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SugarDaddy!Cal Pt.3

A/N: I appreciate all the kind anons, glad you all actually liked the first two parts. Okay so, I think I gonna try to stick with this as long as you guys enjoy it. I need at least 100 notes for the next chapter, cuties💕

Oh and sorry if some of the details don’t apply to you. Once again due to the request it’s focused on POC, and since I don’t know you guys I kind of just fill in holes with things about myself so sorry.

**Warning** : Just slight smut, nothing too heavy

Parts: One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/

“Are we there yet?” You complained as the sun was practically melting your back.

Calum had decided to pick you up today and drive you all the way to the other side of town just to take you to the park. He kept repeating that there was the most beautiful view, but what he forgot to mention was how long you two had to actually walk to get there. So, here you were at a park you’ve never been to with beads of sweat rolling down your face from walking up hills for more than fifteen minutes. You were never an outdoor type of person and even though you played volleyball all throughout high school, you weren’t as athletic anymore. It didn’t help that you had decided to wear sandals today either.

“Stop your whining, we’re almost there.”

You let out a sigh as you trudged up the hill to catch up to Calum. Your eyes widened when you realized that there was one more huge hill and that’s when you called it quits.

“Oh fuck no.” You shook your head, having a seat in the grass.“ I’m done.”

“Oh come on, Y/N. It’s not that bad.”

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Stop the press!

Forget everything you’ve ever learned about the tale of how the propane bombs were planted at Columbine High. We all know how slick and cool REB and VoDkA  came across in the famous scene of Zero Hour. They strolled into the Commons with fierce purpose shrouded in their uber school shooter dark aesthetic: black trench coats, combat boots and shades carrying their pièce de résistance bombs in their “bags of terrorism” (yes, they referred to them as that).  Casually kneeling down and setting their instruments of terror with ease right in front of their peers. 

But in reality?  

Well, reality paints a very different picture demonstrating how banal the entire thing looked. Amazingly ordinary and casual..yet as we’ll later learn, they almost look a little too slow pokey considering their very tight schedule.

I lightened these images up and sharpened them as well.

‘Eric’ approaching the column from the left
wobbling a bit with his orange gym bag held in his right hand

A wild ‘Dylan’ lopes forth approaching the column from the left
carrying his navy blue gym bag in his left hand

slowed down…

Here be some ordinary looking dudes hauling their heavy but lethal gym bags near the columns in the cafeteria. ‘Eric’s’ small frame is struggling a slight bit barely managing to prevent the bag from coming into contact with objects or people walking by. The two are having no trouble being themselves, looking effortlessly awkward yet casual af while ironically implementing something deadly.. 

Of course, we didn’t really expect that level of dramatic professionalism from Eric and Dylan now did we?  Nah.. Not really.  

This is going to be long. so read on under the cut. :)   

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#Unbothered - Damon Salvatore

I’m so sorry this is so late and out of the blue. Exam season is upon us and I’ve been swamped. I still have loads of half done drafts which I’ll try to finish and post. Love, N xxxx

“Are you sure you can’t come to this last bar, Y/N?” One of your friends slurred out.

You and your friends had been bar hopping and so far you were mildly drunk. You handled your alcohol well, unlike your friends and only agreed to join them to see your friends get ugly drunk,  instead, they flirted with anything that had a dick and legs. Your standards meant that none of the guys offered you drinks so you were tipsy at best.

“I’m going to head home. I don’t like the bar that you’re headed to anyway”  You replied, disentangling yourself from another drunk off her face friend.

“Okay. We’ll miss you”  They all shouted dissolving into a fit of giggles before stumbling down the street.

You rolled your eyes and began your walk home. It was only 1 am but it was that odd time of night where everyone was out but everyone was in. The roads were empty due to most of the people being in clubs or in their homes. It was quite peaceful for you. The smell of rain lingered in the air and the cool breeze did everything to relieve you from the stuffy air in the club. 

You cut through the usual alleyway. It wasn’t like most cliche shortcuts, it was between two houses and continued like that for a few streets. The neighbourhood was a good one, mostly rich white families so you knew you were okay. You were back on the main road, right in the middle of mystic falls which was pretty much deserted. From your peripheral vision, you could see shadows moving but you knew that there wasn’t anything behind you. 

