holy shit i wore a dress!

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: I got called in for 3rd shift during a special Pride screening of Rocky Horror.

Yea, no… it’s cool. I’ll drop everything and come in …. I mean, I’m dressed as Magenta, so this may be interesting…. but whatever, a paycheck is a paycheck! At least it’s kind of hotel themed, at least I didn’t go as Columbia, right?

That said, holy shit, the shadow players all wore Lady Gaga inspired costumes…. it was pretty amazing, too bad I had to leave early.

By: _Affexion_

Maid For A Day - Dave Hodgman

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Dave Hodgman/Reader

Word Count: 4345

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (both receiving in a way), Master Kink

Notes: I blame Persona 5 for this idea. It was just a funny idea and I can see Dave’s friends trying to get him laid. This is kinda just pure silliness that leads to fucking a hot guy.

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Funny that I found out I was ace right before pride month lol. Anyways, would the Voltron Family do anything for pride month? Maybe involving older Lance, Pidge and Lotor with their two daddies (Hunk joins in too of course).

helena1205 said: Can we get the Voltron Family celebrating Pride-month?-or a little celebration for themselves as a family? They all have their own sexuality that is a part of the lgbtaq+-community. Happy Pride Month!!!

[The Voltron Family] Lance was the very first one out of the three to join an LGBTAQ+ organization in college. He loved it so he invited Pidge, Lotor and Hunk. They had upcoming events for pride month and they were all brainstorming and Lance was part of the events committee. 

President: Do any of you guys know anyone who could perhaps give a talk about their experiences or at least just share something inspirational?
Member 1: Doesn’t Lance have two Dads?
Lance: *turns head* *whisper shouts* What the hell, Jack?
President: *hopeful* Is that true, Lance?
Lance: *turns back* Um, yeah. 
Member 2: We have to invite them! You think we could do that, President? 
President: Are they free sometime this month?
Lance: *pouts* I’m not sure.They’re super busy *looks around at his friends with hopeful eyes* *sighs* But I can ask?

Lance took a deep breath as he entered the master bedroom at 10pm. He climbed the bed and placed himself between his two daddies.

Lance: *looks up at the ceiling while lying down* *nervous* So.
Shiro: *puts down his book* *looks at Lance* So? 
Lance: *connects both of his hands on his chest* There’s going to be an event in school for my org. And. *gulps* We’re looking for speakers.
Keith: *raises an eyebrow* Speakers. With an “s.”
Lance: *gulps* *nods* And my stupid friend—let’s hide him under the name of Jack Hudson—mentioned that I have two dads. And they asked me if you guys could be speakers and share your experiences as part of the community and—
Shiro: *smiles* When is this?
Lance: It’s more like, when are you BOTH free, if ever you’ll do it. I know you’re all very busy and stuff—
Keith: *checks his phone* I’m free… *scrolls* the week after next.
Shiro: *checks his phone* Don’t have any operations on a Friday that week.
Keith: *looks at Shiro* We could do Friday then.
Shiro: Friday it is. 
Lance: *looks at them back and forth* WAIT. HOLD THE PHONE. You’ll do it?

Lance was pacing back and forth outside the auditorium, waiting for his Dads. Pidge, Hunk and Lotor were already inside along with the rest. When they arrived, he ushered them backstage and signaled the president to begin.

President: For our speakers today, we have two Dads of our very own Lance, Pidge and Hunk. *smiles* One of them is a Best Selling author which I believe most of us have read his books, the other one is one of the top brain surgeons of the country. *muses* I know. What a very interesting couple. So let us all welcome Keith Shirogane and Dr. Takashi Shirogane.

Everyone clapped and soon Keith and Shiro emerged from backstage and the clapping kinda stopped for a few seconds because apparently everyone was staring at the two men (except for Pidge, Lance, Hunk and Lotor who were all looking at everyone else’s reactions). Both of them were holding hands while smiling, walking towards the center of the stage. Keith had his red leather jacket on, while Shiro wore a black formal dress shirt. 

Person 1: *whispers* Holy. Shit. They can’t be Dads. They look so young?
Person 2: *whispers* The one in red is so my type. 
Pidge: *looks at Lance, Hunk and Lotor* *smirks* It has begun. 
Hunk: *face palms* Every. Damn. Time.
Lotor: *chuckles* They make quite an impression. 

Shiro: *holds his mic* Hello, everyone. *smiles*
Everyone: Hi! *cheerful*
Shiro: *chuckles* Excellent crowd tonight. So, my husband and I— *looks at Keith fondly*
Everyone: *teases them* *whistles*
Keith: *looks at the crowd* Please. We’re already married. None of that teasing.
Everyone: *laughs*
Keith: Anyone here who are asexuals? Please raise your hands. *sees a few hands including Pidge’s and Lotor’s* Beautiful. *smiles* I’m ace myself. *places hand on chest* And I married someone who isn’t.

Suddenly the audience were a bit surprised and a lot of hands shot up to ask questions. They shared their story, from when they met, to falling in love, to getting engaged, to finally getting married and then adopting kids.

