holy shit she looks fantastic

🍂Personal Motivation🍂

🍁To have a killer thigh gap in skinny jeans

🍁To make my rival jealous

🍁To turn heads when I walk by

🍁 To look fantastic in any style

🍁 “holy shit, she had a second glow up?”

🍁 To be able to buy cute clothes

🍁 To make people worried about my weight loss

🍁To be perfect in all ways

🍁To be the girl that breaks hearts

anonymous asked:

Any headcanons for Clarisse? I don't really see much for her (especially Clarisse x Selina and I can't recall the ship name for the life of me)

I do (and the ship name is Ruegard)

• So I’ve always imagined her as having a body like Cheryl Haworth’s
• She owns more bandanas than clothes (she has one on every colour, and even wears them on her wrists just in case she loses the one she’s wearing on her head in battle or something)
• If you’re being a dick to her, she will just pick you up and hold you up to her level
• She’s so tall like wow
• The best butch lesbian ever
• (Vodka aunt)
• Can I say, the best trans girl ever?
• She actually has a French accent – it gets fainter the longer she stays away from home, but it’s still definitely there, you can’t ignore it
• Other shirts exist other than flannels??? Sounds fake
• Idk why, but I love the idea of her being obsessed with cryptids and conspiracy theories? She scoffs when people joke about them, but if you get her drunk/tired enough she’ll tell you in full detail why the government is made up of lizard people
• Totally dating Silena
• She loves picking up her girlfriend and showing her off like ‘you see this shitheads? This beautiful girl is mine’
• Actually blushes very easily
• Sucker for cuddles (and honestly gives the best hugs on planet earth)
• She loves petnames
• Loves watching horror films with other people so she can laugh as they scream
• She has a pet which is this tiny, delicate little budgie which she absolutely adores (Silena insists on calling the bird Smol-ee)
• Looks fucking gay and fantastic in suits like holy shit, wow, she looks amazing
• She doesn’t actually swear a lot since she’s around kids most of the time, and when she does it’s in French
• Is actually really good at cooking and finds it really relaxing
• Has to wear glasses later in life and looks fab in them
• Despite her dyslexia, she actually really likes poetry?