holy shit this is a big gifset

Bitchhh I LOVED this episode of Supergirl I think it’s legit my fav so far. There were too many things I loved. so I’m just gonna list them here.

  • Maggie saying “Ride or Die” to Alex. Bitchhh need me a partner in crime like that, wtfff what kinda of badassery?? DAMn
  • The whole action sequence from the bar??? Fighting in the dark never looked so good?? sjkhd holy shiteeeekjhjkd love
  • Mon-El saying we should all take a deep breath or better a drink. Actually?? yes. good advise for any situation. Imma use it. often. all the time. 
  • Lillian Luthor telling Jeremiah “You’re the only Superman we need” Bitchhh I FANGIRLEDD SO hard. and hIS smile??? u know he LOVED that linee.
  • Sanvers kiss before Alex heads off to Cadmuss. Again. like this badass lesbians. holy shitt. fuck me upp.
  • Supergirl carrying LENA. they were gonna rob me of this supercorp scene forever but they didn’t I really thought. she carried her. mid flight. I lost my breath for a few seconds BITCHH. plus the guys who pushed Lena were so scared like “oh shit we fucked up badd what we gon tell big L??” djlhhflmao. anyways brb imma reblog every gifset of that scene ever.
  • Also. Alex blowing Cadmus up??? Lillian that binchh she thought Agent Danvers was bluffing but no uh baby this lesbian doesn’t play. she went there to tear that shit apart holy shit i luv her. 
  • Alex running to the ship?? listen. the actions scene were amazingly directed, kudos to the camera crew too. amazing work.
  • And u know. Alex flying the ship. 
  • oh and…Kara and Alex. The hands. the fucking hands through the glass. JUST FUCKING KARA AND ALEX. 
  • aLSO the fucking soundtrack playing when Kara was trying to return the ship??? bitch that shit destroyed ME. 

I arrived this episode a girl and left a woman. BLESS. 

me in my brain: i don’t wanna romanticize lexa… she’s compelling because she’s complex, and part of that complexity are her flaws… i’m totally aware that she has very specific sort of morality, and that she operates within a morally grey area like most of the other people on the show. she’s made some ruthless, unmoving and some would even say cruel decisions; part of her complexity is that she is able to be ruthless when she needs to b–

me after seeing a gifset of lexa: holY SHIT! HOLY FUCK! look at this flower child!! this precious lil lesbEAN? all she wants is to be loved by the girl who loves her she’s so precious, look at those big heart eyes. has a more perfect character ever existed? someone so pure, so good, so cute, so lovely and wonderful? i bet flowers bloom where she walks, she is truly the best character of our times, actual PERFECTION, she–