Shiro: The thing is, there will always be people who will judge us, stare at us like we’re wrong to be who we are. But please, don’t even let that get to you. Ever since I got together with Keith and had our little family *smiles lovingly at Lance, Hunk and Pidge* we’ve been kicked out of a restaurant by a homophobic manager, our kids had been bullied for having two dads. Every day has been a battle, but it’s a battle that we’re all winning. 
Keith: You get up to face a new day, you’re already winning. You put on that binder while you dress, you’re already winning. You look at your face in the mirror knowing you’re not going to take anyone’s shit, you’re already winning. No one, and I say no one, should tell you how you should feel, dress, act and speak except yourself. There might be bruises along the way, but let me tell you it’s gonna be worth it once you get back up again. *smiles at Shiro*
Shiro: *squeezes Keith’s hand*
Pidge: *sniffles* What the hell. They’re still so corny.
Hunk: Pidge, use this. *hands a hanky for her to sneeze on* And Lance stop taking photos of Pidge being sensitive. Lotor, can you please stop him? Pidge, that’s my hand!! 

After the talk, so many people went up on stage to take photos with Shiro and Keith and they were both so overwhelmed. So many aces gathered around Keith to ask him more questions, while Shiro entertained those who were telling him they were such an inspirational married couple. Lance, Hunk and Pidge saw all of these and they were quite proud of them.

Pidge: *points at a guy beside Shiro who was smiling so wide* That’s the dude who said Daddy Shiro was hot.
Hunk: PIDGE!! *scandalized*

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Headcanon the reason Piper doesn't dress more feminine is because Louis used to tease her (in a stupid boy not realizing how much his words affected his bestie way) so she quit dressing up. After some time apart she slowly starts dressing more girly.

…..oh man i love this so much holy shit

becuase like… she wore alot more pink/”girly” things when she was a kid (aka before she started to see Louis in a romantic way) and her shift to a more androgynous style happened around the age of puberty. Lots of girls (myself included) tend to go through a “reject femininity to prove youre not like a typical girl” phase, and that shit is hella toxic yo. I’m 100% on board for Piper casting away all that negativity and re-embracing her inner femme <3 

I was listening to Dan Fogler's podcast with Alison Sudol and...


- Alison apparently hangs out with Dan’s wife and they go out for lunch

- (talking about girls and feminism) “Can you help my girls through it?” - Dan Fogler, ladies and gentlemen, asking Alison Sudol to help his girls learn that you can be more than one thing (also, random note, I had no idea he had daughters!)

- The two of them talking about an earthquake in Japan while doing a press tour is so funny

- Alison felt sick because they were in a restaurant at one point and she saw a shrimp being beheaded in front of her.

- They both really fucking hate Trump

- Dan swears a lot holy shit

- Alison says that a) Eddie (Redmayne) is humble and b) she talks about Colleen Atwood (costume designer on FBAWTFT) - the blue dress she wore as Queenie felt “like a flower petal” and she wanted all of Queenie’s clothes to be comfortable.

And then there was the conversation about casting Jacob:

- “You met with a lot of Jacobs” and “You were the only Queenie I met” (OMFG STAHP DAN)

- “The way my Queenie reacted to your Jacob” (ALI STOP)

- They talk about their chemistry which is just ❤

Also, Dan apparently bought stuffed animals for everyone on the last day of filming and he gave Alison a unicorn. (Do you guys think Eddie might have given little Iris his when she was born??)

I just cannot with our cast I really can’t ❤️

Tough Love (Philip x Reader)

Word Count: 1,881

Warnings: SMUT (not full but definiely NSFW), Swears

Authors Note: This story doesn’t have a really entriguing plot line? It’s just a bunch of angst that I felt like writing to give you guys something while I finish writing all of my Daveed fics. Thank you for being patient. I love yall! Also it is one thing to read smut but another to write it. It was really awkward so I had to take baby steps. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THOUGHT OF MY FIC, GIVE ME FEEDBACK. I LOVE HEARING FROM YOU GUYS!!!

not even requested (lol)


“It’s over!” you screamed to Philip, this must’ve been the 3rd time you said these exact words in the past month. “You tell me that every time baby, but you always come crawling back.” he said back at you, as you tried to shove all of your belongings into a tote. “Have I ever told you that you’re an arrogant son of a bitch?” you shot back at him. “Yeah? Well you are the most clingy ass hat I’ve ever met.” he said back, just as angrily. “You know what? Sorry. Sorry that I ever cared for you, sorry that I wasted your damn time Philip.” You spat back at him before leaving his apartment. “The only waste of my time is this fight. I know you’ll be back by tomorrow.” he yelled at you before slamming his door shut. This was what your relationship had ended up as. It wasn’t always like this. At first it was all lovey dovey, the honeymoon phase. It ended as soon as it started. Philip was his flirty self, and you were clingy. Always needing reassurance that he returned your feelings, always making sure he hadn’t found somebody else. He was outgoing and you were reserved. It was a miracle that you two had even gotten together. It was also true that you always caved in after a fight. You always went back to him begging for forgiveness when you weren’t the one at fault, always forgave him for whatever he did. Every time you promised you wouldn’t go back, every time you did. This time it was different. You were tired of being in a one sided relationship, tired of giving him everything you had only for him to give you half. You didn’t go back.

