holy shit t shirt

I have this headcanon that Nico just sees Will wearing his camp clothes, like CHB shirt and shorts. But then, when summer is over and Will came back to his home, he brings Nico to know his mom. And for the first time Nico sees him in his own clothes, that is basically blue jeans, all-stars and an old rock band t-shirt. 

 And Nico is like: 

 “Holy shit”

Scream It Louder

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Character(s): Reader X Wonho, BestFriend!hyungwon

Genre: smut, slight sexual tension

Warning(s): jealous smut, slow build, praise!kink, rough sex

Length: 8.5 k words

A/N: For the anon that requested a wonho smut similar to the kihyun one. im sorry this ain’t really my best work, but yoooo Wonho got me feelin some type of way

You scrunch up your nose as you stand behind Hoseok, fingers digging into the hem of his shirt as he drizzles cheese onto the nachos.

“Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” You ask, eyeing the mess of salsa, ground beef, tortilla chips, and cheese on the baking sheet.

He groans, tipping his head back, “Of course I know what I’m doing. God, do I look like I’m 12?”

“Nah,” you respond, grinning cheekily, “More like 15. That awkward mid-puberty boy type of look.”

He swats his hand at your grip on his shirt, pointing the wooden spoon in his hand at the sofa.

“Go and sit and be quiet if you want any food,” he says, turning his attention back to the nachos.

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BUt guys just do not think of Sam dropping hints all week about how: Oh yeah Dean you should totally take Cas to see a movie on Sunday, he’d like that. And don’t think about how Dean would scoff and roll his eyes but secretly check the movie times until Saturday morning after breakfast he manages to awkwardly ask Cas if he’d maybe like to possibly go see a movie tomorrow but it’s dumb you really don’t have to like only if you want really.

And Cas is super touched, and super excited, and he smiles real big and says of course, I’d be delighted to, Dean. And they both spend the day lowkey avoiding each other because ohmygod we’re going on a date tomorrow I need to prepare, so they spend Saturday and most of Sunday freaking out about what to wear and how to act until it’s finally time to leave and they’re not wearing anything different but suddenly that boring white t-shirt is gorgeous and holy shit has Cas always smelled this good?

And the movie is great, and they spend a lot of time just leaning against each other and kind of casually touching in the popcorn bag, and they have this moment where they might almost kiss in the Impala before driving home but the moment’s lost so they just head for the Bunker.

Except that when they get in, neither really want the night to end, so they putter around in the kitchen with coffee and watch a little bit of dumb TV and do some covert cuddling before time works against them and forces them to their respective beds. And Dean almost invites Cas to his, but the angel seems totally cool with sleeping in his own, and it’s scary and nerve-wracking to ask so he just leaves it.

But then he realizes he’s kind of walking Cas to his room. Which is, admittedly, right beside Dean’s but. Yeah. 

And Cas says I had a really nice time tonight. 

And Dean replies yeah me too.

And then they just kind of nod awkwardly to each other before going to sleep.

Which is bullshit, because really, Dean didn’t even say goodnight, or wish Cas a happy valentine’s day, and he maybe kind of really wanted to kiss him, so he opens the door–

…Only to find Castiel looking back at him, blue eyes wide and nervous and hand poised to knock.

So Dean says hi.

And Cas says hi and then I forgot something.



And then Cas kisses him. 



AUTHOR : loricameback / loriwrites

GENRE : smut / oral, male / intercourse




My body felt fantastic. I stretched cat-like and slowly opened my eyes. I yawned as I began to focus. This was not my alarm clock…not my bed…not my house. I took a sharp breath in then remembered Bucky. A sigh of pleasure took over my body until I realized he wasn’t here.

Voices. I could hear people outside the door. Pulling the covers back and swinging my legs over the bed, I got up and searched for my panties. “Shit.” On my hands and knees I looked under the bed, in the covers. I didn’t even hear the door open.

