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suga nsfw headcanons?? sorry not sorry

oh honey, never be sorry. you have done a great service to this fandom. please don’t be sorry. forgive me my lord i have sinned

-suga looks vanilla

-think again bitch

-fucking rough as hell

-he can be your angle or yuor devil there are no spelling errors i couldn’t help but meme


-he probably has tons of kinks

-i think he would definitely have a exhibitionist kink and pain kink

-also likes watching you( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

-loves seducing you in public

-also really good at giving lapdances

-loves making you feel good

-hearing your moans makes him pleased with himself

-really good at oral holy shit

-seriously that mouth can do wonders

-usually likes being dom?? but definitely wouldn’t mind if you want to take the lead for once

-okay but intense love making with him is very emotional

-he would try to decorate the bedroom and give it the ambiance

-loves holding you close when making love to you

-may or may not cry during and after the whole thing

-gets really nervous and concerned for you if you start to cry

-he’ll stop everything just to check on you

-suga loves you a lot

-nsfw suga is good suga

oh bless my soul forgive my lord i have sinned. please pass the holy water to me now. @sakura-sketches please douse the whole bottle of your perfume called holy water on me. okay here you go anon!! never be sorry for this hA. also hope you like this!! sorry if i took too long!! also credits to @sakura-sketches for the new blog name ahahaha

Marichat May Day 15:Something Sweet

My hand slipped

The first time she offered Chat a buttered croissant, he ate it under one minute. Marinette was afraid he would choke and die on her. Imagine what would have been if one half of Paris’ superheroes duo was killed by a damn croissant.

The first time when she gave him cookies, he inhaled a whole damn plate in two minutes and had crumbs all over his suit. It was kind of cute.

The first time when she gave him profiteroles he hugged her leg the entire time and kept wishing her all the good things in the world while shoving them in his mouth.

And when she brought him a Saint Honoré for the first time, Chat honestly looked like he was close to crying. He pulled Marinette in his lap and cuddled her against his chest the entire time whole shoving the damn dessert in his mouth and eventually crying. He actually started crying because he enjoyed that damn dessert so much.

At this point, Marinette believed he was either on a no sugar diet or simply had too much of a sweet tooth for his own good.

“Oh, princess!”

Speaking of the devil. Think of the cat and it comes sniffing after sweets, most likely. She turned to him. “What’s up, minou? Do you want something sweet?”

Chat strutted towards her and stopped close enough so she could feel his breath on her face. “Oh, yes, I do. But not a pastry this time. Just something as sweet”

His eyes dropped to her lips before meeting hers again and wiggling his eyebrows. Marinette looked entirely unimpressed. Did he watch another anime and needed someone to practice the flirting lines on? Oh well, if that’s how he wanted to play, so be it. She smirked.

“Then I can’t keep my poor kitty starved, now can I?”

He didn’t have time to respond, because Marinette grabbed his bell and pulled him into a passionate kiss. You could guess Chat.exe has stopped working. He didn’t expect this. Not at all. Holy shit, Marinette kissed like a pro. And she tasted like vanilla and strawberries. To add icing on the cake, Marinette got a good grip on him and pulled him in a dip. And when she considered she had kissed him enough (though she wouldn’t mind more, not that she would ever admit it out loud) she broke the kiss and smirked down at him.

“Was that sweetness enough for you, mon chaton?”

She swore she had never seen anybody turn that red.

SILVER SPOON: Part 9 FINALE [Yoongi x Reader; Rom-com, fluff]

A girl who had to work hard every day of her life to rise from nothing, meets a man who was born with and given everything.

A classic tale of what happens when a cold, uptight farm girl meets a playful, rebellious, easy-going city boy that was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Summary: Having been born and raised in the country side, you have worked hard your entire life to make it to the big city. You eventually achieved your dream and now you have a wonderful paying job for a large company and you continue putting your 110% into everything you do. However, your perfect plan to climb to success through consistent effort and hard work becomes disarrayed with the arrival of your branch’s new rebellious and easy-going CEO, who never desired the position in the first place and has never truly worked hard a day in his life. Your job is on the line if he can’t be turned into a quality CEO within a year, but he has no intention of changing himself for anyone or letting you boss him around so easily. How will you work your way through this obstacle? Will you succeed in changing him or will he be the one that changes you?

Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jimin & VIXX’s Leo as side characters; some other BTS members show up too lol)
Office au
Romantic Comedy, Fluff

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 (Finale)

A/N: Ahh I can’t believe this series has come to an end! Thank you everyone for loving my light-hearted floof series <3 

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           "Oh crap. Holy shit. Crap.“ Yoongi stumbled around his apartment frantically.

           "Slept through your alarm again, Sir?” Leo smirked at the doorway as he watched his master scrambling around, chucking suit after suit out of his closet.

           "Dammit Leo, what should I wear?“ Yoongi hissed.

           "This is why you should’ve listened to Miss Y/N and chosen your clothes beforehand.” Leo shook his head.

           "That is not helping right now, Leo. I need to look good today.“

           Leo rolled his eyes. "I am sure it is not exactly a need, but a want to look good.”

           Yoongi pushed his head out of his closet to glare at Leo. “You really want to get hit today, huh?”

           Leo chuckled. “I would find it quite enjoyable for you to attempt to hit me.”

           "Ugh Y/N is going to kill me if she finds out I overslept again.“

           "I believe that’s too late.” Leo smiled mischievously.


           Yoongi clipped his pants on as he looked up to find Leo holding up his phone.

           "Don’t answer!” he panicked.

           But Leo smirked and swiped his hand to accept the call.

           "Yoongi? Hello?“ Your voice echoed. "Don’t tell me you’re still getting dressed.”

           "I am…“ he huffed as he tried to button his shirt but ended up missing a hole, so they were misaligned. ”…not.“

           You exhaled. "You think after two years, you’d be able to do SOMETHING on your own.”

           "Excuse me?“ Yoongi argued. "I’ve been doing just fine.”

           "How many times have I had to call you on my way to work just to make sure you were awake?“

           "Almost every day Miss Y/N.” Leo answered honestly, earning another glare from Yoongi.

           You giggled. “Thank you Leo. Anyway, just throw something on like you do every day.”

           "Today’s special! How I look is important.“

           "Special?” You chuckled. “Isn’t it just another meeting?”

           "Yah. This is a meeting with ALL of the CEOs in person, especially my arch nemesis, and I’m heading it! I need to assert my dominance.“

           "Oh…I’m sure we’re all aware of who you are Yoongi. And I’m pretty sure that rivalry is one-sided on your end.”

           "You’re distracting me!“ Yoongi complained.

           "Alright, but I called to say that I really liked your turtleneck under your suit look ~” you suggested. “If that’s what you’re wearing today, I’d very much like a selfie.”

           Yoongi paused and immediately threw off the white button up he was struggling with and grabbed one of his black turtlenecks.

           "Yeah, that’s exactly what I was putting on.“ he stated nonchalantly.

           "Oh really?” you said half-heartedly.

           Leo chuckled, already used to how well you were able to manipulate Yoongi despite the distance.

           "Anyways, I have to go. Have a good day, love.“ You giggled.

           "Wait!” Yoongi whined.


           "You’re really not coming again today?”

           You paused. “I love you, Yoongs.”

           Yoongi frowned. “I love you too.”

           With a sigh, he hurried to finish changing and made his way to the office.

           It had already been two long years since he dropped you off at that station. The last time either of you saw each other– in person at least. You both still made time to webcam, text, and call each other whenever possible. But it was difficult to romance through the screen and the need to hold you and kiss you was becoming more and more unbearable for him each day.