“Y/N let’s go out tonight!” Your best friend said. You hadn’t moved from your bed since you broke things off with Philip. It was past a week, and by this point you usually caved. It took alot out of you to keep away from him. It was weird to break the cycle. “I dunno.” you mumbled from under the covers. “You need to get over him. He never deserved you.” your friend said as she made her way to your bed and sat on the corner. She moved the covers a bit and gave your shoulder a rub. It was true, everybody told you that he didn’t deserve you but you felt as if you didn’t deserve him. You were the sweetheart, always seeing the good side of people. Philip was the player, always taking advantage of others. He took advantage of your sweetness, and you saw the good side of him. “Please?” your friend whined. You decided it was enough, you were tired of letting Philip have this power over you. even after you called it quits. “Ok.” you said sitting up.

You put on your tightest, most short dress you had in your closet and looked in the mirror. Holy shit, you felt amazing. When was the last time you even wore this dress? You made your way to your shoe rack and chose your highest heels and wiggled your feet into them. “Oh my god. You look hot.” your friend said as she stuck her head out of the bathroom. “I know.” you giggled.

You two headed out, and managed to get a taxi on a busy friday night. Once at the club, your friend went to the dance floor, and you sat at the bar sipping on some champagne. You looked around enjoying the scenery, you hadn’t left the house for a week afterall. That was when your heart jumped to your throat. He was here. Philip was at the other side of the bar. He looked distressed, running a hand through his wavy hair. Bags under his eyes, signaling he hadn’t slept in some time. He looked up, and your eyes locked with his. You froze, you didn’t know what to do. Before you could run into the dance floor and get lost, he got up and made his way over to you. “Y/N.” he said sitting in the stool next to you. You couldn’t respond. “You look beautiful.” he said stirring his drink. “Couldn’t say the same for you.” you managed out. He slightly chuckled. “I haven’t slept for a week, what did you expect?” He replied. “Why haven’t you slept? You did plenty of times when we were together? Remember that time you missed our one year anniversary plans because you slept through it?” you replied, feeling bitter. “I haven’t slept because you aren’t by my side when I wake up. I forget that you left me and I wake up disappointed.” he said simply. Your breath got stuck in your throat. “Philip. Stop.” you say, looking away. “What am I doing?” he asked back. “You know what you’re doing, you always do this.” you say trying your best not to fall back into him. He had a way with words, and he knew how to use it. You had fallen in love with him and what he said. It was hard not to fall back into love with him the same way. “Please, come back.” he almost pleaded. “Fine.” you say, a spark of hope rose to Philip’s eyes. “I have things at your place I want back anyways.” you say trying not to let your walls fall. He looked down in disappointment, but led you out of the club.

Once at his apartment you gathered all of your remaining items into a paper bag. You looked around and remembered every memory the apartment held for you. You were interrupted from your thoughts when Philip cleared his throat behind you. You whipped around and saw Philip’s eyes traveling up and down your body. You rolled your eyes and tried to exit the room. Philip grabbed your arm, and you felt electricity in the places where he touched. “Please. Don’t go.” he whispered. “I- I can’t stay.” you say trying to keep yourself from giving in to him. It was so hard. You wanted to, but you knew if you did you would end up hurt again, and you were tired of it. “Why not?” Philip tugged a bit on your arm so you faced him. His eyes were glossy.”Our love is so hard Philip, It’s rare that we don’t go a month without fighting.” you say. “But every time we fight we end up together again, It just shows our love is tough Y/N. Easy love is for the unpassionate. Our love is so much more than that.” he argued back. “Yes, but I always end up hurt Philip, everytime we fight.” you said unable to meet his eyes. “I won’t let that happen.” He replied. “How can you say that? We do this so many times, and everytime I end up hurt Philip. What is different about this time?” you say slightly raising your voice. He didn’t answer. “Exactly. There’s nothing different.” you answer yourself and move past him to the door. Just as you were turning the doorknob he answered you. “Want to know what is different Y/N? Every time you come back to me, but this time it’s me going to you. I’m the one who is hurting, the one who can’t sleep. When you didn’t come back, it hit me. I lost you, I lost the thing that mattered most to me. When you were mine I never realized how good you were, you were always under my spell but you broke out of it. And I screwed up. When you were gone, I realized that I loved you more than anything else in this world. I realized who I am. I am nothing without you Y/N. Please.” He began to cry, tears rolling down his freckled cheeks. “Please don’t leave me.” He began to sob as you stood in shock by the door. It was rare that Philip was left vulnerable. He was crying too hard to realize you had dropped your bag and walked over to him. You took your thumb and ran it across his cheek to wipe away his tears. He raised his gaze to you. “Is that how you really feel Philip? Please tell me it’s true. Please. I want to believe you so badly.” you pleaded. “Y/N. I promise, I-” you gave in at that. You shut him up by pressing your lips to his slightly. They fit together like puzzle pieces. His hands began to roam your back, and you wrapped your arms around his neck trying to pull him closer even though your body was already flush against his. You moved your lips to his jaw then to his neck leaving open mouthed kisses on his neck. He gasped at the contact. “Y/N- I love you so much.” he managed to get out. You slowly started to undo his button down revealing his toned chest. You pressed your hand against his chest and moved your lips back onto his kissing him harder than before. Philip backed you up into a wall and his arms made their way to your butt, and began to grab at your thighs. On command you jumped slightly and wrapped your legs around his torso. He led you to the bed without ever breaking contact. He laid you down and hovered over you, admiring you and savoring the moment. Your noses were touching and he stared into your eyes, “God you’re so beautiful.” he whispered, you couldn’t help but blush. He quickly put his lips against yours again and began unzipping your dress. You raised your butt slightly so he could work it off your body. That left you in your matching set of navy blue underwear. He moved down, removing your bra, kissing your chest and stomach. When he reached your thighs, he gently traced over your stretch marks. He loved those especially. He slipped off your panties, leaving you exposed. When he made his way back up, you began to unbutton the rest of his shirt and tossed it off. Your hand reached into his pants, and rubbed slightly against the fabric of his underwear. He moaned into the kiss and you smiled. He broke the kiss to unbutton his pants, and slip them off along with his briefs. He kissed the tip of your nose before lining himself up. “Are you sure Y/N?” he asked you. “Please Philip, I need you.” You whimpered.