“Nightstand kitten.” Bucky was right behind me, his metal fingers slowly caressing my cheek. I leaned into them and purred. He moaned, “I *do* love to hear kitty purr.” Still on my knees, I turned, licking my lips as I looked at the tent forming in his sweatpants. “Not yet doll. We need some nutrition.“ In his flesh hand, he offered me a plate with pineapple slices and put bottle of water on the nightstand.

“Thank you Bucky.” I kissed his lips softly and sat on the bed, eating the fruit. “You’re very sweet.” Trying to hold back a smile I said, “I *do* love the bad boy in you, but this is good too.”

Bucky raised an eyebrow and smirked. “You like the danger, huh?” I nodded emphatically. The ridges in his left arm opened and closed as he flexed. The piece of pineapple I was holding slipped out of my hand.

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i never wear pajamas (i just wear sweats and a t-shirt/tank top to bed) but holY SHIT I NEED THESE SABO PAJAMAS LIKE BURNING.  ANYONE WANNA VOLUNTEER TO FLY ME TO JAPAN SO I CAN BUY THEM.  WTF


there he is wearing them and smiling like a dork omfg i’m cryin

French Girl

Steve Rogers x Reader AU

PART ONE: Sketches and Coffee

Summary: Steve draws you like a french girl. (Based on this prompt by otpprompts)
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: A few innuendos?
1,098 words

Notes: Here goes the second part to Sketches and Coffee! YAY! Also, I got two requests this week and even though I’m not really taking them I’ll try to write beCAUSE I  LOVED IT. Meanwhile, enjoy this one. <3

It was almost noon when you finally woke up, your eyes opening slightly just to find the daylight filling the room. You growled in annoyance and rolled to the other side of the bed, the white sheets of Steve’s bed gathering around your naked body.

It had been a few months since you and Steve started going out. And yet so, you two had your first night together even if you weren’t explicitly dating.

Steve was rather…slow for that sort of thing and you couldn’t help but wonder how the hell you managed to get through him. But you weren’t complaining though.

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Concept: a store that sells nothing but basic shirts. Nothing fancy, just button ups, t-shirts, and tank tops of various colors because holy shit it shouldn’t be this hard to find a plain brown t-shirt in the mall

anonymous asked:

hey im going to orientation in a few days and im rly nervous abt starting college, i was just wondering if you had any tips or any ~advice~ bc im like, lowkey freaking out ((also i also stage manage and i love musicals and astronomy (sry i was snooping around your about page)))

hey!!! ok i am so so so sorry this took so long lol i actually just went back to school myself to help out with a pre-orientation program and we’ve been having like 17 hour days so i’m Exhausted and haven’t had a lot of time to really give a thoughtful answer (UNTIL NOW). some of this is gonna sound cheesy, but this is Emma Danisnotofire’s Official Real List of Pro-Tips for College, so if it’s on here it’s true. that being said, i go to a medium/small school (4,000 students) in the middle of fucking nowhere, so some of my experiences are gonna be a lil different. most still apply. 

first off, it’s TOTALLY OKAY that you’re nervous. i know when i went i was highkey freaking out even more bc everybody else seemed to be just excited and i felt like i was the only one actually losing my mind from how scared i was. i didn’t sleep at all the night before i moved in. being scared is fine. you’ll probably be scared for awhile after you get there, too, and that’s absolutely okay. i remember it took me a solid few weeks for me to stop feeling nauseous from nerves whenever i woke up. i promise i promise this will go away. you will settle in and you’ll make friends and you’ll figure out where everything is and how things work, i PROMISE. 

second, once you get there, don’t be afraid to talk to people!! i know that sounds super cheesy and unhelpful, but seriously. talk to your orientation leaders!! they’re usually upperclassmen and 99% of the time they had to APPLY to get that position, and it’s because they’re so so excited to meet you!! i’m a mentor for this pre-o program (it’s arts-focused), and we all had to apply, and every single other mentor is super passionate not only about the arts but about making sure the incoming freshman feel comfortable and happy and at home right off the bat. we want to like you!! talk to us!!! talk to each other!! at my school, (bucknell), orientation is actually pretty fucking legendary (it’s 5 straight days of just. nonstop activities), so getting to know your group is always nice. good conversation starters include: compliment something they’re wearing/have done, mention pets, ask about what classes they’re taking. that’s usually where i start when i’m talking to my kids!! 

