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I Think We Made a Big Mistake

Lemme just start off by saying 2010 was a great year in animated shows. Unreal great. Like, seriously.








To put this in perspective, about 2007-2009 wasn’t a stellar time for animated shows. The best one by far was Phineas and Ferb, and maybe … El Tigre (which had so much personality and life, but I haven’t seen since it aired so I can’t tell you how it holds up), but there wasn’t a lot of new stuff that lived up to the top contender.

Also important to remember is that in 2009, Cartoon Network briefly went insane and wanted to transition to more live-action shows or live-action/animation mixed like Out of Jimmy’s Head. None of these really held my attention, and it took airtime from the cartoons that could’ve come out.

We also could point out that Nickolodeon was well on its way to airing basically only Spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents forever amen (as much as I love those shows).

Disney Channel hosted P&F, but other than that, pickings were getting slim.

So, realizing that, you’ve gotta understand how remarkable it is that we were getting so many good shows all at once again! It was unreal!

But it didn’t stop there, not even for a year.

2011 gave us families.

2012 gave us blends of story and comedy.

2013 gave us stellar characters in interstellar adventures (also the Mickey Mouse shorts, but that might not count).

2014 gave us surprises.

2015 gave us heart.

And this year? A return to form. What with the Loud House finally breaking Nickelodeon’s streak of poor nicktoons, Voltron keeping the action cartoon alive from the Avatar team we love, and the upcoming Milo Murphy’s Law from the creators of Phineas and Ferb.

There’s also shows like Mighty Magiswords and Long Live the Royals on the way that could just as easily make this list.

So the question remains. What the hell happened in 2010?

Well, I don’t know what caused all this, but I’ll tell you what happened.

Sym-Bionic Titan happened on Cartoon Network’s Toonami. And nobody told me.

When I stumbled on it way after the fact, I thought I remembered seeing something like that advertised when I was a kid. You know, early 2000s action show. I figured it got lost in the Beyblades, Ben 10s, and Yu-gi-Oh ripoffs, and I could at least make peace with that.

But then I find out this aired just a few years ago and I’m shit-pissed. aND MY OWN BEST FRIEND APPARENTLY WATCHED IT AND NEVER?? TOLD?? ME??

how dare you I instantly forgive you.

What I’m getting at is this is a high quality show. Really high quality.

The basic premise is summed up best here:

The three main characters include Ilana, princess of the royal family; Lance, a rebellious but capable soldier; and Octus, a bio-cybernetic robot, all of whom must now blend into everyday life in Sherman, Illinois. Posing as high school students, Lance and Octus work to conceal Princess Ilana from General Modula and his hideous space mutants sent to kill the sole heir of Galaluna.

When called into battle, the Galalunans are outfitted with individual armor that provides more than ample protection. It is when the gravest of danger appears that Octus activates the sym-bionic defense program and he, Ilana, and Lance unite “Heart, Body and Mind” and come together to form the spectacular cyber-giant Sym-Bionic Titan.

If that sounds great, it absolutely is. The characters are well-devloped, the story is front and center, there’s continuity between episodes– everything we’ve come to love in some of our modern favourites. So, my point is … why the hell was this left out of the cartoon revolution?

Well … honestly, I can’t figure it out. Advertising? Not enough cross-promotion in the daytime? Weak word of mouth? It’s certainly nothing the show did wrong.

Why Watch It?


I’m not gonna spoil much more than the summary, but despite the fact that it takes place on Earth for the most part and focuses on week to week stories, the overall story is very much in the forefront at all times– and you know how rare that is even for shows that do story well.


I’ll let you discover them for yourself, it’s too much of a treat, but I’ll just say, you might fall in love. Again.

Oh, and Voltron fans?

We found their son.

Reason 3: This Guy

So, even if you’re too young for some of these, you might’ve heard something called Samuri Jack is getting a fifth season after 10 years … and it’s going to be on Adult Swim.

Yeah, it’s gonna be badass.

The important part to all this is that this dude does awesome design, awesome shows, and if you have respect for any of these properties, you know you’re in for a good time.

Which leads me to

Reason 4: The Animationjfsfksnfksafafsj

Between the lighting and the angular designs, I just don’t know what to do with myself. Is bootiful.

Watch the first few minutes there. You see what I mean, right?

Reason 5: It Deserved Better

We’ve championed so many great shows in the past few years, but for whatever reason, we missed one. A great one at that. If you have any love for the shows I listed, I highly recommend you give it a chance. Who knows? You might just find another favourite.

Mayor Damien

As a firm believer of the theory that the Colonel is Wilford and that Mayor Damien is Dark, I’d like to expand on this. I was rewatching WKM and especially keeping an eye out for Damien and the way he engaged with certain characters. This is gon’ be a long ride kiddos.

This first thing is probably the thing that I find the most interesting. Damien is the perfect character. He is intelligent, he is sympathetic, he obviously mourns Mark and he is very kind to us. He uses big words yet isn’t afraid to tell the Colonel to get his head out of his ass, which doesn’t seem like a very Dark thing to do now does it? No, this is a role Dark is playing. This is him wanting us to think that he really cares about Mark’s death because we do too. Imagine if you were really in that position. Your old friend just died in front of you, that would hurt a lot. Damien is guiding us through that in a way, because he shares our feelings. He’s showing us; ‘I know what you feel. I can be trusted. I am your friend.’ A little too much if you ask me.

Another thing is.. What really concerned me even in the first watch of the video was Damien saying he needed alone time. The alarm bell immediatly went off with me because holy shit, what is he gonna do when he’s alone? Back then I didn’t even link Dark to Damien so even without Dark that is still a fishy thing. Though I personally don’t believe Damien was the one who did it, who knows what Dark can do when he’s alone?