You looked down at your phone to reply to a text when you saw a man in front of you. You quickly stopped to avoid crashing into him.

“Well lookie here” The guy sung.

“Excuse me?” You replied, pissed and confused at the attractive stranger.

“I’m going to kill you, sweetheart”

You burst out laughing.

“I think someone spiked your drink, dude.”

“You should be cowering in fear. Why are you not cowering in fear?” He asked, his evil demeanour changing.

“Because when a random guy comes up and says ‘i’m going to kill you’ at 1 am on a Saturday night he’s drunk. So if you don’t mind, sir. I’ll be on my way”

“But I am going to kill you”

“Yeah of course you are. Now move please”

All of a sudden a metal railing appeared in the stranger’s hands. He bent it easily even managing to knot it in the middle.

“I could really kill you if I wanted to.”

“Yes, but so could another random stranger or even a dog. You’re probably jacked up on some ‘roids so please let me pass”

“I’ll let you live, you’re funny”

You narrowed your eyes and continued walking. 

“I’ll see ya around” The stranger called out.

You thought that would have been the last you saw of the stranger, only you were clearly mistaken. 

You came back from shopping a few weeks after the incident to see the man sitting on your porch. He got up and came to your car, taking the bags you had out of your hands. You held the others and walked up to your front door.

“This may be weird but I want some advice so do you think I could,” He asked while you wrestled around to get the keys into the lock

“Come in?” You asked

The stranger nodded and looked slightly relieved too.

“I don’t even know your name”

“Damon, Damon Salvatore”

“A guy called Damien bought me a drink at a bar once. It wasn’t nice”


You finally managed to unlock the front door and entered the house. The groceries were dropped into the kitchen while your clothes were left by the stairs to be taken into your room.

“So what did you need help with?” You asked him as you began to put the food away.

“If you were to get wooed by someone, how would you like them to do it?”

“Wooed?” You asked, raising an eyebrow

“Just shut up and answer the question”

“Get me flowers, lingerie, chocolate. Take me out to a nice dinner, or even make it yourself. Have good taste in movies, clothes and the most important, alcohol”

“What about someone who’s completely the opposite of you”

“Get her flowers. A nice candle, a pretty diary, maybe a scarf or a cardigan. She probably wants a well thought out date and probably doesn’t trust you enough to be in your house on the first date, so a dinner date. You’d probably have to have her home by 9 exactly or she’ll think you’re trying to fuck her. Take her chair out for her, pay the bill, let her order for herself. That kind of shit”

“Hmm that was very insightful”

“I know”

“Where does the Nutella go?”

“Top cupboard next to the stove”

“How should I ask her?”

“She got a boyfriend? You seem like the type of guy to go for someone who’s already in a relationship”

“It’s complicated.”

“Just straight up ask her”

“You’re sure?”

“Yeah go ahead”

“Thanks, Y/N”

“How do you know my name?” You asked.

“Hold on, how do you even know where I live?” You added after realising he should know nothing about you.

“I work for the FBI”

“I really believe that”

“Well, I’ll be leaving now”

“See ya around, Damon”

“You betcha!”

A few more weeks later, Damon showed up at your office.


You scrunched your face up in confusion at the nickname.

“Play along” He mouthed.

“Damon! What are you doing here?”

“we were going to the ski lodge today. You boss told me you didn’t put in a request for a day off.”

“It must have slipped my mind. With your crazy surprises!”

“It’s fine, Y/N. You can have tomorrow off”

You thanked your boss and packed up your desk. A fake smile was plastered over your mouth as you and Damon walked hand in hand to your car. You got in before going off on him.

“That was so unprofessional, you ass.”

“I needed you for the weekend.”

“For what?”

“Undercover work. I need a date for a party”

“What happened with your other girl?”

“It’s complicated.”

“I’m not going with you. thank you for the day off, but I’m not going.”

“I need you to come with me. Please”

“Why? How the fuck did you know where I live anyway?”

Damon looked conflicted for a moment.

“Let me drive us somewhere and I’ll explain everything”

You nodded and moved into the back seat as Damon hopped over the centre console into the driver’s seat. You then made your way into the front passenger seat and you drove off. After a while of driving, you stopped in front of a huge house.

“Welcome, to Casa de Salvatore” He explained, flipping the ignition off and handing you your keys.

“You live here?!”

