holy shit mutations

now i’m thinking about the bodiedness of mutation and i feel like it’s not something i see talked about often enough?

because holy shit, mutation – and by extention, x-men stories in general – are all about the body, all about right-body vs. wrong-body and defining what makes a body acceptable and its wearer worthy of personhood, and that is true for every character in some way, either because their a mutant or for some other reason.

for example: warren’s whole angst is that his parents can’t accept his mutation; he spends a significant portion of his life binding down his wings so he can hide his body from a world that will not understand (and wow, now that i’ve written that out, that is damn near an explicit trans allegory, what the fuck)

and then you have bodies like kitty’s and scott’s and alex’s and rogue’s – weaponizable bodies, bodies that human society deems Dangerous because of what they’re capable of doing.  

then you have the whole story of the phoenix, from jean on down to quentin, which is all about the experience of the body, and specifically traumatized bodies and brains – trauma of bodies brings the phoenix to jean when she needs her, and the trauma of history and grief destroys quentin as the phoenix, and i’m not even getting into the way avx does the phoenix narrative

and that’s not even going into the movies, where the question of the body is constant: charles’s disabled body versus hank’s transformed one versus raven’s mutable one versus the destroyed-by-violence bodies of darwin, angel, and sean.  and then there’s the ever present question of rogue’s body, and whether it is a condemnation for her to choose to change it, and the revelation that in the end she can’t.  jean’s trauma narrative again surfaces in the phoenix, though it’s handled differently here.  magneto’s body, marked by his experiences and delivering violence instead of being subject to it, because ‘never again’; his seduction of pyro to the cause is all-body, all-viscera, all accceptance of monstrosity that never comes with the xavier model of mutation; bobby drake, iceman, struggling to transform his body – not into something more ‘human,’ like hank, but into something he can use as a weapon.

the body is paramount in these stories and i don’t think that we as a fandom talk about that enough