Third thing is the way he treats the Colonel who we assume to be Wilford. It’s very much like in Markiplier TV don’t you think? Very friends, but not really friends type of thing. Damien also says that the Colonel is eccentric and that it’s his best and worst quality. Well, we have heard Dark respects Wilford. If we assume that is the truth, then maybe this proves it even more? Wilford or the Colonel being eccentric can be good too, if you know how to use it well. Dark obviously does.

Fourth thing. Which is clear as day, Damien is extremely refined. Hair slicked back, suit in place and everything. (Something we didn’t see with Dark in Darkiplier VS Antisepticeye because it wasn’t canon Dark.) He is really the perfect charming character and his appearance matches that. So many people already love Damien, including myself, who have also fallen for Dark. It’s a pattern.

And then the last thing.. Damien. His name literally means devil. (I’ve been corrected, it doesn’t literally mean devil but there are many pop culture refences to the devil when talking about the name Damien. So it still counts lol.) Now the devil is the prince of lies, the one with the silver tongue. If you look at the devil in another way than a little red man, you will find he is very charming and will manipulate and seduce you into trusting him before getting you to do whatever it is he wants. The devil is VERY similar to Dark and now even Damien’s name is a direct reference to it. And, can’t forget that both names start with a D.

I have seen many other amazing theories out there, and many other way deeper thoughts about this than I can do in just twenty minutes, but this is what I have so far. Also, tagging @mayor-damien-protection-squad because maybe you’d like to see this?? I don’t really know.

That’s it for theory time with Theresa because I’m a mess

  • 12 year old me, watching the SU pilot: Hmmm...it's kind of dull...not really as good as MLP...but it has pretty ladies, and the setup is interesting. I might watch it if it becomes a real cartoon.
  • 12 year old me, watching Gem Glow: Oh, they changed the designs? It looks nice. Pearl is kind of creepy, though...I think I like this show.
  • 13 year old me, watching Mirror Gem/Ocean Gem: They're ALIENS?! I LOVE aliens!!! This show keeps getting better and better!!!
  • 14 year old me, watching Steven Bomb 1: GARNET'S A FUSION?! RUBY AND SAPPHIRE?!?! JASPER?!??!?! MALACHITE?!?!?!? I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH
  • 14 year old me, watching Steven Bombs 2 and 3: SARDONYX IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! RUBY AND SAPPHIRE??! LAPIS!?!??!?! THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD...
  • 14 year old me, watching Steven Bomb 4: HOLY SHIT YELLOW DIAMOND?!?!?!?!? RUBY AND SAPPHIRE BACKSTORY?!??! STEVEN'S BIRTHDAY>!??!? I LOVE PERIDOT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!
  • 15 year old me, watching In Too Deep and Steven Nuke: I!!! LOVE!!!!! THIS!!!!!!!! SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 15 year old me, watching Steven Bomb 5: BLUE DIAMOND?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! MORE GEMS????!?!?! FAMETHYST AND HOLLY BLUE?!?!??!?!? NICE THIS IS GOOD CONTENT
  • 16 year old me, watching the rest of SU Season 4: I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS SHOW

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Do you know what I would really like? An AU where everything is the same but Marinette is a boy (Marin?) and there is a really fluffy marichat scene ♥^♥ I would die for see something like that!!! What do you think?

*grabs tablet and imediately draws about it proving how much trash i am*

so like i thought some ideas for this, if that’s alright, and well:

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Omg could i get rfa+saeran+v reaction to mc calling them drunk because mc is spending christmas all alone and is like "lol btw i love u lmaoooooo isnt that funny anyway this wine is really strong wow but i love u ahahahahha im so alone" (ALSO CONGARTS ON 404 FOLLOWERS AND HOPE U BOTH HAVE HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!)




-He’s the one who called you!
-Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas again (not like he said it 50,000 other times today)
-He knew you were spending it alone and felt really bad about it!
-Offered to spend it with you but you insisted you were okay, and that he should go spend it with his family!
-Once you answered, he wished you Merry Christmas and listened for a little bit as you rambled off a thank you
-You sounded a little funny? You words kept slurring and he wasn’t sure what was wrong
-”Oh, no. No no. I’m not okay.”
-P A N I C
-”I’ve a little too much to drink tonight. I didn’t even realize I had that much? But hey, ya know, you’re rreeeaaaalllllllyyyyy cute. I’d love to let you show me that you’re really a man.”
-Stuttered out that he had to go and that he hopes you sleep soon, and blushed SO HARD for the rest of the night!!


-Jumin is actually really sad that you’re alone on Christmas
- he might have had a little too much wine as well
-You two were in the messenger for .5 seconds before you decided to just call him and talk
- totally not because you couldn’t see straight enough to type anymore
-???? MC? What a weird greeting
-You asked him about his day, so he told you every detail. He started to trail off and talk about C&R’s stocks, when you suddenly interrupted him
-”Damn Jumin, you’re real cute. I just love you. Like, wow. How can I get you to love me like Elizabeth? Should I wear cat ears? *whispers to self* holy shit i should buy cat ears”
-He was shocked! Did you just drunkenly admit you love him?? He knew his feelings towards you, so all he did was respond with,
-”MC. I love you as well. I think you’re extremely fascinating. Now, what was that about cat ears?”


