really depressed and just stay in bed and her plants comfort her or ofc Harley if she’s there
•She’s a huge supporter of #savethebees
•Sometimes when her and Harley are just chilling she’ll look at Harley and just think holy shit I love her so much and she just can’t look away cause she’s amazed and it’s sweet and gay
•You know that scene from b99 with Rosa and the puppy and she’s like I’ve only had him for a day and a half but if anything happend to him I would kill everyone in this room then myself…That’s pam after meeting Harley it’s canon
•When she’s not doing her whole seductress ploy and engaged in hand-to-plant combat with batman or whoever she’s not even amused she’s just that gif of that guy mouthing fuck you fuck you etc
•Like she has to kill the batman but God at what cost (the cost being her precious time)
•Harley makes meme jokes around her all the time but she lives in the fucking woods Harley of course she doesn’t know what bofa is
•In addition to that last one “Hey red I found a new plant today called bofa” “Bofa???” “Yeah bofa deez nuts *cue cackling*” “Like macadamia nuts???” *cue more cackling with a side of tears*
•She once flipped off batman (he flipped her off back…when he was like a mile away and out her line of sight)
•She leaves post it notes with threatening messages on them to people who don’t take care of their plants right because she can talk to plants she has all the recipts
•The news title reads Eco Terrorist turned memester’ “Eco Terrorist Poison Ivy leaves yet another message for local plant owners this one recived by this young lady states "if you keep buying succulents for your aesthetic then letting them die I will succ the life out of you”
•No Harley and Selina never let’s her live that one down
•Everyone is low key terrified of Ivy cause everytime she’s in Arkham she just stares the joker down zero fucks given cause if he even breathes near harl he’s gonna catch these plants
•OK last one but you know how Harley makes her own clothes well during the fall ivy is short on plant material to make clothing so while she can manage she loves sporting Harleys excellent fashion and brags about how talented her girlfriend is

Ok that’s all feel free to hmu with your Poison Ivy hc’s or just to talk about her I’m always free to talk about Ivy!!!

oh ms believer (3d audio)
twenty one pilots
oh ms believer (3d audio)

oh ms believer (3D audio) // twenty one pilots

to listen properly:

-put on headphones

-close your eyes


what is 3D audio?

3D audio effects are a group of sound effects that manipulate the sound produced by stereo speakers, surround-sound speakers, speaker-arrays, or headphones. this frequently involves the virtual placement of sound sources anywhere in three-dimensional space, including behind, above or below the listener.

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“Of course I’ve had a run of great opportunities and characters to play, but I was shooting this scene [in Tulip Fever] with Holliday Grainger that just felt like something new. It just came so easily, and we were having so much fun. And only when we were chatting afterwards did I suddenly realise why: I’d just made five films in a row, and this was the first one where I had a scene with another woman.” 

oh my god alicia……………………. please?? holy shit 

highlights of 4x03
  • day trip 2.0 let’s goooo 
  •  of course Bellamy thinks he won’t get a spot on the Ark and OF COURSE Clarke is like YES YOU FUCKING WILL
  • hi luna!!
  • the hand nuzzle
  • every indra scene is awesome
  • hi jackson!!
  • can bellamy and clarke stand any closer?? like for real get closer go kiss
  • bellamy driving the rover hot damn
  • the hand nuzzle
  •  also yay!! papa miller’s back!! 
  • murphy stealing the medicine to help a child just like his dad did for him :“”((( 
  • the hand nuzzle
  •  "SHE’S LUCKY TO HAVE YOU" “YOU’VE GOT IT BACKWARDS"ok they love each other so much ok
  • Bellamy sure has a lot of fun with that rover wow 
  • the bellarke hand nuzzle did you guys see it
  •  Hmmm ok Octavia I respect you for helping my girl Gaia like that 
  •  OH MY GOD 
  •  "If you’re on the list, I’m on the list” aka IF YORE A BIRD IM A BIRD 

one of many reasons why “QUEER” means so much to me.