Damon nodded and the two of you got out of the car and into his house. He led you down some stairs to his basement and into a smaller room equipped only with some plants and a freezer.

“Do you sell weed?”

“No. This is vervain. It’s a plant to keep humans safe from our abilities.”


Damon placed a finger to his lips motioning for you to shut up as he opened up the freezer.

“This is our store of blood, it stops us from having to feed on humans”

“Hold the fuck up. Blood? Feed on humans! You need help and I am getting the fuck out of here”

You headed for the door but it was slammed shut and Damon stood in front of it.

“Holy shit”

His eyes went bloodshot and the veins under his eyes were so much more prominent, they were bright red and his teeth were bared with his canines elongated into fangs.

“Are you fucking serious. You’re a god damn vampire. You could have told me that in the beginning you asshole. I thought you were some creepy weirdo.”

“I envisioned this going in a completely different direction.”

“So what’s the real reason why you need me to come to this thing of yours?”

“I need a human with me to gain entrance. It’s a fucked up vampire thing where you showcase your ‘food’ while trying to make money. I need to kill someone there and my brother won’t let me take Elena”

“So you need me to come with you into a room of bloodthirsty vampires?”


“I’ll do it, but you owe me big time”

“There’s one more thing. I kind of need to feed off you on your wrists and neck to make it look like you really are my blood bag.”

“Isn’t that going to like kill me?”

“No. I just need to show restraint”

“Right. Well, you can’t do all of this after you get me an outfit for said party.”

“I’m sure you have a dress you could use, judging by your office, your office Christmas parties must be a hoot”

“I might have something. But you’ll need to take me home and let me get supplies.”

“Why are you so okay with this?”

“With what?”

“Finding out I’m a bloodsucking monster who could potentially drain you in your sleep”

“Because I’d like to think we have formed a friendship and I don’t think you’re that much of a sociopath to kill your friends. And its mystic falls, you really think that everyone believes in the ‘animal attack’ excuse?”

Damon shrugged in agreement and took you home to get a dress. You settled on a black mermaid dress with crystals on it. You grabbed a few more essentials and set your alarm and locked all your doors.

In the morning before Damon’s event, the two of you drove to a country club on the outskirts of Mystic Falls. He forced you to wear a turtle neck for the time being until he could make the marks on your wrists and neck. The two of you checked into a hotel room and to your surprise, there was already someone in there.

“Do you have everything?” Another handsome stranger asked.

“All in the bag,” Damon replied waving his hand in the direction of the bag he flung across the room.

“Y/N, Alaric Saltzman. Ric, Y/N”

You waved before pulling off the turtleneck to reveal your tank top underneath.

“Why’s he here?” You asked.

“He is a vampire hunter.He is also here to make sure I don’t kill you”


“The event is in 3 hours, that means we have to do the biting now” Ric piped up.

Damon came and took your wrist.

“You ready”

You nodded as he brought it up to his lips and the familiar vampire features graced his face again. You felt the fangs prick your skin and suck up some of the blood. You felt a little light headed but it went away once Damon removed his fangs and you remembered to breathe. He copied his actions on the other wrist and let you breathe.

“You okay?”

He asked, dropping down to his knees so you were the same level. 

“Yeah, I just need to breathe a bit.”

“It’s going to be a lot harder with your neck. I’m going to give you this stake. If you feel like I’m draining too much, just stab it in my neck and I should stop”

Damon handed you a small thin stake. You made a fist around it ready to stab. He held his hand out and you took it to hoist yourself off the bed. He placed his arms around you and you dropped most of your weight onto him. 

“Don’t go getting any ideas, Damon”

“Blood sharing is a pretty intimate experience, babe”

“I will prematurely stab you in the neck”

Damon chuckled before going completely serious. His grip tightened and he pulled you closer to his body. you titled your neck to one side and his fangs sunk in once again. The light-headedness came a lot faster this time but Damon could sense your discomfort and forced himself away from your neck.

“Do you want to take a break?”

“No just do the other side and give me a 2-litre bottle of coke”

“Are you sure, I could kill you”

“You kill me and I swear to God-”

You were cut off by him drinking from you again. You angrily shoved the stake in his neck and felt his fangs retract.

“What was that for?” He howled, pulling the stake out.

You watched as his skin healed and it looked like nothing had happened.