-He understood that you wanted to be alone, he’s been the same way for years
-What he couldn’t understand, though, was why you kept texting him about aliens?
-Normally he’d just play along, because he sends you the same type of texts, but…
-The amount of rambling and typos makes him think you’re possibly drunk
-When you called him, he was excited to see what your drunken mind had to say to him
- afterall, sometimes drunken minds are the ones that’ll speak all of the truth
-He sat through all of your rambling about aliens and carols, but didn’t expect what you said next
-”Ya know, you’re such a dork. But you’re a great dork. I love you. I lllloooovvveee you. Hearts beating, hearts soaring, yeeeeaaaahhh!”
-”MC you…you’re just so cute. You’re going to kill me, do you know that?? Don’t worry, I have this recorded so I can replay it for you in the morning, when you forget~”


-Why did you want to be alone
-You have him now, just hang out with him
-Wants to treat you like a princess but nnnoooooooooo you gotta stay home alone
-Freaked out at the fact you haven’t texted him in a while??
-The moment he saw your name pop up on his phone, he answered it
-Before he got to talk though, he could hear you talking to yourself, slurring your words
-You realize he picked up the phone and you were so excited!! “SAERAAAAAAAAAAN~ Hhhhiiiiiiii~ I might have drank to much but that’s okay, but I gotta tell you something. I have a secret. *giggle* sshhh, listen,,,,,, I looooove you! Yes I do! I do I do! *giggle*”
-Honestly SUPER SHOCKED that you love him? And that you admitted it? Holy shit? Quickly regains his composure and fucking smirks this lil shit
-”Oh, do you? Go ahead, go on. You love me? I love you too. Now, tell me how you’d show me just how much you love me…” woah there saeran, woah, down boy, down


- he didn’t get why you wanted to be alone??
- This boy got you SO many gifts and he has to give it to you on Christmas Eve and not Christmas???

- His face lights up when you call, omfg he’s so excited and his chest feels fuzzy
- “RAT TAIL!!! You’re so handsome *hiccup*”
- he’s really shocked because when do you drink? You don’t even take a sip of wine at the RFA parties, wtfisthis
- “MC…are you drunk?”
- “Nooo…well, only a little bit *giggle*, I’m drunk on my love for youuu~” MCtIdon’tthinkthat’showitssaidbuturdrunkoffurasssoit’sokay
- youbetyoursweetassthisboyisgoingtothrowpartybecauseofthis
- “Princess, I know you won’t remember this, but I love you. I love all your quirks, mistakes, giggles, and stupid jokes. I love every single piece of you. I love all the bad times and good times ahead with you. I love you more than any obstacle that we’ll have to overcome. I just love you so much.”


- she didn’t really mind that you wanted to spend Christmas alone
- Jumin was probably going to make her work anyway hoeasstrustfundkidstophURTINGMYBAEHEE
- Luckily she got a day off but she felt so lonely without you!!!
- it’s okay though, she respects your privacy
- but when she hears your ring tone, she runs to her phone andtripsandknocksstuffoverontheway
- “Merry Chrismas!!! I bet you’d make a good Mrs. Claus…omg can you wear a mrs. claus themed outfit next year? *hiccup*  eVEN BETTER CAN YOU WEAR CHRISTMAS THEMED LINGERIE?
- omg the poor baehee is so flustered, first ur drunk and now you say this?? You’retryingtokillher
- “I don’t think that would be very appropriate, MC…”
- “Why noooot? My mom always told me when two people loved each other, they do a little…frick frack *giggle*”
- “I mean your mom isn’t wrong, but-”
- W A I T
- you just said love
- oh my god you love her and she loves you

- “MC, I’m going to come over, is that alright?” sheneedstokissyouohmygod
- “Yeah~ Just don’t wear anything, you’re so pretty with nothing on~~~”
- omgMCurbadatthis


- This poor soul is so lost when you say you want to spend Christmas alone
- he obviously respects your space, but this lil bby just wanted snuggles, Christmas movies, and hot chocolate
- he’s so excited when he hears your ringtone!!! Hahacausehecantseeurnameonthescreenimsowitty
- but when he answers he hears sobbing?
- W H A T
- he always knew you were a crying drunk buT IT WAS NEVER THIS BAD???
- “Hi V.. *sniffle* you know you’re cool right? Like you make my heart beat fast and i catch my breath when i look at you kind of cool? Because you’re really cool *sniffle* and it really hurts you know? *SOBBING* because I just love you so much and i know you’re terrified of a commitment like that again  and Rika was your sun and I can’t ever compare *moresobbing* And I just feel so bad because you had to go through all that pain and things never worked for you two because you just deserve the world V. You’re so precious and pure; you don’t deserve anything you’ve gotten”
- holy shit
- you’re in love with him???

- Oh man you’re right this boy is so terrified
- But he is sure of one thing
- He may be scared to love you right now, but he will NOT walk away from this
- “Listen MC. Never compare yourself to Rika, okay? But if you’re going to, I want you to know this. Yes, she was my sun, but you know what you are? You’re my moon. You shine so brightly that I can see my way out of the dark. You’re the one who guides me. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can ever compare to what you mean to me. I may not be ready now, but I can say with certainty that one day, I will say “I love you”.”

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How would Nero, Dante, and Vergil show affection? HC's please! I love your writing! 💕

*kicks in the door* I’M ALIVE!!!!

Lol. Anyways, thank you so much, anon~! <3 <3

Alright~! One order of affectionate half-devil sweethearts coming right up~! 

