holy shit morgan

Ethan is talking to Sarah over the phone in his room about Benny when suddenly the door slams open with enough force to bang against the wall and a voice shouts “DID SOMEBODY SAY BENNY WEIR?!” as Benny enters with a mouthful of Doublestuf Oreos and a beaten up spellbook

Ethan then shrieks at the top of his lungs and instinctively throws the nearest thing to him which just so happens to be his phone and it smacks Benny in the center of his forehead, successfully knocking him off his feet

All Sarah can hear on the other line for the next five minutes is Ethan crying and Benny cursing at him in Latin as she sits there utterly confused

Now you see me!

I’m in love! I just watched both of the ‘Now you see me films’ and I want to just jump on ‘Jack Wilder’! Not joking! I mean I knew how much of a hot stud Dave Franco was but then I saw ‘Jack’ an’ I was all like: 

Jack: *mimicking Rhodes’s voice* we’re all good at 6 move to 7.

Me: Omg he’s so talented!

Jack; *Picks up cards and throws them at Rhodes, his muscles tightening*

 Me: *dies*

So yeah….expect Jack Wilder and Dave Franco imagines from now on. Peace out Peeps!!

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 ME:* giving Jack my belt for “safe keeping”