“You didn’t let me finish speaking and you were drinking too much”

“What can I say, you taste great”

You scoffed.

“You’re not the first person to say that to me”

He scrunched his nose in disgust as Alaric laughed.

“We should keep her around”

“Yes, she’s so fucking funny. You need to put a lot of makeup on and make your hair all fancy whilst we drink bourbon”

You rolled your eyes but refused to get up.

“I just had my blood drained, the least you could do is pick up that dressing table and bringing it to me and plugging in my curler.”

Damon mimicked you but did what you asked and you began to curl your hair whilst sitting on the bed.

Hours later, you were completely ready. You looked like you were dressed to go to an awards ceremony, minus the puncture wounds. You walked out from the bathroom and into the hotel room to see Damon looking suave in a tux.

“You clean up well,”

“You look amazing,”

“I know,”

You gave your hair a final fluff and wiped your teeth off any lipstick and you were ready to go. Damon held out his arm and you linked yours through it.

“Ric’ll be ready with a getaway vehicle because as soon as I kill this guy, all hell’s going to break loose” Damon informed you as the two of you walked to the lift to take you down to ‘the event’.

“I am wearing 4-inch heels. I hope you don’t expect me to run in these”

“I’ll carry you”

“You try anything and I swear I’ll shove that plant down your pants.”

The lift dinged open and another couple smiled at you. This girl also had her puncture wounds on show. You and Damon stepped into the lift standing on the side opposite to them.

“You here for the convention?” The other vampire asked.

Damon nodded.

“Martin. Martin James and this is Serena”

The girl waved.

“Ian and this is Aleisha.”

You waved back.

The lift stopped and the doors opened into the hotel lobby. Damon pulled you out and beelined away from the ballroom.

“I’m aiming to kill this guy within the first hour of this party and then we’re out. Remember your new name and stay close to me the entire night.” He murmured.

“Great, I just stand next to you like a trophy”

“I’m sorry, did you really want to be wandering around a room of thirsty vampires with 8 puncture wounds on show?”

“I’m going to kill you”

Damon laughed overly loud as he led you back to the ballroom. You put on a fake smile as you walked into the room. A server walked over to you and held out a tray. You picked up a flute of champagne and delicately sipped from it.

The pair of you began to mingle with the other vampires, Damon was sure not to reveal any extra details and only let them know he was an older vampire who was very rich. 

You had been limited to 2 glasses of champagnes since ‘blood loss and alcohol is trouble’ so you were forced to sit through stifling conversations with the stupid vampires about how rich they all were. You could think of much more interesting things to talk about than the value of Vlad’s estate.

“I am just a bit parched. Y/N, let’s go to the bar” Damon announced. He held his hand out which you took and escorted you away.

“I’m going to do it now. Get ready for motion sickness.” He whispered in your ear.

“Break a leg”

The two of you got to the bar and took a seat on the barstools. 

You waved for the bartender and he shuffled over to you and Damon. You were about to give him the specific instructions for your cocktail when Damon spoke instead. Ordering himself a shot and nothing for you.

Your head turned and you glared at him.

“You’ll puke it all up onto my suit.”

You rolled your eyes and watched Damon down the shot and get up. He held out his hand for you to take and led you towards his intended target. Damon walked in front of you at first but then moved behind you. He stepped on the back of your dress making you fall forwards into the chest of a blonde vampire. He looked at you with contempt but his features softened as he saw your cleavage.

“You should look at where you’re going young one, your master would hate it if someone ate from his plate”

“I’m so sorry” Damon apologised as he pulled you away and wrapped an arm around your waist.

“Nonsense, it was just an accident”

“No, I may be sorry for what I’m about to do to you”


Damon flung a stake at the vampire and it landed straight in his heart

“Sayanora sickos” He yelled before rushing off.

literally 10 seconds later you were in the middle of a road standing in front of a car. 

“I’m going to puke” You mumbled before rushing to some bushes and throwing up the 2 glasses of champagne you drank. You came back and wiped your mouth.

Damon bit into his wrist and thrust it into your mouth. You pressed your lips together and pushed his arm away.

“I don’t do that shit”

“You have fang marks on the most visible areas of your body. If you drink my blood, you’ll heal and my brother won’t be up my ass for what I did”

You begrudgingly took Damon’s wrist with your hands and brought it to your lips. the metallic taste of his blood made you gag but you forced yourself to swallow some of it.