Originally posted by laportedelenfer


  • As I’ve mentioned previously, when it comes to things like showing his affection and PDA, this half devil hunter has little to no shame in showing it.
  • Whether it’s in public or in private, this devil hunter is more than happy to show his s/o how much they mean to him.
  • From kisses, hugs, hand holding, cuddling, and so on, there isn’t any kind of affection this lovable cinnamon roll isn’t afraid to show.
  • Did I mention he really loves cuddling???? Seriously, if he could spend an entire day dedicated to cuddling with you, chances are this lovable half-devil dork probably would. (Srsly pls love him. It makes him so damn happy).
  • And while he might not always have the funds on him, it won’t stop him from trying to spoil you every now and again (much thanks to a certain forgiving Lady).
  • Feeling down or particularly depressed and need a little TLC to help pick you up? Your man Dante has got you covered. There’s hardly anything he isn’t willing to do to make his s/o smile. You mean so much to him, so it only makes sense that he’d want to look after you and help you however he can.
  • That being said, with all this sweetness, don’t think for a second that you’re going to be the slightest bit free of the undeniable cheesiness that’s going to come with this relationship.
  • Cue over dramatic readings of bad poetry and cheesy ass puns. Yup, that level of cheesiness. It’s an odd mix of sweet and “please stop before I hit you” (Dante bby plz I love you but i s2g).
  • And of course with being a demon hunter, there are going to be a number of times where you aren’t always going to be able to spend time with your beloved half-devil hunter. If you can handle yourself with a gun/sword and have proven capable against fighting demons, then he may bring you along to work with him. Otherwise chances are he’s going to prefer you to stay behind and watch the shop while he’s gone. It’s nothing personal, he just wants you to be safe.
  • Expect plenty of goodbye hugs and/or kisses, because he ain’t leaving without them. It may be a while before the two of you can spend time together depending how the job goes.

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~Day 3 of Halloween! Warning much smut! This one is also a little longer~

Reader’s POV

The clubhouse was having a Halloween party and I dragged Tiggy out costume shopping with me. We were at a little costume store that popped up around Halloween time in Charming. I was looking through some sluttier ones just because I knew Tiggy would be ecstatic if I wore one of those and I came across an outfit and called Tiggy over.

“What’s up, Doll?” Tiggy wrapped his arms around me and rested his head on my shoulder. I showed him the slutty nun outfit, it came with a dress, collar, knee high socks, gloves, and the veil thingy. The dress was short and tight with gold crosses at the thighs, the collar had a huge black cross that came down across the white in the front of the dress. The socks were white and had black crosses going all the way up them and the gloves were black with gold crosses going up them. Tiggy’s eyes got huge as he looked at it and then at me then back to it again. “Can we!?”

“If I wear this you have to be a naughty priest.” I winked at him and he pulled me into a passionate kiss.

“Fuck, I love you.” Tig groaned.

“Shhh… We’re in the middle of a store.” I giggled.

“Well then let’s get home so you can confess your sins to me.” Tig pressed his very obvious erection as he bit my earlobe.

“Still need to buy the costumes.” I giggled and pushed him away then I grabbed my nun costume and looked for a priest one for him. I found a pretty simple one that came with a huge plastic cross and a sash with crosses on it and I showed it to Tig. “This one good?”

“Perfect baby.” He took the costumes out of my hands and went to pay for them. I laughed and shook my head, following him to the counter. We paid then left and Tiggy couldn’t keep his hands off of me in the car. We managed to make it to the house without having any accidents somehow. We didn’t actually manage to make it to the house for the first round though.

The next day was the halloween party and Tig went to the clubhouse to help set up. So I had all day without any distractions, especially Tig’s wandering hands, and to keep away from those hands I had Tig take his costume so he could change there. Once I was all dolled up, I made my way over to the clubhouse and got out of the car and the boys that were outside all whistled at me. I laughed and flipped them off and then made my way inside to find my old man.

It was done up completely, Gemma going all out like always and getting the best of everything. I honestly wasn’t sure if it was fake blood or real and I didn’t even want to know on the eyeballs. Tig and Chibs were by the punch bowl talking, Tig’s back was to me but Chibs jaw dropped at the sight of me. I winked and held a finger up to my lips, I came up behind Tig and put my hands over his eyes.

“I’m ready to have the body of christ in my mouth, father.” I purred in Tig’s ear and I felt him shiver.

“I’m still waiting for that confession.” He smirked, I giggled and kissed his cheek.

“Oh you’ll get to hear all my dirty sins later.” I smirked and he turned to finally get a good look at me and his eyes nearly popped out of his head.

“And the reason I can’t hear them now?” His voice had dropped and was very husky.

“Because we need to mingle with the others first.” I smirked.

“You shouldn’t tease a priest.” Tig groaned and pulled me close.

“You can add that to my punishment.” I told him before pulling away and going to greet Gemma. I couldn’t stop myself from teasing Tig every once in awhile during the party and eventually, he couldn’t take it anymore and dragged me off to his dorm.

“I need that confession now.” He growled in my ear as he pushed me against the door. “I got you a surprise for tonight too.” He kissed my neck softly before pulling away and covering my eyes. He opened the door and lead me inside before uncovering my eyes and showing me the Saint Andrew’s Cross, he somehow managed to get into his dorm.

“Holy shit, Tiggy.” I breathed out, he smirked and closed the door behind us.

“Now… why exactly do guys like Catholic girls so much?” Tiggy asked as he circled me slowly.

“I don’t know… why?” I knew this was going to be lame but I still couldn’t keep the smile from my face.

“Because they’re used to being on their knees.” He said before pushing me on mine. I smirked and undid his pants while pulling his cock out.

“Forgive me father… for I’m about to sin.” I gave him a heated look before putting his cock in my mouth and sucking on it. I deep throated him and his fingers tangled in my hair as a low groan came from him. I began to bob my head up and down his cock slowly, he couldn’t help himself though and began to fuck my mouth.

He pushed down a little too far which caused me to gag slightly. He pulled out and looked at me apologetically.

“Sorry, Doll.” Tig said and helped me off my knees. He cupped my face and kissed me softly and gave me a dirty look. “You ready to bear the cross?”

“Yes, father.” I smirked and Tig lead me over to the cross. I took off just the dress part of my outfit and Tig tied me to it. His hands slowly ran over my body as he stood behind me, Tig pressed something against my clit and I couldn’t stop the moan if I wanted to. It wasn’t his fingers that were rubbing my clit though, it was the plastic cross that came with his outfit and I heard him chuckle as he slid it in and out of me a couple times.

