holy shit this is shit


Laura Benanti & The Skivvies 

I was not prepared for the end of the video. 

Noel Fisher spotted in Fort Hood, Texas

GETS CARDED AND ASKED FOR ID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But she didn’t say what alcohol he was buying! Or memorise the entire contents of his shopping bags, or take a photo because fuck those other customers! What customers????

From Michelle Romero (facebook) via @fabmonroe on twitter


@inukag-week Day Four: Family 

I know I’m a lameass by titling these things after the prompt word but I’m too lazy to think of anything else lmao

Hands tucked into his sleeves and releasing a wide yawn as he casually strolled into the kitchen, Inuyasha was greeted with the sight of Kagome’s mom humming a jovial little tune while she stirred a pot at the stove a green herb. A discreet sniff told him it was rosemary. He watched curiously as she spooned up a small amount and took a delicate sip, frowning in contemplation, and then finally seemed to notice him hovering nearby and watching.

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