holy shit no difference


“So stop acting like… someone who’s given up on life.”

Ok so my dad buys one of those cheaper vr headset from Five and Below that you put your phone in and everything, yeah? So of course I get curious and try it out, deciding to see how Markiplier’s (april fool’s day) 360 video looked (linking the video here in case anyone hasn’t seen it) and boy was I thrown for a loop! Basically, the camera placement, your eye level, makes it look like you’re standing on his desk, and the fact that I had to look up to see his face, and when Google comes down on you made me want to draw the situation!

ocean man, take me by the hand lead me to the land,

Adding on to the bodyguard au- imagine their first meeting.

Steve is waiting for him in the uncomfortable suit that he’s going to have to wear for another six goddamn months whilst pretending to be some fancy bodyguard, Jesus- and stewing in bad thoughts about Tony Goddamn Stark.

He’s so sure. Stark’s evil. They’ll dig up the dirt- Steve will get the info he needs and then shoot him the fuck down.
And then use the crazy amount their client is paying in order to take themselves out of the business for good, and try help people in different ways. Better ways.

He just… really needs Tony Stark to be an evil person.

So when Tony jogs up to him, limbs flying and hair crazy and looking like a homeless person, it’s sort of a shock to the system. He was expecting the glitzy well-presented guy, with the sharp suits and slicked back hair.

This man has…something black on his face.

He’s not wearing shoes.

It’s certainly unexpected.

In fact, as Steve follows him throughout the rest of the day, silent and as sullen as he can manage whilst Tony just chats and eats food at his favourite cafe- he realises that there are probably going to be quite a few unexpected things to come.

Like maybe.


Actually… liking the guy?

I’m a couple of minutes late for where I am but I hear it’s a certain dog’s bd 👀


@prettychritty requested: Can I please get a fluffy soulmate au with got7 Jackson, like where their soulmate’s first word is written on their wrist? And he’s an idol and you’re a fan and you guys meet at a fanmeet? Sorry if it seems confusing 😅 Thank you 💕

ardently, adjective

having, expressive of, or characterized by intense feeling; passionate; fervent: ardent love.

Pairing: Jackson Wang x Reader 

Genre: Fluff + Soulmate AU 

Word Count: 2.42k

Authors Note: I have no idea how this is gonna be, but i hope you like it lmao… i really hope i made it so fluffy that you feel like cringing but still enjoy it o’ dearest one, please enjoy it. 

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last night i went to the panic! at the disco concert in Worcester, Massachusetts and while everyone was coming in a bunch of other people passed out these paper hearts in all different colors they looked like this:

and it was honestly the sweetest thing!! maybe i’m a very emotional person but i was close to tears! all the kids in the seats around me all seemed so excited to shine their colored lights and everything!! it made me so happy!! and the video i took kinda cuts this off but after that brendon says “heres a song by one of my favorite gay humans” and then sang bohemian rhapsody 

You were the sun,
I am the moon.
You were bright, bold,
And I, I was always in your shadow.

People loved you,
I am just something pretty to look at.
People worshipped you,
And I, I was always in your shadow.

I still am.

- Hamburrger (OTP: Smile More), by @hvmiltoon

Entanglement: Part 2

Entanglement: Part 2 

Paring: Namjoon x Jin x you

Word Count: 8.6k

genre/warning: smut, dirty talk, double penetration, dom!Jin, dom!Namjoon

Parts: one 

Originally posted by theseoks

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