The next morning you woke  up wrapped in Philip’s arms. He was already awake just admiring your beauty, he brushed stray hairs from your face. “Morning beautiful.” he whispered into your ear before placing a kiss behind it. “Morning handsome.” you replied turning to face him. You hadn’t woken up like this since the honeymoon phase. “I’ve missed this.” you admitted. “You won’t ever wake up another way.” he promised pressing a kiss to the tip of your nose. You snuggled into his chest, and he wrapped his arms around you once more. It was true, you had given in to him, but when you gave in to him, you also gave in to love. This time you were willing to get hurt. Willing because you loved Philip more than you realized. Willing  because easy love wasn’t love at all.

Five Reasons to Say “I Love You” (Chapter V)

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Reason: They Will Always Love You

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: Cursing

Summary: Peter and Y/n are best friends and have been ever since they were in kindergarten. Due to their close friendship, Peter has never said how he loved Y/n since they were children. But, as Y/n and Peter get older and Peter starts to have stronger feelings for Y/n, he can’t keep the words on the tip of his tongue.

Author: Dizzy

A/N: Holy shit! We’re getting close to the end of this series. Let me know if you ever want any more series like this. This is the fifth part of my new Peter Parker series. There’s a final part coming soon.

Masterlist Request a Prompt

Peter was pulling on Y/n’s heartstrings to push his luck. He knew very well what he was doing when he got her the beautiful new necklace he saved his money to buy and allowed Tony to help him pick out. He allowed his eyes to run over every little detail of the little ladybug pendant he had bought as he waited for Y/n to come out from her room.

They were going to prom together, something they had swore to do because Y/n had told Peter one night, when he was rested between her thighs as she patched him up, that it was better if they went together as best friends rather than a date they’d go out with once, because their bond was a mix of unconditional love and true friendship.

Peter would never realize that that night when he made a bad science joke seconds later, Y/n would continue to tell Peter that she loved him in her silly little laugh and her soft spoken words of how idiotic he could be. He would never realize that the love she spoke of, the unconditional, was in fact something she had hoped was romantic.

Y/n waltzed into the room, her palms sweaty and her lip pulled firmly between her teeth as she feared what Peter would say in response to the prom dress she had bought. Her black eye had healed in time for the dance and her makeup was free of the color purple, for she would rather not be reminded of the one time she got herself beat up for Peter on the night she wanted to tell him how she loved him.

Peter couldn’t pull his eyes away from Y/n’s beautiful form as she emerged from her room. He admired the way her dress fit tightly at the top before it cascaded down into a flowing wonder from her waist down. He especially loved how she wore a red dress with a little spider on her ring, though he did not know it was an attempt to show him how many feelings her little heart held for him. He rose from his seat, the jewelry box in hand as he walked towards her.

“Bug, holy shit.” He gasped.

Y/n smirked and wrapped her arms around Peter’s neck as her eyes looked him over. “I hope that’s a compliment. I paid good money for you.”

For you. For Peter.

He couldn’t quite wrap his head around the meaning those words held to Y/n in that moment, but he felt himself swimming in the words, in the sound of her voice when she had said that to him. He found himself enchanted by the sweet song she spoke, her voice a mix between the playful nature of a child and the romantic nature of a girl in a romantic comedy and he found that he was falling even deeper in love with this new side of Y/n.

“You look stunning, bug.” Peter complimented as he held the jewelry box up for her to take. “I got you something.”

“So, I take it no corsage?” Y/n rose a brow as Peter shook his head. “Good. You know how I despise those itchy pieces of floral shit.”

Y/n jokes were cut short by the gasp that escaped her red painted lips. She was stunned by the little necklace that was nestled inside of the little black box.

Some nerve Peter had to make her fall even more for him in that moment. How utterly rude of Peter to buy her something so beautiful and expensive, for his voice was not lace with money and his rented suit was not threaded with it either. How god awful of him to tug at her heart and melt the whole damn thing in the process, for Y/n hated the pangs of love, but with Peter, it felt much different.

Tears began to prickle Y/n’s e/c eyes as her shaky hands brought the necklace from its box and placed it in its rightful place around her neck.

“Peter,” Y/n’s voice was breaking under the weight of his endearment. “It’s beautiful. Thank you so much.”

Y/n pulled Peter into a close hug as she held her tears back and felt the security of his arms as they found themselves around her waist. She let out a shaky sigh, her hot breath on Peter’s neck as he swayed back and forth in an attempt to calm the girl down.

“You’re welcome, bug. It was the least I could do for all that you done for me.” Peter said softly, his voice strong and riddled with sweet nothings that were threatening to fall from his lips and into Y/n’s ears.