“okay little vampire that could, you’re all healed up now”

You dropped his arm and looked at your own. It looked as though nothing had happened to you and you were sure some cat scratches were gone too.

You nodded in approval at your wrist before striding over to the car and lying down on the cool leather of the back seats. Ric was sitting in the driver’s seat and looked at you through the rear view mirror.

“Tough night?”

“Shut up. Let me sleep”

He chuckled as Damon sat beside him and you drove off.

It took a couple of hours to get back to Mystic falls, not that it made any difference to you since you’d been sleeping the entire time. Damon and Ric dropped you back to your house and drove away whilst you dealt with making sure your tired self didn’t trip over your dress and die.

You safely managed to get inside and took your makeup off. You put the dress back in its bag and hung it up again to be worn at another date before heading straight to bed.

You spent the weekend cleaning up your house and online shopping and before you knew it you had to wake up on Monday morning for work. You started off with the shittest morning, you forgot to set your alarm so you woke up half and hour later than usual, you ran out of coffee and Starbucks was closed for refurbishment so you were stuck with the decaf shit that was in the break room and one of your colleagues decided to use your desk and move everything around.

Once your desk was in a decent condition for you to work in, you logged in and began working. A few hours later, the mail person came to your desk with a muffin basket. 


You looked at the basket confused but took it anyway. A card was stuck on the cellophane

Y/N -

A basket of muffins for your troubles. I owe you one. 

Your new friend, Damon

You smiled at the card and plucked a chocolate chip muffin out of the basket.

“If any of you fuckers even breathes near my muffins, I’ll murder you.” You threatened before sitting back down at your desk and continuing your work whilst eating your muffins. 

Who knew being friends with a vampire resulted in free muffins?

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Hullo. I love your works they help cope with my urge to scream betty and jughead are meant to be. And i dont know if u are still taking requests but could write about the gang going out like bowling then archie "teaching" the girl how to properly bowl and smirking jughead for his moves and jugheads is like fuck that shit look at my girl wreck you all in bowling. And betty destroying everybody including jughead in bowling. Please kill me with fluff and flirting

Hi there! I really hope this is kind of what you wanted haha. I might have changed it a little, but I still hope you like it. Here you go!

“Sttttrrriiiikkkeee!” Veronica sprang from the plastic-covered bench excitedly, watching in awe as the ball Archie had just rolled directly down the center of the lane knocked down every last pin in one sweeping motion. “I believe that makes number three for team Varchie.”

“Is that what you’re calling yourselves now?” Betty asked, bending down to retie her shoelace as Veronica stood from the bench next to her and strode over to the ball return.

“For the sake of this bowling match?” Veronica bent down to retrieve her sparkly purple ball before turning on her heel to raise a playful eyebrow in Betty’s direction. “You bet your curly blonde ponytail I am.”

“Okay, V, you’re up,” Archie announced, gesturing for her to join him at the start of the lane. “Show em’ what you’re made of.”

“Watch and learn my little lambs,” Veronica fluttered her eyelashes at Jughead and Betty before prancing her way over to Archie. “Prepare to be dazzled.”

“Now Ronnie, remember to keep your elbow pulled back - yep, exactly like that. Perfect, now step forward - keep your hips centered,” Archie instructed, carefully placing both hands on either side of her waist and adjusting her body so that it was pointing towards the middle of the lane. “Great, now you’re ready to let go and-”

Before Archie could finish, Veronica stepped away from his grasp and launched the ball down the lane. The ball veered slightly to the right, but managed to avoid the gutter, knocking down six of the ten pins.

“Yes!” Veronica yelled, jumping up and down victoriously as she turned to her friends with a look of accomplishment. “That’s how it’s done! Kev, get over here - secret victory handshake!”

“V, you’re on an opposing team why would I-” Before he could finish his sentence, he saw Veronica wiggling her fingers at him expectantly and decided to give in. “Screw it, I can’t resist a secret handshake.”

“It’s gonna be hard to beat that, huh Jug?” Archie nudged Jughead in the arm playfully, winking at him slyly as he took a seat on the opposite side of him. “Alright, Betty, show us what you’ve got.”