           As promised, you had graduated with the highest honors in your university, even winning the spot of commencement speaker and making it to the news with your eloquent and inspiring speech. The nation was astounded by the woman who came from a humble background and ended up rising to the status of CEO, cultivating one of the strongest branches in a world-renowned company. To Yoongi’s dismay, you received a nomination to be a Director of the Board and became one of the candidates for Chair along with him and one other.

           But while you accomplished a lot already, you still hadn’t been able to see each other. The Chairman forbid both of you from attending meetings in person at the same time, so more or less, one of you would be on webcam during conferences. There were no traces or connections between you two, other than the fact that you both had once worked together as boss and secretary. As the Chairman wanted, you kept your relationship the utmost secret from the world, until you two were able to stand on your own.

           And Yoongi had fulfilled his duty just as excellently as you did. Although he woke up late almost every day, he still made it to work on time. And even without you and Jimin, he continued to advance the Daegu branch without troubles, winning many mergers and partnerships with large companies. He even expanded his own franchise outside of the company, wanting to test his own skills without the help of his family name and not being restricted to just what was good for the company. It was a business run by himself, for himself. The Board of Directors took notice of his progression and seriousness, keeping a close eye on him for the past two years, since he was, in fact, the rightful heir to the corporation.

           Yoongi pouted as he made his way to the conference room, nodding slightly to acknowledge the people bowing deeply as he passed. He really hated how unnecessary all of these rules were that his grandfather was still instating. You both had kept your end of the promise already. Why couldn’t you see each other yet?

           He grumbled as he fixed his suit in front of the conference room. After checking that he had all his notes and files in hand, he took a deep breath and pushed the door open. He was ready to do this. But what he saw as soon as he walked in, he was not prepared for, and it froze him in his spot almost immediately.

           You grinned as everyone stood up respectfully when Yoongi arrived. Your eyes locked with each other upon entrance and you saw him freeze in shock. You tried to fight back your laughter at your successful surprise. You subtly gestured for him to take his seat at the head of the table and he coughed to compose himself.

           "Please. Have a seat.“ he stated amiably, but he couldn’t stop beaming brightly.

           Jimin elbowed you and leaned over to whisper. "Still can’t hide his feelings too well when it comes to you, huh?”

           You giggled and shook your head. “I’m afraid not.”

           "Well regardless, it’s good to see everyone in the same room again.“ Jimin smiled.

           "Yeah, it really is.” You glanced over at Yoongi proudly as he organized his papers in front of him.

           "Is everyone here?“ Yoongi looked up and scanned the room.

           "One more person has yet to arrive, Mr. Min.”

           "Ah. I’m sure we can start without him.“ Yoongi stated curtly.

           You glanced at Jimin and Hoseok curiously.

           "The third person nominated to be the Chair and Yoongi’s sworn arch nemesis.” Jimin whispered knowingly.

           "Ah that guy…he’s talked about it with me. But I didn’t think it was this bad.“ You mentioned.

           "He’s top of his class too. Mature, wise, handsome.” Hoseok commented.

           "But not as handsome as me.“ Jimin interjected.

           Hoseok rolled his eyes.

           "I can’t seem to remember the man’s name. I don’t think Yoongi ever mentioned it.” You pondered.

           "Oh it’s –“

           "Shall we get started?” Yoongi smirked. “Those who are running late can catch up in the minutes.”

           "My apologies, Mr. Min.“ A new voice echoed into the room.

           Yoongi groaned, while your eyes widened when a familiarly tall figure entered the room.

           "Mr. Kim.” Yoongi greeted bitterly. “Nice of you to finally join us.”

           "I figured everyone would need a bit of caffeine for this long meeting.“ The man grinned, exposing his deeply dimpled cheeks, as he held up two large bags of packed coffee.

           "One point for Mr. Kim.” Hoseok cackled under his breath, causing Jimin to snicker with him.

           "Y/N.“ The man bowed lightly as he handed you a cup of coffee. "Long time no see.”

           You grinned and accepted it. “You too… Namjoon.”

           "Mr. Min’s glaring at you, Y/N.“ Jimin whispered, warningly.

           "No, that’s his normal face. Don’t worry.” You waved your hand as you continued to stare at Namjoon.

           "Is the seat next to you taken?“ Namjoon questioned.

           You shook your head. "It’s for you. But be careful sitting down.”

           Namjoon chuckled. “You might have to hold my chair so it doesn’t spin out from underneath me.”

           You giggled knowingly, and you suddenly heard a loud cough from the front of the room. You and Namjoon glanced at each other amused then both turned your attention towards Yoongi.

           "Shall we get started?“ Yoongi stated through gritted teeth, staring daggers at you.

           You bit your lip to fight back your amusement and looked down at your notes to avoid his lingering eyes.

           "Let’s do it, Mr. Min!” Jimin cheered, earning a scolding nudge from Hoseok.

           The meeting progressed smoothly. You were extremely impressed by how Yoongi handled it. He passed out outlines for everyone at the beginning in order to direct the flow of conversation and to make sure every important topic was discussed thoroughly. You couldn’t help but smile proudly as you watched him leading the conference confidently and knowledgeably, like a true CEO.

           Jimin nudged you. “Stop making those googly eyes, gosh.”

           You glared at him. “I am not making googly eyes.”

           "This is what your face is telling me you’re thinking: ‘Oh my gosh. He’s so attractive. He’s so dreamy. He’s so manly. He’s come so far, I’m so proud. I’m in love all over again.’“ he teased.

           You reached over and pinched Jimin’s cheeks harshly. "And you’re still annoying, Park Jimin.”

           Hoseok snorted as he continued writing down notes.

           "Y/N. Jimin.“ Yoongi called out.

           You two sat up straight, embarrassed at being caught.

           "Do you have anything else you wish to discuss?” Yoongi raised an eyebrow at you challengingly.

           You smirked. “Why yes, Mr. Min. I have a few things I want to bring up to the table.”

           "Here we go.“ Jimin muttered and you kicked him under the table as you took out your own handouts and charts to show off.

           After the meeting ended, the CEOs mingled around for a few minutes before making their way to the complimentary luncheon. Some people approached Yoongi and Namjoon to speak to them directly and introduce themselves to the possible Chairs of the company.

           "Even though you’re nominated, people don’t believe you’ll take the Chairwoman position.” Jimin shrugged as he sat on the table nonchalantly. “You should just take it and get a big laugh at everyone’s face.”

           You chuckled. “I’d rather not just sit on my butt all day and not do much.”

           Jimin snorted. “Don’t let your future Gramps hear you say that.”

           "What have you been up to? You seem to have been busy the past year.“ You changed the subject.

           Hoseok shook his head. "Yes, very busy.”

           "Oh no.“ You rolled your eyes. "I’m afraid to ask what he was busy with…or with who more so.”

           "Hey!“ Jimin huffed. "It’s not bad! Well it was bad at first, but I’ll have you know that I’m finally in a stable relationship.”

           You gawked at him. “Are you serious?”

           You glanced at Hoseok for confirmation.

           "I’m afraid so.“ Hoseok laughed with a light shrug. "It was a surprise to me too.”

           "Oh my gosh! That’s great! Is it her? Your used-to-be-fake-girlfriend that I knew you had feelings for??“ You gushed.

           "Yes. That’s exactly the one.” Hoseok shook his head.

           Jimin blushed.

           "How did it happen?“ You breathed. "Wow, I missed so much.”

           Jimin rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. “It’s a pretty long story.”