They were alone together, the world forgotten as the sensation of their tangled bodies and their shared movement pulled them from their now unknown reality. They were both high off their ambitions, drowned in overwhelming emotions and they slipped deeper into their shared endearment and for once they both did not care. They wished for nothing more than to be the only person for miles and miles outside that bustling city, except for one another and their tender voices.

Y/n pulled away from Peter, wished she could forever be closer to him as she smoothed out her dress and spoke in her enchanting voice. “We should get going or else we’ll be a little more than fashionably late.”

Peter nodded and the illusion that he and Y/n were the only ones in the universe dissipated from his conscious mind as Y/n nestled her hand in his and led him out of her apartment. He felt disillusioned on their way down the stairs and onto the city streets. He could feel his scrambled mind memorizing the way Y/n’s face gleamed in the city lights, the way she smiled at him in the passenger’s seat of the car and the way she spoke to him as he drove.

Peter knew anything could happen on a prom night, especially in the city of New York, the concrete jungle in which people’s dreams came true. He knew that story of how anything could happen in the city, the dreams of a singer, the life of an actor, even Y/n could happen in the city. And oh, how he wished Y/n would be his dream that transcended reality.

“Hey, bug?” Peter’s voice caused Y/n to pause her story.

“Yes, Petey?” Y/n’s sweet tone sent chills up and down Peter’s spine.

“I-” Peter analyzed his situation for a moment and decided against his plan once again. “I am so glad you’re my date to prom.”

subtle w2h things I've noticed

•Jonathan combs is NOT lactose intolerant
•Blacksheep High School
•Sock wore a hoodie vest thingy as a kid
•Jonathan dressed up as Sock for Halloween
•Sock and Jonathan are both right handed
•Lil is super cute oh my god
•"shipment of nacho cheese triangles found missing"
•"8 cartoonists found dead"
•Jonathan plays basketball and holy sHIt did you notice when he threw that ball at Sock,, he must be so fucking strong wth
•Sock dressed up at Mephistopheles for Halloween
•Sock didn’t get any candy and Jonathan prob didn’t share with him. Rip.
•Mephistopheles has a small triangular patch of chest hair why the fuck
feel free to add more

Imagine telling your boyfriend he will never see you in a dress

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“Wait I have to what?” You asked as you stared at the three boys before you. 

“You have to go undercover at the ball.” Cas said, “the three of us will show up about an hour after you and Crowley." 

"Wait. I’m going with…" 

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"Crowley is the one getting us in. That’s was the deal he wanted to do it.” Sam answered, “he even bought you a dress." 

"He bought…. He bought me a dress?" 

"Well what else would you wear to a fancy party? I hate to tell you but the everyday attire is crippling to the rich." 

"And I just have to…" 

"Crowley said there would be a shape shifter at this party, we gotta kill it." 

"Ok, well I better go get ready.” You gulped as you quickly walked to your room at the end of the hall. 

 It wasn’t who you were going with that was the problem, it was what you had to wear. You had a feeling there was no shape shifter, just a story made up by your boyfriend so that your best friends in the entire world wouldn’t realize that he was taking you on a date. When you opened the door you saw the short black and red dress resting on the bed, 

with a pair of matching wedges and ruby jewelry. You knew why he was taking you on this date, and not one of the normal ones you had been sneaking off to for the past seven months. You challenged him, you said he would never get you to wear a dress, and now he was. 

 By the time seven o clock rolled around you were ready, your hair was loosely curled, your makeup was light but your red lips were noticeable, the dress was on, the shoes were making you a whole three inches taller and the jewelry glittered off your skin. If you didn’t know it was you you would have sworn you were looking at a princess. 

 "Crowley is here!“ Dean yelled as you started out the door, walking was proving as a bit of an issue but you made it to the living room where everyone’s mouth dropped. 

"Holy shit.” Dean whispered under his breath while Cas and Sam just stared, Crowley however wore the biggest smile. 

 "Now I defiantly want a picture of that.“ He laughed as you blushed. 

"Well are we going to this or are you going to make me stand here in these uncomfortable shoes all night?" 

 "Well I mean the car is right outside. So let’s go.” Crowley extended a hand which you gladly took. 

“See ya in an hour.” Dean called as you left the bunker 

“So tell me the truth Fergus, there is no monster is there?" 

 "Not at all. But they don’t know that.” He smiled as he held the door open for you. 

 When you got there you were completely blown away, the mansion was covered in Christmas lights and the lawn was all freshly trimmed. A red carpet went from the entrance to the street, and people were posted at the ends to open the doors to the cars and to the house once you provided a name on the list. 

“How did you get us in to this again?” You whispered as you proceeded done the carpet 

“The host is a demon, his vessel is quite rich so after killing him he decided to squander his money and then fake a suicide." 

"Well at least you are getting a fancy party out of it." 

"At least I am doing something you said would never happen.” He laughed. 

“Crowley plus one.” He said 

 "Ah yes master go right in.“ 

"Fair warning Fredrick the Winchesters and their baby in a trench coat plan in crashing the party. See to it that they don’t make it past the doorway, but don’t kill them.” You sternly said 

“Of course your highness. Shall I tell them you and Mr. Crowley are preoccupied." 

"That would be lovely.” You smiled. 

“They will think I did it you know?” Crowley whispered to you 

“I know. All the more fun, don’t you think?" 