“You want my cross baby?” He growled in my ear as he moved the cross faster.

“Mmmmm, yes father!” I yelled out as he pushed it in deeper. Tig chuckled and pulled the plastic cross out of me. I felt him press his cock against my pussy before slamming into me hard. He put his hands over mine and started kissing my neck, above the collar.

We both moaned loudly as Tig pounded me into the cross hard. My nails dug into the cross and his hands gripped mine harder. One hand went down to wrap around my waist and slid down to rub my clit hard.

“I want you to cum, baby.” Tig rubbed and fucked harder, he bites my neck hard while groaning lowly. I came undone all over his cock as he bit my neck.

“Tiggy…” I moaned loudly. He didn’t stop pounding into me after I came, actually he started moving faster. His hand that was over mine moved to grab my breast hard and squeezed it. His thrusts started to go out of the rhythm that he had going which meant he was close to cumming and honestly I was close to cumming again too.

It wasn’t much longer and we both came hard at the same time, moaning out each other’s names.

“I love you, baby doll.” He panted into my ear, kissing my cheek softly.

“I love you too, father.” I let out a breathless giggle and he chuckled too. His cock wasn’t completely soft so he’d be ready for round two soon enough and I was ready to sin some more.





^ Thank you guys!!



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hey i was wondering why you ship sheith. i've wanted to get into voltron because i love your fic but i've heard there isn't a lot out.

To be as concise as possible? There’s something about people who are in love but put the universe before their interpersonal problems that really gets me.

Emotionally martyring yourself in the name of protecting and being there for other people? Give me. Consciously doing it with another person? Mmm. 

As soon as Voltron starts, we learn that Shiro has been confirmed dead for a year. He was a talented pilot and selected for a prestigious piloting mission at a ridiculously young age (going the farthest humans have from earth). During this mission, he was abducted by aliens and the government covered it up, calling it a ‘pilot error’ and thrusting the blame on Shiro. It’s promptly alluded to that Keith (the most talented pilot of his generation) was close to him and dropped out of school as soon as Shiro was confirmed dead. We literally meet the kid as someone who lives in the middle of nowhere like a desert cryptid and has a coffee table made of cinderblocks and a piece of wood.

This is in the literal first thirty minutes of the pilot episode. 

Shiro returns after escaping said aliens, and as soon as he changes into clothes that were mysteriously at Keith’s house, Keith grabs his arm and says, ‘It’s good to have you back.’

Having been through months upon months of traumatic fighting, experimentation and exposure to violence (the man’s arm was ripped off for fuck’s sake), Shiro doesn’t even flinch and says, ‘It’s good to be back.’

They are close. Confirmed in the most subtle fucking way, we immediately understand these two have a serious trust platform. 

The depth of their relationship is interesting because it’s so nuanced throughout. This is probably why people have taken to klance more, which is loud and easy to digest since it’s mainly just teenage boys and inferiority complexes, to be frank. It makes sense. It does.

Keith and Shiro are the only ones who’re implied to have a deep relationship. Shiro has literally no fear in touching Keith, and they’re always standing beside one another throughout the show. Not to mention–and I don’t want to spoil it too much if you do decide to watch–Keith consistently sticks his neck out to save Shiro in ways that are damn near insane. 

That finale? Holy shit. You wanna talk about devotion to someone’s safety, then get to that final episode. The loyalty between them is immense.

And I guess I like that now. I’m getting older. I like the idea of people who’re in love being thrust into hard situations and finding ways to make it work. People who believe in one another from the start is so important to me now that I’m progressing into an area of life that’s so fucking grey and confusing. Shiro really values Keith’s potential just as much as Keith values Shiro’s strengths and weaknesses (he protects them, my god). You need that as an adult going through some shit. I’d be lost without it, I swear. 

It’s good.

They’re good.

I know there is tons of discourse around it, but if you critically examine these two and stop infantilizing Keith (he had a fucking house, okay?), then it’s heart wrenching in all the right ways. I cannot stress how good they are, especially if we look at the context we have and not fanon assumptions.

Me: *in Transformers hell* Heck yeah doing all the giant robot-OC !! (I have posted only one but trust me I have more… just not all “fleshed” out yet)
@auggusst : You should watch the “Transformers Prime” show. It’s good.
Me: Alright why not.

Me: HOLY SHIT THE SHOW IS GOOD! (I love them all but my favs are: Optimus -daddy- Prime, Ratchet “I needed that”, Italian boy- Wheeljack and “Givemeback” Dreadwing !!)
I like the art style a lot too! They’re all cartoony but not too much and… Waiiit a minute…

(pictured above, left: Megatron ; right: Ironfury my TF OC) 

note: ye sI misgender my OC intentionnally cause I needed the pun to work. (Ironfury is a she)
note2: upon drawing them both I realised they have more than just the eyebrows. They both have round thigh, spiky hands/shoulders…


Today I saw my favorite artist, milo, perform live in Minneapolis and it was a trip from start to finish. So it was in a little festival kind of setting, 7 artists played over about 6 and a half hours with milo going second to last. The crowd was a little fatigued by the time he got up but I and his other fans woke right the fuck back up when he got on stage. He played a few songs I new and a few I didn’t (I think from his new album that comes out soonish??) and it was fantastic. 

Then he started deliberately getting feedback on his mic. Maybe he was just being silly, but because of what I know about milo and of what happened after I think this had more to do with a ‘what is music?’ experimentation. After all, those are the sounds that he, the musician, is choosing to make so doesn’t that make feedback, usually considered a mistake to be avoided, his music? Kinda John Cage, very much milo’s style.