okay, now for some Actual Tangible Advice. most of this is actually taken from when i gave my friend natalie some advice about college, but it’s still applicable to you!! i’m putting it under a readmore bc It’s So Very Long, I’m Sorry, I Really Hope This Helps/Makes Up For Me Not Answering For So Long

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Bath - Derek Luh Smut

I sunk deeper in the vanilla and almond scented bath water. I poured some lavender oil earlier, and rose scented candles were lit so the mixture of scents was amazing.

“Princess?” Derek called. “I’m in the bathroom,” I called back.

The door swung open and Derek leaned against the door frame. “Hey,” my fiancé said and gave me a cheeky smile. “Hi Derek,” I said and smiled at him.

Derek walked closer and leaned down to give me a gentle kiss on the lips. “So how is my princess?” He asked. “Decent, what about you?” I asked as I stared at Derek. “Same shit different day,” he said referring to the past couple of weeks he’s spent at the studio.

“Are you taking a shower?” I asked secretly enjoying the idea of my man taking a steamy shower while I was enjoying the bath. “Nah, I had a shower at the studio,” he replied to which I frowned a little. “Anyway, what do you want for dinner?” Derek asked as we are both too exhausted to cook tonight. “Chinese?” I suggested. “Sure,” Derek said as he walked off leaving the bathroom door open.

I couldn’t help myself but imagine Derek getting naked. It’s something that I’ve seen thousands of times so the image is very well imprinted in my memory.

"Derek?” I called out and Derek walked to the door frame and leaned on it. “Do you know what will make me really happy?” I asked. “World domination?” He suggested. “Well, besides that?” I asked and smirked. “Hmm, I don’t know,” Derek said as he leaned his hands against the bath edge now. “Take a bath with me,” I said. “What?” He asked. Derek isn’t exactly a bath person. “Please, daddy,” I said using his favourite nickname. “Ugh, fine,” he said and took a step back.

Derek took his white t-shirt off. His biceps looked hella good. Derek’s abs were so toned and rock hard and holy shit his v-line is so well defined.

Derek’s t-shirt was in the floor and it was soon followed by his jeans and boxers. He looks gorgeous as fuck.

"Babe, where am I supposed to even sit?” Derek asked. “Right here,” I said and opened my legs. “Are you serious?” Derek asked and I nod my head. “So I have to be the small spoon?” He asked and I nod my head again. “It’s gonna take a while until I earn my musculinity back,” Derek sighed and I rolled my eyes.

After Derek finally got in the bath I got some of the lavender oil and spread it across his shoulders and started massaging him. “You are so tense,” I said as I was trying to relax him. “Just been a little stressed lately,” Derek sighed. “Well, now it’s time to relax,” I said.

Lightly, I pulled Derek back so he could lean on me. His back molded with my chest. I wrapped my hands around his torso.

"Take in your surroundings. Look at everything, observe the details,” I whispered in Derek’s ear. My fingers slowly traced over his chest and abs while I was giving Derek small kisses around his neck. Derek started relaxing more and more as he was looking around.

"Do you hear the music? It’s so quiet almost like it’s not there. Try and find it,” I whispered again as I slowly started sucking on different spots around his neck. Slowly, I moved my hands from Derek’s torso to his v-line and started tracing it. “Mmm,” Derek moaned at my motion. His breathing was speeding up.

"Can you smell that? Roses, vanilla, almond, lavender? It’s like they are all mixed. Try and concentrate on each of the scents,” I whispered again and this time I started leaving hickeys on Derek’s neck.

My hand travelled even further down to his shaft and I grabbed it. Derek moaned again. “Control your breathing,” I whispered and Derek started taking deep breaths.

