holy shit i spent 12 hours for this

Yuri!! On Ice - First Impressions! | Henry is afraid of Minami!!
I did a little first impressions video with my brother, Henry, with the skaters of Yuri!! On Ice! He was very calm and cooperative with me, which was a real ...

Here is the video that I spent 12 full hours recording, finding pictures for and finally piecing together…I hope you enjoy! It required editing an audio first and holy shit did that take awhile…I hope you guys enjoy this, oh lordie.

I tried to do my JJ voice for most of it, but as you can hear, my accent slipped up in quite a few places. Alas, it is okay~

This is with my brother Henry, he was such a good sport!!

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hOLY SHIT are you online because i literally spent the last 12-ish hours reading your writing, just wanna say THANK YOU

Yeah im online. I had coffee at like ten pm and its 2am and i cant sleeeeeeep. :****((((


Hey guys. So it’s the end of the first week of having kids at camp and holy shit was that a trip. I’ve been told to kill myself, called a faggot, had a hiking boot thrown at my head, lost 12 pounds, got some undiagnosable eye infection, gotten a terrible cold, cried for three hours straight and started smoking again.

I’ve also spent hours with some of the most amazing kids that I have ever met. I have become a leader in a way I never expected. I have people that come to me when they need to be reminded why they do this. I remembered why I thought about going into therapy and why I decided to teach at an alternative school instead. I’ve learned that I am way more adaptable than I ever expected. I’m learning what my triggers are and how to safely deal with them. I’ve gotten to watch counselors fucking flourish and I’ve also watched some crash.

The thing about this camp is, we as counselors are willing to put everything we are into giving these kids a happy and safe place to be. Even when that means we ourselves are unsafe. We’re all learning our limits and it’s awesome and terrible to watch.

This place makes you either the best or worst version of yourself and I can’t wait to see which direction I end up going from here.