Then they muted him. Not just the mic that was feeding back but his beats and the mics of the others performing with him, and they refused to turn them on because he was playing with feedback. So milo gives this killer speech to the sound guy, and I only caught some of it on video so I’m working from memory here, saying something like ‘the sound guy is the arbiter of music. This is my show, why did you invite me then censor me?’ I am not even coming close to giving it justice though, it was kinda jaw dropping, and that’s why I think the feedback had more meaning than just being silly. Hell, if I am right about that then the sound guy basically proved the artistic statement for him. Then, after they still wouldn’t give him any sound, he packed up and walked off stage.

Some of the crowd was a little mad that they didn’t get a full show, but most of them were on milo’s side. He was standing by his car packing up and selling merch, so I walked over to talk to him. I shook his hand, rambled about artistic integrity, and gushed about being a huge fan. Dude then apologized to me for not getting a full show. He was so cool and humble about the whole thing, he just wasn’t willing to compromise his art. And ya know what? I think he did the right thing. If he didn’t do those weird experimental things then he wouldn’t really be milo anymore. He took a picture with me and I bought a tape, both to support him as an artist and because there was no way in hell I would walk away from that without some kind of souvenir.

So yeah, part of me is the slightest bit bummed that I didn’t get to see a full milo show, but most of me finds great value in seeing that speech, and having that conversation with him. That show was truly one of a kind as a result (for real that speech was amazing) and I’ll just have to make sure to catch a full show next time he’s in town. As if I wasn’t going to do that anyways.

And @brucewavy if you’re reading this, never compromise. You absolutely did the right thing and it was inspirational as fuck. Your art is worth the clashes with those who oppose it.

TLDR: milo is a badass and I’m even more in love with him and his art than I already was. Unforgettable

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Can you do a scenario of how katsuki, hitoshi, and kirishima would react to seeing a childhood friend again after not seeing them for 1-2 years and they found out they were actually a girl, since they went through a tomboy face and constantly dressed like a boy, and maybe they didn't believe them and the friend brought their hand to their chest to give them proof. Bonus points if they started to have a crush on them afterwards.

this reminds me of one of the greatest anime glowups 

bakugou katsuki

His mom had told him that his friend was going to be there, so he decided to meet up with him since it had been so long. Though he would never admit it, he was actually very excited to see him. After about ten minutes of waiting, he pulled out his phone to text his mom that she was fucking wrong. Just as he was about to send the scalding message, he felt a nudge against his shoulder. He turned around only to be greeted by a girl, a beautiful one at that. He didn’t know what to do so he shouted, “WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU TOUCHING ME?!” He saw her face contort into a look of confusion before she replied,

“Katsuki? Don’t you remember me?” He stared at her for a moment before it clicked with him. It was his friend. And he is a she!

“But you’re a fucking girl!” Bakugou shouted, and she laughed at his reaction. “I don’t believe this…”

“Yeah, last time I checked I am a girl, and if you don’t believe me then,” She grabbed his arm and placed it against her chest, forcing his hand to squeeze the flesh. His best friend was a fucking girl and he never knew it.

“B-but we used to bathe together when we were younger!” He pulled his hand back, eyes wide.

“Did you stare at my private parts when we were bathing?” She asked, a small smirk on her lips.


“WELL YOU ANSWERED YOUR OWN QUESTION!” She retorted and he knew she had a point. He nodded before scratching his hair.

“Let’s just go and get some fucking mochi.”

hitoshi shinsou

He heard that his best friend, who he hadn’t seen in a while, was in town for a wedding and he knew he had to go and see them. He brought a small box of dango in hopes of appeasing him for not contacting him in a while. The door opened to the home and Shinsou smiled at the mom as she let him inside.

“She’s in her room.” The mom said before turning to go into the kitchen and he cocked his head to the side. She? Her? He probably heard her wrong. He walked to the end of the hall and knocked on the door.

“Come in!” He opened the door to see a room

he was so used to but he saw someone he wasn’t used to. A girl, lying on the bed wearing a loose All Might shirt and shorts. He felt a small blush spread across his cheeks and he saw her hop up off the ground, running over to engulf him in a hug. “Shinsou!! I’ve missed you so much!!” He felt his heart rate begin to rise as he, shakily, brought his arms around her to hug her back.

“I-I missed you too?” Was he always a she? He began to think and he always saw them with short hair and they never showed any signs of being a girl. They pulled away, gazing at his face and he recognized those eyes. But it felt different now because they were wearing makeup and her eyes were glittering. Holy shit, she’s beautiful, he thought before giving her a small smile.

“Why haven’t you talked to me recently!” She asked, a small pout on her lips. He felt a pang of something go through his chest.

“I’m sorry it’s because of schooling and stuff.” He frowned softly and she pulled him to her bed, plopping down.

“Come here! let’s catch up!” She said, a grin on her lips.

Fuck, she’s going to kill me.

kirishima eijirou

Okay he didn’t know they were going to be there but when he bumped into someone and went to go apologize, he saw those eyes he knew so well. “Oh! Hey!” He stepped back but saw somethings he didn’t know so well. The ‘guy’ he knew as his best friend was actually a girl. She grinned up at him before pulling him into a tight hug.

“Kiri!! It’s been too long!” When she pulled away from him, the red head was in awe. How did he not know that he was a she.

“It has!! I’m sorry for it being so long.” Kirishima tried not to stare but fuck, she was gorgeous.

“Let’s go get something to eat and let’s hang out!!” Kirishima’s face was as red as his hair as he nodded. 

OKAY I’m gonna try to say a bit about going to see Harry tonight, though it’s really difficult because the experience was SO indescribable to me!! Like it was just surreal. I have listened to Harry’s album every single day since it’s came out and the music and the lyrics and everything he poured into them have been with me through both some really high and really low times over the past few months. So getting to see him perform them was so overwhelming, and I can say 100% that the most amazing way to hear these songs is live. Like holy shit?? He sounded so good!! Like his vocals were completely flawless and I’m not exaggerating at all.