I started pumping slowly as Derek was trying to breathe normally. With my other hand, I used my thumb to trace over his tip. “Shit baby,” he moaned again.

I kept on pumping with one hand and slightly stroking his tip with my other hand for a couple of minutes.

"P-princess. I will c-cum,” Derek stuttered. “Let it go, daddy,” I said using his favourite nickname again. With that Derek’s dick twitched a couple of times and I felt his cum spread around the water.

I traced over Derek’s torso until his breathing went back to normal. “Damn lil mama, that was amazing,” Derek said.

"Now, it’s my turn to make you relaxed,” Derek said got out of the bath. He helped me out and picked me up.

Soon I was dropped at the king size bed in our bedroom. Derek kneeled in front of the bed and pulled me to the edge by my ankles. He spread my legs and started kissing the inside of my thighs gently.

Slowly, Derek started moving up to my heat. He gently blew over it and started slowly rubbing my clit with his thumb making me even more wet.

Derek stuck two fingers in me unexpectedly and started pumping in and out while hitting my g-spot. Moans kept on escaping my mouth as Derek kept on making me feel better.

"And now princess, do you want Daddy to use fingers or tongue?” Derek asked. “Tongue,” I moaned out.

Derek leaned closer and started sucking my clit. He flipped the little ball of nerves with his tongue. I kept on moaning more and more.

After a minute Derek moved down and put his tongue in me going in and out while his thumb was tracing shapes in the form of 8 on my clit.

A familiar knot in the pit of my stomach started forming. “D-daddy,” is all I managed to say before Derek sped up. My orgasm caused my juices to spill and Derek licked me clean.

Derek kissed me all the way from my heat to my mouth and gave me a passionate hot kiss. “Thank you daddy,” I smirked and kissed him. He moaned into the kiss.

I flipped Derek and I over. I straddled him slowly and started grinding on him as I was leave hickeys all over his neck and chest.

I slowly pushed Derek and made him lay on his back. He put his hands behind his head and he stared at my body observing every detail. I lowered myself onto him as we both moaned.

After Derek filled me up completely, I started bouncing on his dick causing Derek to moan. He grabbed my hips tight enough to leave marks. I leaned closer and started kissing his neck and chest.

I started moving in the shape 8 while I was moaning loudly. Daddy just grabbed my boobs and started squeezing them.

Derek kept on moaning when he suddenly flipped us around. He slammed in me as hard as possible causing me to moan loudly. Derek leaned down and started sucking on my left nipple. More moans were escaping my mouth. Derek started massaging my other breast as he was fucking me relentlessly.

Soon I felt a knot forming at the bottom of my stomach again. "D-Derek, I w-will,” I stuttered and Derek cut me off. “Me too baby,” Derek said and with a few more thrusts both of us reached our highs.

Derek just laid on top of me while still in me. We started slowly catching our breaths. I wrapped my hands around his neck and I started playing with his hair.

The bell ringing interrupted our relaxing. “I think the Chinese is here,” Derek sighed. “Do you want me to go and get it?” I asked. “Hell to the no. I ain’t letting nobody see you like that,” he said and smirked.

Derek grabbed some basketball shorts from the wardrobe and put them on. He walked to the mirror to fix his hair a little. “Oh shit mama,” Derek said. “Are you okay?” I asked concerned. He turned around slowly with his back facing me.

There are red bloody scratches all over his back. The hickeys on his neck and back were dark purple. My eyes widened. “Holy shit I’m so sorry,” I said as I walked over to him. “It’s okay. At least now all the hoes will know I’m yours,” he said and leaned down to kiss me.

The bell rang again. “Of for fuck’s sake I’m coming,” he shouted. Derek gave me another kiss and left the bedroom.

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Shea phoning a phone sex line, hearing Sasha's voice, and falling for Sasha instantly! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 (PS I can't ship Shea and Sasha without including Sasha's amazing voice!!!))

