holy shit this is the cutest thing in the world

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HELLO WELCOME i just stalked ur whole blog 10/10. can u possibly write some cuddly and fluffy will roland hcs?!


→ holy shit, will is such a sweetheart. he treats you like you’re the most precious thing in the world and, to him, you are.

→ he’s that boyfriend who comes up behind you while you’re doing something, wraps his arms around your waist, and presses light kisses against your shoulder and anywhere else he can get to without moving you too much.

→ he’s got a lil bit of chub, which is the cutest thing in the world honestly. he gets a little insecure about it, but with the right amount of kisses and reassurance, he feels better again because you, the love of his life, are telling him so many good things and it makes him feel good

→ he will big spoon any day, but adores being the small spoon?? he’s a soft boy and likes to be held. you make him feel warm and fluffy.

→ when you’re away, he sends you text messages and shit. all the time. you swear every hour, there’s a new message from “loml 💖“ sitting on your phone. the messages aren’t even anything important: he just sends you memes interspersed with little things like “i love you” or “i hope you’re having a good day.” he’s such a jared kleinman.

→ y’all are always in somebody’s instagram story doing something. you just mainly fuck around like the rest of the cast is doing and it’s hilarious. (insert that dance move that everyone does i’m screaming)

→ if he wakes up in the morning and you’re still passed out next to him, he’ll go down to get breakfast for you two at the closest coffee shop.

→ the first time he realized he loved you was when you were laughing with laura and kris about something backstage during intermission. the mirror lights were hitting you just right and you looked so gorgeous?? he nearly died on the spot.

→ always brings you with him to shows, even if he’s been told not to. he likes having you there for emotional support after the show. fake breaking up with ben on stage takes a lot out of him.

→ tells you he loves you every chance he gets. he could be watching tv in the living room and you could be taking a shower and he’d just be like “[name]? i love you!” it always makes you laugh. he’s so head over heels for you, it’s adorable.

→ get u a man like will “plays a meme lord” roland

things to appreciate about @and-willow

  • they will literally let you talk about whatever you want to for hours and you don’t have to worry about being judged
  • they’re so selfless and sweet
  • world’s cutest voice??
  • i don’t care if i’ve never seen them before; they probably have beautiful eyes that have the whole universe in them
  • very sparkling personality!
  • their excitement for musicals!! it’s super cute
  • on that note, they are cute
  • tells very interesting stories
  • sends you things that reminded them of you/things that they think you may like
  • always willing to help whenever they can
  • very nice writing
  • can also sing super well
  • just overall talented
  • fun to talk to!
  • super funny holy shit
  • you can honestly be as weird as you want to around them
  • hell they might even join in
  • you can trust them with a lot of things
  • just willow in general

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If we were girlfriends, we'd stay up late to watch the stars, post pretty pics side-by-side and I'd wake up early to pamper you with breakfast in bed, coffee or tea at the ready for you first thing. I'd take you out dancing and watch you twirl around in delight. We'd buy those little fairy lights and I'd make you a little getaway when the world got to be too much. I'd buy you lipstick just to see you smile with it on. So many kisses; I'd kiss your nose just to see it wrinkle~

oh my god….there are gay tears in my eyes because this is the cutest thing….holy shit my heart stuttered PLS U CANT DO THIS TO ME!!! we’d have movie marathons together on days when there’s no other responsibilities. we;d volunteer at cat shelters together and probably end up adopting a couple cats bc how could we not?? 💙💙💙

  • Gryffindor!Gally patrolling the halls as a prefect
  • Hufflepuff!Newt falling asleep in the library after cramming for his O.W.L.s
  • Ravenclaw!Minho sleeping through class because he stayed up too late reading about the theories of the universe
  • Slytherin!Thomas sneaking in to the Forbidden Forest late at night because he wanted to see if the rumors were true
  • All four being on their house Quidditch teams - Beater!Gally, Chaser!Minho, Chaser!Newt, and Seeker!Thomas
  • Minho and Gally getting very competitive on the pitch, but laughing about it together after the match
  • Newt helping Minho out in Potions, because Minho has no fucking clue what he’s doing and Newt finished his like 10 years ago
  • Thomas and Minho pulling stupid pranks on the first years while Newt and Gally roll their eyes in the background
  • Thomas being very protective of Muggle-born Slytherins and jumping to their defense 24/7
  • Newt being a cute little dork whenever he starts talking about herbology or magical creatures
  • But, imagine them asking you to the Yule Ball - they’d be super nervous (although Minho would swear to the others that he wasn’t) and it would be the cutest thing in the world!


