holy shit im so close

remember when Yato wanted the biggest shrine in Japan and a ton of money and followeRS AND NOW ALL HE WANTS IS A SIMPLE LIFE WITH YUKINE AND HIYORI LIKE WOW OKAY COOL IM JUST GUNNA LIE DOWN NOW

y’all i cannot believe im waking up in a world where pikelan is canon

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I genuinely hope you find happiness in England, and I hope the nhs can help you- free healthcare rocks :> <3

ME. FUCKING. TOO. this year has been a /catastrophe/ for me as someone chronically and mentally ill and not getting the healthcare ive needed…

man like the month i just spent in London w Sam was so good and it was so good FOR me…before i left i was so sick, i didnt think id be able to do ANYTHING while i was there…but it was amazing, being able to be with someone i really loved, who wanted to help me manage all my problems without any complaints (they went and bought a ton of food that i could eat before i even got there bc i have weirdly specific dietary needs lmao) and it was just. so nice. we were able to watch out for each other and we both benefitted from it so much. i was still sick, i still had pain and fatigue and anxiety but i also had THEM and they didnt hold any of my disability against me even once. and after a relationship where i was routinely manipulated as a result of the help i needed just to live with my illnesses, it was…world-changing.

and if i could get good health care ON TOP OF THAT boy oh boy we are in business i might actually be able to really focus on my art again and start living the life i WANT 


Various Anons: “Kara in D6?”  “Can you do Kara in D2!!” “ Kara for A3??“

Two masks and a reality

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a while ago you said you hadn’t seen a lot of chinese headcanons, and i hadn’t thought about it before, but you’re right! and so, i wanted to give you some, so have some american chinese striders?

i hope this helps a little bit!


There’s going to be a Tangled TV show?!???
And possibly bring back mANDY MOORE AND ZACHARY LEVI?!???!?!;!!!
I’m going to be a 21 year old watching it like a Saturday morning cartoon. With cereal. Fuck yeah immaturity.

when you don’t even watch girl meets world but you’re actually lucaya trash