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Lots of people I know blaming the mother of the boy who fell in the gorilla enclosure on not watching her kids, being responsible for the gorilla’s death, trashy, etc. 

Not a single one of those people I know are parents or had to babysit more than one kid for an extended length of time.

I’m not a parent, but holy shit, are you fucking insane? 

Do you know it’s a fucking miracle that kids aren’t falling into gorilla enclosures every single day?

 If you are one person and you are in charge of more than one kid for an extended length of time, one of them will be close to death almost always. 

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honestly, how can they not see it after reading the masterposts? I've been a Taylor fan for 8 years and it never, ever crossed my mind that she could be anything other than straight, or that her relationships could be PR because I didn't know that those things existed. But I found the kaylor tag and read your masterposts, and holy shit, everything clicked. And this is coming from someone who thought Calvin was her prince charming. So I'd say they're just in denial.

Yeah it’s interesting cause I was never against the idea… Things just didn’t make sense? Like for example, I would listen to 1989 the fall it came out (I knew haylor was fake) and it just didn’t make sense to me. Then I learned more about her and Dianna and it all started clicking. Same with Calvin. I didn’t really know a lot about bearding last spring, and when I saw her and Calvin out I was so confused cause I was like she’s with Karlie ? I had seen the AMAs stuff, and seen what happened the night of kissgate so I was like ?? Then I learned what bearding was and it made sense. It’s kinda like a snowball effect… You learn the truth, and it just starts to finally make sense.

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How would the matsu bros react to relaxing with their crush and then ESP kitty walks in and tells their crush that he loves them?

holy shit you sent this awhile ago, sorry! I can’t come up with anything, my brain is just not working. Here have this for now, and I may return to this prompt later.

Osomatsu: You guys were playing a jeopardy game on the tv. He didn’t want to play, but since you were so enthusiastic about it he agreed. He was losing by a lot. A LOT. “Ok, Trebek, whatcha got in store for us.”
“Yeah, Trebek, you think you got anything on me? I could CRUSH you at this game!”
“You know you’re losing right?”
“Shut up, he’s reading the categories!” TV Alex Trebek spoke “-and After; Science; Literature; American History; Math Class; World History; Word Origins; Colleges and Universities; History; and Sports. Player 1 (you) you may pick a category.”
“Math Class for 300!”
“It’s the product of the number of days in the week times itself.”
Osomatsu buzzed in. “What is 69?” You scoffed. “Are you kidding me, Osomatsu, don’t be so immature,” But you were laughing at his joke anyways. You buzzed in. “What is 49?” You won 300 points. “Ha, see, I’m crushing you at this ya idiot!” He laughed and playfully punched your arm. “No, you’re an idiot!” As you guys were laughing ESP kitty, who was sitting on your lap, spoke. “I love you, y/n.” Osomatsus eyes widened and he immediately slapped his hand over the cats mouth. You tore your eyes from the cat and looked Osomatsu right in the eye. “Did he just say what I thought he said? You love me?” He glanced away from you. “Uhm, yes? Ha..” You took a few seconds to take this in. He actually liked you. Like, liked liked you. That last thought made you feel like a 5 year old with a dumb little crush, but that’s exactly how you felt! He currently was trying to figure out a way to play this off as an elaborate prank or something. He was panicking, and awkwardly laughing which only made the whole ordeal worse, and dammit he still has no idea what he’s supposed to do. Suddenly a smile grew on your face. “Heh, I’m so glad! I love you too, ya loser!” You could practically see the stars in his eyes.


All righty–I want to start this off by saying holy shit–

That’s a lot of fucking people. Please excuse my language but–I never ever expected to every get more than 100 followers at most for this AU–and now it’s past the 1K mark and growing.

I want to express how thankful I am for that–the fact that all of you felt that my work was even worth an ounce of your time. 

I’m not going to sugarcoat this post, because I want it to be as pure as possible when it comes to how I feel–so a lot of it might be me rambling about something that nobody actually cares about but–

I come from a place where I’m just so used to people not caring about me or how I feel that I used to not even try because I knew there was no point in doing so. A lot of the situations and character mentalities you see in Monofell is 9 times out of 10 something I’ve experienced in real life, so I’m never foreign to something I try to express with my stories.

The reason why I’m saying this is because for the past week or so now, I’ve been feeling like absolute shit.

I somehow managed to get it in my head that my AU is just… well–that nobody cares about it. 

Maybe it’s my fault–maybe I didn’t reveal enough for people to be interested in it–

Maybe it’s not gimmicky enough to catch people’s attention with the aesthetics like other AUs do–

Maybe it’s too real and people don’t like being reminded of personal situations–

All I know for a fact though is that I somehow managed to work it out in my head that my work wasn’t liked despite people telling me otherwise–and I was starting to give up. I had no motivation to draw at all–every attempt at picking up my tablet pen just resulted in me feeling worse. Even as I write this–I’m still not 100% like before. I don’t know if I can still draw yet or not: I was planning on trying very soon to see.

