holy shit it's been eight years


hi! heres a pic of me n my gf @willofaleksander at our middle school graduation! theres also a pic of us as kinda adults doing dumb shit! and a pic of the wall in our bedroom in out first apartment! pretty wild amirite! its cool bc ive known her since seventh grade when apparently i walked into art class and she thought i looked like a bitch and i sat next to her bc someone stole my seat. one of the first things we talked abt was the naruto manga i was reading! and its cool bc we live in an apartment together now and we have an aloe plant thats looking a bit rough, but also sometimes we cook for ourselves and sometimes we try n keep up w a chore wheel. and its cool bc i get to sleep w her at night even tho rn shes being a brat and keeps kicking the blankets off of me and took up too much of the bed. and its cool bc at this point in time weve known each other for eight years (holy shit) and have been dating for abt five years by this may (if u dnt count that tine we broke up bc of homestuck) wild amirite!

anyways shout out to my girlfriend! shes snoring rn but thats chill it be like that smtimes but im glad that we can decorate our bedroom together and hang kill la kill pictures on the wall even tho we know ppl will judge us. 💕💕💕💕

i have a lotta stretch marks. ive collected them over the course of seven or eight years, so they are pretty much everywhere. since i was ten i hated them, i wanted them off me and i tried so hard to get rid of them and i broke down into tears more than a few times over the little pink divets covering my hips and belly. now im kinda reflecting on them and?? theyre so beautiful. its been so long that most of them have settled into lil shiny silver rivers all along my hips n pelvis and they remind me that holy shit im alive and on this earth and i have chemicals in me to fall in love with people and smile at cats like?????? whats cooler than momma nature givin u metallic tattoos to show that youve grown and matured and survived honestly ill fight anyone who points out stretch marks in a negative way

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Do you think HL will fly to San Diego? It's only a two hour drive from LA.

zenlikejen and I were discussing this yesterday. It’s a considerably short drive, but an even shorter flight if you’re flying private and SD to LA has considerable traffic, so I think they will fly, yes, because as a multi-millionaire celebrity, there’s no reason to sit in traffic if you don’t have to.

Let’s look at this as objectively as possible:

-Harry and Louis have been the only two in LA, at the same time, publicly for the past four days. (Holy shit.) 

-Liam has been at Disney World for fucking seventy-eight-and-a-half years. Disney and Universal is super cool, but holy shit who stays that long, especially when you’re famous and have exclusive access and passes to all of the parks?

-There’s literally no reason Niall couldn’t have flown to LA by now. No reason. He went to Wireless. Cool. Now what? We know they can fly and pop up unexpectedly. (THIS ISN’T A SUGGESTION, NIALL JAMES, STAY YOUR ASS IN THE UK FOR ANOTHER DAY OR SO.)

-Until now, the other boys from the band have not been used as buffers, which used to be typical. (See: Beginning of OTRA Break when Louis flew into LAX and Liam was right behind him.) Now they’ve obviously utilized this Xander person and our favorite, Mr. Jefe, per usual. But no flight buffers? I’ll take it. Also think about this: Harry stayed in London for a few days for a birthday party and then flew out to LA alone in a considerably very short timespan following Louis. Couple behavior if I’ve ever seen it.

-The timing would be excellent. It seems natural since they’re both in the same place and the same band. Others and myself think they might be gearing up to make a statement in San Diego like they did in Cardiff (come out of the gate for the US leg swinging), and with 18 now on the set list and the imminent addition of Fireproof (prayer circle), this could be a way to punch through the gate and have a mic drop moment. 

-The way things are shaping, I don’t see any reason why Niall won’t fly from London to SD for the show, Liam from Orlando to SD, andddd that leaves? Louis and Harry. “Oh hey bro, we’re in the same city and all, I guess we could share the same plane to San Diego for the show we both happen to be performing at. That be cool with you, bro?”



On December 17, 1903 the Wright Brothers flew the world’s first airplane in America. Eight years earlier this had already been done by an Indian.

When You Wish Upon a Star Chapter Eight

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Fic summary: Hajime has no idea how this situation is even possible, but he’s one hundred percent certain that it’s all Oikawa’s fault.

Oikawa blames the aliens.

The Iwaoi body swap fic that this fandom needs, if not the one it deserves.

Chapter summary: In which things finally go right.