           "Well, no matter. The result is what’s important. I can’t believe you’re taken.“ You clapped. "We all have to get together one day with our significant others. We’ll come to you guys in Seoul for the next meeting!”

           "Sounds perfect.“ Jimin smiled.

           "And congrats to you too, Hoseok. I heard from the grapevine about you and Silver getting together.” You grabbed Hoseok’s and Jimin’s hands warmly. “I’m so happy for you two.”

           "Yah, yah, yah.“ Yoongi approached you three, a warning tone in his voice.

           You rolled your eyes and let go of their hands. The other two chuckled.

           "Is this the thanks I get for helping you out, Jimin?”

           Jimin laughed, “She grabbed me, Mr. Min. I’m innocent. I would never betray you, but this one is trouble. You have to keep an eye on her.”

           You shoved Jimin while chuckling.

           "I know she is.“ Yoongi glanced at you endearingly.

           Jimin shivered and pushed Hoseok to the side. "Okay, let’s go before they jump each other right here.”

           "That’s something YOU would do, Jimin.“ Hoseok rolled his eyes.

           "Read the situation, Hoseok.” Jimin hissed then bowed to you and Yoongi. “Please have lots of beautiful children, Mr. & Mrs. Min.”

           "YOU read the situation!“ Hoseok scolded, shaking Jimin angrily as the other giggled mischievously.

           You and Yoongi blushed and smiled at each other. But before either of you could say anything, another person approached you two.

           "Mr. Min. Y/N.”

           Yoongi’s face immediately turned sour. “Namjoon.”

           "The meeting was handled really well. You have my sincerest compliments.“ Namjoon bowed.

           "I’m glad you think so, but I don’t need your compliments to know I did a good job.”

           "Mr. Min!“ You scolded.

           "It’s alright, Y/N. This is how we converse.” Namjoon chuckled. “It’s refreshing.”

           Yoongi scowled at his good natured mentality.“Well, why are you two so chummy?”

           "Oh.“ You smiled. "Remember the traveler that Tae took in?”

           "The only one who solved your super hard problem that you gave to people who wanted to date you?“ Yoongi eyed Namjoon skeptically.

           "More or less.” You laughed. “That was Namjoon.”

           Namjoon grinned brightly.

           "Wooo.“ Yoongi stated flatly.

           "How did I not know you worked here?” You turned your attention back to the tall man, ignoring your boyfriend’s gloomy behavior.

           "I was adapting to the new responsibilities for a while and wanted to focus on my internal branch affairs before dealing with external ones. So I only went to a handful of meetings. What about you?! I had no idea you worked here too! When I saw your speech on the news, I was stunned. Then I knew our paths would cross soon enough.“ Namjoon grinned.

           Yoongi looked at the two of you with apparent disgust.

           "Well, shall we go to the complimentary lunch?” Namjoon gestured.

           "Let’s.“ You smiled as you followed him to the door, enjoying taunting Yoongi.

           "Y/N.” Yoongi called dangerously.

           Namjoon glanced between the two of you and the situation seemed to dawn on him. “Ahh, I’ll go on ahead then.”

           You chuckled gratefully and he winked at you before shutting the door behind him.

           "CEO Min.“ you turned to him and bowed coyly.

           "Don’t CEO Min me.” He growled as he took three strides towards you and slammed his lips against yours hungrily.

           You cupped his face as his hands settled onto your waist. It was so wonderful, finally being able to touch him after so long.

           You laughed as you broke the kiss, “I missed you too.”

           He grabbed your hand and led you to his chair. Gently, he sat you on his lap as you played with his hair gently.

           "I can’t believe you were flirting with my arch nemesis.“ He sulked.

           You snorted. "Why is Namjoon your arch nemesis? Cause of the Chairman position?”

           "In more ways than that.“ Yoongi grumbled.

           You chuckled and shook your head. "As I said, I’m sure it’s a one-sided rivalry.”

           "It isn’t! That man just doesn’t show his competitiveness outwardly. I can sense it.“

           "Well it sounds like you’re good friends then.”

           "We’re not.“

           You grinned but yielded, "Of course.”

           "Did you hear about the transfer papers?“ he hummed. "I figured if my grandfather was still trying to keep us apart, I had to take matters into my own hands.”

           "I did.“

           "Did you accept?”

           "Mmm I still have to think about it.“ you grinned playfully.

            "Why?” he drummed impatiently on your leg.

           "Because I can’t jump too enthusiastically at the offer, I have to play hard to get.“

           "With your boyfriend…” he answered flatly, as if you were doing the stupidest thing in the world.

           "With my boss.“ you whispered as you batted your eyelashes at him. "I have to see how much he wants and values me.”

           Yoongi’s lips curled up mischievously as he tightened his grip around your waist, “Shall I show you how much I want you?”

           You laughed and smacked his chest at his insinuation. “Yoongi.”

           His eyes twinkled happily at finally having you in his arms and hearing your voice in person.

           "Marry me.“ he whispered and you inhaled sharply at the suddenness of the request.

           "What? Yoongi –”

           "That’s how much I want you.“ he smiled warmly as he leaned his head comfortably on your chest. "I want to see you every day. I want to show you that I can make you proud and that I can make you happy.”

           "But still –“

           "Well if you won’t marry me yet, accept the transfer.” he smirked.

           You chuckled and rolled your eyes at his ultimatum. “I’m pretty sure this is abusing your power.”

           "You’re abusing my love for you.“ he pouted cutely. "I just want you to be where I can see you, where I can be with you.”

           You laughed as you squeezed his cheeks. “I was going to accept it anyway. I just need to act like I was in contemplation. I still have pride in my branch, you know. It’s like my child.”

           He grinned then scrunched his face.

           "Fine. I’ll wait then.“

           You pecked his lips lightly. "Thank you.”

           "Where are you staying tonight?“ he questioned.

           "Mmm I was hoping I still had a room at a certain apartment complex.” You grinned.

           Yoongi chuckled. “I was hoping you’d say that.”

           Later that day, you found yourself curled up in Yoongi’s couch once again. He lay on your lap, relaxing while you carded your fingers through his hair.

           "This isn’t a dream, right?“ he exhaled, his eyes still closed.

           You tugged at his hair causing him to wince and scream in pain. 

          "Ah! Gosh! Okay! It’s not a dream. Sheesh. I need all my hair for goodness sake!”

           "Maybe you should stop dye-ing it so often, hm?“ You hummed. "It looks like you infected Jimin with your habit.”

           Yoongi grinned. “He’s the one that asked me to dye it with him.”

           "Oh right, what happened between you two? You helped him out or something?“

           "Mmm at first, I asked him for a favor for a week or two, since the influx of work increased in the Daegu branch. But then, he ended up begging me to have him stay longer at the branch, due to a woman problem.”

           "Ah maybe his girlfriend.“

           "He looked like hell, Y/N.” Yoongi snorted. “I don’t exactly know what happened, but he was so miserable when he first arrived. Then he spontaneously asked me to take him to where I get my hair dyed because he needed a change.”

           "Wow. Seems like you two do actually get along.“ You giggled.

           "Well he’s no longer a threat since he’s taken.” he shrugged. “But it wasn’t for free, I had to ask Jimin for a favor too.”

           "What favor?“

           "It’s a secret.” Yoongi cackled.

           "Then why mention it?? You’re so annoying!“ You shook him, but gently, he grabbed your hands and opened his eyes to look up at you intently.

           You stared at him questioningly, feeling an odd sort of intensity from his look.


           He smiled and reached up to stroke your cheek.

           "Move in with me.“

           Your heart flipped over inside your chest.

           "Live with me here in the city. Once you accept the transfer, I want to move in together.”