No–I’m not giving up on Monofell. It has managed to make itself such a close and personal story to me and I’ve come to absolutely love each and every character so much that I would never EVER abandon it.

But sometimes–I feel like I’m talking to a void. I don’t really know how people feel about it except for what friends tell me–that’s all I really have to go off of for reactions.

And I know thinking that way is bad–I know I have absolutely zero reasons to feel like how I do–and it’s partially my fault for not being able to release all the information I WANT to give to people so they understand everything about the story.

I’m not going to blame people for something they can’t help–after all, how can you feel strongly for something when you don’t have everything?

So my plan is simple–actually get that damn comic out and answer questions to the best of my ability while sprinkling in Aftertale pieces to give everyone a taste of just how far people will change.

That’s all I can really do after all.

Pushing that negativity aside though–I want to seriously thank you all for sticking around and supporting me. It means a lot to know that so many people are interested in something I made in literally 2 days.

Without all of you, I wouldn’t have even bothered and would have just kept it all to myself.

Haunt my dreams

Read this masterpiece on AO3 at http://ift.tt/1Y0882b

by venusbits

‘It was like, one minute he was about to hit a spike, the next he was staring at Akaashi because holy shit Akaashi was gorgeous.’

Koutarou thinks about his setter a lot. It’s hard not to when Akaashi is just so damn pretty. He can’t really talk about it to said setter because, 'Hey so I imagine you naked a lot’ isn’t a good conversation starter and is likely to get him punched. So he’s left taking matters into his own hands.

Words: 2379, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 2 of Want you so hard

read it on AO3 at http://ift.tt/1Y0882b

So as of last night, I’ve crossed 150 followers. It boggles my MIND that so many people are interested enough in Tylian that they’ve willingly allowed his shenanigans on their dashboards. I’ve met a lot of amazing people over this crazy month and I just want to tell each and every one of you that I genuinely care about you and I hope that you are having the most baller day of your life. Every day.

Again, thank you so much for making me feel apart of this community like never before. I love you guys. And mad props to @king-kankor, @doodlebug-infestation, @areniaagn, and @rain-over-arathi for being so active with the blog! :D

Stay baller!

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You're the only other person I've found who loves Dishonored and isn't sexist about it so like, bless you for existing.

Well on the one hand I’m really glad you feel that way about me but on the other, holy shit you are following the wrong Dishonored blogs because that is sad :(

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holy shit... being in the Old Bitches club must be hard. you and others must have been so devastated when they broke up. i just became a fan in march (4 days after the 'thing' anniversary), and i'm a pretty fucking big fan and i can't imagine going through that...

my friend… that was legitimately one of the worst days of my life lmao no exaggeration. i think a lot of fans who were around for a long time would agree. if it’s any consolation i completely missed the good part of manson’s career so. i relate in that way lmao.

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These people coming here and telling you to shut up when you're just pouring up some tea for everyone and being a good hostess. *sips tea* It's hard for me to trust people after my ex. EHJ is one of a few LGBTvdb blogs that I do trust. LGBTfans makes me think of my ex and how he hid behind twisted words and was blatantly biphobic. Reminds me of LChat. you want to take all the credit LGBTfans? maybe you should look at the people behind the true movement drawing attention to it w/ trends and more.

holy shit wow thank you so much. I know I sound like a broken record answering all of these but seriously, it means a lot. 

Holy shit it’s another mini-promo!

&& listen fam, I just went through my follow list and it turns out despite having a lot of followers most of them… poofed ;w; so my mutual list is pretty empty and we can’t have that! so you know the drill, like or reblog this post if you’re interested in a pokemon oc and i’ll check out your blog!

                                       art credit ⁑⌠🌹⌡⁑ graphic by me

  • Sylvia’s main verses are Team Rocket. She has a Scientist and a Grunt verse.
  • She also has a Team Flare verse that I’m dying to explore more.
  • As well, I write her as a university student studying in Lumiose if villainous teams aren’t your thing.
  • She’s got a super high-class temperament but she really does mean well. Usually. Unless it’s for science.
  • Also… parlez-vous français? 

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Sans what's your favorite thing from each of the Alexes?? Like attitude or style or body, etc.

*Sans thinks for a moment.*

“I can only remember bits and pieces from each timeline, but I remember the fierceness of Alex in the first timeline being something I was attracted to.”

“In the second, well, she was just Alex…It was a little difficult, her being with another guy, but she was still very kind…and holy shit, did she have some muscle.”

“In the third timeline on the surface, I recall Alex being more emotional, more…sensitive to things. I feared for her safety a lot, she was almost like a doll that I was afraid I might break.”

*Sans looks off toward the kitchen where Alex is cooking*

“This Alex is perfect though…”

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