Betty and Jughead both stood reluctantly as they took a few tentative steps forward to retrieve Betty’s ball.

“Juggie, I don’t think this is a good idea,” Betty whispered, glancing back at their friends before turning back to stare dauntingly down the lane in front of them. “Last time I went bowling I was about eight-years-old and there was this terrible incident where my fingers got stuck in the bowling ball holes and-”

“Shhh, Bets, it’s okay,” Jughead soothed, rubbing her shoulders up and down before reaching forward to grab a ball sitting on the rack. “Just breathe. Here, take the ball - it’s not going to get stuck I promise. Do you trust me?”

“You? Yes,” Betty answered, biting her bottom lip nervously as she gestured to the ball in question. “The bowling ball? Not so much.”

“Okay, just don’t think about it,” Jughead suggested. “Think about something else.”

“All I can think about right now is that stupid pink bowling ball eating my hand - like just completely chowing down like it’s a fancy roast dinner,” Betty panicked, pointing to the ball in Jughead’s hand and crossing her arms over her chest defiantly.  

“Remember when we were in your bedroom earlier?” Jughead offered bluntly, and Betty turned to raise a skeptical eyebrow at him.

“Juggie, where is this going?”

“Not where you think it is, pervert, get your mind out of the gutter,” Jughead teased, taking her by the shoulders and facing her towards the lane. “You were telling me about that day your parents took you and Polly to the park when you were kids - you fed the ducks, rode the merry-go-round, had a picnic by the water. You said that was the perfect day for you guys, so think about that. You’re not here, you’re there.”

Betty closed her eyes, envisioning the sparkling blue water of the pond, the lush evergreens surrounding her family as they sat on her great grandmother’s quilt eating her mother’s famous finger sandwiches. Suddenly, she was no longer in the dimly lit bowling alley, but instead transported back in time to her very favorite day.

“Okay, I think it’s working,” Betty announced, her eyes slowly opening as she concentrated on keeping her mind focused on the image of the pond.

“Alright, now line up the ball - great,” Jughead told her, taking a step backwards to give her the space she needed. “Now all you have to do is let go.”

“Think about the ducks, not your fingers getting stuck,” Betty recited this little chant over and over again until she gained the courage to roll the ball down the lane. “Here goes nothing.”

Betty let the ball fly down the center, never once veering off to the side as it hit the pins with a bang, causing them all to fall over with a satisfying clunk.

“Oh my god, I did it!” Betty exclaimed, turning to Jughead with shock written all over her face. “Juggie, did you see that?”

“Uh yeah, I saw it - you’re a regular Earl Anthony, Bets!” Jughead praised her, wrapping his arms around her waist and scooping her into a hug. “That’s my girl, come here!”

“Holy crap, B, did you join a secret bowling-for-troubled-youths league and not tell me?” Veronica waltzed over to the couple, looking more impressed than she had been in a long time.

“Juggie helped me through it,” Betty admitted, glancing up at Jughead with a gracious smile. “I couldn’t have done it without him.”

“Completely untrue,” Jughead disagreed. “But I do agree that you were amazing.”

“Jug, I think she’s even better than you,” Archie pointed out as he and Kevin made their way over to the rest of the group.

“Whoa, let’s not go that far,” Jughead protested. “I was the junior bowler champion of the entire Riverdale Bowling Club in the third grade - no one can even come close to getting on my level.”

“That’s not a thing,” Veronica muttered, shaking her head like this was the most ridiculous statement she had ever heard.  

“It’s a thing,” they all shot back in unison, glancing away in shame at their small town’s silly traditions.

“These are the moments that I truly miss New York City,” Veronica mumbled under her breath, stepping away from the group to slink back down onto a bench.

“Okay then, Mr. Junior Bowler Hotshot,” Betty crossed her arms over her chest, gesturing to the ball return and raising a challenging eyebrow at Jughead. “Show us how it’s done. Or are you too afraid you’ll tarnish your most impressive record?”

“Oh, I see how it is - you have one good run and you think you can throw down a little smack talk,” Jughead teased, his eyes dancing playfully as he watched her step out of the way to give him the floor. “Alright then. You asked for it.”

Jughead picked up his ball from the rack and turned back to wink flirtatiously in Betty’s direction. “It’s on Betty Cooper.”

