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holy shit how old are u? seeing a girl so pretty and still a virgin makes me feel better about myself because im 20 and havent even had a relationship. and im a guy. also what happened really sucks but dont worry it can only get better from here right?

im turning 19 in april (what the FUCK!!!) but ya i never found someone i was comfortable enough with until now and boiiiiiii am i glad i waited bc i would not have wanted to go through that with anyone else. u gotta really trust someone to cry in front of them butt naked while their fingers are inside ur cooch lemme tell ya


inspiration for witches

  • witches of the forest and the night - they change into wolves during the day and roam the green forest of trees searching for fellow caged creatures. The set free winged and wise owls under the moon, that illuminates their pearl feathers.
  • witches of the winter and stars - foggy winter evenings become hues of blue filled with starry nights for the witches. they live in old victorian schools surrounded by trees made dead by the harsh cold season. they wear bewitched moonstones around their necks that turn them into deers enchanting the frozen forest…
  • witches of the sea and precious gems - these witches live and breathe the sacred salty air of the shore. they use precious gems to channel their inner soul to undulate crashing waves into the grey sea. they dance and drown beneath the crystal watery surface like silver sea-sirens.
  • witches of burning fire and flames - golden wreathed witches filled with the radiance of bright fire and flames. they use blazing candles to illuminate the darkness in their cathedral of trees. their familiars are foxes as red as the sun and as sly as smoke from their fires. 

more Lena headcanons ft. the SuperSquad

  • Winn having a total huge nerd crush on her because holy shit she is SO GOOD at science and she’s so pretty and he’s just so awestruck by her all the time
  • Winn teaming up with Lena to make some badass suits for the DEO that protects against aliens and metahumans
  • James initially being weary of her because she’s a Luthor, and her brother did try to kill Clark multiple times
  • Lena not being sure about why James is cold to her, but after she learns about Kara (and about Clark) she realizes and isn’t sure what to do bc she knows she didn’t do anything but the association to the name and the pain is very much there
  • Lena asking Winn to help her and together they create an amazing camera for James that he can also use as the Guardian, helping him get some wicked action shots and also in identifying the bad guys
  • Lena giving James’ suit some badass upgrades and additions and extra protection without sacrificing mobility or power
  • Lena supporting the Guardian and convincing Kara to let James continue to be a vigilante because it’s his choice and no one should make it for him
  • James seeing Lena in a whole new light, realizing she is not her brother, or her mother, she is Lena, and she is actually a warm and kind and a wonderful person
  • Okay maybe James has a little crush on her
  • But lets be real everyone does
  • Lena drunkenly confessing to Alex one night that she thought Alex was so hot the first time they met
  • And the huge shock of seeing her in Kara’s home
  • Also the relief Lena felt when she realized Alex was Kara’s sister and not something else
  • (Maggie agreeing with her because she also thought that Alex x Supergirl was a thing the first time they met)
  • Lena getting into arguments with Alex and Winn about science
  • Sometimes they’re serious but most of the time its ridiculous things
  • Like which element is the best
  • Alex argues it’s phosphorous because everything needs phosphorous to live
  • Winn argues its actually carbon because it’s an organic molecule
  • Lena arguing that they are BOTH wrong and that the True Best Element is Krypton, because it’s also the name of the planet where Kara is from, aka the best gift Lena has gotten, (even though an entire planet had to die for her and Kara to meet)
  • Everyone gaping at Lena when she says that, Kara turning as red as her cape and Alex and Maggie aww-ing at how cute they are
  • Alex and Winn wholeheartedly agreeing that ‘fine krypton is the best element but also you’re a huge sap’
  • Eliza taking Lena under her wing, even more so when she learns through Kara about Lena’s past and her relationship with her own mother
  • Lena going to Eliza for advice or calling her late at night when she can’t sleep and Kara is off saving the world
  • Lena helping save Jeremiah from Cadmus and helping him and Eliza reunite
  • Lena going to Alex for advice on her sister
  • Alex grinning smugly at Lena the entire time because she can clearly see that Lena is head over heels for Kara
  • Lena rolling her eyes and makes a snide comment about Maggie that makes Alex turn red
  • Alex and Lena casually hanging out, getting coffee and talking about anything and everything, quickly becoming friends and geeking out over science
  • Alex calling Lena and vice versa when a new scientific discovery is made and they nerd out over it
  • Maggie continuously egging Lena on when Kara is in the room with them which is ALL THE TIME
  • Lena making Alex and Maggie some light, bullet proof vests for when they go out in the field
  • Lena also upgrading Maggie’s gun to very literally have a ‘stun’ setting that Maggie is grateful for since she hates shooting it esp with her feelings about aliens
  • Lena and Maggie gushing to each other about the Danvers’ sisters
  • Double dates all the time
  • Lena becoming an unofficial ally of the DEO and J’onn asking her opinion on certain technology and methods used for containment
  • J’onn super weary of her, more so than James, but eventually warming up to her
  • J’onn rolling his eyes anytime Alex and Lena are together because they are so unpredictable even more so when they work together and they give him headaches
  • J’onn giving Lena the shovel talk bc they both know Alex is more protective when it comes to Kara but he still cares about her
  • Reading Lena’s mind and knowing full well she loves Kara with all her heart and won’t do anything to compromise her identity or endanger her/her family/the DEO
  • Lena inviting the whole SuperSquad to her extravagant parties and making sure all their fav foods are there
  • The hug pile that ensues when Lena’s mom is sent to jail and even tho Lena and her mom never got along she is still visibly upset

“I left two men monitoring the radio. If there’s any word from Raven, they’ll call down immediately.”