 You both had a blast, you danced, ate, and just couldn’t stop smiling. On the ride back you curled into his chest and just were silent until Crowley said, "you know darling you look stunning in a dress." 

"Don’t get used to it, come tomorrow it’s back to flannel and jeans." 

"Well this image will be engraved in my mind forever.” He leaned down and kissed the top of your head. 

The car soon came to a stop, and you both slid out of the car, you slamming the door behind you. When you got to the door, you turned to say good night but Crowley had other plans in mind, and you couldn’t really blame him, I mean he was your boyfriend and all. He leaned down and kissed you, as you threw your arms around his neck, completely forgetting that this whole thing was risky and someone could see you at any moment. 

“Crowley, what the hell man we got to th….” Dean was saying as he threw open the door, fuming as he did, but was stopped dead in his tracks when he saw you both kissing, but then breaking apart when you heard the next part, “WHAT THE FUCK!" 


-keep reminding myself to dress nice on my days off but instead i gravitated towards this $3 thrifted band tee from savers….i like imagining what greasy 16 year old boy wore it and made a huge hole in it before me
-i can’t believe i have to open at work two days in a row holy shit i have to wake up at 4:30! kill my ass
-feel like i’ve been neglecting some of my relationships lately and i feel bad about it but i just have so much shit going on i don’t even have enough time to take care of my own stuff, sorry if this applies to u, i still love you

my five happy things for today

-i’m dead tired but I didn’t nap

-i am playing my horn again (for a deadline that is too soon but yknow what fuck it)

-i discovered today that the hot TA is Ripped. so many muscles. i’m ready for death

-i wore an awesome dress today and felt good abt myself

-we looked at cadavers for the first time in anatomy and omg it was so fascinating. i definitely want to do something medical with the rest of my life bc holy shit i’m in awe i love it


Red and Gold are Peter
and Lucy’s colors.
Warmth and Fire are

Darkness comes
in form of smoke 
and ashes
After the rage.

Edmund and Susan
claim blues and purples,
greens and browns.
Cold and Water.

Darkness is
within the depths,
Beyond calm exterior
ever existing.
Dived into.

One takes and
sheds the darkness.
The other, takes and
lives with it.

I was looking through the susan pevensie of @tamikaflynned and found the post on Lola wearing that damn lovely red and black dress. *searches for the post* And the tags of which red is Lucy’s color and black is for mourning.

#holy shit #anna popplewell #susan pevensie #lady lola #reign #red
#black #the DRESS AAAH #this gives me nebulous narnia feels i can’t put into words #qi #help how to narnia it my heart #narnia #but i just imagine she never wore red because she didn’t like it #she liked blues and greens and creams #not reds and not blacks #lucy wore reds
#and black is still for grief #sO WHAT IS THIS LIKE AT THE FUNERAL FOR SOMEONE IDK MY HEART #too many narnia feels always
#to write

Colors turned to elements. Peter and Lucy’s ‘darkness’ (anger, hate.. yada yada) are taken in and then released, either through war, through outbursts, tears, what have you. The thing is, destruction comes in a form of release of the intense emotions. Fire is life, but does destroy. 

Susan and Ed are water. Taking in and never letting is go unless extremely (life and death kind of extremely) needed. All the water stacked and like the ocean, the deeper you go the darker it gets.

Fire comes alive, devours then dies or maintained. Water? as much as I know, it stays and stays and stays. One way or another it stays opting to either keep the darkness and stay, or adapt as a river does before going to the sea.

My Susan roleplayer side speaking: “Lucy can carry red and be the beacon and the guide. When I wear red…”

“They say I am a wildfire devouring. A poisoned rose that cannot be denied touching only to bleed. When I wear red, I am war and I win.”

Susan wearing red when Rabadash came to Narnia. Now that is a lovely thought. Susan wearing a red skirt during PC battles. Susan’s red feathered arrows. Red are only patches here and there to Susan, and more often than not, it is dangerous and ends to death, or for killing.

anonymous asked:

Regency AU, assume they're both noble: Kenma is an Omega promised to Kuroo; they spend their childhood together and they never really think about their betrothal much. Growing up, Kenma always wore plain dresses, because he's a child. When Kenma is thirteen, he attends his first social event; Kuroo sees his future Omega fixed up and in a beautiful dress and it just HITS him that "wow. My omega is so fucking beautiful holy shit how have I not noticed it before. That's my omega right there FUCK".

Kuroo almost drops his drink when he spots Kenma. The omega is wearing a large, frilly, red and white dress with a black sash around his waist. The dress is strapless, showing Kenma’s thin, creamy white shoulders. Kuroo swallows hard when he realizes Kenma is wearing the colours of his family’s house.

He can’t believe he never really noticed how lucky he was, to have Kenma as an omega. Kenma is gorgeous, and Kuroo can feel possessiveness and desire filling his chest, and starts to anticipate the days when they’re finally mated, when Kenma is his officially. Kuroo can’t even think straight as he watches Kenma, unable to believe how he’d never seen it before, that his omega is beautiful and perfect, and all his.

You're His Sister's Friend-Louis (Mini Series) Part 6

      Parts 1-2-3-4-5 here!