But I think the best part of the show was how warm it was. Harry is SO GOOD at building intimacy with the audience and connecting with people and you could just feel the love across the room. I made a post not too long ago about how when Harry says “I love you” to his fans you can tell he really means it and tonight just solidified that belief for me. Harry loves his supporters so so much and you could feel it in the way he performed and talked to us and literally COULD NOT STOP SMILING!! he was so happy the entire time and blowing kisses and dancing like a cute sexy madman and it was just so beautiful to see him having so much fun and making sure that all of us were having fun too (we were!!). I thought I would be a little annoyed by people singing really loudly to all of his songs but it was actually so incredible to just see people connecting and how much harry loved it. And not to be dramatic but I could just FEEL that Harry had enough love inside for every single person in that theater and then some. He loves us and he loves people and i it just made the show that much more amazing.

I spent more time during the show crying than not (I literally bawled all the way through Sign of the Times and that’s not even a little bit of a joke lol), i danced like an idiot, i screamed and sang off key much to the dismay of everyone around me and IDK I JUST HAD THE BEST TIME. And this was the best concert i have ever attended in my life and i’ve been to so many. This was on another level entirely.

And I just want to say that none of this would’ve been the same if @lostjams hadn’t been here with me!!! Like I can’t express how grateful I am to have gotten to experience this with one of the kindest, fun, most loving and beautiful people in this fandom and that I’ve met and like?? Someone who just GETS it when I freak out over Harry and freaks out too and understands why he’s so amazing and why this night was so important and is the type of person that i know harry would be proud of. Like Sydney, I love you so much girl 💓💓💓 thank you thank you thank you. I didn’t think I’d get to have this!

Finally just gonna say for the billionth time that I’m so so proud of Harry Styles. He’s my inspiration, my hero, a true talent and a gift and I’m so thrilled to be able to watch him grow and succeed and stand as a constant reminder in the lives of so many people of all that’s good and right and beautiful in this crazy world. I thought I would be sad when this experience was over but I honestly haven’t been this happy in a long, long time. Thank you Harry 💓

Glitz and Glam

Hi i really hope you’re gonna do this request because I asked to other people but they don’t make it. So can you do one where you’re 3 years or something together with Shawn and you’re going to an award show and you’re a belieber and you see there justin Bieber and you’re freaking out and go talk to him and laugh a lot and Shawn is jealous and stuff butt you make it up to him. I would really appreciate if you make this one.

Hey! Here you go anon, I hope I did it justice! Remember to keep on requesting! ❤


‘Y/N, hurry up!’

'I’m putting on my heels woman! I have to look somewhat normal height due to my abnormally small figure! I can’t help it I’m short!’

I know what you’re thinking; how the hell have I put up with Shawn for the past three years? Truth is, I honestly have no idea. But, they have truly been the best three years I’ve experienced.

But tonight for the first time I’d be attending the Billboard Music Awards with him. I was honestly ecstatic. Seeing all of the celebrities and singers, I could only imagine how overwhelming it was going to be.

One person in particular that I was happy about seeing (hopefully) was Justin Bieber. I had been a hardcore belieber since he first began and he’s been my idol ever since.

I walked out, trying not to fall over whilst Shawn chuckled, shaking his head at me. 'C'mon, Andrew’s waiting.’

'Well, I’m sorry that I wanted to look half presentable for the rest of the world to see me. You know I’m a perfectionist.’

'And that’s why you’re my girlfriend.’ He winked, giving me a cheeky peck on the lips. I sighed smiling, grabbing onto his hand.

'Well, c'mon. We’re going to be fashionably late!’ I mocked, pulling him out the door.


To say I was shitting myself and excited at the same time was an understatement. The flashing cameras and blinding lights were overpowering, but feeling Shawn’s hand gripping mine reassured me that I was in somewhat safe hands whilst walking the red carpet. The crowd was incredible, celebrities around every direction. I was starstuck.

When you’re not used to the glitz and glam of Hollywood, it can be very intimidating and slight terrifying. I could only imagine how Shawn felt when he first started out.

'Honestly, how the hell did you not fan girl when you came to your first award show?’ I asked, watching Selena Gomez walk past us.

Okay, this was too much.

'I honestly have no idea, but trust me when I say that there was a moment when I met John Mayer; cool and calm on the outside, freaking out internally.’

'I can second that.’ Andrew chirped. I chuckled, my heart stopping when I caught sight of the person I was looking forward to seeing the whole night.

Justin mother freaking Bieber.

I gripped Shawn’s arm, making sure I wasn’t going to fall over. He was making his way over here.

Holy shit.

'Shawn! My man!’ Justin greeted my boyfriend, pulling him into a bro hug. I was too in shock to even breathe a word to him.

Justin turned and looked at me, giving me his signature smirk. 'And who might this be?’ I let out a nervous chuckle.

'This is Y/N Y/L/N, my girlfriend.’ Shawn introduced me.

'Let me guess, you’re a fan?’

'How’d you know?’ I asked. He chuckled, pulling me in for a warm hug. Now my internal insides were screaming.

I mouthed “oh my god” to Shawn, causing him to chuckle. Justin pulled away, leaving a hand on my back.

'Don’t let this one go Shawn, she’s a keeper and a looker.’ He winked in my direction, almost making me weak at the knees.

Shawn chuckled, but it seemed more forced than genuine. I gave him a look, trying to see if he’ll say something but he just shook his head.

Justin drew my attention back to him, the two of us getting caught up in conversation. He’d made me laugh a few times with a few of his stories of when he first started out in the industry and asked me about my life. I admitted being a fan from a long time ago and he appreciated it.

I looked at the corner of my eye seeing Shawn’s facial expression, annoyance very clear on his face. It made me feel a little guilty that I’d hardly spoken to him all night.

