holy shit i plotted things and everything

I’ve recently been on a binge of new podcasts, since I’m caught up on almost everything currently subscribe to, and one of the podcasts I found is ars PARADOXICA @arsparadoxica. I sprinted the two full two seasons in, like, a week because holy SHIT it’s so good!

Do you like time travel? Best damn time travel plot I’ve ever seen. It’s so beautifully complicated without being confusing, and the stakes just keep getting higher. (Like… the Cold War, but with time travel on top of nukes.)

Do you like conspiracies? Hell yeah, me too! Honestly like very first thing that hooked me about this show was the fact that it starts with the Philadelphia Experiment–and each episode ends with a numbers station-style coded message and just?? My little conspiracy-loving heart was fully invested in this.

Do you like big, diverse, incredibly engaging casts with equally awesome voice talent? This podcast has you covered. Queer characters, characters of color, a metric fuckton of fantastic women, actual honest-to-god non-negotiable asexual representation. asdfjkl; Seriously. I love virtually everyone, and everyone has so much depth. The heroes get to have flaws and make mistakes, and the antagonists are still surprisingly human. (Though that doesn’t mean I don’t want to punch [spoiler] in the face.)

Also just, like, all around, the writing and production value is phenomenal. Season one was great, and season two absolutely blew me away. New characters (all of whom I love), bigger plot, a couple great twists, and ugh, that season finale killed me. I honest to god cried.

tl;dr: ars PARADOXICA is my absolute favorite podcast right now, and anyone who is even remotely interested in audio entertainment should give it a try right now. (And then go find their Patreon because these people deserve ALL the love and support.)

Trigger warnings for the podcast: gun violence (later episodes have a heads-up when necessary, which makes me really happy), emetophobia (it’s an audio drama and, well, time travel makes people nauseous), and gaslighting in a couple episodes in season 2. (Feel free to ask for more details on any of these.)

  • Me like a week ago: Oh yeah Ever after High, that monster high spin off thing. Interesting idea but I don't think I'd be into it...
  • Me now: Holy shit this show is like, everything monster high could be if it wasn't just 5min webisodes and actually had a half decent plot. Also Rapple is my life blood.
Finished “Stranger Things”

Final rating: 

Holy shit.

Holy shit.

This is what the Silent Hill movies should have been. If ONLY they had been like this show. GREAT writing, GREAT characters, GREAT exploration of virtually ALL the same themes (both supernatural and plot-wise), and guess fucking what Christophe fucking Gans, it even manages to pull off an ACTUAL female Harry Mason equivalent without being gross sexist trash.

A+ highly recommend, would watch again, WILL watch again, I’m in fucking love with this show, please go watch it immediately.