holy shit this is some good cartoon

btw someone uploaded that “reanimated” movie to youtube

it’s that ~2006 cartoon network movie where the kid gets hit by a train and gets a brain transplant and sees cartoon characters, and it generated the “out of jimmy’s head” show that CN wants so desparately to forget

it’s an awful awful movie holy shit

the attempts at morals are so confused, the integration of animated characters is bad (they don’t have shadows under their feet 90% of the time), and the kids can’t act for their lives, and nothing makes sense.

and i’m disappointed because i love animated characters interacting with live action people and they don’t even do anything interesting with it. some of the ideas in the movie are good and like one or two jokes are good (and there’s one or two jokes about animation itself i liked) but it’s just awful all around.

also the man who voiced pee wee herman voices the main cartoon character and man it’s jarring to have paul reubens doing a good job of voicing this self centered anthro gopher bastard next to this child actor that’s just flailing.

some other oldass cartoon hot takes:

-extreme ghostbusters was honestly pretty good

-so was jumanji: the animated series

-a lot of disney’s animated output had really great animation, and completely fuckin awful jokes compared to their peers or soon-to-be peers (dexter’s lab, powerpuff girls, etc). holy shit can you remember how unfunny Bonkers was

-gargoyles was really good though

-i barely got to ever watch rocket power as a kid and for some reason this caused my mind to build it up as The Coolest Shit Ever. i have no idea why.

-the original TMNT animated series is goddang largely terrible

-where on earth is carmen sandiego is way underrated

-did you ever blearily wake up in your or someone else’s living room and the All Dogs Go To Heaven animated series was on and you felt like you were in a fever dream? yeah