     Your POV: 

          A shell. That’s what Lottie compared you to, although you didn’t really see much of her since the whole ‘Louis’ incident. When you did see her, you weren’t up for much of anything, and when Lottie wasn’t there, Niall was. He was to be gone for tour in about eight days, and that scared you. Who was going to be your rock when he wasn’t even there to tell you the truth, tell you what was right and what wasn’t? 

     "(Y/N)?“ Niall questioned as you looked to him, 

   "Hm?” You replied, unfazed. 

    “I just…you’re mixing the eggs too slow love…c'mon,” he took your hand and led you to the couch. 

    “What’s wrong?” he asked, you. It was something that wasn’t easily answered. How could you possibly answer that question with a bit of dignity, the bit of sanity you had left? There was no way to answer that question, when nothing was right. 

     "I loved him,“ you mumbled softly, silently hoping he wouldn’t catch on.

   ”(Y/N),“ he sighed, "Sometimes…childhood love, is just a dream, a dream that was never meant to become a reality. (Y/N), any boy who has ever, ever dreamt about letting you go is a twat, I’m friends with Louis, in fact he’s one of my closest friends among the band, but I can tell you right now…that he’s a moron and a jackass for even letting you out of his sights.” he squeezed your hand and you smiled. Over the period of time that Louis had broken up with you, Niall was there to comfort you, help you through the tears, and the frustration. He was your rock, your…solitude. 

    “I have a surprise for you,” he smiled before leaving your side and walking into the foyer, returning with a large box. 

    “Close your eyes,” he continued. You did as he asked, 

    “And….open,” you peeled your eyes open and saw Niall standing in front of you, a grin on his face and in his hands, a gorgeous strapless black number strips of leather running down the sides, clinging to the rest of the material and sequins gracing the chest. Your jaw dropped as you reached out to touch it, but refrained quickly. 

    “No..No Niall I can’t, this isn’t-” he laughed and shook his head, 

  “Please (Y/N)…I mean, I know it’s short notice and all, but tonight is the mini-concert we’re playing down in Leeds for some dance showcase. I want you to be there, plus…when’s the last time you went out?” he added jokingly and you smiled before practically tackling him in a hug. 

    “Niall you’re the best! What time does it start?” you asked, he glanced at his phone. 

    “About two and a half hours,” he nodded and you smiled before carefully taking the dress in your hands and hugging him once more, before heading up the stairs to get ready. 


     You kept the makeup light and added some product to your hair before slipping on the dress, it was a size smaller than you usually wore but it fit fine, during the whole 'grieving’ phase, Niall practically had to force you to eat anything but since then you must’ve dropped down a size. 

      After a quick touch up and a nod, you grabbed your clutch and headed down the stairs. 

    “Niall?” you questioned, he wasn’t by the stairs. 

    “Yeah I’m..I never really learned how to tie a- holy shit.” his eyes widened and he looked you up and down smiling. 

     "You're…damn, I’m good.“ he rubbed his palms together and you laughed walking over to him and proceeding to tie his tie correctly. 

    "You’re really beautiful, you know that?” he watched you as you continued to fix his collar.  

    “Thank you…erm, we should go yeah? Leeds is a half hour drive.” you nodded and grabbed your car keys. 

     "No, no…we’re arriving in style.“ he winked before pointing out the window where a limo was parked in front of the apartment and you placed your hand over your mouth, turning back to Niall. 

     "I've…never been in a limo, thank-you Niall you’ve seriously been amazing ever since…you’re the best.” you hugged him tightly before putting your house keys in the clutch and heading towards the limo. 

     On the ride to Leeds you and Niall had fun, drinking champaign, laughing at random people or just at nothing. Niall took your mind off of everything and anything stress related. He literally was, everything to you. 

     "Alright we’re gonna enter through the back because we’re a tad late, but you can stay backstage whilst I preform,“ he smiled as the limo parked. 

    "Alright, how long are you guys on for?” you questioned. He shrugged,  

  “It’s an opening act so probably a couple of songs.” you nodded and walked in through the doors to the studio and hugged him as he joined the others on stage. You didn’t bother to look as you sat yourself down on the couch provided and watched them preform on the set. You kept your eyes fixed on Niall for the most part but also caught a glimpse of Louis, and how…good he looked? What did you expect? He’s an international pop star, he probably doesn’t even have the time to mope over his breakup with a childhood, small town girl. 

     As soon as Niall’s solo in 'You & I’ came up you felt your eyes fixed on his as the camera zoomed in and focused on his. His eyes were always so bright, full of life and…sadness? There was something that wasn’t quite right but you couldn’t pin point it. 

    Once the song had finished and they had said their goodbyes to the audience, Niall ran back stage first and caught you in an embrace, spinning you around as you laughed. 

    “You did wonderfully!” you exclaimed, and before you knew what came over you, you pecked him on the lips. Shock overcame the both of you as you realized what you had just done. Before words could be spoken someone interrupted, 

    “Er…Niall?” Liam questioned and you spun around to face the rest of the guys…to face, him.  


Part 7? Sorry for the wait! I’ve got finals this week but I’m definitely going to post! 

The Interview

7. -“banged someone last night and it turns out they’re interviewing me for my new job” au

Poe Dameron x Reader

Requested by anon

Originally posted by indigoaneirin

You shot up in your bed, head pounding profusely from the heavy drinking last night. Usually you wouldn’t even drink more than 2 beers. But after catching your boyfriend in bed with your cousin, you needed more.

You looked over at your clock, and felt your stomach churn. “Shit! I’m going to be late!”