           You blushed. You were ecstatic, truly. You wanted nothing more than to say yes. You wanted nothing more than to see Yoongi first thing in the morning and last thing at night, but…

           "Yoongi, I’m worried about my family. My little sisters, Tae, Jin.“

           He chuckled lightly. "I told you not to worry about them, didn’t I? I took care of them while you were away.”

           You furrowed your brows angrily. “Speaking of which, none of them will tell me what they’ve been up to! I know you helped my sister cover the rest of her university tuition because I bribed it out of her! And I heard Jin disappeared to no one knows where suddenly but he keeps messaging that he’s fine? And Tae? I’ve been getting e-mails but I have no idea what he’s doing or where?”

           Yoongi’s lips curled up.

           “Hyung?” Tae called as he found Yoongi sitting on the couch in the middle of the night, the place where you used to sleep.

           Yoongi smiled sadly.

           "You miss her, huh?“ Tae smiled as he sat beside him.

           "Yeah, a lot.”

           "It’s okay, hyung. This is her dream. It’s no one’s fault.“ Tae squeezed Yoongi’s hand."She decided it herself.”

           Yoongi glanced at the younger, “You know, you matured a bit.”

           Tae grinned. “When I think of how hard Y/N has been working for us and for herself, it makes me wonder if I’ll ever get close to my dream like she has.”

           Yoongi stared at Tae, “Do you still want to go to Seoul, Tae?”

           Tae smiled and nodded. “Very much.”

           "Good.“ Yoongi’s grin widened. "Because there’s an opening for a part-time job at one of the top vet hospitals there, and I’ve already put in a good word for you since I have a connection in there. And they’d like you to come in for an interview soon.”

           Tae gasped, his eyes widening. “What? Really?”

           Yoongi laughed and nodded. “Yes, really.”

           "Oh my gosh, hyung!“ Tae flung his arms around Yoongi excitedly. "Seriously? I have a chance to be a vet in Seoul??”

           "I wrote you a stunning recommendation letter and asked your boss at your current hospital to do so too. It’s all up to you now.“

           Tae’s eyes watered happily. "Thank you, hyung. I don’t how to thank you.”

           "While you’re there, would you like to make some cash on the side?“ Yoongi’s lips curled up.

           "Huh?” Tae blinked.

           "I want to hire you to keep an eye on the new business I’m starting up in Seoul.“


           Yoongi nodded. “I trust you. Plus I think you’ll like the place. It won’t be a boring job. You’ll get to meet all sorts of people, and there’ll be music and performances every day. What do you think?”

           "Yes!“ Tae beamed. "I’ll help you out, hyung. Of course I’ll help!”

           Yoongi felt a tear drop fall onto his face from yours and he sat up from your lap carefully.

           "Hey.“ he whispered softly, trying to get you to lift your face.

           You shook your head and cried. "I-I don’t know how to thank you, Yoongi. You didn’t have to. I have to pay you back for my sister’s tuition and for Tae–”

           Yoongi kissed you and smiled. “They’re my family too. You don’t need to do that.”

           You sniffled and wiped your tears.

           "But if you do want to do something for me,“ he smirked as he leaned closer to you. "I could think of a few things I’d like you to do for me.”

           You chuckled, “Is one of them moving in with you?”

           Yoongi nodded lightly, “But there are a few other things you could do for me right now.”

           "Come here then, Min Yoongi.“ You pulled him towards you by gripping his turtleneck and locked lips with him happily.

           "I was thinking cooking for me,” he grinned cheekily. “Didn’t know you were so dirty minded, Y/N.”

           You rolled your eyes and tried to shove him away playfully, but he resisted, climbing over you and kissing you sweetly.

           "I missed you, Farm Girl.“

           "I missed you too, Silver Spoon.”

           "Let’s work hard together from now on, hm?“

           You grinned. "I don’t know about you, but I’ve been working hard all my life.”

           Months later, Jimin grinned as he scrolled through the news on his phone, as he did every morning. But today, instead of boring articles about stock markets, and businesses crashing, pictures of you and Yoongi were scattered throughout every news site and all over his social media. The headline read “BREAKING NEWS: DAEGU ROYALTY, MIN YOONGI, DATING DAEGU’S VERY OWN CINDERELLA, Y/N!”. He chuckled as he scanned through the pictures of you two boldly holding hands on the street, openly dating, beaming at each other. He plugged one earphone in and played the news video.

           “Women all over the world are gushing over the news. Folks, it is real! This has never happened before in the history of the nation. No longer is it just a fairytale, but it’s become reality. Someone from humble birth – a farm girl from the Daegu countryside to be exact– has in fact, snatched herself a man of wealth and status. And it isn’t just recently either, the couple has in fact been together for almost three years! Talk about a BIG surprise!

           While there are mixed opinions about this unprecedented relationship, there isn’t much to be said about why these two can’t be together. She certainly has proven herself to be worthy of such a status and has shown the world that no matter where you come from, you can be whoever you want to be through hard work. Alternatively, CEO Min Yoongi has stated that he has never intended to date or marry for wealth, but for happiness and love.” The reporter spoke.

           Then Yoongi appeared on the screen, “I have money already, and I have a steady job so I’ll be gaining more. Why do I need to marry someone for even more money? I think that’s just ridiculous. There are more important things in relationships and in life.”

           Once again, the reported appeared and continued, “When we asked the Chairman, CEO Min’s grandfather, about his opinion on the matter, he also expressed his support and approval for this relationship. Many of the wealthy are absolutely shaken up, but for all of us normal folks, it is a sliver of hope to break down the economic barriers. The couple has accepted many exclusive interviews and has stated that all of their broadcasting fees will be donated to an organization. What an inspiration! We’ll be keeping everyone updated on this truly modern day fairytale so stay tuned.”

           Jimin snorted. “But I was the Fairy Godmother. Do I not get thanks too? Ungrateful friends.”

           "Oh? I know her!“ Jimin’s girlfriend appeared behind the counter, peeking at his phone.

           "Well, yeah. She’s all over the news.”

           "No. Look.“ she pointed at a picture on the wall.

           Jimin’s eyes widened. "What’s she doing there?”

           She chuckled, “She owns this coffee franchise. You’ve been going here every day and you didn’t know about it at all?”

           Jimin cracked up, incredulously. “That girl is truly unbelievable.”

           "Looks like something good happened?“ His girlfriend questioned curiously, as she handed him his usual three cups of coffee.

           He nodded. "Yes, something wonderful happened.”

           "What did?“

           Jimin beckoned her to come closer. His girlfriend leaned over, believing he was going to whisper it to her, but instead he kissed her cheek sweetly.

           "Chims! I’m at work!” she huffed and glanced around worriedly.

           Jimin grinned cheekily.

           "Hope happened, babe.“ His face softened. "Hope for the future.”

           "What’re you writing now?“ Yoongi peeked at what you were doing, resting his chin on your shoulder cutely. "We need to sleep early for our thousandth interview, and the bed is cold without you.”

           "I’ll be in soon. I just want to finish this bit.“ You grinned. "I’m sending in a story for publishing.”

           "Without telling me?“ Yoongi huffed and he squeezed himself onto your lap. "Let me read! Is it an autobiography?”

           "Mmm…“ Your lips curled up as you wrapped your arms around his stomach warmly as he scrolled through your document. "In a way.”

           Yoongi leaned back onto you and covered your hands with his. “What is it about?”

           "A Silver Spoon falling in love with a Farm Girl.“

           Yoongi chuckled as he played with your fingers.

           "I think it was the Farm Girl who fell in love with the Silver Spoon though.”