[ IMAGE: a long, white image with “QUEER” faded in rainbow gradient in the background behind text written using various fonts in various sizes, colors and line-weight reading “sometimes identity is a journey. so far mine has gone something like this – queerascat.tumblr.com – HOLY SHIT, i’m BISEXU– wait, no, i’m PANSEXUAL! oh, but demisexuality? i’m DEMI-PANSEXUAL! but wait, what if i’m a LESBIAN??? no, WAIT! i’m NOT EVEN FEMALE!!! (no shit sherlock! plus you like who you like of any gender!) oh god, not even demi, TOTALLY ACE after all… shiiiiittt… panromantic ace! biromantic ace? PANro and BIro ACE! lolol wtf was i ever even thinking??? OF COURSE i’m a BI (sans ‘romantic’) & PAN (sans ‘romantic’) ACE. but grayro? quoiro? BI-PAN-GRAY-QUOIRO?? ugh, what the fuck ever. i’ll use whichever word(s) whenever it feels right to do so, but QUEER is the one word that has ALWAYS felt right. - Vesper 09/23/2016" ]


character posters: yuri plisetsky, yuri!!! on ice

for parker, happy birthday ♡


Lipstick Stain Tutorial

Hello there, Lovely Anon! I put your ask into a pic set so it’s easier to see this, I hope that’s okay!

Thank you, I’m glad you liked the lipstick stains! :D Here’s a mini Tutorial for them, I am sure there are a lot of better ways to draw these, this is just how I figured it out yesterday at like 3 AM and how I did it. I hope this helps! 

The Signs as Luke Skywalker's Gay Ass™ Wardrobe
  • Aries: Gay Ass™ Tank Top in a living work out video feat. Little Green Troll. AKA modeling for a porno.
  • Taurus: Gay Ass™ PONCHO that's 110% a piece of junk, only to impress his bf. AKA the gayest piece of clothing in existence.
  • Gemini: Gay Ass™ Cloak Sash over ROTJ replica, fully equipped with your own badass Jedi Scavenger gal (complete with a stick and a bloodthirsty need to kick emo ass) AKA the outfit that has yet to be rocked.
  • Cancer: Gay Ass™ Sick Robe, perfect for all diseases like Corellian flu, getting mauled by a Wampa, and losing a hand. AKA i'm totally wearing nothing underneath this thin piece of fabric, how are you?
  • Leo: Gay Ass™ moisture farmboy who just wants to go to tosche station and pick up some "power converters". AKA the original gay smol who stares at the sunsets and broods about the sand.
  • Virgo: Gay Ass™ Hood for when you just want to hide away on an island for who knows how fucking long because your motherfucking goth nephew screwed shit over. Razor not included for sudden beard. AKA the "shock" of TFA.
  • Libra: Gay Ass™ Gucci Black Leather inherited from his mother, equipped with leather boots and a no-shit Jedi pout, be ready for the cameras. AKA the super Extra flippy jumps for the bae and the evil dad (who doesn't understand that this is not a phase).
  • Scorpio: Gay Ass™ Goggles and a fuzzy vest to keep you warm and snuggled as you're slowly picked apart by Wampa claws. AKA the ploy to get the bae to notice you for once.
  • Sagittarius: Gay Ass™ Jacket that's more yellow than a fucking lemon and was totally borrowed from that sexy Corellian that he totally doesn't like at all. AKA the outfit you wear to your wedding cause you don't make enough money to get a wedding dress.
  • Capricorn: Gay Ass™ Uniform that the Alliance designed specifically to be as straight as a curvy line and so orange that their enemies are blinded in battle. AKA the unsubtle coming out of Rogue Squadron.
  • Aquarius: Gay Ass™ Stormtrooper uniform that is too tight in certain places and too big for smols. AKA the perfect opportunity to flip luxurious golden locks when removing the helmet you can't see out of.
  • Pisces: Gay Ass™ Fatigues that you ruin in under three seconds and use to fight your salty old man. AKA blood sweat and tears taken literally.
Holy shit, my D&D group is the cutest

They are the best people. My DM is super gr8 and is taking in as much information as she can to plan out future quests and aaaaah so excite! Our Rogue has fantastic wit and is super chipper and I love talking to her? So much? Our Cleric is a fun darling that makes me smile whenever we chat. And our sorcerer makes me laugh so, soooo much 

I’m so blessed.

Making Out With History

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I NEED HOLY WATER. I thought I over did it with Day6, this is just as bad haha. History is one of my ult groups, so I had a little too much fun. Enjoy it.

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wow okay you're honestly my favorite simblr!! you're just so down to earth and chill and you never really get into drama and your sims are GORGEOUS and you're also gorgeous!!! holy shit!!!!!!! i adore your cc and recolors sososo much and your new palette is truly amazing!!

!!! i’m crying this is so nice of you aklsdjaslk thank you!! i like to think of myself as chill i mean the sims and tumblr is just meant to be fun and chill right? :’-) dont forget u can always hmu even on anon and banter about random shit i love it :’-) have a lovely day anon ahhh