holy shit this is leaked!

some doodles with a trio of dresses i found in my massive fashion folder

Watching Earthlings

Me: Holy shit, Jasper vs. Amethyst! Round 2!
Me: Holy shit, Smoky Quartz! Their weapon is a fucking yo-yo!!!
Me: Holy shit, Jasper fused with a corrupted gem!
Me: Holy shit, Jasper is becoming corrupted!

Privacy is the privilege of our political elites
  • Democrats: *Spend 8 years under Obama expanding and streamlining Bush-era surveillance practices to the point where the US government can --without oversight-- read the emails of every person on the planet including world leaders and American citizens*
  • The Public: *reads leaked Podesta and DNC emails*
  • Democrats: Holy shit! You can't read that! Those are private!!! The public has no right to know how political power works behind the scenes. OMFG! Now we need to shut down the government and bomb Russia over this.

When your period goes from mediocre to holy shit how can you leak through so many tampon and pad combos within the span of a day is so weird.

I swear I forget how periods work every single month somehow and I’ve been doing this for nearly 20 years.

Very much regretting calling in sick last week with a stomach bug because I’d rather have maybe shit my pants at work than have to walk around wearing this diaper.

This has been your period update. You’re welcome.

This may come off as a surprise…. but….

People have sex! Holy shit! Even celebrities!

So why the fuck would you leak their private videos/photos?