           "No, definitely not.“ You leaned your head against his shoulder. "She had to work hard to earn a living. She didn’t have much time for love. In the meantime, he had everything so he was able to flirt and seduce her freely.”

           Yoongi smiled gently. “No…he didn’t have everything. In fact, he actually had nothing back then.”

           "Oh?“ You glanced up at him playfully. "So…does he have everything now?”

           Yoongi grinned as he fiddled with the ring on your fourth finger.

           "Yes… he truly has everything now.“

           "Shall I spoil the ending?” You whispered teasingly.

           Yoongi nodded, his eyes twinkling with unspoken happiness.

           You giggled and held your left hand up next to his, showing off your matching rings.

           "The Farm Girl has everything now too.“ 

Temporary Fix L.H

warning: smut

word count: 1400+

song: Temporary Fix by One Direction

I’ve loved this song ever since the first time I heard it so I was super excited to write something based on it. hope you like it anon! x

- Find my Masterlist here -


You can call me when you’re lonely
When you can’t sleep, I’ll be your temporary fix
You control me, even if it’s just tonight
You can call me when you feel like
I’m your good time, I’ll be your temporary fix
You can own me, and we’ll call this what you like
Let me be your good night 

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Bagels and Blondes

Read on AO3!

Bellamy almost wasn’t able to stifle his groan when someone walked into the shop at 5 AM. They were technically open, but very few people actually need bagels before 7, so those first two hours were Bellamy’s time to slowly wake up to the day.

But this little blonde woman just had to ruin it.

She grinned widely at him when she walked in and said a chipper “Good morning!” before looking through the glass at the bagel selection.

She’s the most annoyingly morning-person I’ve ever met, Bellamy thought to himself.

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nishinoya-me  asked:

IT REALLY IS?? IMAGINE Lance just humming the song during breakfast or smth and Keith just breaks at the table his whole face goes red and he's pretty sure he's screaming out loud?? Hunk just has a knowing smirk and Pidge regrets s o m u ch


- Keith goes to Hunk and asks him how long Lance has been poledancing and Hunk tells him he doesn’t know but back on earth he was like really popular online for it


- “Pidge, who would I have to kill for you to get ke access to earth youtube?”

-Pidge is confused, but tells him she will work on it not knowing why he asked, but Pidge thinks she can do it. It just might take sometime.





- Hunk literally has to tell Lance to chill, because keith is gonna break soon

- Lance doesn’t stop, mainly bc know he knows that keith is crushing on him and he has to make a MOVE SOMEHOW

- Keith everyday wakes up a little earlier than he did before for a chance to see Lance practicing again, and one time he even goes to an entrance that isn’t in Lance’s view and just watches, because HOLY SHIT HOW CAN HE BE THIS FLEXABLE??? ALSO HOW CAN LANCE BE THIS GRACEFUL??? he’s floored honestly


- Keith end’s up doing this quite a lot and one day pidge finds him and all she can does is cross her arms “do NOT tell me i got you access to youtube so you could watch Lance’s videos” because being friends at the garrison meant that yes, she was aware of the videos

- Keith can’t even form words but Pidge is just shoving the stick that holds the information needed and just leaves. Keith keeps it with him for the rest of the day



Take Care Of You Part 2

Lots of fluff, things will get more exciting with the others in the next part! I’ll update my master list in the morning! Also just wondering if I have any male readers? Please let me know, because I have few questions for them!

I tie my hair up in a bun, groaning as I have to change into one of the uniforms in the back. A few curls escape but I’m in too much of a rush to care at the moment. With a pen and a note pad I rush back into the seating area. All the tables are full for some reason today, high schoolers and office workers fill the spots at every low table. I glance at the clock, 4:30, I still have a few hours before I have to get over there. With a big smile I approach my first table, I greet them politely, kneeling next to the table I get each of their orders before heading back to the kitchen to fill it.

I glide through the tea house with my tray in my hand, something I’ve done 1000s of times before, serving, clearing and setting, and repeat. I’m in a flow, helping the other servers with their tables when mine are content, it isn’t until I get my next table that I start to falter. Sitting cross legged at the table is Minseok, and he does not look one bit happy. I briefly consider pawning it off on of the other servers when our eyes lock and I know I have no other option. With my head hung like a child who was caught doing something wrong, I shuffle over to his table and kneel down beside him.

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Trauma and Healing: Ambush [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/n: Chapter 8!!!! The next chapter will be the final chapter! Omg I can’t believe this series is almost over.

Warnings: Death, Kidnapping, Blood, Mulit-Personality Disorder (kinda?)

Tagging: @cherryignacio @queen-of-all-the-fandoms @keepjasontoddsafefromeveryone @aworldwideapart @just-a-girl-maybe @bat-lakota @sad-horchata @miraisnotavailable @comicbookworm @kazuha159 @ahungrygirl

Ch. 1 - Ch. 2 - Ch. 3 - Ch. 4 - Ch. 5 - Ch. 6 - Ch. 7


Ch. 8

Since that night with Jason, everything seemed to go back up hill. You didn’t feel vulnerable anymore. You didn’t get nightmares or flashbacks. Jason did really seem to chase everything away. Though it did shock Kori and Roy when they came home that next morning to find you sleeping in Jason’s arms. They had a lot of fun teasing you both when you woke up.

Though they found your relationship very quaint. Jason would always steal kisses from you when it seemed like something was wrong, or he just felt like it. You always talked to him if you felt like something was wrong or if the voices were bugging you. You still never told him the awful things they’d say however. Though he didn’t ask either, knowing if you’d want to talk about it you would.

You also went out on a lot more missions with them. You fell into a rhythm, much like Roy, Kori, and Jason. You had a life as [F/n] [L/n] during the day and your life as [s/h/n] at night. You eventually met Jason’s family, learning the great Bruce Wayne was in fact Batman and all of Jason’s brothers and sisters had their own superhero titles. Along with Roy introducing you to Green Arrow as Oliver Queen and Black Canary as Dinah Lance.

Both families took quite the liking to you, and you to them. You felt very cared for and safe having so many superheroes on speed dial. Though that didn’t stop the fact that you felt like you were being watched. You mentioned it to Jason and he went through your day with you the next day but nothing stood out to either of you. Yes, you are a superhero but you’re still training and have to stick with Jason on missions. So, for safety precautions he’d stay on the phone with you until he knew you were safe wherever you were going. He was such a worrier.

You were currently on the phone with him as you walked back to the apartment. He and the others were out on a more advanced mission and felt it would be best if you sat that one out. He was coming home the next morning, and was at a motel at the current moment. Preparing.

Once in the apartment, closing the door behind you and locking it. “Okay Jaybird, I’m home safe. Be careful tonight okay.” He chuckled on the other end “I will doll, don’t I always?”

“No, that’s why I’m telling you. Tell Roy and Kori I say hi and to stay safe.” He grinned on the other end. “I will I will. Get some rest, goodnight babe.” You giggled. “Goodnight Jason.” You hung up the phone and set it on the small table. Walking further into the apartment, you pulled off your jacket. However you noticed the window open, and you distinctly remember closing it.

Though before you could go to close it, a pair of arms grabbed you from behind. Shrieking only to have your mouth covered by a cloth, smelling chloroform on it. You thrashed against them, but you were so drowsy from the chloroform you couldn’t focus enough to use your powers. The last thing you saw was a shadowy figure move in front of you.