Leanne I think you’ve hit your prompt limit now 😂 obvs I’m kidding, send me as many as you like (preferably more of these Sashea prompts cos I am LIVING for them!)

Send me sentence prompts and drag race pairings and I’ll write you a little drabble!

Jaren was lonely. There was no way two ways about it. He’d been single for several months now after his ex had cheated on him and shattered his heart into a million pieces. He’d been out a few times trying to hook up but he didn’t seem to get the attention he used to. He swore to god the whole time he was with his ex men were hanging off him; he practically had them queuing out the door. But since the break up he’d had no attention what so ever. And as a result, he was lonely.

His friends had told him to try online dating which he had and it had gone horribly. He seemed to only attract trade, all men so painfully far in the closet they may as well have been in Narnia and Jaren wasn’t here for that. Then his friends told him to get a hooker, jokingly at first but over time they became more adamant about him getting laid. Of course he hadn’t stooped that low, but he was getting desperate.

One of his friends told him about this sex line he’d used. You called up and a guy would talk dirty to you or whatever you were into while you got your rocks off. Jaren wanted someone to physically touch him though. But he supposed being that there was a lack of options, he’d try it. If anything it would be a slightly more creative way for him to masturbate, because even that was becoming stale these days.

His hand was shaking a little as he dialled the number on the card his friend gave him. It rang a few times before someone answered and Jaren found himself holding his breath.
‘Hi, you’re through to C.L.A.T. You’re speaking with Sasha.’ The voice floated down the phone as if on a cloud. Jaren’s mouth went dry and he felt his heart skip several beats. He had never heard a voice quite like that before. It was deep and it melted in his ears like chocolate. It also sent vibrations through his body, making his dick already start to harden.
‘Uhm…hi.’ Jaren croaked, he had no idea how this worked.
'What’s your name?’ Sasha breathed down the phone, a smirk in his voice. He has the most mesmerising voice I’ve ever heard in my entire life.
'Jaren.’ He croaked again. He wanted to fuck Sasha’s voice, was that weird? He didn’t even need this guy to talk dirty to him, he thought he’d probably be able to come listening to Sasha recite the alphabet.
'Hmmm sexy.’ Sasha hummed. 'I bet you’re real sexy Jaren, you sound sexy.’
The way Sasha said his name made his head spin. His cock was rock hard and he freed it from his pants.
'I sound sexy? Damn can you hear yourself?’ He wrapped his hand around his shaft. Sasha chuckled and my god Jaren had never heard a better sound in his entire life. He swore it vibrated down the phone right to his dick.
'Well it does kind of help in my line of business.’ Sasha was still chuckling. 'So Jaren, what do you like?’
'Like?’ Jaren started stroking himself. 'You. I like you. Just talk to me. Please talk to me forever.’ He was moaning a little as spoke. Sasha chuckled again and Jaren really didn’t think he was going to be able to last long if he kept that up. He took the phone away from his ear and put it on speaker.
'You’re already touching yourself aren’t you?’ Sasha’s voice had a hint of a smirk to it. It made Jaren harder.
'Uh…yeah.’ He couldn’t lie.
'I like that.’ Sasha spoke. 'Close your eyes Jaren, picture me there talking in your ear while you touch yourself.’
Jaren closed his eyes and pictured a mysterious figure at his side whispering in his ear. He imagined the person sliding their hand down his torso and into his pants. He felt a bead of pre-come on his hand.
'I wish you were here. I want you to fuck me.’ Jaren panted.
'Just close your eyes and imagine it. Imagine my hands running over your body, my tongue licking your tight hole. Picture my hard dick slamming into you.’ Sasha spoke in hushed tones and it was so incredibly powerful. Jaren didn’t even need to know what he looked like. The idea of this stranger and his oh so magnificent voice fucking him was making him light headed.
'Make me come.’ Jaren panted again.
'Oh I intend to.’ The smirk was back in Sasha’s voice. 'Are you picturing me there Jaren? Can you feel my breath on your neck? Can you feel my dick pounding into you again and again? Can you feel my hand snaking around your waist and taking hold of your dick and pumping you? Are you close Jaren? I want you to come for me.’ Sasha’s voice was just too much. Jaren moaned loudly and then he came all over his hand and t-shirt.
'Holy fucking shit.’ He panted. With his clean hand he picked the phone back up, took it off speaker and and put it to his ear. 'Thats embarrassing. I don’t usually come so quick.’ He felt himself blushing. Sasha chuckled again and Jaren was sure he could get hard again.
'I have that effect on people.’ He told Jaren.
'I need to speak to you again.’
There was silence on the end of the phone for a second and Jaren was worried Sasha had hung up. Then he spoke.
'I’m not supposed to do this but I have an extension. If you dial 348 at the end of the number it comes straight through to me.’ His voice was quiet as though he didn’t want anyone to hear. Jaren guessed he was breaking all kinds of rules.
'Thank you.’ Jaren smiled to himself.
'I’ll talk to you real soon sexy.’ Sasha blew him a kiss down the phone and then the line went dead.