'Sorry, but I think Shawn and I should go sit down now. I’m glad to have gotten the chance to talk to you though.’

'No problem at all Y/N, I hope to see you soon.’ He winked, walking away with his people as I sighed turning to Shawn. He didn’t look happy in the slightest.

'I’m sorry.’ I apologised, causing him sigh and his features to soften. 'I just got really excited and caught up in meeting someone I never thought I would.’ He stepped closer to me, wrapping his arms around my shoulders pulling me in for a hug.’

'No, I just got stupidly jealous. He’s not an ugly person and you’re perfect, don’t I have a right to be scared and jealous?’ I looked up at him, placing my hand on his cheek.

'Yeah, but the thing is though even if he’s Justin Bieber, he’s not my Shawn. And, my Shawn? He’s pretty great, amazing in fact.’ I placed my hand on the back of his neck, pulling him down to kiss me.

I smiled into it, feeling move his hands to my own face, cupping my cheeks. We both pulled away, resting our foreheads together.

'You’ll never lose me, Shawn. I’ll make sure of it.’ I whispered.

Issues- Part Twenty Five


Negan x you

When the saviours turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.


Swearing- as always and mention of suicide. 

Word count- 1,517

Read previous parts- HERE


As he shouted after me I stopped a few feet down the hall as the man of my dreams followed me, putting his jacket back on he struggled to keep ahold of Lucille.

God I wanted him.

All of the time.

Damn him and his sexiness.

Was it normal to feel like this? How did anyone leave the house before the world went to shit? If I had of had Negan in my bed back then we for sure would not of.

“What you thinking about Doll?” He asked wrapping his arm around my waist, and as a saviour with a machine gun crossed our paths he pulled me tighter into him.

So damn protective.

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Eye Candy

Sam x Reader

Warnings: language, sexual teasing.

Originally posted by welcometowincesthell

The gym was a great place to decompress. Sure, most of your day job consisted of running, jumping, and kicking serious ass. But, at least when you were at the gym, you could do all of that at your own pace.

Your warm up started at the treadmill, a three mile walk to get the blood pumping. After shuffling your favorite workout playlist, you hopped onto the machine and got to it. The place was reasonably busy for a Monday night, over half of the machines taken. Once you got your rhythm down, you smirked. Let the game begin.

Every time you made it out to the gym, you would play a little game with yourself. You would hunt down the hottest guy in the place, and try to outdo him… without him knowing most of the time.

After your warm up, you moved over to the elliptical machine. There were so many delicious candidates, muscles flexing, chests heaving. Yum. After a few minutes of scoping, you found your first victim. He was tall, muscular, and shirtless. He was facing away from you at the lift station. But, from your location, you were in decent viewing territory. You gawked as his muscles flexed and relaxed, making your lips water. He was the most glorious specimen you had seen in at least a few months. And you were going to go over there and show him what you were capable of.

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why time after time is so good

ok so the main reason i planned on watching time after time is because it took two notable historical figures from victorian england, one of my favorite eras. i am a history nut so i fell in love the moment i saw the trailer for it. but the cool thing is it takes these two and puts them into their distant future, our present day reality, and has them navigating their way through and figuring out what they need to do (the ripper wants the time machine’s key and will not stop killing until he has the key and wells just wants to stop the ripper and keep jane safe) as well as both of them realizing the changes in the world since their time, especially the ones revolving around either their ideals (like wells with him finding out the future didn’t turn out as he’d hoped it would) or themselves (especially with the ripper finding out he was never caught). it’s just really cool in concept and even better played out in front of you.

and the amount of drama and suspense is insane here, jesus christ. just the entire mini arc with jane and the other girl, jules, in the apartment not knowing if either of them would live about killed me (especially on jules’ end, good grief. she may just wind up a minor character but i feared for her life)

also if youre an insane shipper person like i am, jane and wells are just too damn cute aaaaaaAAAAAAHHHH *dies*

 so there’s stuff for everyone which is why i love this show so much more now and you should really watch it if you arent

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can we talk about how peter was (imo) having a panic attack when he got out of the car and walked up to the dance like,,,, my poor baby ALSO THE SCENE WHERE HE GOT CRUSHED CRUSHED M E GOD DO I LOVE PETER PARKER

YEAH?? I was literally so upset watching that like almost in tears for this poor afraid child and I wanted to punch Liz for giving his identity away like that I know she didn’t do it intentionally but?? He literally looked like he was just gonna keel over and pass out right there and I was like “FUCK somebody save this boy please!!”

ME TOO FAM HOLY SHIT I was on the edge of tears at that scene too he was so helpless and broken and crying out for help I just. FELT FOR HIM SO MUCH and I was also like “Where the FUCK is Tony JFC he needs to come and save his son” I was half expecting him to show up when Peter was crying for somebody to save him but he didn’t and I?? Was disappointed it would have been such a great father son scene, like Tony dragging him out of the wreckage and jumping out of his suit and patting all over his face, “Are you okay ARE YOU OKAY are any of your bones broken can you see? Did you hit your head is your head okay you’re not concussed right? Talk to me kid do I have to give you an emergency escort flight to the hospital? Peter Peter Peter”
That just reminds me of the scene in Civil War when Tony’s like “Okay no you’re injured and I want you to stay out of this no more fighting” HE’S SUCH A CONCERNED DAD I S2G
Especially at the end when Peter came to Avengers HQ and he and Tony were walking and Tony had his arms around Peter’s shoulders and was giving him like a side hug and lots of pats and I was like?? Squealing really loud I love them can Tony adopt Peter and have them both go on superhero adventures together PLEASE
And the scene at the beginning of the movie when Peter was documenting everything and he and Tony were making a video for his aunt and they were grinning like doofuses at the camera and god god god god I LOVE THEM!!