The next thing you felt was a pounding headache as you jerked awake at the scent of smelling salts. “Have a nice nap?” A deep voice said. You looked in front of yourself to see a large man standing there. Your brows furrowed in confusion as you had never seen him before in your life. Your hands were bound behind your back, and your legs to the chair. A collar was around your neck, when you tried to use your magic a high voltage electric shock tore through your body.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” The figure said again. There were two men, lackeys, beside him. “Who are you?” You panted, still reeling from the electric shock. “I knew your seller.” He said while examining a syringe that was handed to him. “You see, before Red Hood and his band of merry mercenaries saved you I was planning to pay top dollar for you [F/n]. Your abilities intrigued me greatly.”

“Is that all I am to you? Merchandise? I am a person. You can’t buy me.” He chuckled, shaking his head. He flicked the syringe, removing the cover of the large needle. “Well, it’s not that I want to buy you, I want to buy the other mind inside you.” He had a sadistic smirk on his lips. “Those blackouts you’ve had, the voices. They aren’t PTSD or Schizophrenia. You my dear have a gift, and well I want to pull out the darker side of that gift.” Saying before he snapped his fingers. One of the two lackeys came over to you, craning your neck to where the man could push the needle through the skin. Injecting the contents inside you.

It made your veins burn and you felt like you were getting tired. You felt yourself being pulled out of your body to stand on the sidelines. All of a sudden you had no control over your body. Watching from within how your head rolled back and a laugh escaped your throat.

“And now who are you?” The man asked. The new consciousness now having control over your body smirked, “Seven.” The man smiled, laughing. “A pleasure to meet you Seven. I’m Dr. Klein. I’m a… colleague of Dr. Hugo Strange. I’m sure you’ve heard of the mad scientist.”

“I am familiar. Now if you don’t mind” She referred to her bonds. Klein gestured for the lackeys to release her. They cut her hands and ankles free before removing the shock collar. She stood up and faced him, crossing her arms. “Well? What is your purpose of releasing me?” Seven questioned as the mad man in front of her wore a malicious smile. “Well, Red Hood and the Outlaws have been a thorn in my side since they took on the sex trafficking ring. I would like you to collect them for me. I’d like a word with the former Robin.”

You were screaming inside your own head, trying to take your body back. However all it did was cause you more stress.

Seven grinned, “It’d be my pleasure.”

Jason, Kori, and Roy all had returned to their motel room. They had finished the mission earlier than expected and it was around 2am. Jason checked his phone, looking for the text you always sent before you fell asleep. Though there wasn’t a message from you on his phone. His brows scrunched in confusion as he stared at the screen, you wouldn’t be up this late normally.

“What’s wrong Jaybird?” Roy asked from one of the beds. “[F/n] hasn’t messaged me that she’s going to bed. I’m going to call her to check in.” He mumbled before walking out onto the balcony. Holding the phone to his ear when he suddenly felt a small prick in his neck. Whipping around he saw a figure in an all black bodysuit and a black mask with white lenses standing on the railing. He was dizzy and dropped his phone before stumbling back when everything went dark.

Peering in the room the figure saw Roy laying with his back to the balcony and Kori was in the bathroom. You were freaking out from the inside at your body betraying you, all you could scream was not to hurt them. Seven slipped inside the room, and behind Roy. He felt the same needle prick before whipping around. They were all tired and their senses were a bit slower, making this easier on her.

Next she went and hid near the bathroom door, waiting for Kori to come out. She pressed against the wall, the syringe ready in her hand. “Hey Roy” Her voice could be heard in the bathroom. Pretty soon she had stepped out of the bathroom and Seven pounced. Injecting her with the same serum that knocked out Jason and Roy. When she passed out, Seven contacted Dr. Klein. “Doctor? I have them.” Saying into your communicator. “Excellent Seven. Bring them back here.” “Yes sir” She nodded before going to move them to where he had transportation set up for her.

Returning to the warehouse she tied up the Outlaws and sat them against a pillar. Turning back to Dr. Klein. “Nice work, you’re quite talented. Perhaps your abilities could be of use to me in the future.” She smiled at him. “Oh I don’t think you will be needing my services Doctor.”

“And why is that?” He asked confusedly. Seven tilted her head to the side, “Because” saying as she pulled out two throwing knives. Aiming and taking out his lackeys before sweeping his legs out from under him and pinning him to the ground, holding a knife to his throat. “You’ll be too dead to care. Let’s see if I put you in as much pain as you had those bastards put [F/n] through. You see, I care about her, but she’s too weak to live in this world. Her feeble mind, it can’t take the things this world throws at her. That’s why her mind made me. I’m here to protect her.” She pushed the knife to his throat, seeing the red blood ooze from the wound, her hand laying over his heart as the magic danced around it. “To protect her from people like you.” Growling before she flicked her wrist and the blade cut across his skin. Successfully slicing his skin, a malevolent grin spread on her lips as she watched the blood run from his wound. He screamed out, “Not fun being battered and broken huh?” She asked before sending a bolt of energy through his heart, watching the light leave his eyes

You wanted to cry, holy shit you wanted to cry. But you couldn’t, this wasn’t your body anymore. It wasn’t your mind. However, it was still you. You killed three people, you captured the Outlaws. You hurt Jason. It was all you.

‘Why are you doing this?’ You asked, praying the new consciousness would answer. “Because I care about you [F/n]. We share this body now, we’re both one half to a whole. I’m not going to let anyone hurt us again.” You couldn’t understand what was going on, if she cared so much, why did she hurt Jason. ‘Then why did you go after the Outlaws? After Jason? I love him!’ You screamed, though it was met with a light chuckle. “Love, leads to heartbreak. So, I’m going to take care of that problem first. It won’t last and I’m sparing you the pain now, sparing us.”

The Beginning Of The End: Feeling Him

Originally posted by songsoftheheartless

Characters: Y/n, Derek

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (MALE!READER)

Warnings: Smut, pure smut. Unprotected sex, blowjob, fingering, choking kink, biting kink. 

Word count: 1272

Summary: Derek experiences all of Y/n.

This will all be Derek Hale x Male!Reader

A/N: 5th part of this miniseries!! These will be kinda short stuff, where it’s each part rewritten in Derek’s POV, but there will be some stuff that you won’t have known as well. So…yea! Hope u like it!!

P.S. If u wanna be tagged in anything, send me an ask and I’ll add u!!

Tagged peeps: @sallyp-53@salvatorexwinchester@helvonasche@chelsea072498@the-latina-trickster@aingealcethlenn@lucifer-in-leather@p–trick@crackedclown@kumaartz@sinceriouslyamellpadalecki@mogaruke


The Beginning Of The End Masterlist

The night was…god, it was the best night of my life.

The date was enough to make me smile for weeks.

But then, he invited me in, letting me hold him as I carried him to the bedroom.

I could literally smell our lust filling the entire house, our scents combining.

It was heavenly.

Of course, I’d had sex before.

And while the women let off lust too, it was never appealing.

Not like this.

The scent of y/n was driving me mad.

And I could tell, he loved it too.

Even if he couldn’t smell it, the atmosphere was getting to him.

He was desperate.

Really desperate.

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anonymous asked:

Mermaid Au, so maybe because Sid went back into the ocean the protection of the sea witch is weakened? So some of the Mers can find him if they dry themselves out. I feel like Mathias is going to be extra and dry himself out to "rescue" Sid. Maybe he shows up to a practice or a signing the Pens have planned and Sid is straight up shocked.

Mathias finds him at a Pens charity dinner, one full month after the beach incident. Sidney had nearly forgotten about it.

One minute he’s taking a photo with a fan, and the next minute, when he moves on to a corner table, to refill a wine glass, a man’s hand reaches out and takes his wrist.