Jaren called Sasha everyday for the next few weeks. At first it was all about Sasha’s voice getting him off but Jaren soon wanted more. He was falling for that deep, melodic voice and it was killing him not to be able to touch him or have Sasha touch him for real.

One night he asked the one question he knew he shouldn’t ask. It came out before he’d meant it to.
'Yes Jaren?’
'I know this is probably all kinds of wrong but can I meet you?’ He’d expected to be hung up on or at the very least have Sasha laugh at him and tell him where to go. But to his surprise nothing like that happened.
'Yes.’ Sasha breathed. 'I thought you’d never ask.’

Two days later Jaren nervously paced his living room as he waited for Sasha to show up. He has absolutely no idea what to expect and he had no idea what Sasha’s reaction would be when he saw Jaren. What if he doesn’t like what he sees? What if he just turns and walks away? He didn’t have a lot of time for thoughts like this as suddenly there was a knock on the door. Jaren took a few deep breaths before he opened it with a shaky hand. Staring back a him was a tall, slim bald man with large eyes hidden under thick rimmed glasses. Jaren bit his lip.
'Yeah it’s me.’ Sasha smiled and Jaren would know that voice anywhere.
'Wow.’ Jaren breathed and then they fell into each other’s arms. It was hard to say who moved in for the kiss first as lips just suddenly meshed together in the most passionate kiss either of them had ever had. Jaren pulled him into the apartment and Sasha kicked the door shut.
'I need you so badly.’ Jaren panted.
'Oh god, you have no idea.’ Sasha smirked at him, the smirk Jaren had heard in his voice on the phone so many times before. As Sasha led him to the couch Jaren couldn’t believe this was happening. He’d fallen in love with Sasha’s voice on the other end of the phone and now here he was, in his apartment kissing him. And nothing had ever felt so right.

“You seem awfully happy t’is mornin’.” Niall cleared his throat, taking a sip of his tea before raising a brow at Harry. Harry smiled and shrugged as he popped some bread into the toaster, humming to himself. “Suspiciously happy.” 

“Jus’ a good morning, tha’s all.” Harry hummed, strolling over to the fridge and pulling out a couple ingredients to make for breakfast. Eggs, bacon - The essentials. “Birds are chirpin, sun is shining.” 

“Uh-huh. Ya never make breakfast fer yourself.” Niall snorted, slowly raising the mug to his lips before his eyes went wide and a lightbulb went off. “Did someone spend the night?” 

“Maybe..” Harry trailed off, a huge grin forming on Niall’s face as he leaned in a little more. 

“Do I know t’is someone?” Niall lowered his voice, glancing towards the staircase in fear that he would wake any guests up. 

“Yeh know her quite well, in fact.” Harry clicked his tongue, taking a sip of coffee while he wagged his brows. 

“I do? I swear t’ God, if it’s Kendall fuckin-” Before Niall could finish his sentence, he heard soft footsteps coming down the stairs, surprised to see you sleepily making your way towards the two of them wearing nothing but Harry’s shirt. Holy shit. “Y/N! G’mornin t’ ya.” 

