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Various Anons: “Kara in D6?”  “Can you do Kara in D2!!” “ Kara for A3??“

Two masks and a reality

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remember when Yato wanted the biggest shrine in Japan and a ton of money and followeRS AND NOW ALL HE WANTS IS A SIMPLE LIFE WITH YUKINE AND HIYORI LIKE WOW OKAY COOL IM JUST GUNNA LIE DOWN NOW

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a while ago you said you hadn’t seen a lot of chinese headcanons, and i hadn’t thought about it before, but you’re right! and so, i wanted to give you some, so have some american chinese striders?

i hope this helps a little bit!


There’s going to be a Tangled TV show?!???
And possibly bring back mANDY MOORE AND ZACHARY LEVI?!???!?!;!!!
I’m going to be a 21 year old watching it like a Saturday morning cartoon. With cereal. Fuck yeah immaturity.

when you don’t even watch girl meets world but you’re actually lucaya trash

I've felt you so many times lets face it. (Michael clifford smut)

AN:hope yous like this one i really like the plot and i have an ash oone coming up soon. Enjoy!

word count:1573

Being on tour with the boys was great it was amazing, but having a crush on your best friend was not as fun when you have to watch him rock out on stage every night and gte with different girls every time we went to a club. I was the boys masseuse, I finished my training a few months before they went on tour so they asked me to come and help with the back tension they get after playing for a long time so i said yes and I’m even getting paid for it! Its amazing apart from the Michael part. I’ve known the boys for 7 years but I’ve known Michael for my whole life and I was the one to introduce them to one another.

“Y/N” I hear and quickly sit up only to bump my head on the top of my bunk “ah fuck what is it Luke” I say rubbing my head as he opens the curtains on my bunk “hi” he say with a sly grin on his face “what do you want I know that smile to well hemmings” 2 I know someone who has a crush on you" he says looking stupid “oh who” I say looking excited  "not telling you have to figure it out but  do know for a fact you like him to" “really? Well I only like one person here and he certainly doesn’t like me back and anyway how do you know who I like in the first place” i say crossing my arms looking right at the giggling 18 year old “you moan his name when you were sleeping the other night but don’t worry he was out” “yeah screwing some chick probely” i say looking down at my hands “you know he really does like you he just doesn’t know how to react to it” “well what do I do” “give him a really good massage he’s been really tense the past few shows” Luke says with a attempted wink “what the fuck Luke no” “oh come on Y/N i know you would love to” “okay fine but you tell anyone we had this conversation i will cut your dick off” “no need ash and cal were listening anyway” he says turning to the two boys with grins on their faces coming out of there bunks, when they see how red my face is i shout “shut up you dicks” giving them a pissed off look.

–That night–

“Hey guys I’m going out anyone coming?” Ashton says “yeah ill come” Luke says “me too” cal adds, all three of the boys give me big smirks and Ashton pretends to be kissing a girl but i shut them up by mouthing “fuck off” to them “what about you Mikey?” “nah im gonna get Y/N to sort out my back, if that’s okay with you?” he says looking at me “yeah that’s fine I wasn’t planning on going out anyway” i say raising an eyebrow at the boys.  

Within 10 minutes the 3 idiot boys were ready to go into the city. “So can you do my back the now its kinda sore” “yeah sure” i say not being able to look him in the eye. If it’s easier for me to lie on my tummy and you sit on my legs to save you setting up im fine with that" “thanks you’ve just saved me like 15 minutes of struggle” “ha s'okay” “Im just going to get my stuff you can just get comfy” i say smiling.

Coming back into the room i see Michael is lying on his tummy on the big comfy couch, i walk over to him and awkwardly sit on his legs “is that okay I’m not crushing you am I?” I ask worried that im hurting him “no it’s fine” but then under his breath he say “but I’m crushing on you” but to me it just sounded like a mumble. getting out some cream from my massage oil and cream bag i squirt some onto his back and he gives out a little squeak because it’s so cold “sorry” i say giggling, i start to rub the cream on to his skin. Michael wasn’t musically like the other boys but i loved him the way he was i really fucking love him and really love his body. Every time i touch him he kept tensing “Mikey you need to relax stop tensing up” i say softly “sorry I’ll try” he says trying his hardest.

After 5 minutes he starts to relax and i start to press a little harder, then out of the blue i here soft moans coming for him “Michael are you okay?” “yeah your really amazing at this its like you know exactly where to touch” he says “I’ve felt you so many times let’s face it” I say laughing “did you just quote all time low?” “ha yeh it sounded a lot better in my head sorry” “no it’s true you have” “now stop talking and relax” i say.