Sidney nearly spills a drop onto the tablecloth. “Oh, sorry—”

The man is shaking. “This is beneath you, Sidney.”

Sidney stops in confusion. “Excuse me—”

“Working as a common servant,” the man spits. “Tell me, how long have they kept you prisoner here?” The man takes the bottle away from Sidney’s hands and sets it down on the table, then takes Sidney’s hand and kisses it. “I had thought you dead. From the day they stole you away from me, I never lost hope. But here you are. Still as lovely as the day—”

When the man looks up, Sidney stares into Mathias’ mournful face, a face he never thought he’d see again. The other patrons at the table all turn to Mathias, and Sidney realizes that they’re all Northern Kingdom Mers from the Old Families, all with flashing eyes and looking uncomfortable in human clothing, thrumming with barely restrained emotion at the sight of their Fifth Prince.

“I thought—” He clears his throat, looks at Mathias’ expensive suit and his legs. He wants to vomit. “I didn’t think you’d shift.”

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“So Yuri is gonna get married to Victor and win gold I’m ready”



“Oh my god oh my god this is it”


“When are they gonna fuck”

“Are you telling me they don’t fuck in this one?”

“Why the fuck don’t they fucking fuck”


*clapping, crying, screaming”

"Why, why, why, why, is he crying? What’s wrong oh god what’s wrong I can’t take it”


"Thai man save us please”

"shalllll weeee skaaaaate”

"He looks so elegant in red”


"Why does he have a hamster on his head?”

"Holy shit he was flawless”

“Oh god it’s bad boy Yurio”

"I don’t like Yurio’s costume as much”

"Why is Victor upset”



“Wait why is Victor smiling? DOES VICTOR LIKE THAT ONE NOW!”

“Wait is this the guy who wants to bang the blonde one?”

“Is he Russian as well?”

“His costume looks more traditional I like it”

“So is everybody gay?”

“When are Yuri and Victor getting married”

“Oh it’s JJ everybody hates JJ”

“Wait what happened?”

“Wait what’s happening? Did he fall?”

“God this is like….watching that dragon ball Z”

“Holy shit did JJ just end his career”





“Wait….is this the last one?”

“I want him to win but it’s an anime and anime have the oddest endings”



“Thai man you have to save the show”

*crying* “oh my god oh my god oh my god I KNEW IT I KNEW THEY WOULD KISS”

“In season two they better be getting married”

“This is the gayest thing I’ve ever seen and also one of the most beautiful”

*sobbing, stands up and applauds* “HE BROKE THE RECORD”

“No it’s butt toucher ruining the moment”

“Aww he hugged Yurio”

“He’s not gonna get the gold though is he?”

“Why won’t you tell me?”

“Does this mean they don’t fuck this season”



“I loved this show”

*crying* “it’s like they are making love skating together”

anonymous asked:

Lmao at tptb, "it's important that we only have a 5 minute caryl scene over a two year period because we need to progress daryls own story through his growth arc or growling at people and fixing explosives" I just can't with them, I mean I have no clue how to write a show but I feel like between us we could double TWD ratings in a week if we wrote the show, it's one do to the finale and the only "development" from Daryl is his new shirt wtf??

I’m so disappointed with what they did to Daryl… again. Dude, just give the character the fucking storyline he deserves. This was one of the most wonderful, well written and compelling character of the whole show, I just don’t get how they think THIS is the Daryl we want and deserve. I really really thought that his time at the sanctuary would be used to explore his background and his traumas, specially the abuse he suffered. Instead, we got nothing.
Then I thought that after his time at the sanctuary, we would deal with what Negan’s torture did to him (that in the end wasn’t even everything I thought it would be, because we didn’t actually see what happened to Daryl over there, we had to spend the whole time watching Dwight’s pain over Sherry being raped), that we would explore what that did with his mind. Again nothing. We have just angry Daryl wanting to kill everyone, but not even a glimpse in his state of mind.

Then new best friends. Wow, I finally thought Daryl was coming to a realization. Once he realized that Carol was at the end line of a plan to frame the saviors, I thought “holy shit, that’s it. Finally, Daryl growing up from his revenge/anger arc that it’s happening since 5b”. What do we got? Absolutely nothing, cause on 7x14 there he was wanting to kill the savior in an action that could have killed both him and Maggie.

Then 7x15 and Daryl is right there with Rick at Oceanside, fully agreeing and not even questioning what it means to leave an entire community defenseless, a community that have women and children. But he is so blind by his revenge that he doesn’t even care. Like wow.

The only thing I learn from Daryl during this season is that yeah, Carol is his exception to every rule and that when it’s about her, he fights the moon, the stars, Zeus and even biology if it means to keep her alive and safe. Fuck war, Carol needs to be protected. Which is the only good thing I can take from this arc.

He ends the season at the exactly same place he started. Lashing out in anger and blind by hate, making decisions that can cost A LOT to him. I thought we would end with a Daryl that would have thought twice before standing up on that line up and punching Negan in the face.

We end this season with a Daryl that would do the exactly same thing. Congratulations writers, you made your character walk in circles *slow clap*

Things I wrote down after you left

7th September 2013 – 9:10PM

I honestly just want to die

18th September 2013 – 10:20PM

My friend said in class “but I don’t want you to die” and your head popped up.

30th September 2013 – 9:30PM

Today, I met a boy and he made me laugh

5th October 2013 – 7:15PM

He calls me beautiful, just like you did.

4th December 2013 – 3:29PM

I just saw that boy at the shops with his friend. They were pointing and laugh at me. I feel sick to my stomach. I wish you were there to make it better.

17th December 2013 – 11:15PM

I think my storm has passed.

13th January 2014 – 1:32AM

I want the memories to go away but I’m scared to forget

30th April 2014 – 9:14AM

You said I smelt nice, I feel sick.

5th May 2014 – 6:16PM

It’s getting bad again

7th May 2014 – 5:01PM

I never got an explanation and it hurt

8th May 2014 – 4:25PM

Dad was recklessly driving and I couldn’t breathe

9th May 2014 – 8:20AM

In my dream last night, there was a shooting star and I wished for you.

9th May 2014 – 11:34PM

You said you never wanted to let me go, you lying piece of shit.

11th May 2014 – 2:09PM

In my dream, someone kissed my forehead and I felt my heart drop

14th may 2014 – 3:44PM

You spoke to me today, and it hurt.

14th May 2014 – 3:49PM

I hope someone breaks your heart the way you broke mine, just so you can feel what I did.

14th May 2014 – 8:53PM

I don’t think I was ever your friend; from the moment we spoke you liked me. And when you didn’t like me anymore, we didn’t speak.

18th May 2014 – 11:49PM

I remember the first time you held my hand. I don’t know if it was because of the cold or the fact I loved you but fuck; I felt the world rush through my veins.

18th May 2014 – 11:52PM

I will never forget you. I will always hurt. Please come back to me. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you.

19th May 2014 – 4:41PM

I spoke to you again today, twice actually. I love talking to you, it’s not the same though but I still like it. It makes me anxious. You have no idea how much you hurt me.

19th May 2014 – 4:47PM


19th May 2014 – 10:27PM

He fell out of love as quickly as he fell into it

20th May 2014 – 4:22PM


21st May 2014 – 3:42PM

What really hurts is that you’re okay and I’m just hurting.

22nd May 2014 – 2:35PM

You waved goodbye to me and I felt my body shake.

24th May 2014 – 9:11AM

My stomach feels weird; I don’t know what this is. Is this me, getting over you?

26th May 2014 – 7:31AM

You’re haunting my dreams again.