“Morning.” You hummed, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes as you walked over to Harry, murmuring a ‘good morning’ before pressing a soft kiss to his cheek. As you bent down to check out what was in the fridge, Niall turned to Harry with wide eyes, lips parted in shock. You and Harry? Well, maybe it was expected. You and Harry were very close, but he didn’t think you guys were this close.

“How was your night, Y/N? I thought you said you were going t’ go home after t’e party.” Niall asked, watching as you made your way over to sit down next to him. You shrugged and stretched a little, unaware of the fact that Niall caught sight of the many hickeys covering your hipbones and inner thighs.

“Changed my mind. Harry’s bed is a lot softer than mine.” You smiled, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.

“Milk and sugar, love?” Harry asked, dropping two cubes of white sugar into the tea as you nodded. 

"So, eh.. What is t’is? Friends wit’ benefits? A boyfriend/girlfriend situation?” Niall smirked, watching as you and Harry exchanged glances with rosy cheeks.

“You’ll have to wait and see.” You hummed, hopping off the stool before walking over and whispering something in Harry’s ear, giggling when he gave your bum a small pat before you made your way back to the stairs. It was only when you disappeared that Harry spoke up again. 

“A’right, Ni. You’ve got t’ get outta here. I’m sure you’re a busy man, gotta lot o’ things t’ do.” Harry cleared his throat, thrusting a slice of toast into his hand before shooing him up off the stool. 

“Says you.” 


gif isn’t mine!


Day 2: Your AU or your favorite AU

Buy it, Use it, Break it, Fix it is one of my favorite fanfictions and it has both of my otps so ??? of course i’d choose that.

Notable AUs: Beans & Bones because it has asexual vulture photographer Dave and John is a lumberjack hipster. And that one fanfiction I wrote about director Dave and John was a lucky fan who scored a cool date. There was gonna be sweet disguises and shenanigans goddamit why did I not finish writing that.

Turn of Events

Summary: Breaking down in the middle of nowhere was not how you intended to spend the night. When a stranger shows up and offers help, you’re a little unsure how to react.
: SamxReader (ish)
: 1845
: NONE!!! Fluffy Fluff fluff…. I think??
AN: Soooooo…. I don’t usually take requests. But a sweet little Anon told me a few days ago that they were in the mood for some fluffy/smutty Mechanic!Sam, and my mind just kinda… went places. No smut in this, but I think it’s fluffy?? Hope you like this Anon! Even if it’s a few days since you sent that ask!
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!


This was most definitely not how the night was supposed to pan out.

You were meant to be out, having a great time with your friends at a Hen party. Hell, you’d even been the one to plan the damn thing.

Yet here you were, stranded in the middle of nowhere, in the pouring rain, with a broken-down car and absolutely no signal.


It was absolutely freezing out, and you’d never been more thankful for the disgustingly bright pink blanket your mother had knitted for you two years ago. The thing had never left the trunk of your car since the day she gave it to you, but it was now the only thing keeping you remotely warm.

A distant rumbling startled you slightly, and you shifted from under the blanket to peer through the rear window apprehensively.

You’d been on edge from the moment you realised you were going to have to wait out the night and the rain to find help. When you were stuck by the side on a small road in the middle of a forest, you did tend to get a bit jumpy.

Headlights flared around the corner, making you wince slightly as black spots appeared in your vision with the sudden intake of light.

Smart move, Y/N. Real clever.

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In case some of you young babies never heard it, this is the song I referenced in that fic that’s a fave of Chloe’s, I don’t think I ever saw the video before and holy shit it’s RIDICULOUS.  The three dancing guys in the t-shirts are like the early 90s distilled to its essence. And the girl playing sax in the surf.  She was PLAYIN IT.  Oh God I’m dying.  I can’t believe this was my childhood, I’m so sorry some of y’all missed out on this glorious decade.