He moved his head so it was facing left and i couldn’t help but stare at his neck and think about how much i want to kiss it and leave big purple hickeys on it. It’s like it was begging me to kiss it. Then i started to hear him moan again and it just made my panties wet, oh fuck, i only have shorts on and I’m on his bare legs oh fuck oh fuckty fuck. He stated to moan louder and i was starting to lose it why the fuck did he have to be so hot fml. That was all i could think of. Just do it just kiss his neck, oops, running my hand up his body i slide down to his neck and lightly kiss it waiting on a reaction “please do it again Y/N” he says so i continue lightly biting and kissing his neck leaving hickeys in my place, “Y/N i love you” he says suddenly “i love you too Michael” i say smiling wide “good now can i please fuck you” he says breathing heavily “yes” i say getting of him so he can turn over and sit up. When he sits up i see he has a big problem “do you need some help Mikey” “yes please do something, anything” pulling down his boxers i take a minute to take in how big he is “fuck Michael” i breath out looking up at him “i know” he says smirking at me “now suck it” he says, taking him in my hand, i mean put it this way i have bigger hands for the average girl and i can’t fully wrap my hand around him, i kiss the tip and lick the pre cum of my lips and swallow, then taking almost all of him in my mouth and what i couldn’t take i had in my hand. I start to bob my head up and down faster each time “oh god Y/N your mouth and hands are so fucking talented!”. As he keeps moaning its making my panties even wet and moan onto his cock making him push my head down making me gag. “Im so close Y/N” finally flipping my tongue over his tip one last time he loses it and is pushed over the edge “holy shit that was amazing baby”. Getting up off the floor i pull down my shorts and take my top so i was only in my underwear “wow” Michael says stunned while i straddle his waist , “ I love you so so much I hope you know that” he whispers into my ear then kissing my neck “I love you too baby always have always will” I moan gripping his hair in my hand. “Michael no foreplay i need you right now” “okay be patient baby” he says pulling down my panties, rubbing my clit while pushing in I look up at him to see him in a state of euphoria. “Holy shit you feel amazing” “Mikey im close” “I know baby so am I” he mutters out “Mikey go faster” with me saying that he goes faster and deeper “oh god baby don’t stop” I maon “Y/N you are so amazing” he say reaching climax “oh fuck Michael” I say before cumming.

After cuddling naked for like half an hour we both hear the boys come in “Y/N, Michael” I hear Luke shout “there probely still fuccking” calum laughs “you ass we’re in the back” Mikey says “well look what we have here” they all say looking at us wrapped in a bug quilt “finally” cal say smiling patting both our heads “ i second that” Luke say smiling walking out. Ash just looks at us and smirks then walks out. “hey Mikey will you be my boyfriend?” i ask “no i was meant to ask you dumb ass, but yes i will” he say smiling hugging me tight.

"Cam Please" (Cameron Dallas Imagine)

first smut please forgive me


I rolled off the bed fixing the duvet up on my body.I turned my head on the side, seeing cam still humbly sleeping. I dragged my body on the bathroom looking up at the whole body mirror, looking at myself only wearing cam’s shirt and my neck full of hickeys.

“Hey babe” cam said while hugging me from behind

“Hey” I said back, flashing him a smile

“You sore?” he asked, while running his hands on my torso

“A bit” i flushed, remembering all the happenings last night as i finally decided to give my virginity to him.

“Mhhm, do you wanna repeat last night? But a bit more ya know, rough” he whispered, causing a chill run down my spine.

He flip me off so i was facing him, his lips latching onto mine. My hand involuntarily snaking into his nape, my fingers locking and playing with his hair. He moaned into the kiss, as i take my opportunity to slid my tongue to fight for dominance, and of course he won. 

“Jump” he demand

I did what i was told, Cameron walking back to our bedroom, throwing me to the bed. I pulled him, so he’s hovering me, his lips attaching to my neck, then to my jawline, then back on my lips again.

I felt his hands slowly slipping my underwear down on my ankles, then i swiftly took it off. His hands cupped my heated core, rubbing figures of eight on my clit.

“C-cameron, baby please” i moaned, felling knot on my stomach forming.

“Please what baby?”

“I need you in me now”

Cameron wasted no time as he slipped off his boxers, his erection sprung up on his lower abdomen. “Ready y/n?” he asked as he leaned up on me. I nodded, my tongue can’t form words, as he lined himself slowly entering me. 

He placed a chaste kiss on my lips, slowly starting to thrust keeping up a slow pace. 

“Oh my god cameron! Is this all what you got?” I smirked.

My words seemed to struck a nerve, as he started to thrust faster. The headboard slamming to the wall, our skin slapping, his mouth moaning my name together with some sort of profanities.

“Holy shit im so close” He moaned into my ear. The familiar knot building on my lower stomach. “M-me too” His thrust getting a little sloppy, assuming he will come any second by now.


“Cum babe. Cum for me" 

His words was enough to push me to the edge, my mouth screaming his name. I was in pure euphoria, the orgasm still overwhelming me. 

Cameron’s thrusts getting a little sloppy. He was screaming my name as he reached his orgasm. Giving a three more thrust as he ride his orgasm.

"That was amazing y/n” He smiled at me. Flopping next to me, catching his breath.

“Breakfast?” I asked. 

“Breakfast indeed” he chuckled.