26th May 2014 – 4:28PM

You are getting inside my head again. I can feel it. All I wanted to do today was talk to you.

26th May 2014 – 8:51PM


28th May 2014 – 10:19pm

I hope you miss me sometimes

8th June 2014 – 7:07PM

I miss you.

8th June 2014 – 11:16PM

He did make me happy. Like really happy. I don’t know what happened. Something changed.

11th June 2014 – 5:18PM

Today is the first day in a long time that has been alright and I really don’t want it to end.

14th June 2014 – 4:20PM

I’m still confused whether you hurt me or I just hurt myself.

17th June 2014 – 9:21PM

You broke my heart and all I want to know is if you are okay.

20th June 2014 – 9:33PM

It has been one hell of a year.

23rd June 2014 – 9:40PM

I felt it. The way it was before. When you loved me. You looked at that way you laughed in that way. Wow.

23rd June 2014 – 9:47PM

He looked at me like the way he used to and I was like oh shit.

24th June 2014 – 6:40PM

One day, I won’t need you.

25th June 2014 – 10:06PM

You look at me as if I matter.

29th June 2014 – 7:57PM

I am so sorry, I still love you though.

29th June 2014 – 7:59PM


30th June 2014 – 9:58PM

He made me really happy, I want that back.

2nd July 2014 – 2:14PM

You gave me your earphones to watch something and our hands TOUCHED AND YOU LOOKED AT ME AND KIND OF SMILED AND I WAS LIKE EXCUSE ME YOU BROKE MY HEART.

2nd July 2014 – 10:03PM

I see you everywhere I go.

2nd July 2014 – 10:51PM

You loved me, you did. I bet you can do it again.

1st July 2014 – 6:30PM

I don’t really like people or guys, but when you came, holy shit you blew my mind.

3rd July 2014 – 4:41PM

He never said he lost feelings.

3rd July 2014 – 9:30PM

Or maybe there weren’t feelings to lose.

13th July 2014 – 12:12PM

I don’t think I’m suicidal anymore.

—  a collection of the things i said when i was hurt

Eric frowned as he watched the pain build on his son’s face. It was as if he was once again that sad & confused little boy in need. The older man’s heart dropped at that realization, wanting nothing more than to make things better.

Do you want to talk? he asked with concern. Or at least tell me why you slept on Jodi’s couch?

I think… Archer paused, trying to gather his strength to say the words. I think I’m leaving Tobias. 

Holy shit, Eric mumbled, caught completely off guard by the news. Are you okay?

The younger man shook his head slowly. Not at all, he whispered in response.

Devoted Part 2 (Negan x Nina)

I can’t link Part 1, but if you would like to read it, you can go to my blog description and my Masterlist is there. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Summary: Nina wants to help fight in Negan’s war

Characters: Negan, Nina (OC), Rick, Simon

Word Count:  2,138

Warnings: Swearing, Fluff, Angst

Author’s Note: I wrote this for @ashzombie13 because she loved Part 1 so much and because she’s a really great friend. I’ll be writing one more part to this, so it’ll be a 3 part series. The original part followed the Season 7 finale, so I had to get creative. Hopefully you enjoy!

I didn’t have anyone beta this, so sorry if there are errors. (I wanted to surprise Ashley).

Let me know what you think!

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Lotor Facts + Questions

So being the night owl I am, I stayed up late last night thinking over everything we know and are wondering about Prince Lotor. I’ve gathered up whatever I could remember from theories and already revealed facts about him, as well as some of the questions I hope will be answered in the coming season. Now, before I begin I will say that half of these thoughts were made at like 2 am so some of them may be just wild thinking XD

Confirmed-ish fact about Lotor:

-He is Altean and Galra. The proof includes: he doesn’t have solid yellow eyes like all of the other Galra we have seen in the show, he’s not a furry XD, he closely resembles Haggar who is Altean, his hears are much like those of Alteans (once again referring to Haggar as Allura only identified her as Altean after seeing her ears), and he seems to be smaller than most Galra (this one I’m not so sure about but I found what the Galra said in the April Fools preview quite interesting: “Who’s this little fellow?

-This one isn’t confirmed but from the speculation I’ve seen there are a lot of convincing points. But many believe that Lotor is the Weblum guy. The proof to this is in the inclusion of this character as well as the outfit he wears. Even though it is not the exact same as the outfit we saw him wearing in the preview, it’s pretty dang close if you ask me. Everyone has different outfits in this series. Plus, I don’t think they would just include this character in this scene/episode for no reason. It would have to have some kind of significance to it. The Weblum guy being Lotor is the only person I can think of that would be significant to have in the episode. And we know how Voltron likes to elude to the next season with little hints (example the signs that Keith was Galra)

Questions I have about Lotor:

1) If Lotor is the Weblum guy, then why was he gathering scultrite? And why had he crashed? Why was he alone? Was no one looking for him? And since he practically blew up his ship, how the quiznak did he get away?

2) If he’s the prince, why did that one guy say, “Who’s this little fellow?“I don’t know I’ve never seen him before.” Also, why was he dueling that Galra guy who had said that? Probably turned around like he did in the preview because he heard him talking shit XD

3) So if Haggar is indeed his mother, does that mean Lotor has those awesome like, black lightning powers too? And can he change his appearance just like Alteans? And if so, what if he uses it against the Paladins during a battle or something?

4) How exactly has Lotor stayed alive for so long?

5)What will his reaction be when he sees Allura again? Will he be all like ‘ooh look who’s still alive’ or like 'holy shit, mY BABEH’

6) In the Wondercon preview for season 3, we saw a bunch of Galra standing up and saluting. When I watch it through, it looks like they’re in the arena where Lotor was fighting. Are they saluting after they see its him? Do they recognize him or does Lotor say something that makes them salute?

7) What shampoo does he use? Where can I buy it?

Just a few questions and points I’ve gathered and wanted to share. I’d love to hear all of your opinions on them too! Especially if I missed anything 😄

Never Let Me Go / 02

Originally posted by rep-lay-ed

Words: 1,856

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Rating: PG-15

Genre: Fluff, Angst + Soulmate!AU

Summary:  Stricken with the inability to hear, your life has been carried out in complete silence for years. Yet, upon a chance meeting with the one with red hair, you begin to perceive that which was deemed impossible.

Also posted on AO3

Chapter One

Chapter Two: Come into My Head

This is the first chapter told in Jimin’s POV.

Fate was a word he scarcely used.

As an ostensible believer that events were under his control and not by the hands of destiny, it was never taken into cogitation that scenes in life could turn out in a particular way without his own doing. Jimin had made it to this point in his life because he chose which paths to walk upon – selecting the proper friends and connections, taking the right occupations that would help him build his career as a dancer and eventually fulfilling his desire of becoming a singer. It was all planned out accordingly until he took a glance at you.

“I don’t know what to tell you, Taehyung,” he said, ambling down the sidewalk with a hand tucked into his jacket pocket. Silvery was his voice though it did tremble a bit due to the frigid air, sighing after a few moments. “She just wasn’t my type. There was no connection, no spark. I’m not going to waste my time on someone like that.” A sharp ‘tsk’ was heard on the other line though it was quickly disregarded.

Purposefully, Jimin had tuned out his friend’s nagging (“Why don’t you actually give girls a chance? You’re letting opportunities slip through your small goddamn fingers.”) to avert his attention towards a new edition of Timberlands, displayed magnificently in a store’s window. He idly brought a middle finger to push up his glasses, studying the pair of boots rather intently prior to Taehyung’s voice becoming more prominent and orotund. “Are you even listening to me? This is why Jungkook gets more girls than you, man.”

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