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I can't get Kent singing 'for good' from wicked out of my head for some reason. I don't even know why he's singing it but damn it won't leave me alone. Also Broadway Kent who can sing, does his own special version of Ariana grandes Into You for tater (I'll never be over that song). Also imagine tater by knowing much but Kent always talks about Hamilton and tater surprises him with tickets !! Or buying front tow tickets to the new show Kent is doing for like a week straight to show his support!

yes yes!!! to all of these!! (also unrelated but i got inspired so here’s an angsty meet-Jack-again backstory thing ive been thinking of for the broadway Kent AU)

Kent kind of got the idea that Tater doesn’t like musical theater as much as he does like watching Kent perform (although Tater is fascinated by ballet and can stay awake during the entire thing; Kent can’t stand ballet–there’s that one scene from The Mindy Project that he’ll always remember, where these two guys observe a ballet practice and one of them has to pinch his own nipple to keep from falling asleep–Kent knows which one he is). Point is, Tater shows a lot of support by buying him all these tickets and attending the same shows over and over, always ready at the end with a huge bouquet of flowers and the loudest, most boisterous claps. 

But Kent still hasn’t been to one of Tater’s games.

Yes, of course he wants to, and yes, it’s mostly because their schedules rarely match up, but he knows Tater wants to introduce him to the Falconers officially before he does the namedrop so it can be a fun surprise, like “Hey, I’m dating Kent Parson! He’s famous! He sings and has like a bunch of Tonys and once he voiced a character in a Disney movie. Yes, that Kent Parson!”, blah blah blah. Which is all good and well, since he knows Tater’s fiercely proud of his team and in turn, the Falconers are fiercely proud of Tater, so the problem doesn’t necessarily lie in Kent himself.

It’s Jack Zimmermann, their alternate. 

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Influence; Jeon Jungkook

You didn’t know how much of an impact you were to Jungkook and his work until it was too late.

Word Count: 3.5K

(A/N): Holy fucking shit this is long. But damn, was this fun to write. I stayed up until 1:30 in the morning writing it. I was inspired by one of my favorite songs 흔들린다 by Block B’s Taeil when writing this…also I love writing artist AU’s :’3 Anyway, I got a request from bulletproofbookworm for a 3 word prompt and cheekyindonesian for a jungkook fluff prompt and so here I am multitasking with a 3 word fluffy artist!jungkook story! Thanks guys, hope I did well! So since it inspired this story, I suggest listening to or watching the mv for the song to get a feel of how it’s envisioned. Happy reading! Requests here and here.

1. upset

When Jungkook has his mind in a world that isn’t this one, hands moving at the speed of light to search for a new galaxy, eyes bursting with the gleam of a thousand stars, it’s hard to bring him out until he so desires. But that was before he knew you. And even if you didn’t know it yet, it took you less time than for him to blink to bring his mind from his own world back to the one you both were standing on. Because no matter how spectacular his new world was, it didn’t have you in it and that was enough for him to return.

It takes the simple call of his name through the screen door to get his attention and Jungkook is dropping his paint brush and abandoning his canvas for the first time since this morning when he started creating a new piece. He rushes over to the door, desperate to be greeted by your eyes. And when he opens it, he’s greeted with your eyes, a warm smile, and a basket filled with an assortment of mugs and packets of his favourite tea. He’s waving you inside and you recognise the shirt he’s wearing, noting more acrylic paint stains than the last time and you suddenly felt guilty.

“I’m sorry, if I’d known you were working…” you said softly, thinking to yourself that maybe you should call in advance next time. But he’s shaking his head before you can even doubt yourself.

“No, no. It’s fine, I needed a break anyway,” he smiled and if it were anyone else, it’d be a complete lie because he was Jeon Jungkook and Jeon Jungkook doesn’t take breaks. But he’d be damned if he ever lied to you and learned that sometimes, breaks are pretty essential. And in a second, you’re smiling again and he can’t remember how to breathe so he excuses himself to fetch some hot water, taking the basket from you.

While he’s in the kitchen remembering what it’s like to breathe again, you’re looking around his workspace, observing his work. You walk around the room, passing paintings he’s had since you first met him to paintings he had just varnished down not even a week prior and even if it’s the fiftieth time seeing them or the first time seeing them, you’re astonished to no end at his talent.