Whenever Sidearms laughs, I laugh too because holy shit it’s like cracking open a can of carbonated sunshine and it is the cutest gosh darn thing in the world and it makes me laugh so hard. I love that stupid fuck.

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naruhina of course:)

ahhhh but of course C:

  • who holds the umbrella when it rains?

naruto. he thinks it’s his gentlemanly duty or something lame like that. hinata just laughs and lets him.

  • who is the grumpiest in the morning?

naruto is the biggest ball of grump upon his first hour of consciousness each day. usually as he starts to wake up his normal sunshine-y demeanor breaks through, and hinata will usually help speed along the process by giving more smooches than usual!!

  • who worries more when the other is sick/hurt

naruto is the definition of a worry-wart. and it only gets worse during her pregnancies. he turns into an overly-doting, paranoid bag of questions whenever she’s sick. “are you sure you’re okay?” “is that food good for when you’re sick?” “arent u supposed to be drinking lots of water?” “where is your medicine HOLD ON ill get u your medicine” and she’s always like ‘naruto it is literally a cold please dont stress’

  • who plays pranks on the other

naruto plays cute little tricks on her just because her reactions are the absolute cutest things in the world to him. but the day she pranks him back he is so stunned all he can think is ‘holy shit this is the woman of my dreams’

  • who is always the first to suggest cuddling on the sofa

naruto loves to cuddle. he loves it so much. morning cuddles, bedtime cuddles, post-sex cuddles, post stressful day at work cuddles. naruto is convinced that hinata’s cuddles are some sort of magic cure-all. sick? hungover? in a bad mood? snuggle time.

  • who insists on creating nicknames for the other

naruto calls her cute little pet names every now and then. the one he uses most often is ‘baka-hime’, when she does something silly or if something slips her mind.

  • who drools on the other when they’re asleep

naruto doesn’t drool often but when he does sometimes its enough to literally make hinata wake up in a puddle. the first time he does it he’s so embarrassed that hinata is laughing too much to even be bothered by it.

  • who says ‘I love you’ first

well we all know hinata was. but i think that when they first starting dating seriously, they probably went a few months without saying anything of the sort; yknow? cause the whole real relationship aspect of everything was so NEW and nervewracking for them!! and then one day after a really long, tough day he goes over to hinata’s and just holds her and tells her that he loves her over and over again and the night basically ends with teary cuddles and whispering cute, sweet nothings into each other’s ears. ahhhhhhh 

send me ships!!

So it’s hard to read it completely but from what I can tell after watching the video a shit ton of times (some words I had to guess at) Thor’s “electronic letter” to Tony says:

“Dear Tony Stark,

How’s it going? I was just thinking fondly of the times we spent together. Remember when you created a possessed robot who nearly destroyed the world? Hey–we saved planet!!!!!!!!!!!!”

this video is seriously amazing Thor is the cutest thing holy shit

  • Me: wow riker lynch is the cutest lil thing ever
  • me: holy shit your laugh is probably the most adorable thing in the world ur a lil puppy i just wanna eat you up
  • me: please have sex with me rn you are so sexy holy hell

Okay, so let’s start with a simple one! Guess which one of these faces made me break into frantic sobbing? (It wasn’t any of the ones I expected.)

I mean, Koga definitely started this thing off right (look at that precious cat child, seriously), and I admit that Furi almost put me over the edge, sweet angelic cinnamon roll that he is.



(That being said, they’re ALL adorable beyond words. Look at Riko. LOOK AT HYUUGA. THAT IS THE BEST SMILE IN THE WHOLE WORLD, HOLY SHIT.)