Quickly, you jumped out of bed and scurried through your closet, scavenging to find a nice and decent outfit for today.

Your door swung open, and your best friend who was also your roommate, barged in. “Good morning sunshine.” She smiled. “I got you some coffee.”

You didn’t have to stop. “Thanks.” You muttered, throwing clothes on to the floor. She sat at the edge of your bed, amused as she watched you run around like a chicken without a head. “So, what happened between you and that hot guy?”

Immediately, images flooded you. His brown eyes, dark hair, that cute smile. You were so worried about today, you almost completely forgot. Blood rushed up to your cheeks as you remembered going to the bathroom with him and doing somethings you have never done before. “We um, we hooked up.” You cleared your throat.

She shot up, her eyes growing wide as her mouth dropped. “Wait, you hooked up with a complete stranger?” She asked.

You slipped out of the clothes you wore the night before, and into a black dress. “Y-yea.”

“Holy shit dude. This is huge!” She walked over to you, forcing you to look at her. “How was it? Did you get his number? I need to the details Y/N!”

You rolled your eyes, she was always persistent and sometimes, it annoyed you. “I can’t right now. I am going to be late for my interview.”

“But I need to know!”

Letting out a sigh, you met her gaze. “Phoebe, I promise when I get back home I will tell you everything. But right now I have to get ready.”

She pouted her lips, and dropped her eyes. “Fine.” She exhaled. “I guess I’ll wait.”

You walked over to your bathroom, and brushed your teeth. Looking in the mirror, you noticed something on your neck, and then it hit you.

The guy from last night had left a mark on you.

“Shit!” You groaned. Rinsing your mouth out really quick, you hurried over to your makeup, and tried to cover it up.

Finally after a rushed 30 minutes, you were ready. Your hair was down in curls and your makeup was touched up just a bit.

“Okay, I’m leaving. I’ll see you after.” You muttered, slipping your purse over your shoulder.

“Good luck!” Phoebe yelled. ———-

The building was one of the tallest in the city. It was hard to miss. And luckily, it was only 10 minutes away from where you lived.

“Hi, I have a meeting with Mr. Dameron.” You hesitated, now feeling your stomach grow with nerves.

“Okay, please have a seat. I will let you know when he is ready for you.” She smiled.

You nodded and took a seat. The place was decorated beautifully. A few art pieces hung on the walls that were so captivating.

“Mr. Dameron will see you now.” The blonde muttered.

You propped up on your feet, feeling more nervous than before.

“He is feeling a bit under the weather this morning, but he is thrilled to meet you.” She stated.

“I am thrilled for this opportunity.” You hesitated.

She opened the door and flashed you a smile.

You let out a sharp breath, and tried to shake the nerves away. You stepped in and looked back at the blonde. “Thank you.”

As the door closed, you turned around. The office was bigger than you imagined. The Windows from ceiling to the floor brightened up the room.

Taking a seat, you nervously played with your zipper on your bag. You glanced around the room, scanning over the certificates that hung on the walls. Then a picture that placed on his bookcase caught your attention.

Squinting your eyes just a bit, you looked it over. The guy in the photo looked so familiar, though you couldn’t quite pin point where you’ve seen him before.

“Good morning Ms. Y/L/N.” A low voice muttered from behind, making you jolt in your seat.

“G-good morning-” you paused, as you turned your gaze to him.

Your stomach flipped, and now your were feeling nauseas. Everything had clicked right then. The guy in the photo, the man who was too focused on his phone as he made his way over to his desk. It was the stranger you had hooked up with last night.

You were frozen. Not knowing what to do or say. You wanted to run out, before he noticed you, before he realized the same thing.

But you couldn’t move.

Mr. Dameron plopped down into his seat, and placed his phone down beside him. “Sorry for the short wait, I am not feeling so well this morning. I-” he met your gaze, and his breath escaped him. “U-um I-” he adjusted his tie, feeling as if it were suffocating him.

“I know, I didn’t think I would ever see you again either.” You whispered.

“Did you-did you stalk me on the Internet or-”

“What? No. I didn’t even know your name let alone really remembered what happened.” You stated. “I wouldn’t had, you know, if I knew you were the Poe Dameron.”

He cleared his throat, sitting up in his chair. “Right, of course.”

You could feel the tension thickening, and it was beginning to freak you out. “I’ll just leave. Sorry for wasting your time.”

You gripped on to your strap and started toward the door.

“Wait!” He shot up. “Why are you leaving?”

Turning on your heels, you you furrowed your brows. “Because what happened last night-”

“Right. Last night happened but there isn’t anything we can do to change that.” He crossed his arms over his chest, not once looking away. “I looked over your resume, and I really want you to work here.”

You let out a soft sigh, shaking your head. “I don’t want you to do me any favors.”

“Y/N, i looked at your file before I even met you. You’re a great lawyer and I’d be crazy not to have you on my team.” He muttered.

A smile formed on your lips. “Are you serious?”

He nodded, walking over to you. “I promise, hiring you has nothing to do with what happened last night.”

“Can we, can we just pretended it never happened? I mean last night. I don’t want people to know I slept with the boss.” You chuckled.

Poe flashed a smirk. “Nothing happened.” He whispered. “But it could.”

He was now just inches away from you, his breath hitting your cheek. “I’ll do you the right way.”