He returns to you with two mugs filled to just the right amount of hot water so there’s a good amount of green tea flavour, something you taught him at the beginning of your friendship because although he was a master at everything else, tea making was never his forté. You’re drawn away from his pieces at the call of your name and he’s handing you your mug. You thank him, taking the mug from him, your hands brushing for a mere second and he’s already holding his breath. He watches as you take a sip, seeing your eyes close because you like the comfort the tea gives you and he almost forgets he’s got a cup too but he just had to catch a glimpse of you trying it first. You’re both sighing as the tea trails down your throats and you let out a laugh telling him how unfair it is that he has now mastered the art of making perfect green tea thus making him a master at anything and everything under the sun. He’s shaking his head, telling you “not everything” but he’s still laughing along with you.

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Professor Rae

Hey guys! First and foremost, I want to thank you all so much for the amazing things you had to say about Yeses. I was surprised and stunned and delighted. I got so many messages and wonderful comments, I was pretty much in (happy) tears for days. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It means the world to me. Being part of this fandom full of kind and encouraging and wonderful and intelligent women has been very transformative for me, and I owe so much to you guys. You’ve given me so much.

Secondly, I think this is the last of the prompts I’m going to do for a while. I ran out of steam. So, sorry if I didn’t get to yours. I’m going to hang on to them and maybe go back at some later date.

Thank you, dear madfatty for talking me through this, what, like six times? And then making it shiny and fit for consumption. Talk about people who’ve given me things! You’ve done so much for me, I can’t even say. Much love!

And finally, thank you to the prompter! I really loved this idea, though it didn’t pan out quite as I had intended. It was a lovely AU to inhabit, and a chance to try out some new things- first person and an Archie POV. I hope you like it.

Finn’s definitely drunk. He’s on his fourth pint already, plus two rounds of shots, and we haven’t even been here two hours. He’s smiling and laughing though, which has been rare enough over the last couple of weeks, and it’s so nice to see him that way that I don’t say anything as Chop places yet another glass of beer in front of him. I resolve to just watch him carefully for signs that he’s falling into mopey drunkenness.

“I can’t believe I fuckin’ made it, Arch! It was a close fucking call this time.” He says, leaning towards me and squinting as he talks. I bite back a smile. As soon as he gets a couple of drinks in him, it’s all fucks, all night.

“I know, mate! I’m proud of you for sticking it out. I told you you were bloody smart, you arse.” I laugh, clapping him on the shoulder.

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Leaving the Naruto Fandom?

Today I received one the most heart wrenching things to ever grace my inbox. It was from a follower and they were completely devastated about the “end game” of Naruto and they were contemplating about leaving the fandom forever. I’m pretty sure a whole lot of you might have felt or are currently feeling this way. I’ve certainly had these moments. *sighs* It’s really sad to see how a series can destroy a person. The Naruto fandom is especially brutal. There have been some instances when people have thought about suicide, ending their precious lives, when 700 came out. Isn’t that horrible? Please do not say that these people are stupid for thinking that way. They are certainly not! Don’t be nasty about how other people feel!

Naruto was very near and dear to my heart. Notice how I used was? Because after chapter 699, it became the worst joke and when NG came out (I promised this shit would not be on my blog but I have to make a point) it got fucking worse. I can’t believe I used to defend this manga because growing up with it, it touched so much on friendships and bonds and standing up to your beliefs. It is absolutely frustrating to see what it’s been reduced to now! It’s like two completely polar opposite mangas! All those pure things it used to touch on were shattered! Character developments tossed out the window! Your favourite characters turned into bumbling idiots without a shred of their former selves anymore. NO. FUCKING. PLOT. WHATSOEVER! It is shit. It is the shittiest thing I’ve ever seen. It had SO much potential. It could have ended being the BEST SHONEN MANGA I’ve read. It could have! But no.

It hurts. It hurts and has hurt a lot of people. So I completely understand why some people want to leave. Some people already have and unfortunately a few handfuls of them were really notable people that others look up to. This is what happened to my follower. Not only did they have to go through the pain of having their favourite manga annihilated but to see other people, people they admire for putting in so much work into their fandom, just give up is the final nail to their coffin. It’s sad. It’s sad to see people go through this. It’s horrible to know that people react to it and are forced to destroy a part of them which makes them special. Writers and artists, I think, will take it especially hard…

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